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Academia Iluministă (105)

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THIS IS ONE OF A SERIES OF BOOKS outlining the religion, politics and philosophy of the ancient and controversial secret society known as the Illuminati, of which the Greek polymath Pythagoras was the first official Grand Master. The society exists to this day and the author is a member, working under the pseudonym of “Adam Weishaupt” – the name of the Illuminati’s most notorious Grand Master.

The Illuminati’s religion is the most highly developed expression of Gnosticism and is called Illumination (alternatively, Illuminism). Dedicated to the pursuit of enlightenment, it has many parallels with the Eastern religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. It rejects the Abrahamic religions of faith: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, considering these the work of the “Demiurge”; an inferior, cruel and wicked deity who deludes himself that he is the True God, and who has inflicted endless horrors on humanity.

If you wish to judge for yourself how deranged the Demiurge is, you need only read the Old Testament, the story of the Demiurge’s involvement with his “Chosen People”, the Hebrews. You may wonder why the “God of All” entered into an exclusive and partisan Covenant with a tribe in the Middle East several thousand years ago, why he promised them a land (Canaan) that belonged to others, and why he then actively participated with them in a genocidal war against the Canaanites. Even more bizarrely, according to Christian theology, he then dispatched all of those Hebrews, whom he had supported so fanatically, to Limbo – the edge of Hell – when they died. They couldn’t go to Heaven because they were indelibly marked by the “Original Sin” of Adam and Eve. Only the atonement provided by the agonising death of God’s “son”, Jesus Christ, could wipe the slate clean and allow the Hebrews to be released from Limbo. But there was a catch. Only those who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour were eligible for Paradise.

Of course, the Chosen People of “God” have almost entirely rejected Jesus Christ. Therefore, from the Christian perspective, nearly all of the Chosen People are now in hell proper. Don’t you find God’s behaviour distinctly odd? Indeed, unbelievable? Don’t alarm bells start ringing? Doesn’t the behaviour of this God sound rather more like what would be expected of Satan?

Remember that this same “God” ordered Abraham to perform human sacrifice on his own son, Isaac. Abraham, rather than rejecting this monstrous command, rather than denouncing the creature that gave it as evil incarnate, agreed to butcher his own flesh and blood to demonstrate how slavishly and mindlessly obedient he was – the prototype of all psychopathic, fanatical “believers”.

Does God’s command to Abraham sound like something that would ever pass the lips of the True God? We pity you if you think it does because you are surely a creature of the Demiurge and one of the legions of the damned. If, however, you doubt the credentials of the Abrahamic God, you may be receptive to the message of the Illuminati and our future-oriented, rational, scientific, mathematical and dialectical religion of light – Illumination.


“There is no fortress so strong that money cannot take it.” –Cicero

“An honest politician is one who when he is bought will stay bought.” –Simon Cameron

“A rich man’s joke is always funny.” –Thomas Brown

“The politician is an acrobat: he keeps his balance by saying the opposite of what he does.” –Maurice Barrès

“The faults of the burglar are the qualities of the financier.” –George Bernard Shaw

“There are but two families in the world: Have-much and Havelittle.” –Cervantes

OWO – The Old World Order:

“[The professed object of the Illuminati is], by the mutual assistance of its members, to attain the highest possible degree of morality and virtue, and to lay the foundation for the reformation of the world by the association of good men to oppose the progress of moral evil.” –Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Albert G. Mackey

It’s often claimed that neocons, Freemasons, various powerful secret societies etc. are conspiring to create a New World Order – a one world oppressive government, supposedly. In fact the groups mentioned constitute not the “New” but the Old World Order and their agenda is to keep extending their existing political and economic model that has served them so well for so long. There is absolutely nothing new about it. “Globalisation” is their key word. That is their code for complete OWO control of the world. When former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown spoke of “the birth pangs of a new global order,” he was referring to the political and economic domination of the whole world by the OWO.

“New World Order” is a misnomer unless used in the context defined by the Illuminati. A New World Order means a new political, economic and religious configuration of the world. It does not mean an existing model simply extended further. A New World Order is precisely that – something never seen before. It is the gateway to a greater and nobler humanity.

