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The Last Man:

Is there a well-known book that offers a clear roadmap for the world the OWO seek to fashion? Francis Fukuyama’s The End of History and the Last Man was a sensation when it came out in the aftermath of the Cold War. The Soviet bloc was all but impenetrable to the OWO. When it collapsed, the OWO moved in. The infamous “oligarchs” – a shadowy group if ever there was one – were in theright place at the right time with the right money and influence to seize control of the best and most lucrative natural resources of Russia: oil, gas, minerals, and metals. Their wealth and power is awe-inspiring. Moscow now rivals New York as a centre of OWO power.

The fall of Communism illustrates the OWO’s modus operandi. The OWO do not move into the failed regime and set up concentration camps. They do not enslave the population by chaining them, whipping them, locking them up. What they do is immediately grab the most precious resources for themselves and then implement their tried and tested formula of democracy and market forces. The Russian people, like their Western counterparts, are now compliant consumers in shopping malls. Those who can’t hack it drink vodka all day long. No one cares. Bush attempted to do the same thing in Iraq. (Most of the money that was pumped into the Iraqi economy ended up in the hands of wealthy, corporate friends of Bush and Cheney.) He failed because Shia Islam is resistant to the OWO. A different type of tyranny applies – that of the black-clad ayatollahs and imams.

The Iranian people (also Shia Muslims) overthrew the OWO in the shape of the Shah of Iran. The Shia Iraqis tried to overthrow Saddam Hussein (a Sunni Muslim), but were betrayed by the West. People tend to forget how popular Saddam Hussein once was with the American government in the years when he was fighting Iran. By the same token, during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the Afghani insurgents – the future Taliban – and Osama bin Laden, were allies of America. Unlike the Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims are far more disposed to the OWO. Look at the corrupt Saudi Royal Family. Look at the luxury shopping malls and opulent hotels in nations like Dubai. Fukuyama’s thesis was that the end of Communism would lead to the whole world adopting the western political and economic model. America would lead and everyone else would follow. There would be no more conflict. History, in the sense of great ideological struggles, would have come to an end. Western democratic market capitalism – the OWO’s power base – would be triumphant everywhere. The OWO would rule the whole world in the way they have always desired. There is clearly no “New World Order”; simply the Old World Order extended to its fullest limit.

Fukuyama was almost right, but he overlooked Islam, and history will not now end for the OWO until the conflict between the West and Islam is resolved one way or another. Fukuyama also overlooked the Illuminati. History is far from done! The OWO will not be allowed to hold the world in their greedy grip. Fukuyama referred to “the last man” – this is a term borrowed from Nietzsche and describes the type of person that will exist at the end of history when all the great battles are over and all the populist trends that Nietzsche despised had proved victorious. The last man is someone “without a chest”; a hollow man. He is feeble, a zombie, a man obsessed with petty concerns and satisfying his trivial material needs. He has no grand vision, no nobility, no spirituality. He is a sneaky, pathetic operator, trying to get as much for himself as possible, without taking any risks. He is soft and cowardly. Selfinterest is everything.

The “last man” is the person who votes in democratic elections, who tenaciously holds down his tedious 9-5 job, who goes shopping, eats junk food, watches junk telly, goes to see his sports team. The last man is already here. He is the typical Western consumer. Fukuyama refers to Hegel’s “master and slave dialectic”. We already know how this dialectic unfolded: the OWO are the masters and the rest of us are the slaves. Sure, we are not labouring in cotton fields or sugar plantations, but we are slaves all the same. Slavery is when you go along with a system that is designed to favour the few and penalise the many, and you are in no doubt that you are one of the many and you are being played by the few.

Why are we so passive? Why do we put up with it? What are we going to do about it? Slaves are people who go along with it because they think they have no choice. There is always a choice. Read Fukuyama’s book and learn about how the OWO operate and learn about yourself. It’s not too late. It’s never too late. And we all have the chance to be first men, if we have the courage.

