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Marzo 13th, 2020 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

L wrote, “Someone was inspired tonight, but remember for every word you said there’s another you on the far side of the multiverse which said exactly the opposite words with the same conviction, and another you for all possible combinations in between.”

Remember, there’s no such thing as the multiverse. It’s a manmade fallacy that constitutes the biggest possible violation of Occam’s razor and the principle of sufficient reason. Only people that despise reason and logic believe in the Multiverse – the wet dream of the clowns that believe that existence can randomly pop out of non-existence for no reason, via no mechanism, to no purpose.

The Multiverse is every bit as miraculous and magical as “God”. In fact, it’s just the atheist materialist’s version of God. Instead of saying, “God (Design) is responsible” for whatever, the atheist materialist says, “The Multiverse (Randomness) is responsible”.

The atheist materialists have merely replaced God, the supposed eternal Creator, with infinite random creation out of nothing at all – an even worse idea, and totally irrational.

Randomness is just another name for irreducible CHAOS. According to irrational people, Order magically appears out of Chaos. According to rationalists, Order has always existed and only ordered things are possible.

Given a reality governed by the principle of sufficient reason (absolute rationalism), randomness is impossible since randomness, by definition, is that which lacks a sufficient reason. There has been no idea more damaging to science than the irrational assertion of empiricists that randomness exists. No one can perceive randomness. It is a non-empirical hypothesis, and any claim that anything happened randomly can automatically be reinterpreted in terms of sufficient reasons, i.e. total NON-randomness. Will you choose random (irrational) non-explanations, or rational explanations? Your choice.

Anyone who opposes the PSR is irrational. Science opposes the PSR and champions randomness. Science is irrational. Science irrationally uses mathematics, the quintessential rationalist subject, the very fact of which demonstrates that randomness is impossible.

Randomness is exactly that which is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE. No mathematical formula or argument could ever be presented to explain randomness. Mathematics is entirely predicated on the PSR.

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