The Old World Order’s plan is not mysterious or strange. It is the simplest one imaginable, and it is tacitly supported by many people who claim to oppose the Old World Order. It is this: how do I ensure that my family is more successful than other families? As soon as you let that thought enter your head you are damned. It is the gospel of the Old World Order, their morality, their path to “salvation”.

The issue could not be simpler. If you have the opportunity to place your family above more talented families, what will you do? Will you make the most of that chance, or will you refrain? Will you sacrifice the interests of your family to those of more talented strangers, or will you do everything in your power to give your family an advantage over those strangers? Do not call yourself a meritocrat if you want the untalented members of your family to prosper more than the talented members of other families.

The remarkably untalented Bush family has dominated American political life because it is the ultimate manifestation of the desire of the American family to glorify itself no matter that it lacks any trace of merit. But are not all families like that? That is what the Old World Order relies on. It succeeds because it is the ordinary family writ large. All typical families would do the same in their position. They would use their wealth and power to rig the system in favour of the members of their family. They do not care about the objective merits of their family, or of other families.

If you are a genuine meritocrat, you would support the most meritorious person over a close member of your own family. How many would actually do that in practice?

There can be a fair world only if there is a willingness to acknowledge the superior merit of others. That is the great challenge to humanity. It is also the only way for any family to get true justice. If you do not believe in merit then you will be ruled by rich and privileged families such as the Bush family. They have used their advantages to the maximum, and your children have paid the price. And you do not deserve any better.

The Old World Order II:

“When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his ‘proper place’ and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it necessary.” –Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson

We resist two groups – the Old World Order and the group that stands behind them. For the time being, we shall say nothing more about the organisation that hides behind the curtain. The Old World Order are dupes, but they are unaware of it. Their game is the oldest one of all – power. How to get it and how to maintain it. These are the key points about the OWO, their modus operandi:

1) The OWO is a global network of dynastic families.

2) Their mission is to maintain the power and wealth of their dynasties in perpetuity.

3) Others are admitted to the charmed circle only if they can assist the interests of the OWO.

4) The OWO do not care about the welfare of ordinary citizens. Ordinary people simply do not show up on their radar as long as they go about their humdrum lives in the expected way.

5) The OWO have no plans to build concentration camps, or slave encampments or anything else. Such measures would consume vast resources, create unnecessary trouble and serve no useful function. The OWO can sedate the people by the use of TV, Hollywood, video games, porn, music, alcohol, recreational drugs, sport, social networking etc. All of these diversions ensure that the people will never rise up. While mindless mass entertainment exists, the OWO require no concentration camps to control the people.

6) The Bush family is the quintessence of the OWO. Father and son belonged to Yale’s Skull and Bones secret society and both became presidents. Another son is a former Governor of Florida and a potential future president. How can one family in a so-called democracy have achieved this degree of power?

7) The Bush family illustrates the workings of the OWO perfectly: very rich, very powerful, very connected, and likely to bestride the American political scene for generations.

8) The OWO do not obsessively control every aspect of life. What they do is take active steps to massively increase the likelihood that they and theirs will have vastly better chances in life than everyone else. George Bush, with his limited abilities, would have achieved nothing significant in life were his name not Bush. Yet because that is his name, he was an American President. The OWO always put family above talent. This is practically enshrined as an American principle, and enjoys huge popular support, yet its inevitable consequence is that it creates unmeritocratic family dynasties that endure for millennia, and you can be certain the Bush family will continue to be such a dynasty.

9) Most people are familiar with America’s great dynastic families: they are associated with oil, banking, entertainment, media, military, the intelligence services and politics.

10) The OWO are international. American dynastic patriarchs have much more in common with Russian oligarchs than they do with ordinary Americans.

11) The Old World Order’s models are the Roman Empire at the time of Augustus Caesar, and the English monarchy at the time of Henry VIII.

12) The OWO are advocates of dynastic rule. Look at America: George Bush, father and son – both American presidents; the Kennedys – they could have been in power for decades had they not broken the rules of the OWO and paid the price; the Clintons – husband was president and wife still could be; daughter might be in the future. Dynastic presidencies have become de rigueur in modern America. How did this come about? By accident or design?