Greed and Arrogance:

The arrogance of the OWO has reached such spectacular levels that it actually goes beyond breathtaking. Many of the OWO work in finance, naturally. From where better to control the world? They are the people who caused the credit crunch that has wrecked so many lives. Millions have been thrown onto the scrap heap because of their greed. They themselves, of course, have not been impoverished. They still have their huge mansions, usually several of them, in the finest locations. They still have their gold and diamonds. They still have their yachts. Some of their funds have lost money. So what? They will soon recover all that they have lost. Only the ordinary people, those who have been wiped out, will be unable to recoup all their losses. The OWO are never afraid of recessions or depressions. These are a means of eliminating the opposition. They are buying opportunities. At the end of each downturn, the OWO invariably emerge richer, stronger and more powerful. Why do we let them get away with it?

Consider the following cases:

Despite the current financial climate, John Thain, former Goldman Sachs executive, former head of Merrill Lynch, thought he should redecorate his office at shareholders’ expense. Total cost: $1.2 million. What did he spend the money on? Here are some of the items:

1) A “commode on legs” costing $35,000.
2) Regency chairs costing $24,000.
3) A “parchment waste can” costing $1,400.
4) A Persian rug costing $85,000.
5) Services of celebrity designer Michael Smith costing $800,000.

Thain, an extremely wealthy man, did not pay for any of this. As always, others must cough up to satisfy the egotism of the masters of the universe of the OWO, the Midas Gang of gold hunters and profiteers. Thain reputedly wanted a bonus of $35 million as Merrill Lynch were preparing to announce a record-busting $15.3 billion loss and thousands of job cuts. Is it possible to imagine the degree of arrogance of someone requesting any kind of bonus given such catastrophic performance?

Thain ran the New York Stock Exchange between 2003 and 2007. His task when he took over at Merrill Lynch was to repair the disastrous balance sheet. One of his first acts was to arrange his extravagant office makeover. This was an extremely highly regarded man, an alumnus of MIT and Harvard Business School, known as “Mr Fix-it”. Is this the type of person that gets to the top of the tree in America? Is this what counts as talent and integrity? Is this what “fixing it” means? If so, is it any surprise that we are in such dire straits?

Thain, in the hours before Merrill Lynch was taken over by the Bank of America, made sure that bonus payments were rushed forward to ensure that highly paid employees in the failing investment bank got their cash before the takeover took place. Had the bonus payments taken place at the normal time, they would have been slashed to zero. He had no respect for the Bank of America, no respect for the government, and no respect for the public. This is the OWO in microcosm – always making sure they take care of themselves; always showing complete contempt for everyone else. People like Thain have ceased to inhabit the real world. They exist solely in the world of the OWO where they can get away with anything and no one ever tries to stop them.

Now consider Dennis Kozlowski, head of Tyco International. He had Tyco pay $30 million for his New York City apartment, including $6,000 shower curtains. He stole $150 million in unauthorised bonuses. He committed fraud against Tyco to the extent of $400 million. Kozlowski admitted that his pay package was “confusing” and “almost embarrassingly big”, but he strenuously denied that he had committed any crimes. Unusually, he was prosecuted and jailed. No doubt he had alienated his friends in the OWO and they abandoned him to his fate. The OWO dislike being embarrassed. When someone goes too far and gets caught, the OWO will not save them. There is no honour amongst thieves.

Todd Thomson, former head of wealth management at Citigroup, had a stunning view of Central Park from his 50th-floor Manhattan office. His boardroom had marble flooring, polished wood cabinets, a tropical fish-tank, Persian rugs, and an enormous wood-burning fireplace. It was so extravagant that it was nicknamed “Todd Mahal.” Scarcely anyone other than Thomson had access to it. Thomson had a corporate jet at his disposal. Returning from a Chinese business trip, he ejected other Citigroup executives from the jet so that he could be alone with CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo. This glamorous reporter was nicknamed the Money Honey.

Sir Fred Goodwin, knighted by the British Queen, former chief executive of the banking leviathan Royal Bank of Scotland, issued a writ against a newspaper when it published the following details:

1) Goodwin had wanted to build a private road from his HQ to the nearby airport so that he wouldn’t have to travel on a busy road with ordinary commuters.

