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Aprile 8th, 2016 1 Comment   Posted in Attualità

MIŞCAREA DACIA este cu adevărat ancorată în SUFLETUL STRĂMOŞILOR!!!
Păi cum să ne declarăm noi GETO-DACI CREŞTINI, când strămoşii noştri au fost ZAMOLXIENI, după cum specifică documentele vremii???
Vreţi un PROFET?
Îl avem pe ZAMOLXE! Acela care este strâns legat de primul GNOSTIC celebru: PITAGORA
Vreţi o RELIGIE?
Aveam una GNOSTICO-PANTEISTĂ, un CULT SOLAR, până ce semitul PAUL a venit la ROMA să demoleze IMPERIUL cu o religie rezultată din „amestecul mecanic” al MITRAISMULUI cu IUDAISMUL.
Toţi cei 9 împăraţii GEŢI ai IMPERIULUI ROMAN din III-lea d.C., nu erau CREŞTINI!… cum puteam să fim noi „muritorii de rând”???
Priviţi animaţia de mai jos şi veţi pricepe că noi am fost „PĂGÂNI” PÂNĂ LA VENIREA MIGRATORILOR, cărora IMPERIUL de-acum CREŞTIN, le-a dat licenţă să ne DEZNAŢIONALIZEZE şi să ne DEPOSEDEZE de pământul strămoşesc!!!
Cereţi clerului român să renunţe la RĂDĂCINILE SEMITICE ale CREŞTINISMULUI şi să se racordeze la TRADIŢIILE STRĂBUNE.
DUMNEZEUL nostru nu e al FRICII ŞI SUPUNERII, că nu degeaba se spune că strămoşii noştri se credeau NEMURITORI!?… pentru că nu aşteptau ca proştii PEDEPSE ŞI RĂSPLATĂ, ci trăgeau cu săgeţi în ARHONI.
BISERICA noastră eram NOI ÎNŞINE, ci nu o creatură absurdă aflată în afara INFINITULUI!
Chiar nu realizaţi că RELIGIA ABRAHAMICĂ ce vi s-a impus, asemenea celorlalte două, este un element de bază al SISTEMULUI SCLAVAGIST MATERIALIST???
Trebuie s-o luăm de la capăt, de acolo de unde ne-a smuls OCULTA, că de 2000 de ani DORMIM!?!?
Iată mai jos DOVEZI că suntem PROSTIŢI cu bună ştiinţă, de mai bine de 2000 de ani:

„Mithraism – True Christianity?