13) The Roman emperors advocated “panem et circenses” – bread and circuses. As long as citizens have fast food and cheap entertainment to pacify them, they will not cause serious trouble. Revolutions occur when the ordinary people are starving and have nothing to distract them from their suffering. Can a revolution be launched in the absence of these factors?

14) The Romans had a patrician class (the wealthy and powerful) and a plebeian class (the ordinary people). Isn’t it the same in America? The super-rich, the Ivy League brigade, spoiled heiresses, the political, media, military, business, banking and legal elites. They are the American patrician class. Everyone else is a plebeian.

15) Roman gladiators were worshipped by the plebeians. What do the Americans have? – super-celebrities from Hollywood, TV, rock ‘n’ roll and sport, worshipped by legions of American plebeians.

16) In ancient Rome, artists and intellectuals were a joke. They were usually Greek slaves. Look at artists and intellectuals in America. They are not at the forefront of the national consciousness. The OWO despise intelligence amongst plebeians and do their utmost to ensure that plebeians are poorly educated. They advocate and encourage “dumbing down”.

17) The Roman Empire was founded on slavery. So was America. The ordinary American people are still slaves. The only difference is that the oppression they suffer is not overt.

18) Look at the British Royal family. The Queen refers to the British people as her “subjects”. She can’t be removed as head of state. Her crown, her status, her wealth and power will be automatically transmitted to her son. No one else is eligible. Merit in Britain is effectively illegal since the head of state is never at any stage subjected to any meritocratic criterion. Britain remains one of the most class divided societies in the world.

19) Look at British politicians. Tony Blair, from a highly privileged background, was a recent prime minister, and now his children are being groomed to follow in his footsteps. The new British Prime Minister, David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, is one of the richest men in the nation. He is an “old Etonian” (Eton College is the most privileged school in the world) and was a member of the super elite Bullingdon Club at Oxford University. His closest colleagues all come from similarly privileged backgrounds. Like Cameron, the current Mayor of London and the Chancellor of the Exchequer both attended the Bullingdon Club.

20) America has had forty-four presidents and two of them have been the father and son team of the Bush’s. What are the odds?

21) Three of the forty-four presidents have been members of the tiny, elite secret society Skull and Bones. What are the odds? John Kerry, the Democratic candidate in 2004, was a member of Skull and Bones. In other words, no matter if you voted Democrat or Republican in 2004, you would still get a Skull and Bones man in the White House. And you think you have a choice? Choice is an illusion in so-called democracies. Democracy is an instrument used to control the people and make them vote for their OWO oppressors. You are much less likely to oppose someone for whom you have voted. You have bought into their mind control system. What good is a vote if you can only vote for the two people they decide to put in front of you? In order for them to be permanently in charge, they simply need to ensure that they control the process by which the presidential candidates are chosen. Then, when you vote, you are invariably voting for one of their people, not one of yours.

22) No doubt there are more Bushs, more Kennedys, more Skull and Bones members being lined up for future high political office.

23) If you’re not one of the patricians, you’re a nobody. People could choose to stand up and do something about it but they don’t because they have been stupefied by the rhetoric and propaganda of the patrician class, they have got their bread and circuses that keep them endlessly distracted, they have their gladiator heroes to worship, their army of imperial conquest to support, their conspiracy theorists to mock, and their ‘freedom and democracy’ to trumpet.

24) The symbolic head of the Old World Order is the Queen of England. When she parades through the streets, legions of people wave flags and cheer. They are ecstatic about being her subjects – her acknowledged inferiors in every way. That shows you the power of the tyrants. Now imagine a hereditary monarchy with executive power. That’s what the Old World Order seek. They dream of dynastic marriages. Imagine a future where the Prince of America marries the Princess of China. That’s what’s coming if the Old World Order achieves its full ambition.