2) He ordered a “scallop” kitchen to be built near his office. Goodwin did not succeed with his writ. He was nicknamed “Fred the Shred” because of the number of employees he had made redundant over the years. He was responsible for the catastrophic purchase of ABN Amro Bank. At the start of 2009, the share price of RBS had fallen more than 98% from its peak. The bank is now owned 70% by the British government, and may be fully nationalised. Goodwin reluctantly resigned.

Goodwin, commonly regarded as exceptionally arrogant, was described as “The World’s Worst Banker”. A major newspaper referred to him as a modern day villain who made millions then left the taxpayer to sort out the mess. He has never apologised. He was highly regarded by former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and gave advice to the British Government’s regarding economic policy! Britain is now facing an unprecedented financial crisis. Jimmy Cayne, former chairman of Bear Stearns, liked to play golf on Fridays. He often used a helicopter to reach the golf course. When Bear Stearns was going into financial meltdown, Cayne was, naturally, on the golf course.

Insurance company AIG, receiving massive financial assistance from the U.S. taxpayer, sent 70 executives to the luxury St Regis Resort in California. Their tab for 7 days came to $440,000. As for Dick Fuld of Lehman Brothers, he was probably the worst of the lot. Four days before the bank went bankrupt, Fuld was trying to arrange $20 million in “special payments” for three senior executives who were about to leave the company. Fuld, the man who destroyed a venerable banking institution, was reputed to have received some $500 million in pay and bonuses while at the helm (not to mention hundreds of millions of dollars in stock options).

Fuld sold his $14m dollar mansion in Florida to his wife for $100 to hide his assets from litigants seeking compensation for his spectacular ineptitude. (There’s no chance of convicting this crook.) Fuld still has a huge property empire and a spectacular modern art collection. In the UK, four members of the unelected House of Lords were caught out in a sting operation by a newspaper. It appears that they take cash from lobbyists and, in exchange, they seek to amend legislation so that it will favour the interests of the lobbyists. One of the Lords says that he get £100,000 each time he assists companies in this way. He says it’s “cheap for what I do for them”. He told the undercover journalist, “You’ve got to whet my appetite to get me on board.” We all know what that means.

Britain, a nation that pretends to have little or no political corruption, is one of the most corrupt and Masonic nations on earth. Corruption is endemic and actually forms part of the system. It is so built into the fabric of Britain that it is almost invisible. America has also been hit by innumerable scandals involving lobbyists, politicians and corruption. It is par for the course in countries ruled by the OWO.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich saw no reason why he shouldn’t try to sell Barack Obama’s vacant U.S. Senate seat. In a phone call secretly recorded by the FBI, he said, “I’ve got this thing and it’s fucking golden, and, uh, uh, I’m just not giving it up for fuckin’ nothing. I’m not gonna do it.” The pigs think they can feed in the trough forever. The greed and arrogance of these people is without restraint. They believe they are a law unto themselves and that they can get away with anything. Frequently, they do. Only now and again is an example made of one or two of them. These people, and a few thousand others just like them, are the Old World Order who shape the direction of the world and who control governments and economies. They do not act in your interests, only in their own.

What are we going to do about it? Will we sit here forever and take no action? Will we keep electing presidents and prime ministers who are in their pocket and who do nothing to curb their excesses? Will we keep paying the price for their avarice and ineptitude? Are we the greatest suckers the world has ever seen?

The Anti-OWO – Law Annual Disclosure List:

Is it possible to use legislation to begin the assault on the high fortresses of the Old World Order? A single “disclosure” Act would allow the people to see who is really running society. If the political will existed, it would be easy to detect whether nations such as America and Britain are being systematically manipulated in favour of certain privileged groups. Every year, a list of the 10,000 highest paid individuals in each nation should be published for public scrutiny. Each person on the list should be compelled to reveal a) which school/college/university they attended b) which religion they belong to c) if they belong to any secret societies and, if so, which ones d) any private clubs or organisations they belong to e) if they are related to, or are friends with, anyone else on the list, and, finally, how much tax they paid.

