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Illuminati (16)

Febbraio 2nd, 2018 Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

Erin DeLeon

The Phosters and The Archons

Buried in our Unconscious Minds
A war we Fight within/without

Throughout all our lives
The trumpet blew it’s Final Call
The Phosters charging to The End
The Omega point is very close

A New Cosmic Age begins
Fiat Lux…Fiat Lux
Let there be Light
The Light of Mind
Synthesis, of all human kind

Our Collective Unconscious Minds
The ripples and the currents

Of the sine and cosine waves
Started by a few
Leads to epic Tidal Waves
The Phosters and The Archons
With the End, We will Begin
The Age of Reason shines for All

Erin ~

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