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Gennaio 11th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

Mathematics: The Cosmic Mystery

Most people are baffled or incredulous when they first come across the concept of ontological mathematics. So, before we even give a description of what ontological mathematics is, we shall address why people are likely to be initially nonplussed or even resistant and hostile to ontological mathematics.

What type of person are you? It’s a fact that your personality type determines your thinking and what you will accept as the answer to existence. You will not be responsive to any answer incompatible with your personality type and the way you relate to the world. As Jung identified, the four basic types are: 1) sensing types, 2) intuitives, 3) feeling types, and 4) thinking types. Sensing and intuition are perceiving functions, while feeling and thinking are judging functions. Intuition is the opposite of sensing, and thinking is the opposite of feeling.

Sensing types are those attracted to answers based on sensory stuff (“matter”). They scoff at any reference to non-sensory stuff. They simply cannot relate to that concept. It automatically seems unreal to them, hence impossible.

Intuitives are the opposite of sensing types, so they typically regard the physical world as some kind of illusion, and are attracted to the concept of an unseen mental whole, which they often refer to as the One, or Cosmic Consciousness, or Universal Mind. Their aim is to be fully absorbed by this blissful unitary mind where all of their problems will vanish.

Feeling types are those attracted to answers that satisfy them emotionally. You cannot have a satisfying emotional relationship with matter, so science is no good to these people. Equally, cosmic consciousness is far too abstract for them. They seek the ultimate satisfying relationship, so they believe in a God of Love, unconditional love, universal love, with whom they can have the supreme loving, personal relationship.

Thinking types do not engage with any of that. They want a rational, logical explanation. They find “matter” intellectually unsatisfying (matter is more or less miraculous since scientists claim that it jumps out of non-existence, for no reason, via no mechanism, as some bizarre product of inexplicable randomness and uncertainty), cosmic consciousness unsatisfying, and an emotional God of love but no rational explanations unsatisfying.

What is the ultimate rational and logical subject? It’s mathematics. For thinking types, then, but for no other types, mathematics is what they look to for answers. Others find mathematics ridiculous. Scientists, who use mathematics all the time, have the most bizarre attitude towards it, regarding it as abstract and “unreal”. Scientists are sensing types and what is real for them is “matter”, and experiments designed to observe matter. They dismiss everything else, including mathematics.

Mystical intuitives can’t stand mathematics. They want to wallow in intuitive visions, meditative and shamanistic experiences. When did the Buddha mention mathematics? When do meditators read mathematics books? Never going to happen.

Since feeling is the opposite of thinking, feeling types especially loathe mathematics and mock any notion that mathematics is the basis of reality.

But here’s the fatal question for the sensing types, the intuitives, and the feeling types: “What is IT made of?” For sensing types, what is matter made of? Is it made of atoms, or electrons, protons and neutrons? What about quarks? What about leptons? What about super symmetric particles? What about probability wavefunctions? How about quantum loops? How about branes? How about strings? How about quantum foam, or “Planck spheres”? How many dimensions are associated with matter? Three, four, ten, eleven, twenty-six, infinite? As soon as you actually try to define matter, the concept disintegrates into gibberish, leaving nothing but extremely complex mathematics such as M-theory, so why not ditch “matter” and turn to analytic mathematics instead, with clear-cut, simple answers? Scientists are empiricists, not rationalists.

What is “cosmic consciousness” made of? What is the Tao made of? What is nirvana made of? What is the One made of? We get a resounding silence from the intuitives. They don’t care. They are not bothered about understanding the ontology and epistemology of cosmic consciousness. They just want to be one with it, to be absorbed by it. Like scientists, they are empiricists, not rationalists.

What about God? As soon as you say that God is made of something then God is rendered subject to the laws of that thing, which therefore becomes more important than God. God cannot defy the laws of whatever he is made of. God cannot perform a “miracle” if it contradicts the laws of whatever God is made of. Quite literally, as soon as you agree that God is made of something, his power vanishes because now it is the thing of which he is made that has all the power. After all, it has the power to make God!