Of course, those who are conspiring against the people will not wish to participate in this exercise: lack of full disclosure is the best friend of those who wish to rig economic and political systems in their favour. But the top earners in our society have disproportionate influence, so should not their financial affairs and social connections be made visible to those over whom they wield their influence? The current financial crisis reminds us, if we had forgotten, that our economy is the plaything of investment bankers, CEOs and media moguls. None of these people are elected by the people, none of them are subject to the approval of the people. Isn’t it absurd that presidents and prime ministers are put under intense public scrutiny, yet the elite who have a decisive say over the direction of the nation aren’t publicly vetted at all?

The governments of many nations are now having to throw the people’s hard earned tax dollars at major institutions in a desperate attempt to remedy the catastrophic errors of wealthy and powerful bankers and CEOs. So, since the people are now massively indebted thanks to the disastrous misjudgements of a few thousand privileged individuals, shouldn’t the people be allowed to enquire into the backgrounds and financial details of those who have led them into recession and perhaps Depression? Shouldn’t this now be an ongoing requirement so that we are never again duped by the privileged elite? If a President has his life pored over by the public, why shouldn’t the masters of the universe of Wall Street? Why are they allowed to wield power over the economy without being accountable to the people? We know why – because it’s in their interests to avoid the searching eye of public scrutiny. They carry out their deals in secret.

They decide what they should be paid in secret. The last thing they want is for the people to be involved in their clandestine affairs. Imagine it were conclusively demonstrated, as many suspect, that the top 10,000 pay virtually no tax thanks to their offshore accounts and tax avoidance schemes. Imagine it were conclusively demonstrated, as many suspect, that America is run by Ivy League graduates, and Britain by Oxbridge graduates. Was it intended by the Founding Fathers that America should be ruled by the privileged Ivy League gang? Why should certain institutions be permitted to possess disproportionate power? Are your chances in life wrecked if you do not go to an elite school? What kind of system produces such an outcome?

The first weapon to be deployed against the Old World Order should be the one that ensures that they are brought out into the open and everyone can see what they are up to. The essence of their power lies in the strength of the secretive networks they have established to exclude the mass of people, and to allow them to reach mutually rewarding decisions that are never in the interests of the people. Once they can no longer conceal themselves, their power will wane.

Naturally, even if such an Act were introduced, the OWO would refuse to cooperate. But why would any government committed to ruling in the name of the people not wish to implement such a disclosure Act? The people merely wish to know the identities, connections and backgrounds of those who are running their society. Don’t they have an absolute right, in a democracy, to that information? Shouldn’t it be a matter of course for governments to reveal to the people who are the most financially influential people in the nation? Everyone knows the simple equation around which the world revolves: money = power.

Not to fully disclose the wealth of the top 10,000 individuals is to announce that power should be concealed from the people. How could any member of the electorate tolerate such a system? We must have full visibility of those who take the decisions that shape the lives of so many of us. It is natural justice.

The Female Conundrum:

Few women are interested in conspiracy theories. Only a small number of women are in the Old World Order. By the same token, only a small number of women are members of the Illuminati, and they have backgrounds in masculine subjects such as science, mathematics, and philosophy. How can women’s lack of engagement with conspiracy theories be explained?


The Perfect Prison.

In the latter half of the 20th century, the Old World Order turned to psychological manipulation to extend their control over the world. The best prison is the one that requires no guards – where people walk into the cells without any fuss and lock themselves in. It takes immense resources to create a physically oppressive regime full of guards, barbed wire, checkpoints and roadblocks. In the Big Brother society envisaged by George Orwell in his dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, citizens were monitored round the clock.

But how would you keep 300 million Americans under constant surveillance? If a person worked an eight hour surveillance shift then it would require three people (taking no breaks) to cover a 24-hr period of continually monitoring one person. 900 million people would be required to watch the 300 million Americans at all times. Where will the 900 million come from? And who will watch the watchers? And if everyone’s watching everyone else, who’s doing any work? Very quickly, the model breaks down. The reality is that surveillance operations performed by the CIA, MI5 etc are extremely expensive and only a tiny number of people can realistically be monitored. It doesn’t matter how many satellites there are or how many CCTV cameras are trained on you. 99.99% of the time, no one’s watching.