The Old World Order is all about establishing a permanent patrician class. It looks to the mediaeval concept of the monarch appointed by “divine right” and able to pass the crown down the family line forever. The Old World Order has in fact already achieved about 90% of its agenda. Ordinary people don’t get a look in when it comes to genuine power and the best jobs. They’re not in the game. They’re plebeians. What’s worse, they deserve to be. They have it within our power to overthrow the patricians at any time. Instead, they let them rule. There are no excuses.

The movie The Matrix is an excellent metaphor for the workings of the OWO. The controllers of the Matrix are the OWO. Most people are oblivious to the truth. Only a handful care, and only they see “reality”. Mr Smith and his fellow super agents are the OWO’s enforcers who will deal with anyone showing any signs of resistance. But they don’t need to intervene too much because hardly anyone causes any trouble. Even some who have tasted the truth (like “Cypher” in The Matrix) decide that they would prefer to go back to the world of enslavement (made delightful by the power of fantasy – the taste of “real” steak).

Are you happy to be a compliant citizen of the Matrix, or are you prepared to join the resistance? Wake up. Stop voting for the OWO. Stop supporting them. Stop making their lives easy. Stop bowing down to them simply because they are wealthy. Their wealth was gained through manipulation, not merit. If you are a slave to money then you are a pawn of the OWO. They control wealth and hence they control all those who buy into the wealth system.

Dick Fuld, former chief executive officer of the failed Lehman Brothers investment bank, made $500 million dollars while he was at the helm. A half a billion dollars for the man who presided over one of history’s greatest financial catastrophes! The bank no longer exists. Fuld is not in jail, is not being prosecuted, is not being pursued by state agencies to surrender his earnings that are now seen to be the profits of breathtaking speculation and incompetence that destroyed the bank.

Many people have paid the price of the collapse of Lehman Brothers. One person who did not was the man most responsible. That is the way the Old World Order operate. Everyone suffers except them. Isn’t it time to wake up and smell the coffee? There are still enough truth seekers in the world to make a difference. The flame of resistance has not yet been extinguished. And never forget – behind the Old World Order stands something much worse.

Goldman Sachs:

The Old World Order has at its core one immensely powerful organisation. This organisation is the base of the Old World’s operations. Behind the closed doors of this organisation, the great plots are devised that keep the people in bondage. When conspiracy theorists talk about the Illuminati standing in the shadows arranging a New World Order, what they are really talking about is this organisation. It is one of the triumphs of this organisation that it has been able to transfer its well-deserved reputation as the puppetmasters – the men behind the curtain – to the Illuminati.

But the leaders of this key OWO organisation are not behind any curtains. They are standing right in front of us. They are highly visible and they are everywhere. They pull the levers right in front of our faces and we do nothing. The Illuminati detest this organisation and seek its end. If this organisation were to disappear from the world stage, no greater blow could be struck for freedom. The organisation in question is the notorious Goldman Sachs investment bank. In a famous article in Rolling Stone, journalist Matt Taibbi began a long attack on Goldman Sachs with the following explosive statement: “The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. In fact, the history of the recent financial crisis, which doubles as a history of the rapid decline and fall of the suddenly swindled dry American empire, reads like a Who’s Who of Goldman Sachs graduates.”

The Puppetmasters:

If you have doubts about the existence of the Old World Order, they ought to vanish when you read Taibbi’s article. You will see how an organisation makes itself so powerful (and is allowed to do so) that it effectively becomes a global government and bank, shaping the world’s economy and politics for its own selfish ends. If Goldman Sachs were attempting to create a New World Order that would raise humanity to a new, higher level, its mission might be welcomed and embraced. But it is doing the opposite. It is the Old World Order seeking to maintain a rich, privileged elite in perpetual wealth and power, with everyone else reduced to humiliating roles in a supporting cast of hangers-on, suckers and slaves.

As Taibbi says, “The bank’s unprecedented reach and power have enabled it to turn all of America into a giant pump and dump scam, manipulating whole economic sectors for years at a time, moving the dice game as this or that market collapses, and all the time gorging itself on the unseen costs that are breaking families everywhere — high gas prices, rising consumer credit rates, half eaten pension funds, mass layoffs, future taxes to pay off bailouts. All that money that you’re losing, it’s going somewhere, and in both a literal and a figurative sense, Goldman Sachs is where it’s going. The bank is a huge, highly sophisticated engine for converting the useful, deployed wealth of society into the least useful, most wasteful and insoluble substance on Earth — pure profit for rich individuals.”

