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Waging War to Whom?

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How to Become God

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How to Become God (The Hero-God Series Book 2) by [Faust, Michael] 


How to Become God

“Be what you know you are.” – Pindar

Is it possible to become God? Is the unconscious mind nothing other than the God portal, the Heaven gate?

This is the extraordinary account by the ancient and controversial secret society known as the Pythagorean Illuminati of how it is possible for every human being to attain divinity.

There are two vast obstacles to overcome, one relating to a lack of consciousness, and the other to an over-identification with consciousness. The followers of the Abrahamic religions are “bicameral”, meaning that they are highly submissive, have little grasp of rationality, and obey “voices” emanating from their unconscious. Atheistic scientific materialists, on the other hand, are overly sensory and deny the existence of anything other than their mortal ego-consciousness, and doubt even that. They have cut themselves off from the most mysterious domain in existence: that of the two numbers zero and infinity (the singularity numbers), which define all of the mysteries of life.

The God Program deconstructs all of the claims of scientific materialism and shows why they are false in relation to all of the most important issues of existence: life, mind, consciousness, God,the soul and the afterlife. Equally, the “revealed” religions of Abrahamism are shown to be rooted in the pre-conscious mind of the human race and to constitute a kind of mental illness and hatred of rationality. If anything,they are a manifestation of Devil worship.

Have you ever asked where the laws of the Big Bang were stored prior to the Big Bang in order to be able to shape and direct that cosmic event? The God Program takes you on an astonishing journey back to the era before the Big Bang. It reveals how and why the material cosmos came into existence, and what the precise answer is to the ultimate question of “life, the universe and everything”. It demonstrates how Jung’s theory of the psyche can be traced back to the ideas of the Neoplatonist Plotinus, and illustrates why Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious is the key to human apotheosis.

The God Program also reveals the true nature of the world’s most sacred object: the Holy Grail.

This revolutionary book presents a unique and breathtaking view of reality. If you cannot find the answers to your profoundest questions in The God Program, you will find them nowhere.





It’s amazing how badly defined even the most basic concepts are. What does “existence” mean? Are we referring to eternal and necessary existence (Being), or temporal and contingent existence (Becoming)? Can Becoming happen without Being? According to science, there is no such thing as eternal and necessary Being. Becoming, says science, creates itself out of non-existence. According to Abrahamism, God is eternal and necessary but he created the world of Becoming out of non-existence (nothing at all), meaning that Being and Becoming are radically different and separate. According to Eastern religion, Being is eternal and necessary and Becoming is an illusion, which we must transcend by attaining enlightenment.

In truth, “existence” is just one thing, which has two modes: the eternal and necessary mode of Being, and the temporal and contingent mode of Becoming that arises from Being. If we say, as is traditionally done, that eternal and necessary existence is “God”, then the universe of Becoming is a projection from God. It is God’s construct, and is also made of God. It is not made from nothing at all, and it does not randomly jump out of nothing at all. In other words, everything is God, but God has two faces: Being and Becoming. The latter face is the material universe of space and time, with which myriad monadic minds (cells or nodes of God) interact.

God is living mathematics, made of countless cells, each of which is an individual monadic mind, and each of which is eternal and necessary. God is a complex mathematical Hive Mind, made of each of us. In our eternal and necessary collective mode, we are all God. In our temporal and contingent individual mode, we are all becoming God.

All that exists is God – the collection of all souls (monadic minds). The universe is made by God, which is to say by the mathematical ensemble of mathematical minds, which is exactly why you find mathematics at the heart of science. The universe is made from the sinusoidal waves – the basis thoughts – that comprise the eternal and necessary monadic minds. These sinusoidal waves are, in themselves, eternal and necessary, but the combinations into which they can enter are temporal and contingent, hence the two faces of God.

Existence is made of waves like those illustrated. They are eternal and necessary. They have no beginning and no end. They are uncaused. They are uncreated. Their essence is to exist, and they have of course existed forever. Such waves are the only things we require to make the entire universe of space, time and matter. The Big Bang was simply where independent sine and cosine basis waves entered into dependent, temporal and contingent sine-cosine hybrid relationships.

The whole of reality reduces to waves. Waves are what God is made of. Waves are the foundations of existence. They are the simplest, most general and most stable solution you can possibly get, the solution demanded by the principle of sufficient reason and Occam’s razor (the principle of parsimony, economy, and simplicity).




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L wrote, “Someone was inspired tonight, but remember for every word you said there’s another you on the far side of the multiverse which said exactly the opposite words with the same conviction, and another you for all possible combinations in between.”

Remember, there’s no such thing as the multiverse. It’s a manmade fallacy that constitutes the biggest possible violation of Occam’s razor and the principle of sufficient reason. Only people that despise reason and logic believe in the Multiverse – the wet dream of the clowns that believe that existence can randomly pop out of non-existence for no reason, via no mechanism, to no purpose.

The Multiverse is every bit as miraculous and magical as “God”. In fact, it’s just the atheist materialist’s version of God. Instead of saying, “God (Design) is responsible” for whatever, the atheist materialist says, “The Multiverse (Randomness) is responsible”.

The atheist materialists have merely replaced God, the supposed eternal Creator, with infinite random creation out of nothing at all – an even worse idea, and totally irrational.

Randomness is just another name for irreducible CHAOS. According to irrational people, Order magically appears out of Chaos. According to rationalists, Order has always existed and only ordered things are possible.

Given a reality governed by the principle of sufficient reason (absolute rationalism), randomness is impossible since randomness, by definition, is that which lacks a sufficient reason. There has been no idea more damaging to science than the irrational assertion of empiricists that randomness exists. No one can perceive randomness. It is a non-empirical hypothesis, and any claim that anything happened randomly can automatically be reinterpreted in terms of sufficient reasons, i.e. total NON-randomness. Will you choose random (irrational) non-explanations, or rational explanations? Your choice.

Anyone who opposes the PSR is irrational. Science opposes the PSR and champions randomness. Science is irrational. Science irrationally uses mathematics, the quintessential rationalist subject, the very fact of which demonstrates that randomness is impossible.

Randomness is exactly that which is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE. No mathematical formula or argument could ever be presented to explain randomness. Mathematics is entirely predicated on the PSR.

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