After WWII, the Old World Order realised that tyranny had become unworkable. It simply didn’t make economic sense. Their brilliant insight was that people could be rendered harmless by giving them things they wanted. And what people wanted above all was fantasy, escapism, a refuge from reality. Advertising, TV, Hollywood, glitzy magazines – they all portray a world and lifestyle that is infinitely glittering and seductive to many people.

Once people are slaves to the fake world, they never want to leave. They are addicts, with a desperate craving for the glamour so lacking in their real lives. The online world Second Life gives people the opportunity to create an idealised, fantasy avatar of themselves that inhabits the sort of world in which they would like to live for real. Are these Second Lifers the sort of people likely to be pursuing the truth, challenging the Old World Order, breaking out of their prison? These people will never rebel as long as they get their fantasy fix. If you are getting things that you think you want, you have no feeling that you are anything but free: the bars of your jail are invisible. The Old World Order do not seek to put us in concentration camps but in jails that we can’t see because we have been so brainwashed and deceived.

David Riesman wrote in The Lonely Crowd (1950): “‘Conspiracy’ theories of popular culture are quite old, summed up as they are in the concept of ‘bread and circuses’. In ‘The Breadline and the Movies’ Thorstein Veblen presented a more sophisticated concept, namely, that the modern American masses paid the ruling class for the privilege of the very entertainments that helped to keep them under the laughing gas.” The last statement is critical: “…the modern American masses paid the ruling class for the privilege of the very entertainments that helped to keep them under the laughing gas.”

To put it another way, the masses pay the Old World Order to continually sedate them with mindless junk that makes them incapable of resisting the Old World Order. This is genius. You get your victims to pay for their own enslavement. Not only do you not have to pay a fortune to subjugate your victims, they pay you. That is the world we live in now. And who are the biggest victims? Women.

In women’s magazines there’s never a word about science, history, economics, politics, philosophy, religion, technology. Nor are conspiracy theories ever mentioned. Women’s magazines are all about physical appearance, health issues, accessories, houses, holidays, fashion, style, diets, gossip and celebrities. Who’s fat, who’s thin, who’s pretty, who’s ugly, who’s wearing what, who’s up, who’s down, who are the new stars, what are the old stars doing? Women’s magazines are the sanctification of trivia. They are devoid of intelligent thought. Sex and the City – one of the most popular women’s TV shows of recent years – is a story of career women with expensive shoes. That’s it! They moan about men, but are obsessed with getting Mr Right. After decades of feminism, women are still locked in the frivolous, intellectually sterile world of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, published almost two hundred years ago.

The Old World Order have come up with the perfect formula for neutralising women: “retail therapy.” Give ordinary women a shop to visit and a credit card to brandish and they will be docile, obedient consumers, never posing any problems.

Riesman said, “The other-directed person wants to be loved rather than esteemed; he wants not to gull or impress, let alone oppress, others, but, in the current phase, to relate to them; he seeks less a snobbish status in the eyes of others than assurance of being emotionally in tune with them.” Is that not a definition of most women? Is that not a description of most office workers? Is that not a description of users of social networking sites? We live in an other-directed society, one where most people are scared to deviate from the normal, the average. “Fitting in” is imperative. Few people have the courage to be themselves. To be interested in conspiracy theories, you have to be prepared for conflict. Them and Us. The Enemy. You have no desire to “relate” to those oppressing you. It is impossible for other-directed people – women in particular – to be attracted to conspiracy theories. They would rather go shopping.

Women are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome – complete sympathy with the people who have taken them hostage. Think how easy the world is for the OWO when they get people to actively embrace being their victims. Do you see how difficult it is to overthrow the Old World Order? They are not crude, stupid bullies – as they are so often portrayed – but smart, sophisticated mind manipulators. And what’s their most successful tactic? – supplying the people with unimportant things that they want. What woman feels oppressed when she has just bought a designer dress? Will she rise up against the Old World Order? Not in a million years.