The absurdly close parallels between Christianity and Mithraism are summarised below. Mithras was:
1) Born on 25 December.
2) Born of a virgin.
3) Born in a cave and attended by shepherds and wise men who gave him gifts.
4) The Son of God and intermediary between God and humanity.
5) Regarded as a “King” and Saviour who shed eternal blood.
6) Said to have sacrificed himself to save humanity.
7) Celibate.
8) Mithras had a Last Supper of bread and wine with his twelve companions.
9) Sunday (the day of the Sun) was his sacred day, not the Saturday Sabbath of Yahweh.
10) His followers were baptized.
11) They regarded wine as linked to the sacrificial blood.
12) They called themselves “brothers”.
13) A cross with perpendicular, equidistant arms (the “Greek” cross) was an ancient symbol of the sun. (The Knights Templar used a Greek cross as their central emblem.)
14) The followers of Mithras ate loaves of bread marked by this cross (the prototypes of “hot cross buns”).
15) The highest official grade of Mithraism was “Pater” (Father): Catholic priests are called Father.
16) There was a “Father of Fathers” (Pater Patrum), elected by the Fathers from amongst their number. He was Mithras’s earthly representative, the “vicar” of Mithras (just as the Pope is called the vicar of Christ). Another title associated with the highest grade was Pater Sacrorum (Father of the Mysteries). He wore a red cap, a red robe, had a ring of office, and carried a shepherd’s staff.
17) Mithras’s mother was given the title “Mother of God”.
18) Mithras represented an ethical system in which community and brotherhood were encouraged as a means of defeating the forces of evil.
19) Mithras was regarded as a great travelling teacher.
20) Mithras had twelve companions (equated with the twelve signs of the zodiac).
21) Mithras performed miracles such as raising the dead, casting out demons, making the blind see and the lame walk, healing the sick etc.
22) Mithras died, was buried in a tomb and rose again after three days, ascending to heaven.
23) His principal festival was celebrated every year at the spring equinox to commemorate his resurrection. The Christian Easter festival to celebrate Christ’s resurrection takes place at the same time.
24) Mithras was called “the Good Shepherd.”
25) Mithras was referred to as: “The Way, the Truth and the Light, the Redeemer, the Saviour, the Messiah.”
26) He was identified with both the Lion and the Lamb.
27) He carried the keys to the kingdom of heaven.
28) He was the god of light and truth, the god who mediated between Man and the True God.
29) One of his symbols was the sun disk and he was known as the “Light of the World”.
30) The All-Seeing Eye was a symbol chosen by Mithraists to show that nothing could be hidden from Mithras.
31) Because of its links to Persian Zoroastrianism, Mithraism was also able to incorporate Zoroastrian ideas such as heaven and hell, an apocalypse, a day of judgement, a resurrection of the dead and a second coming (where Mithras would destroy the Evil One). All of the most distinctive elements of the Christian myth can be found in the tales surrounding assorted ancient gods and demi-gods such as Osiris, Tammuz, Dionysus, Adonis, Attis, Krishna and Mithras. There is nothing new or imaginative about Christianity except for one thing. No one had previously thought of making a myth about a God into a literal truth. No one had dared to seriously suggest that a living, breathing human being was miraculously born on earth as the actual Son of God. No Greek expected to sit down and share a drink with the real Dionysus. No Roman thought he would bump into Mithras in the forum. When Roman emperors declared themselves gods, no one took it seriously. They were very powerful people, but manifestly not divine. In fact they were
usually insane and deemed in need of assassination. It was Paul’s melding of Messianic Judaism with the traditional pagan religions that was an
astonishing, and disastrous, innovation. Paul never met Jesus and didn’t bother to see Jesus’ apostles before starting his own mission to convert the world. His radical, strange and mystical version of Christianity had virtually nothing in common with anything Jesus said. In all probability, Paul knew
next to nothing about the man Jesus or his companions or what Jesus said and taught. Nothing had been written down at that time, Paul hadn’t met any eyewitnesses, so he was getting all of his information via hearsay, gossip and the drunken exaggeration of travellers’ tales. But he didn’t need
anything else, and he certainly didn’t need the truth. All he was doing was preaching Mithraism, with a Messianic Jew playing the part of Mithras. Simple. Most people who had known Jesus had no idea what planet Paul was on. What he claimed Jesus said bore no resemblance to what he
actually said. Paul’s epistles are the oldest part of the New Testament, written around 50 AD while the gospels were written around 70-100 AD. Paul’s famous letters received little or no acceptance by the early church. The Apostles never mentioned Paul in their writings. There is no doubt they regarded him as a strange pagan trying to distort Jesus’ message. Paul’s so-called fanatical Judaism is a complete fabrication. This was the man who couldn’t wait to announce the end of Mosaic Law and all the customs of Judaism. No one was better suited to appeal to Gentiles than Paul because, to all intents and purposes, he was a Gentile.
Paul’s version of Christianity succeeded largely because the other factions, based in Jerusalem, were effectively wiped out when Titus destroyed Jerusalem in 70 CE, following a Jewish insurrection against the Roman occupation. Paul’s Christians were based in many places outside Palestine, hence survived the destruction wrought by the Romans.
As soon as Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire, the Christians set about destroying the temples of Mithras, often building churches on the sites. Paul, who hoped that Christianity and Mithraism would merge and sweep across the world would have been horrified.
His new religion had gone catastrophically wrong.

Christianity is nothing but a bastardised version of Mithraism; Paul’s grotesque blend of Judaism and Mithraism. None of it makes any sense because Judaism and Mithraism have nothing in common, just as Judaism and Akhenaten’s Atenism had nothing in common. Atenism (symbolised
by the sun disk) and Mithraism, however, did have a great deal in common.
Imagine a world without Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Can any sane person doubt that the world would instantly be an enormously better place? These Abrahamic religions were (and are) the main vehicles of Satanism. They are perversions of the pagan religions of light: they are how the
Demiurge managed to bring his darkness into the heart of religion.”