Taibbi is absolutely correct. Goldman Sachs is an engine for generating obscene profits for the super-rich. Why is such an engine allowed to exist?

No nation on earth would explicitly entrust its armed forces – its defence – to a powerful commercial company with rich shareholders that, independently of government, could declare war. In such circumstances, the army might be sent off to fight ridiculous wars that would enormously boost the value of companies in the military industrial complex, handsomely reward the shareholders and do nothing whatever for the benefit of the nation. Think about the Vietnam War. Cui bono? Think about the American and British armies in Iraq and Afghanistan. What were they doing there? Were they defending America and Britain, or were they carrying out the will of a commercial organisation and its wealthy shareholders, all of whom profited massively from the war?

If a government declares a war that isn’t necessary for the defence of the nation then you can be certain that forces behind the scenes that wish to engineer war for their own private interests are manipulating the government. The Iraq War is the classic example, a war that has proved disastrously counterproductive for America and Britain. Goldman Sachs was behind that war.

Goldman Sachs is a Zionist organisation and one of its great aims is to secure the defence of the state of Israel. Iraq under Saddam Hussein was a serious threat to Israel and so had to be removed. Control of Iraq would give Goldman Sachs access to plentiful cheap oil. Goldman Sachs wanted to seed the Middle East with western capitalist democracies over which it could then extend its dominion. It anticipated a “domino effect” – first Iraq would become a model of western values amongst the Arab nations of the Middle East and then, one by one, the other Islamic nations would adopt the same model. As each domino toppled, Israel would become safer, Goldman Sachs would get more oil, more influence, and more power. Its reach would extend further than ever before. The Iraq War was perfect – for Goldman Sachs. And that was why George W Bush, a puppet of
Goldman Sachs, declared war and dragged the American people (and the British thanks to Bush’s poodle Tony Blair) into an idiotic war that achieved nothing of worth.

Now consider the Credit Crunch. During the height of the crisis when banks were on the verge of collapse because of the irresponsible and reckless gambles they had taken, what happened? Did the world debate what needed to be done? Were ordinary people consulted? Did everyone implicated in the financial meltdown get fired? Or did a tiny group of elite, privileged bankers, economists and politicians – the very people who had caused the Credit Crunch in the first place – gather in a cabal, far from cameras and public scrutiny, and decide what actions to take? Did the people appoint these bankers and economists? Were the bankers and economists carrying out the people’s will? Like hell they were. They were members of the Old World Order, protecting and advancing their own interests. And the vast majority were linked to Goldman Sachs in one way or another. Business as usual.

The biggest scam in history has taken place right in front of our faces and we have done nothing. Already, huge profits are flowing again through investment banks like Goldman Sachs and they are once again paying outrageous bonuses to their greedy staff. Not a single thing has changed. Not a single demonstrator is out on the streets to protest. Such is the power of the OWO. Such is the weakness and cowardice of the people.

While the British taxpayers were being ordered to bail out the banking leviathan RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) from the financial catastrophe it had brought on itself and the nation, Sir Fred “the Shred” Goodwin, the discredited chief executive was sitting in a luxury boardroom working out the terms of a highly lucrative severance package, including a fabulous pension that he could enjoy immediately despite being only 50, instead of being fired on the spot without any compensation as should have happened. (Goodwin’s religion is a matter of controversy, but his mother is Jewish, making him technically a Jew. The significance of this point will become apparent later on.)

If the ordinary people were allowed into that boardroom rather than Goodwin’s friends, allies and cronies, he would have been unceremoniously thrown out without a penny. But that never happens. The people are never consulted. They are never represented in the boardrooms of power. The Old World Order would never tolerate their presence. Their entire game is to ensure that the people are always excluded.