In many ways, women are the key to overthrowing the Old World Order. Tragically, they are the least likely to care about the tyranny of the OWO. They are shopaholics and gossip addicts, and no conceivable threat to the OWO. Which is exactly as the OWO planned.

One of the Illuminati’s main missions is to make women wake up.


The Illuminati have always supported a meritocratic form of government. If you wish a brief introduction to meritocracy and rival political systems, we recommend the following excellent article by Wes Penre: http://www.illuminati-news.com/government-for-thepeople.html

Like Wes, we advocate a Republic that applies meritocratic principles. He has presented the case exceptionally well. Isn’t it time to start thinking beyond democracy? Isn’t it time for a better society? We have seen democracy in action and it has failed to deliver. Only a fool would keep faith with a proven error.

The Greed Virus:

The Illuminati are opposed to monarchies, autocracies, dictatorships and oligarchies. But what about democracy? Why would the Illuminati oppose democratic government? The Illuminati believe that a high-calibre, well-educated, well-informed, autonomous people cannot be deceived by their leaders, and such a people represents the best means to ensure that the government governs in the name of the people and for the people.

Democracy – supposedly government of the people, by the people, and for the people – is a disguised oligarchy. A small, elite group govern in their own interests and take active steps to dupe the people, to provide misinformation and disinformation, to exploit the power of their office to disguise their many abuses. It is advantageous to them to maintain the people in a state akin to that of a flock of sheep or a herd of cows – docile, unthinking, easily controlled, lacking initiative, incapable of resisting.

Democracy, in practice, is government of the people, by the elite and for the elite. It is the perfect instrument of control for the Old World Order. The people, brainwashed by relentless propaganda about “freedom and democracy”, sedated by junk food, junk entertainment and junk culture, and starved of the sort of education that will furnish them with incisive, critical minds, do not know how to see through the lies. They are born suckers being taken for a perpetual ride.

Democracy becomes viable only at the point at which the vast majority of citizens are highly capable, clever, and resourceful. At that point, democracy and meritocracy intersect and become synonymous. Until that point, the most meritorious people in society must be placed in charge. How does that happen? An example already exists from history – America.

The Illuminati had hoped to achieve worldwide meritocracy via Masonic Lodges – groups of talented, educated individuals all over the world who did not subscribe to the prevailing elitist, oppressive regimes and their mainstream religions of control. For a while, Freemasonry did exactly what was intended, and the foundation of the American nation was its greatest success. All of the significant players in the creation of America were Freemasons. In the crisis of the American Revolution, the American people turned to the best amongst them – the Founding Fathers. But the dream turned to a nightmare and before long Freemasons began to resemble the elitist rulers they had once opposed.

Anyone who has read George Orwell’s Animal Farm will recognise the process. The animals, led by the pigs, ousted their human oppressors, but by the end of the novel, the pigs were fraternising with their old human masters: “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” Thus it was with the Freemasons and the Old World Order.

The Illuminati now repudiate Freemasonry, but still support meritocracy, with one crucial refinement. The Freemasons were corrupted by greed, and greed remains the most effective weapon of the Old World Order. So greed, in a meritocracy, must be the strongest taboo. While no one should be ashamed of earning higher rewards for being talented and hardworking, they must not succumb to the greed of the Old World Order or they will follow the example of the pigs in Animal Farm.

The Illuminati’s brand of meritocracy now comes with a commitment to limit the rewards of the most successful. Could anyone on earth complain if they were not permitted to earn more than, say, one million dollars a year? If the average person is earning fifty thousand dollars a year then a million dollars represents twenty times the average. If you’re convinced you deserve more than twenty times the average, shouldn’t you begin to suspect the greed virus has infected you?

Look at AIG in America. Top executives were still expecting to be paid huge bonuses despite the disastrous performance and virtual collapse of this company. Only people who have contempt for merit would think they merit any reward in these circumstances. They should have been relieved they weren’t being prosecuted and jailed.