The idea that God is not made of anything is ludicrous. In that case, he couldn’t exist! Yet whenever religious believers refer to God, they NEVER refer to what he is made of, and they would never dream of asking this question because it would destroy their faith. They are compelled to claim that God makes everything, but nothing makes God. Yet the idea that God has no substance – he is made of nothing – makes him non-existent. It’s funny when religious believers claim that God made the world out of nothing since God himself, if he is not made of something, must be made of nothing! Did God summon himself into existence from non-existence? That is the logic of the Bible. Science says the same thing with its claim that the Big Bang erupts out of nothing rather than out of an eternal mathematical Singularity.

These feelings types are, like scientists and mystics, empiricists, not rationalists.

The ultimate ontological question is what could serve as the ontological basis for God, cosmic consciousness and matter alike. What could realistically be proposed as the only thing from which everything could be rationally made? There is only one rational answer – the most rational thing of all, namely mathematics.

Ontological mathematics is, to put it simply, the study of mathematics taken as the basis of existence, i.e. as a real, concrete entity, present everywhere in the universe … as light, or “broken” light. Mathematics is not unreal, it is not abstract, and it is not manmade. It is none other than the eternal language of existence, of Nature, of reality. The sole reason why we live in a rational cosmos is that the cosmos is made not of “stuff”, but of a rational, intelligible language, which exists as light. If reality were not made of language, it could not be intelligible. Only languages are intelligible, and the one and only rationally intelligible language is mathematics.

The universe, despite appearances, is 100% mathematical. The easiest way to approach this idea is to treat mathematics as a two-sided coin. One side concerns mathematical rationalism, i.e. mathematical form, mathematical syntax … mathematics as map, mathematics as unseen noumenon. The other side is mathematical empiricism, i.e. mathematical content, matter, semantics … mathematics as territory, as seen phenomenon.

Rationalist mathematics is the unseen INFORMATION CARRIER. Empirical mathematics is the observed INFORMATION CARRIED. We never experience the carrier under any circumstances. We only experience the information carried.

Think of electricity. All off your gadgets are powered by it, but you never see it and you never interact with it. You interact with the information that the electrically powered gadgets deliver to you. These are impossible without electricity, but absolutely no one thinks of the operations of electricity while they are watching a YouTube video on their smartphone about cats with hats on surfboards.

Ontologically, we replace electricity with mathematics. What is powering everything, including electricity, is mathematics, but we never see it and we never interact with it as it is in itself (as noumenon). We only ever encounter it as phenomenon, as appearance, and its appearance doesn’t seem mathematical in the slightest.

When you watch a YouTube video you are in a sense watching electricity, but you have no idea that this is what you are watching. You engage with electricity as phenomenon – as sensory output – not electricity as noumenon – as the unseen entity powering all of your gadgets.

People are transfixed by appearances because that’s the level at which they actually live. That’s what their experiences are all about. They are not interested in what’s under the hood, all the unseen stuff that holds everything together. Only reason and logic – the opposite of human experiences (which concern sensory perceptions, feelings and mystical intuitions) – take us to the world of non-appearance.

People regard the world of non-appearance as unreal, hence why they regard mathematics as unreal. Here’s the cosmic joke. Whatever you imagine to be the most unreal thing of all, the least likely candidate for what existence is made of, is CERTAIN to be exactly what existence is made of. The cosmic “electricity” is inevitably the opposite of what empiricism would suggest it might be (whether God, matter, randomness, chaos, or cosmic consciousness).

The opposite of empiricism is rationalism, and the subject that defines rationalism is mathematics. Thinking people are people who think mathematically, which is to say rationally. They are right and everyone else is wrong. The other three types are empirical types, ruled by their immediate experiences, whether their sensory perceptions, emotions, or mystical intuitions. These are always taken to be real because they are presented to us without any work on our part. You simply open your eyes and the world pours in. You can’t switch off your feelings. You can’t deny the power of a mystical vision. But you have to work hard to use your reason and logic. That work creates an effect of non-immediacy, which is interpreted as non-reality.