Ask yourself this question. Are the interests of rich bankers the same as those of the nation? Are bankers committed to doing what is best for the nation or what is best for themselves and their shareholders? The latter is self-evidently true. Do the bankers have a decisive influence over the economy? Unquestionably yes. Banks are the core of any nation’s economy, providing the lifeblood (money) that flows through the system and keeps it alive. Are any bankers elected by the people to represent the people’s interests? The answer is no. Therefore no one can deny that the economy of a nation is allowed to be in the hands of individuals unaccountable to the people who have different interests from those of the people. Whatever happened to “no taxation without representation”?

Does it make any sense for any nation to permit its economy to be outside the direct control of the people? Bankers serve their own interests, not those of the people. To allow them to run the economy is as ridiculous as allowing Coca Cola to run the US Army. You can’t have unelected, private corporations dictating to the people. The entire basis of the banking system is wrong and contrary to the healthy functioning of the economy. The financial meltdown would never have happened if the banks were tasked with serving the efficient running of the economy in the interests of every citizen. The meltdown was caused by a few greedy people taking enormous risks to bag themselves vast profits beyond the dreams of Midas. And no one stopped them. Why? Because these unelected individuals are the true power in the land. The government does their bidding. And when disaster comes along, the government turns to them to decide what to do next. It’s as insane as asking Jesse James’s gang to become security consultants at Fort Knox just after performing the biggest robbery in history.

No taxation without representation is the most ironic statement ever. The American people are, to all intents and purposes, entirely unrepresented when taxation decisions are being taken. The Old World Order – the fat bankers of Wall Street, unelected and contemptuous of the public – are the people who decide taxation policy. And Goldman Sachs is at the heart of the evil cabal. When will the people wake up? Banks must be brought under the nation’s direct control just as the army (supposedly) is. The army defends the nation and the banks support the economy. What could be simpler? No one should vote for any political party that is not committed to making banks accountable to the people. The banks’ CEOs should be appointed in the same manner as Supreme Court justices, with a remit to serve the public interest. Their salaries and bonuses should be comparable to those of government officials, namely good but far from spectacular.

According to the International Monetary Fund, the global credit crunch has cost governments (and hence taxpayers) more than ten trillion dollars. Why is no one in jail for causing that amount of damage to the economy? If terrorists had caused a fraction of that damage, they would be hunted until doomsday. Yet other than sacrificial offerings like Bernard Madoff, the Jewish super con man whom no one could possibly defend, no one lays a finger on the big, fat bankers. “There will be no whitewash at the White House,” said disgraced President Richard Nixon. In fact, that’s all there is at the White House. No real decisions are taken there. Go to the boardroom of Goldman Sachs if you want to be present at where American and world policy is actually decided. There should be a Supreme Economic Council – analogous to the Supreme Court – which explicitly sets out the nation’s economic policy and the role of the banks. Imagine the latest crazy derivatives product, or the latest whizzy idea to sell sub-prime mortgages to people with no money, having to be okayed by Nobel Prize winning economists on the Supreme Economic Council. All of the mad money-grabbing schemes would be killed at birth.

Imagine a Council with a complete overview of everything every bank is doing. The Council would immediately see if any bank were acting in a destabilising manner. The Council would tightly regulate the salaries and bonuses of finance staff. Sober, risk-averse, modest individuals aware of their responsibilities to the nation’s economic health would replace cowboys, “masters of the universe” and “big swinging dicks”. Financial stability would be the onus of the Council’s remit. With effective regulation of remuneration packages, you could be sure that boom and bust would vanish forever. But that’s never going to happen, is it? The Old World Order will brook no interference in the extravagant amounts of money they pay themselves. It’s up to us to stop them. They often refer to their financial package as “compensation”, as though they are enduring some terrible trauma in horrific conditions, for which vast amounts of money are the only way to make their nightmare tolerable. They should try working down a coal mine, or in any minimum wage job.

Then they will discover what a nightmare really is. Never again during a financial crisis should a cabal of unelected individuals be able to conspire behind closed doors to “fix” the disaster that they themselves engineered. How stupid are we to allow them to get away with it? How long will we endure this situation? When will we do something about it? The economy, like the military, is too important to be left in the hands of groups and individuals outwith the nation’s control.