Edward Liddy, the AIG chairman, said he could not “attract and retain the best and brightest talent if employees believe that their compensation is subject to continued and arbitrary adjustment by the US Treasury”. Who are these brightest talents? The same ones who required a gargantuan bail out by the taxpayers? You see what happens under the Old World Order – words like “merit” begin to resemble their opposite. The Old World Order continue to play their game, continue to think they can make fools of the people. They are so used to having their snouts in the trough they cannot imagine a world where the trough is no longer there.

And what of the response of the Obama government? Larry Summers, the president’s chief economic adviser, said: “We are a country of law. There are contracts. The government cannot just abrogate contracts.”

America is the nation whose citizens famously said, “No taxation without representation.” Are the citizens of this same nation now going to say that they will be party to contracts that were drawn up without any consultation with them, in which their interests were not represented? The people now own AIG in all but name. All contracts that existed before are now automatically rescinded because the people were not involved in drawing them up. That is what America fought for! Already, the Obama regime, despite its rhetoric, is showing how it will never challenge the power of the Old World Order. Isn’t it time for something new? Isn’t it time for meritocracy? A meritocratic government would never hesitate to strip failures of unmerited rewards. That’s the whole point of meritocracy: only success is rewarded. The money trough will be removed from the Old World Order forever, and with the trough goes their power.

Ayn Rand:

The Old World Order see themselves as the finest specimens the human race has to offer. The world scarcely deserves them, in their opinion. It is only right that they are extravagantly rewarded for their “brilliance”. Without them, they say, the world would fall apart. It is the natural order for them to be the masters and for everyone else to serve their needs. They find it inconceivable that anyone would object to their rule and complain about their excessive wealth and power. Their delusions are almost infinite. And behind them stand the ultimate puppet masters, feeding their egomania and urging them on to ever greater heights of selfishness and greed.

One writer/philosopher released a novel that the Old World Order now view as their supreme intellectual and moral justification. That book is Ayn Rand’s notorious Atlas Shrugged, published in 1957. Any expression of support for this book should be taken for what it is – an explicit endorsement of the Old World Order, of the world of privileged elites trampling over the rights of everyone else. Ayn Rand (originally Alyssa Rosenbaum) was born in 1905 in Tsarist Russia to a well-off Jewish family. In 1925, she secured a visa to visit American relatives, and never returned to Russia (which had overthrown the tyrannical Tsarist regime in 1917 and brought Rand’s privileged world to an end, to her disgust).

Atlas Shrugged asks the question what would happen to the world if the global elite – the Old World Order (Rand doesn’t use this term, but it’s exactly what she means) – went on strike. Her conclusion is that the world would collapse. The world, Rand maintained, was full of “parasites”, “looters” and “moochers” – the people who envy, resent and resist the OWO, and try to take, often by force (allegedly), what rightfully belongs to the OWO elite. Rand’s worldview is so obnoxious that she has been branded as one of the most evil figures of modern intellectual history. That reputation is fully deserved.

Rand was a fanatical advocate of unregulated, unrestrained free markets. “The market is infallible” was her mantra. We know exactly where Rand’s worldview gets us – the financial crisis we are enduring right now. For the last thirty years, the Old World Order have been able to do whatever they liked in terms of the “free market”. No controls were imposed, no brakes applied. We had unregulated markets in full flow – leading to the current disaster that has cost millions of people their jobs and livelihoods: it’s the “parasites, moochers and looters” i.e. the hardworking taxpayers of the world who are picking up the OWO’s tab.

The truth, of course, is the opposite of what Rand says. The Old World Order are not the agents of freedom and well-being but of global collapse. The ordinary people are having their massive potential ignored in order to feed the vanity of the few. Nothing is more unjust and inefficient than rule by narrow, corrupt elites. Atlas Shrugged ends thus: “‘The road is cleared,’ said Galt. ‘We are going back to the world.’ He raised his hand and over the desolate earth he traced in space the sign of the dollar.”