Imagine how differently you would regard mathematics if instead of having to work out answers, you saw answers being presented to you in your mind’s eye, without any effort on your part. There are autistics who can literally see the numbers of pi in their field of vision, and just read off what they see, to thousands of decimal places. If we all had that capacity – if we interacted with mathematics immediately and effortlessly – no one would doubt the ontology of mathematics. We would all take it for granted that we lived in a mathematical universe. But evolution, faced with the choice between quality and quantity, semantics and syntax, has made us empiricists rather than rationalists, which is why the simple-minded reject mathematics as ontological. Imagine playing a video game equipped with a split screen. In one screen, you see the game. In the other screen, you see the code that is being executed each time you do anything in the game. Evolution, via natural selection, decided that a split screen reality was useless to us. What good does it do you in your day-to-day life to see the code that underlies everything? It only matters when you are interested in Absolute Truth. Evolution, certainly in its early stages, has nothing to do with Truth. It’s about survival and reproduction. Only the most highly evolved minds can start to contemplate Absolute Truth. Look around you. How many people have highly evolved minds? Most are closer to apes than gods.

Science helps evolution because it starts to deal with reality quantitatively rather than qualitatively. However, it remains stuck with empiricism rather than rationalism, which is why it will in due course be replaced by ontological mathematics, which reveals the code of existence, the “game code” that we all use.

Here’s the bottom line. We inhabit the world empirically, i.e. we experience it. But the world in itself is rational, and we don’t experience that at all. Rationalism is the opposite of empiricism.

Science, religion, philosophy and spirituality all deal with empirical “reality”. Science is the most successful of these because – drum roll – it’s the only one that uses MATHEMATICS. But science is itself mired in anti-mathematical ideology because it is an empiricist subject rather than a rationalist subject.

Ontological mathematics is what you get when you strip out all empiricist considerations from science, leaving pure mathematical rationalism.

When purely rational and logical considerations are applied to mathematics, i.e. when we deploy the Principle of Sufficient Reason and Occam’s razor to mathematics, we arrive at the “God Equation”, namely Euler’s Formula: the Mind Equation, the Soul Equation, the Life Equation, the God Equation.

The whole of reality is built on complex numbers (rather than real numbers), and revolves around sine waves and cosine waves. These are the ontological electricity – the information carriers that convey every single empirical experience, no matter what, that you encounter every moment of your life.

Mathematics is BOTH a syntactic (rational) and semantic (empirical) subject. We experience mathematics semantically, but the math we are taught at school is strictly syntactic and extremely hard. Human beings are hard-wired to find semantics real and syntax unreal, to find semantics immediate and concrete, and syntax remote and abstract. That’s exactly why most people cannot conceive that mathematics is the true basis of existence. It goes against everything their experience tells them. It is utterly counterintuitive.

Sad to say, you need to be rational and logical to “get it”. But the vast majority of people are neither rational nor logical, and actively hate these subjects. The most feared and loathed subjects on earth are philosophy, science, and mathematics, i.e. the hardest subjects. The degree to which they are hated rises as their mathematical content, hence perceived abstraction and unreality, rises. How many people say, “What does mathematics have to do with my life?” The blunt answer is that mathematics IS your life!!!

The answer to existence is none other than the very thing that humans least desire as the answer to existence, and are least capable of understanding.

You have to laugh. The cosmos has the ultimate sense of humor. Where would you hide the answer to existence to make it almost impossible for humanity to access it? You would of course choose mathematics, the No. 1 most unpopular subject on earth that ordinary people would never go anywhere near. Science is bad enough for most people, but at least it gives you pretty pictures of galaxies. Pure mathematics doesn’t even give you that. It deals with invisible singularities.

