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The Key Obstacles

Luglio 6th, 2018 Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

The Key Obstacles

Hyperianism asserts that mind is the root of all things, and that each mind can become fully optimized, eventually reaching Godhood (i.e., it can know everything). At such a point, the mind frees itself of the material prison it is trapped in and returns to the Source. This is explained in Morgue’s books and videos. It is also much more fully fleshed out in the God Series by the great Mike Hockney and the Truth Seriesby Dr. Thomas Stark. This article is not to argue about the details of ontological mathematics, however, but to outline what it means in a practical sense.

The most common problem among people–even those who have accepted the truth of ontological mathematics–is that they don’t really know what it fully means for the world at large. They cannot grasp the immensity of it. “Okay, mathematics is the root of all things and the truth of existence–so what? How does that help me? How does it help me to pay my rent and feed my children?

First, it guarantees that you are immortal. You can never die. You can check out at any time, but you can never leave the great game of existence, the God Game. Leading on from that point, it means that no one has a “right” to lord it over you, to boss you around, or to tell you how to live your life. We are all divine. Ontological mathematics guarantees it. This is why we are so fanatically against the Abrahamic religions, which teach that you are an eternal slave to cosmic master, and that your lot in life is merely to serve. If you serve well, you will be rewarded in Heaven (a place where you will worship “God” forever). If you do not, you will be punished in Hell (a place made by this same, supposedly all-loving “God”). This is the most pathetic view of both man and God that you can imagine. It reduces God to a clipboard manager, ticking the boxes of “commandments obeyed” and then tallying them up to see if you’ve earned enough points to pass through the gates of Heaven at the end of your life. It reduces man to a grovelling, fearful slave, eternally hoping that he doesn’t fuck up.

Yet, the Abrahamic God is really just a metaphysical concept of something we have right here on Earth. His physical manifestation comes in the form of individuals who are very real, and just as tyrannical. These vile sacks of shit are nothing other than the Old World Order–the rich elite.

The rich elite, like the Abrahamic tyrant, are individuals who are malevolent, selfish, cruel, and entirely egotistical. They are all that Hyperians are not! They dominate this world via predatory capitalism and reduce humanity to a squalid race of shopkeepers. You cannot envision a bleaker system than capitalism. It forces people to work long hours for a pittance (and they must be thankful that they even have a job!). It is a carrot-and-stick system. You’ll never get the carrot you spend your whole life chasing. There’s never an end in sight. Rats running in a wheel, and all that.

Capitalism makes people obsessed with customer service, with reaching targets, with making bonuses. It makes you concerned about some arbitrary report that is due by 16:30. Who gives a shit? You are a slave under capitalism in all but name. You jump through hoops set out by your masters, and you get to thank them for the pleasure of serving at the end of the day when they reward you with a paltry sum of what you are truly worth. Though your employers may have more responsibility than you do, are they entitled to earning vast sums more than you? Can they somehow conjure more than 24 hours in a day? No! So why are they entitled to earning tens–if not hundreds and thousands–of times more than you do? The reason is simple: They have convinced the world that that’s the way it is. If you question it, they will just get rid of you and replace you with some other desperate individual who won’t question a thing, someone who will mindlessly obey and do the task set before them. In other words, capitalism is a perfect system for robots. Robots are the ideal employees from a capitalist’s perspective; they don’t need breaks, they don’t need to eat, they don’t get sick, and they never question anything. Input/output functions only!

So, are you human, or are you a robot? Does your life have meaning, or are you a pawn to be used and discarded to fatten the wallets of your masters?

Capitalism has dragged our species down. It is an Id system, rooted in the primitive psychology of appealing to our base impulses. It certainly doesn’t view humanity as divine. It treats people as work mules.

Hyperianism’s system ensures that everyone is treated as infinitely precious, making sure that we are all reaching our divine potential, and that we will get there. By neutralizing inheritance, it guarantees an equal starting point for all. By encouraging healthy and fair competition, it ensures that the hardest working, most meritorious individuals are appropriately (not disproportionately) rewarded. By positing education as the most important part of society, it makes sure that all citizens of the state are educated to their best capacity–and they can they use that education to vote intelligently.

Ontological mathematics guarantees that we are immortal, divine, and eternal. Hyperianism goes hand in hand with ontological mathematics because it seeks to actually fulfill that divine potential. As above, so below. Capitalism certainly doesn’t! If you are concerned with making ends meet and have no time to be studying the nature of your mind—of what you really are—then  you will never become divine. You will be trapped in a permanent loop of life and death and rebirth. Capitalism is not only vile; it is utterly evil. It is the perfect system of the Demiurge and his earthly representatives, the rich elite. These cunts have never had it so good. They sit on the apex of the pyramid and sip the finest drinks, eat the finest foods, while we on the bottom are being stolen from each and every day. Yet we are the ones driving the trains and buses. We are the ones waiting tables, producing goods, and toiling in the fields. They enjoy the fruits of our labours, treating themselves as divine and the rest of us as cattle.


The rich elite must be overthrownThey are the final dialectical obstacle this fallen world needs to overcome before humanity can ascend and become Hyperian.

Do you see how twisted this system is? It keeps you oppressed and suppresses your divine potential. In fact, it doesn’t even acknowledge that you have any such potential! Abrahamism teaches that you are a slave to a cosmic master, scientific materialism teaches that you are a purposeless bunch of atoms (so ultimately, nothing matters anyway), and capitalism teaches that you are slave to earthly masters. All of these systems work hand in hand to suppress you and your divinity. None of them allows you to rise and ascend beyond. We do, and we can mathematically prove it for those intelligent enough to understand our system.

The rich elite could be overthrown in the next hour if we wanted to do so, but we’ve all been conditioned to believe that we are powerless and that all is right and good with the world. Of course, the struggle is made all the more difficult because the rich elite are supported by their lapdogs—right-wing scum. The right wingers are slaves who are happy to remain slaves and actually do all they can to prop their hideous masters up. These Trump-supporting parasites are the foot soldiers of the Old World Order. They are an obstacle to be overcome on the road to freedom—as is anyone else who stands against Hyperianism. To stand against us is to stand against The People. You’ll never catch us espousing any ideology that is harmful to the collective. You’ll never catch us standing against humanity.

All of our efforts are geared to inspiring each and every individual to reach divine status, and we will stop at nothing to do so.

If you’re sick and tired of the way things are, if you’re fed up with this system that will never appreciate you for who and what you really are, then it’s time to make a choice. Join us and fight for a better world, or keep flipping burgers at minimum wage. You’ll regret the latter choice on your deathbed, though.

A life of servitude to a master is nothing to be proud of. A life of service to the collective, however, is something grand to aspire to.

Join the Revolution! Ad astra! Long live The People!

(Note: We do not advocate violence)

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