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Altfel, despre ILLUMINATI şi NWO!?!?

Ottobre 15th, 2015 No Comments   Posted in Attualità

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„Before long, people are claiming that the Illuminati are lizards from another
dimension who dress up in zip-up human costumes or use elaborate shape-shifting technology
whereby their true form can be glimpsed only at certain transitional points. This is where conspiracy
theories merge with science fiction and fantasy. Most of this way of thinking originates in the work
of the founder of Scientology, science fiction writer Ron L Hubbard.
The Illuminati have engaged in many conspiracies over the millennia, but the vast majority have
failed. The Illuminati are up against conspirators who are enormously more powerful. On rare
occasions, they have managed to infiltrate the secret councils of the Old World Order, and it is from
these episodes that they have built up their knowledge of the OWO’s modus operandi. But they
currently have no one in the inside. By the same token, on a couple of occasions the enemy has
infiltrated the Illuminati, although no infiltrator has ever gained access to the highest level. Even
members of the Illuminati virtually never come into direct contact with the ruling council of the
Many of the people who condemn the Illuminati are wealthy, right-wing, pro-monarchy fascists
who, to this day, are disgusted by the French Revolution and loathe the Illuminati-inspired slogan of
the revolutionaries: freedom, equality and brotherhood. If you think that King Louis XVI of France
was a great and noble man and that aristocratic families and rich elites should run the world then
you should line up against the Illuminati. If, on the other hand, you think that every person should
be given a fair chance and should go as far in society as their talents warrant regardless of the
wealth, status and social connections of their parents, and that there should be no masters and no
slaves then you should support the Illuminati.
Yes, we seek to establish a New World Order. Yes, we seek to overthrow tyrants. Yes, we want to
smash networks of privilege. Yes, we seek to abolish diabolical religions such as Christianity. That
has always been the mission of the Illuminati. Do you think that aspiration is evil? The Illuminati’s
enemies are the evil ones, the ones conspiring against the people. The Illuminati seek to liberate the
downtrodden and oppressed. Anyone who does not share that aspiration is an enemy of the people.
Those who speak out against the New World Order and the Illuminati are the poodles of the
privileged elites. The establishment of a New World Order is a dialectical certainty. Freedom will
triumph in the end. The elites are doomed. These are their twilight days. It is time for the ordinary
people to step into the sunlight. The Old World Order is the axis of evil. In particular, the ruling
class of America and Britain are those who must be pushed aside if the people are ever to be free.”