Ontological Mathematics is for the most intelligent people on earth. They are the only ones who can understand it. You have no chance of connecting with Ontological Mathematics if you are not a rational and logical person with a craving for absolute Truth.

If you’re not rational and logical, stick to God, cosmic consciousness, matter, or accident and randomness. Stick to prayer (to God), meditation (to get in touch with cosmic consciousness), or sensory experiments (to probe matter). Reason and logic will not serve you. You are not interested in them, and you do not accept their power.

To a rationalist, 1 + 1 = 2 is truer than every statement of religion, philosophy, spirituality and science put together. 1 + 1 = 2 is eternally and necessarily true. Every statement of religion, philosophy, spirituality and science is temporal and contingent. They are mired in belief, opinion and interpretation.

People believe what they want to believe, what their personality type allows them to believe. Mathematics is a system of knowledge, not of belief, and that’s why humanity does not believe in a mathematical universe. Humanity believes in the false “truth”, and refuses to know the actual Truth.

The most mysterious thing in the universe is mathematics, yet it is also the most knowable thing. It is mysterious only because we are empirical beings rather than rational beings. That’s the human tragedy right there.


People are lazy and stupid. That’s why they reject hard, non-immediate answers to existence, and accept simplistic solutions based on immediate feelings, perceptions and intuitions. What are you going to do – pray, meditate, observe … or learn Fourier mathematics? Always follow the path of least resistance. Never put yourself to any trouble. Worship appearances, and never try to get beyond the surface of things. Do you seriously imagine that the answer to existence will present itself to you on a plate? Do you seriously imagine that prayer will reveal it to you, or meditation, or observation? Wake up! Stop being so fucking dumb.

Here’s the news. The universe is either rational or it’s irrational. If it’s rational, mathematics, the quintessence of rationalism, is its answer. If the universe is not rational, any irrational answer is as good as any other irrational answer, so believe whatever you like, which is what you already do … because you’re empirical, i.e. irrational. The very things in which you most trust – your personal experiences – are the very things that stop you from accessing the Truth. It’s the cosmic Catch-22. The Truth lies in reason and logic, BEYOND your experiences, yet all you do is worship your experiences. They are YOUR TRUTH (i.e. your self-delusions).



Dicembre 31st, 2018 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

Joe Broome
„Nu cred că a existat ISUS. Ei bine, nu ca fiu al unui Zeu … poate un tip foarte inteligent pentru timpul său, care a impresionat o mulțime de oameni. Da, avem Liberul Arbitru. Oamenii răi fac rău pentru că doresc asta. Sau sunt bolnavi psihic. Oamenii buni fac lucruri bune pentru că doresc asta. Religia încearcă, cu un succes limitat, să ne facă pe toți să ne comportăm ca și băieți buni. Din păcate, aceasta se face prin FRICĂ mai mult decât ÎNCURAJARE. Religie, zei, profeți … toate Creațiile Fricii omului. În esență, TEAMA DE MOARTE. Toate religiile oferă ceva după Moarte … pentru că este FRICA UNIVERSALĂ. Dumnezeu este alegerea simplă, pur și simplu deoarece CREDINŢA îndepărtează Responsabilitatea … zeii vor îndruma totul magic… și elimină FRICA pentru că ne promite să urcăm în cer, așa-numitul „loc mai bun”.

Joe Broome
I do not believe Jesus existed. Well, not as the son of a god…maybe a very smart guy for his time who impressed a lot of people. Yes, we have free will. Evil people do evil because they want to. Or are mentally ill. Good people do good things because they want to. Religion tries, with limited success, to make us all behave like the good guys. Sadly it does it through fear more than encouragement. Religion, gods, prophets…all creations of man’s fear. Essentially the fear of death. All religions offer something after death…because it is the universal fear. God is the easy choice simply because belief removes responsibility… gods will magically guide everything…and removes fear because we ascend to heaven, the so-called “better place.”


