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maggio 29th, 2018 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

Ralph Bakker
4 hrs ·
‘There are a number of you here who are intimately familiar with the work of Mike Hockney, Michael Faust, Adam Weishaupt, and the Armageddon Conspiracy site. Those of you who are know there was a movement that started ten years ago that was simply called “The Movement.” Under this movement was promoted the rational ideology of Illuminism and the political ideology called Meritocracy. It’s time for everyone to know a brief history of that, why it failed and how Hyperianism has risen from the ashes to complete what was started ten years ago.

The Movement was a 21st century incarnation of a millennia old struggle to defeat the Old World Order and liberate the divine spark within every single person thereby ushering in an age of Enlightenment. It was originally conceived of as a grass roots movement to awaken the common, working class folk to their true potential thereby removing their shackles and defeating the OWO. From the beginning, the Movement was plagued with all sorts of crazy individuals who ended up undermining the entire project. Too many people came to the movement without properly going through their own “metaphorical suicide”, destroying the ingrained brainwashing they received over the years. As a result, there were dozens and dozens of offshoot groups all purporting to be Illuminists and Meritocrats.

The Movement didn’t have unity, so as is the case with any group or movement without a central structure, it fractured and broke down, splintering off into factions all vying for power and recognition. It was hoped that there would arise within this grassroots movement a few upstanding and courageous individuals who would rise to the top and take the reins of leadership, but the exact opposite happened; The Movement was plagued by people who were all talk and who wouldn’t walk the walk. They spoke of wanting to overthrow the OWO, but never actually did anything to make that happen. Instead of getting courageous, world historic individuals, there were only legions of ignavi pretending to care.

Due to the term Illuminism being dragged through the mud by different groups, it was decided that a new approach would be taken with a brand-new name. These terms are, after all, just names and names can be changed and rewritten as our movement has done for literally thousands of years. The only way we’ve been able to survive and make any sort of impact has been by adapting. This is what we’ve done; we’ve adapted yet again, but this time, the time is ripe for a real revolution. This time, Hyperianism will be on the map as the incarnation that made it, the incarnation that actually accomplished what we’ve been longing to accomplish since the time of the ancients. We’ve learned from the past mistakes of The Movement and know now what must be done to liberate the divine spark within every individual and usher in the age of Reason. Every single one of us here is taking part in the continuation of the ever-living current of Reason. We’re all links in an age-old chain and it’s our sacred duty to make this vision a reality.

With that being said, promoting “The Movement” will only be retreading old ground. Hyperianism IS “The Movement” in all but name, except it has learned from the mistakes of the past and adapted. Simply put, The Movement died years ago and should be laid to rest. Anyone interested in continuing where it left off should be doing all they can to promote Hyperianism and #ProjectFallenStar.’

By Apollonius.

ILLUMINATI despre ei

maggio 29th, 2018 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

Don’t fall for the bullshit about the real Illuminati, the Rothchilds, Zionists, Queen etc ARE NOT members of the real Illuminati, its a false flag, the Bilderbergs, Zionists are pretending to be the Illuminati, its the oldest trick in the book, CIA are paying shills to disinformation people.

Illuminati Manifesto

What is the Illuminati? Is it a secret society, clandestinely ruling the world through its nefarious control of the monetary and political systems? Are they aliens from some other world that secretly manipulate our planet? Is it a hip-hop trend, destined to fade into obscurity? Is it the enlightenment age philosophy of a transcendent founder, Adam Weishaupt and his buddies in Bavaria? Are they a secretive degree within Freemasonry, with their mysterious “all seeing eye” so prominently displayed over the pyramid on the back of the American dollar?

Why does a world oppressed by capitalism and greed, political corruption and nepotism, violence and racism, fixate upon conspiracy theories at all, when everywhere around us is the evidence of orchestrated oppression? Why does a race of sentient beings hope for deliverance from an ecological apocalypse of their own design, by aliens from a distant realm? Why are millions of otherwise rational beings drawn to the religions of war and fanaticism, the mashing of teeth against bones? Why are we forced to strive after money, valueless paper currencies, not even backed by pliable metals, on a bountiful world that can easily provide for everyone’s necessities? Why in a world, where humans have mastered the mathematical formulas that explain creation and the very ethos of God, why do our poorest shoot at one another for a little plastic bag of poison?

Why do we allow the greediest, the stupid and arrogant, the religiously intolerant and hatred spewing, to rule this planet, a paradise filled with boundless potential?

The reasons are five in number. Fear… the arche of all evil. Greed… the catalyst of capital. Ignorance… the minister of religion. Self-loathing… the penitent cloistered on this wretched prison planet. Faith… the whore who denounces reason before a jackal judge. These are the five demonic Archons ruling this sad planet. All are the sticky, endorphin and serotonin laced slime produced by our monkey minds, the residue from millions of years of fleeing and hiding in the tall trees and thickets from primordial serpents.