A government-controlled banking system can still be competitive and innovative. In the same way that military chiefs – without being paid stratospheric salaries and enormous incentive payments – can compete and innovate to produce more effective tactics and strategies, so can banking bosses. The military should be the model for the banking system: public servants serving the national good, people for whom duty and service to their country are far more important than personal profit. Generals and admirals are comfortably off, but don’t belong to the ranks of the super-rich. Why should it be any different for bankers? Why can’t they serve the nation rather than themselves?

To bring a single organisation – Goldman Sachs – to its knees would deliver a fatal blow to the Old World Order and finally liberate humanity. Every time another fat cat banker grabs another vast bonus from the enormous money trough, it’s a nail in the coffin of the ordinary people. We can’t allow ourselves to be treated this way any longer. Isn’t it time we set to work to pull down the temples of money where the high priests of Mammon hold sway?

No You Can’t:

Barack Hussein Obama is a lightweight, Facebook politician who has done little in his life other than study and regurgitate the speeches of Martin Luther King. Is he a stooge of the Old World Order? Obama has benefited from being the multi-cultural candidate par excellence: half black, half white, half Christian, half Muslim, half professor, half celebrity, half intellectual, half man of the people, half activist, half preacher, half establishment figure, half civil rights campaigner. He is a man for all seasons, a rainbow canvas upon which the masses can project any image they like. He has proved a mediocre if not disastrous president. Nothing significant has changed. The people who were wealthy and powerful at the start of his term of office will be wealthy and powerful at the end of it. Those who were impoverished and powerless at the start will be exactly the same at the end.

People wonder how the Old World Order could allow such a person to become President. If they are so powerful, why didn’t they stop him? The truth is that the Old World Order are expert players and know when to rein back. The degree of unpopularity of George W Bush was becoming a serious problem, and beginning to undermine the foundations of democracy. Since the Old World Order rely on democracy as their political vehicle for manipulating the sedated masses, they saw the need to perform a democracy makeover. New ingredients had to be injected to reinvigorate it. Who better to turn to than an unchallenging, charismatic black man? He poses no threat to the Old World Order’s agenda, yet he gives hope of change to hundreds of millions. At a stroke, the Old World Order have saved their necks. What they fear most is revolution: the sort of Illuminati inspired uprisings that overturned the decadent French monarchy in 1789 and the arrogant Russian imperial family in 1917. Democracy provides the stable political base from which they can extend their power. If democracy is threatened, so is the Old World Order. Obama is style over substance, soundbites over meaningful policies. He talks the talk but won’t walk the walk. In fact, his hands are tied. Rhetoric is the last resort of the man of no action. Obama provides the illusion of hope, but does not deliver. Yet who cares?

Democracy has been rescued for the next few years. The problem for the Old World Order is where they go next. Once Obama fails, people’s disillusionment will be much higher than before. Once the first black president is seen to be as ineffectual as the Masonic white presidents, what then? Even the most gullible supporter of democracy will wise up. And once the Old World Order’s political base is lost, everything is up for grabs. The sorry tale of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina reveals the real America. The world was horrified when it saw the conditions in which many Americans actually live. As many commentators observed, this was more like a third world country than the planet’s hyper power. The media poodle controlled by the Old World Order do not usually show the astonishing poverty endured by so many Americans, their lack of the most rudimentary health care, their long hours working for a pittance. No, the media choose to focus on cretinous distractions such as celebrity culture. There are endless items on Britney Spears and Paris Hilton; nothing on the third world underbelly of the USA. The media tell “feel-good” stories, tales of heroism, tales of success, tales of the American Dream coming to life. They never tell the truth about America: an Old World Order tyranny where tens of millions live in dire conditions with no hope of ever escaping.

Nothing will change under President Obama. He made his way to the top of the pile because he knew how to play the game i.e. he knew how to secure the support of the Old World Order. He will do nothing to deliver poor Americans from their eternal bondage. And then what? Members of the anti-NWO movement have described Obama as the Antichrist prophesied in the Book of Revelation. Yet this was the man who fluffed his lines when swearing his oath of office, and delivered an uninspiring inaugural address. Is that what Antichrists are made of these days?


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