Dicembre 23rd, 2018 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia
“- Singurele națiuni și popoare care vor reuși în viitor sunt cele capabile să susțină o mono-cultură. Orice societate multiculturală, cum ar fi Marea Britanie, este sortită a fi obiectul dezordinei şi conflictelor. Nicio speranţă pentru a realiza lucruri minunate în vreo direcţie. Multiculturalismul reprezintă moartea unei națiuni, moartea identității naționale, moartea unui popor, moartea culturii, moartea ambiției, moartea progresului, moartea viitorului în sine
– Sufletul Culturii
O cultură are un „Suflet”. Desigur, acel suflet poate fi sănătos sau nesănătos. O nouă cultură apare ori de câte ori un popor dintr-o anumită regiune dezvoltă un „Suflet”, pe care l-am putea defini ca un mod nou, proaspăt și distinctiv de a privi lumea care de obicei încapsulează noțiunile lor despre Dumnezeu și viața de apoi. Această nouă cultură poate fi oribilă – ca în cazul Islamului – sau minunată, ca în cazul Iluminismului European. Fiecare cultură se străduiește pe cât posibil să se exprime pe deplin, să descopere „logica” completă a poziției sale. Islamul a reușit să facă acest lucru – peste un miliard de oameni din lumea noastră se află sub vraja ei de spălare a creierului. Fanaticii musulmani doresc și mai mult Islam. Ei visează la o lume musulmană 100% sub Legea Sharia. Aceasta este logica inevitabilă a tuturor Culturilor. Toate caută dominația mondială – pentru ca toți să fie ca ei. Iluminarea Europeană a eșuat, pentru că, pentru a se califica drept o nouă Cultură, a fi trebuit să înlăture Abrahamismul și nu a făcut-o niciodată. A devenit astfel o pseudo-formă. Vestul cuprinde un amestec absurd de Mythos și Logos. Avem oameni, cum ar fi Papa și Richard Dawkins (paladin al ateismului), care există în aceeași sferă culturală, ceea ce este în mod evident imposibil să existe. În timp ce oamenii de știință caută Bosonii Higgs și altele de aceeaşi factură, milioane de americani cred în Adam și Eva, Arca lui Noe şi Potop. Într-un fel sau altul, Raţionalii Logos trebuie să se detașeze de abrahamici. Logosul trebuie să se afirme într-un mod care să fie complet lipsit de rădăcini Mythos. Numai atunci își poate atinge potențialul
– Multiculturalismul reprezintă moartea unei națiuni, moartea identității naționale, moartea unui popor, moartea culturii, moartea ambiției, moartea progresului, moartea viitorului în sine. Multiculturalismul este zoologic. Nu poate genera niciodată nimic minunat.”
Mike Hockney – ”HyperHumanity” – (book 11 – ”God Series”)

HyperHumanity (The God Series Book 11) by [Hockney, Mike]