But we have risen above our simian primate genetics, our biological imperatives. Our ancestors looked up to the sun, and saw god. We as illuminists, look to the sun and we see physics, chemistry, mathematics, gravity, gases, the strong and weak forces, the electromagnetic spectrum, the quantum field, and nuclear fusion… but more profoundly… we still see the rays of Horus, the lion-faced Leontocephaline… we see the face and hear the voice of the creator God.

Illuminism is a call to awaken… it is the zeitgeist of our age.

It is the spirit of pure rationalism and truth, veiled within the ethos of myth. It is the silver bullet, the red pill, the lapis philosophorum; it is the archetypal fiction of our times that erupts into reality. The Illuminati are those who are awake and aghast. Illuminism is rational and poetic. It is logical and mystical. It is dialectic and holistic. Illuminism is atheistic and the herald of our new rational religion. It is the laser eye of Apollo and the compassionate heart of Sophia. It is the world’s oldest philosophy, and its oldest heresy. It is the fount from which the poet taps the nectar of Aradia’s lips before the pale of eternal rest. The Illuminist reaches upward towards the soaring heights for God, and looks downward into the cosmos hidden within a blade of grass.

The mind of the Illuminist is balanced by reason. Clear is the eye of illumination. The mind of those controlled by Abrahamic religions is consumed by their fiery envy, raging against their dying mortal flesh. The mind of the Illuminist rests in peaceful abiding, content to watch and understand, but the anxious soul of the capitalist preacher or politician craves another fix without ever being sated.

The Illuminati are the angels of Apollo, our beloved Lucifer, the bearer of light into the nether reaches of hell. The light awakens those who sleep restlessly, on the edge of awareness. Zoë, the mother of wisdom, comes to us, but she brings no treasure. Only a life of awakening to our past, out forgotten truths, those waking dreams, half remembered and now forgotten, that remind us of why we are here. The Illuminati are the Phosters sent into the darkness to bend the prism of light, revealing to our eyes the nature of nothingness, pure waves, infinitesimally scaled, twisting vortexes of light, knots of energy woven into tiny orbits around fields of positive and negative attractions… without any attributes… except timelessness and pure awareness.

The Illuminati are the angelic harbingers of a new, worldwide movement. Humanity is awakening, and we intend to take full possession of our planet. Not to exploit it for the temporary pleasure of the serpent like few, but as our mother world, our home within the vast sea of stars that we intend to visit. We are turning away from the old dichotomy of capital verses collective, religion verses science, race against race, and gender against gender. These false struggles have served only one purpose, to keep the puppet masters in control of the planet. The Archons tremble before Apollonian-Christ and Sophia-Zoë. The logos mind linked with the wisdom mind sees clearly through the false dharma of the archonic-system.

Fear melts beneath the undying light of Apollo, avatar of illumination. Greed flees before the plenty that will be manifest in the Illuminist Republic. Ignorance and religious bigotry wilts before the wisdom of science and rational discourse in education. Self-loathing never awakens in the child that is free to reach their maximum potential in the university of our Platonic state. Faith is tread under the heel of knowledge; nothing is taken as a dictate, but as a consensus. The descendants of those monkeys that first looked to stars so many million nights before shall drive the Archons from our planet. We shall rule our planet with wisdom and logic… as Sophia and Apollo decide, not through fear, but as Phosters of light.

What does the Illuminati demand? We demand a New World Order. We will build our Meritocratic Republic on the ruins of the oligarchy of capital, royalty, and privilege.
How will we build the new Platonic-Republic? In America, we demand a constitutional amendment to abolish single member congressional districts, replacing them with at large, statewide, multi-member Congressional Districts. We demand a constitutional amendment to elect Senators within senatorial districts, drawn in accordance to population, not arbitrarily drawn state lines, to end the gross overrepresentation of small, rural states in the American Senate. We demand a constitutional amendment to abolish the Electoral College, replacing it with a federally supervised, presidential election in which every person’s vote is weighted equally. This will break the monopoly on political power held by the two establishment political parties in America. World wide, we demand the passage of universal, 100% inheritance taxes on the wealthy, while allowing the poor to pass to their heirs the fruits of their hard labor. In America, and throughout the world, we demand an end to tax exemptions for capitalist churches and charities. These for profit organizations brainwash the masses into giving them their hard earned money, while encouraging them to accept their lot in life, waiting patiently for a better world in the afterlife.

You and I are the true Illuminati. We are the ones who refuse to be slaves. We stand up and shout… Who is Spartacus?! I am Spartacus! I am Adam Weishaupt! I am Apollo! I am Sophia Zoë! I am the spirit of humanity! I am the spirit of Revolution! I am the Zeitgeist of a new world order! We are the Illuminati… let those that stand in our way… stand in the way of the inevitable dialectic of history!


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