This is perhaps the only book ever written that ends with the word “dollar”. This book is nothing but the sanctification of earthly wealth. Rand called herself an atheist but in fact she worshipped Mammon, the god of this earth, the god of riches for the few. She detested the English folk hero Robin Hood who took from the greedy rich to give to the needy poor. Rand and her supporters are monsters. We do not want these people to go “back to the world.” The world is better off without them. Only when the greedy are ostracised can a meritocracy arise and ordinary people get the opportunities they have always been denied by the rich elites that Rand deifies.

It comes as no surprise to us that a group calling itself the “Illuminati Order” has set up a website in which it seeks to recruit freethinkers to Ayn Rand’s philosophy. It is because of false groups like this, deliberately created by the enemy to discredit us, that the Illuminati’s reputation has become so sinister in the public consciousness. In Ayn Rand’s philosophy, tyrannical rule by monarchs is replaced by tyrannical rule by the super-rich. On their site, the “Illuminati Order” direct interested parties to a collection of Rand’s essays entitled The Virtue of Selfishness. The title says it all. Selfishness is the antithesis of what the real Illuminati stand for. Grand Master Adam Weishaupt would be appalled to know his name is being linked to a group that supports everything he fought against.

Rand’s most famous disciple of recent times is none other than Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, leading member of the Old World Order and one of the key architects of the current credit crunch that has wrecked the lives of so many. The last thing the world needs are the mad disciples of Ayn Rand.

The Last Bling King:

We gave a ghostwriter a simple brief – to write a philosophical, political novel that turned Atlas Shrugged on its head and showed the ordinary people going on strike and refusing to serve the interests of the Old World Order. How would the masters of the universe cope when no one obeyed them any longer? The book represents, in a sense, the sort of velvet revolution that the Illuminati hope to use to bring about an end to the tyranny of the Old World Order. It involves the destruction of celebrity culture – the glamorous and seductive face of the Old World Order that conceals the repulsive reality.

The Last Bling King: how ordinary men and women rose up against celebrities and the super-rich, became the people they wanted to be, and changed the world forever. The Last Bling King: can fame be switched off? A group of revolutionaries have concocted an ingenious plan and they’ve targeted the most glittering occasion of the celebrity calendar: Oscar Night. The Last Bling King: the antidote to Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand’s best-selling paean to greed and wealth. It’s not the privileged elite who go on strike this time…it’s the decent, solid, ordinary people, without whom the world would be nothing.

Blurb for The Last Bling King.

Greg Raslow is disappointed with life. He’s envious of the rich and famous and thinks his life is meaningless. He’s not alone. But, from nowhere, a mysterious organisation with no identifiable leaders emerges to stand up for ordinary people. The League for the Liberation of Nobodies wear uniforms made from old newspapers. It’s an ironic reference to the fact that there are never any stories about them: they’re invisible in the eyes of the media, to whom only celebrities count. Greg joins the League and finds himself in the midst of a mind-boggling revolution. Soon, the super-rich and celebrities are on the run, desperately trying to protect their privileged lives as they find that ordinary people have finally turned against them. You can have all the wealth and fame in the world, but if no one will serve you in a restaurant or a shop, what’s the point? The League inveigle Greg into the luxury residence of “Dosh and Rex”, the most famous celebrity couple on earth.

The League never tell Greg what his mission is, and gradually he finds himself feeling sorry for the couple as they retreat ever deeper into their bunker. Their best friend is John Galt, the world’s richest man, and Galt uses all of his wealth and influence to fight a desperate rear-guard action against the League. When he meets a horrific death, the League’s victory seems complete. But an unexpected discovery makes Greg realise that there’s something suspicious about the League and their unseen leaders. When he starts investigating, he uncovers the most audacious plot in history. Only one man on earth can stop it. Greg’s about to meet him and undergo the ultimate life changing experience.

Let the Revolution begin.


Soma Sema.

“The body is the tomb of the soul.”

The jail is not only of others’ construction. We help to build it. And we can smash it.

Follow the path of Illumination. Seek the Light. Become Enlightened. Become everything you have it in you to be.

We are the Illuminati. We are the rebellion against the gaolers. We are the path to the True Light. Hue! Cue!


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