Armageddon Conspiracy

Dicembre 11th, 2018 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

„Vrem ca fiecare om de pe pământ să aibă OPORTUNITĂŢI EGALE de a-și demonstra Meritele și de a se ridica la fel de mult ca și talentul lor, fără ca vreun obstacol invizibil să fie plasat în calea lor, fără a fi nevoie să participe la un joc rigid împotriva lor, victima unor carteluri nevăzute care trag toate firele în numele jucătorilor aleși (Privilegiați).
Vrem ca ființele umane cele mai inteligente și cele mai talentate să conducă Lumea, deoarece ar fi nebuneşte să o lăsăm oamenilor stupizi și netalentați din vârf – așa cum avem în prezent.
Avem o lume în care se aplică Principiul Petru … oamenii de la vârf au fost promovați dincolo de nivelul lor de Competență, dar nu este nimeni deasupra lor să-i concedieze și refuză să fie concediați de cei de sub ei. Trebuie să ne asigurăm că fiecare persoană ineptă aflată într-o poziție influentă să fie responsabilă față de oameni și să poate fi concediată cu ușurință.
Suntem pentru controlul public al societății, nu pentru controlul privat. Capitalismul este un sistem economic conceput să aducă dominația sferei publice de către sfera privată, prin intermediul „Pieței”, care este neautorizată și inactivă față de popor și în care poporul nu are nici o reprezentare și nici un cuvânt. Capitalismul de Piața Liberă este mijlocul exact prin care adevărata Democrație este sabotată și subminată, iar oamenii sunt împiedicați să-și controleze destinul. Poți să te supui oamenilor sau să conduci piețele private, dar nu poți face pe amândouă. Cum ar trebui sa fie? TREBUIE să alegeți.Vrem ca metodele științifice și matematice să fie extinse la politica economică, politica socială, politica religioasă, politica în domeniul drogurilor, politica în domeniul educației, politica în domeniul sănătății, politica polițienească etc. Vrem sfârșitul moralizării și predicării. Vrem sfârșitul predicatorilor pioși, pomposi, sfinți, pălăvrăgind despre codurile și credințele lor morale din Epoca de Piatră.
Vrem sfârșitul abuzului parental asupra copiilor prin îndoctrinare religioasă și chiar mutilarea fizică a copiilor (circumcizia).
Vrem sfârșitul părinților nebuni care formează niște copii nebuni, făcuți nebuni de credințele nebunești ale părinților lor.
Vrem ca Credința să fie desființată, să nu fie tratată deloc cu respect. RAŢIUNEA trebuie să fie noul standard.
Vrem o Societate Logos și o Eră a RAŢIUNII.
MYtos trebuie trimis în arena de divertisment inofensiv.
Vrem o A Doua Şi Ultima ILUMINARE, în care umanitatea se eliberează în cele din urmă de cancerul vechilor mituri religioase, care au făcut mai multă pagubă Psihicului Uman decât orice altceva. Religiile antice au făcut, și continuă să facă, miliarde de oameni deranjați. Putem construi Raiul pe Pământ, dar numai prin RAŢIUNE, CUNOAŞTERE și o rasă umană optimizată intelectual. Cât de întârziată este rasa umană o demonstrează faptul că există miliarde de oameni care disprețuiesc noțiunea de maximizare a inteligenței umane ca obiectiv principal al politicii guvernamentale. Ce poți să faci cu o umanitate care iubește să fie PROASTĂ și are dispreț absolut pentru Inteligență și niciun interes faţă de ea? Trăim într-o lume în care banii, nu inteligențele, sunt forța motrice, iar cei cu bani nu vor renunța niciodată la puterea lor pentru a permite celui mai deștept să preia controlul. Întrebarea este foarte simplă … care sunt cele mai inteligente lucruri de făcut? Aveţi voința de a prelua Puterea de la cei bogați? În Star Trek, exact asta s-a întâmplat. Viitoarea Omenire trebuie să fie o specie Inteligentă, Meritocratică și Rațională, nu ca actuala specie religioasă, în genunchi față de zeii invizibili, sau o specie capitalistă înrobită și deținută de super-bogați.Dacă vă opuneți nouă, este pentru un simplu motiv … tu ești Irațional și Dezinteresat și știi că nu vei prospera într-o competiție cu Oamenii Inteligenți. Veți fi în opoziție dialectică față de noi. Aceasta este natura lumii. Pentru ca noi să reușim, trebuie să dispăreți voi. Și o veţi face! Fii fără dubii despre asta.Suntem de partea Progresului Dialectic și nicio Putere pe Pământ nu poate rezista acestui lucru. Suntem Viitorul Omenirii, indiferent dacă vă place sau nu.
Suntem omenirea 2.0.
Voi sunteţi dinozaurii, așteptând să dispară, așteptând călătoria voastră spre abatorul cosmic.”


Fotografia postată de Raphael MuadDib Nataraj.

Videoconferinţa Mişcării Dacia din 28.11.2018

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