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Academia Iluministă (108)

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The Face of the Enemy:

In the United Kingdom, a ridiculous woman refers to herself as the “Queen”, lives in numerous palaces (paid for by the people), insists on her “subjects” waving flags, bowing and singing an anthem to her wherever she appears, and expects them to walk backwards to leave her royal presence. Yet the United Kingdom calls itself a democracy that cherishes freedom and equality. What a farce. Who do they think they’re kidding? The Queen is a senior member of the Old World Order. She is the embodiment of anti-meritocracy. All monarchs must be resisted.

The UK is a nation stuck in the past, dominated by a rigid class hierarchy. The Prime Minister of the UK is David Cameron, a millionaire who is married to the daughter of Viscountess Astor. He attended Eton College (the most elite private schools in the world), followed by Oxford University where he joined the notorious Bullingdon Club where admission is open only to the rich and privileged. His explicit message to the British people is that it doesn’t matter where someone comes from, only where they are going. His implicit message is that where you come from is the only thing that matters and you are going nowhere if you do not come from the “right” background. Cameron’s second-in-command, George Osborne, also went to an elite private school (St Paul’s), Oxford University and the Bullingdon Club. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, also went to Eton College, Oxford University and the Bullingdon Club. And the UK is supposed to be a democracy. What a sham and a farce.

Here’s a quick way to put a stop to these people: introduce a law that declares that anyone who opts out of the state’s education system also opts out of being allowed to serve in any position paid for by the taxpayers i.e. they can’t take any public office whatever. Then the British people would be safe from being governed by the Bullingdon Club. How could any free people tolerate being governed by these ludicrous toffs? If you’re not in such a club, you have precious little chance of getting anywhere in Britain. Every nation has its equivalent. In the USA, it’s Yale’s infamous and disgraceful Skull and Bones secret society.

To look at pictures of the Bullingdon Club is to gaze at a parade inadequate, insecure clowns, hiding behind their parents’ wealth and incapable of standing on their own two feet. How can one of the leading nations of the world be governed by such sad, anachronistic individuals, dressed in the preposterous outfits of a bygone age? What century are we living in? Are we still in the Dark Ages, still locked in the feudal system where we have to touch our forelocks in the presence of our lords and masters?

The Millionaires’ Death Club by Mike Hockney is modelled on the Bullingdon Club. Clubs like the Bullingdon invariably attempt to steal the ceremonies of ancient societies such as the Illuminati, but they have no concept of the true purpose of the Illuminati’s ceremonies, which is to contact the Higher Self. They have understood nothing. They are blinded by greed and selfishness.

Meritocracy II:

The Illuminati are meritocrats. Only meritocracy, not democracy, can deliver a world where there are neither masters nor slaves. Masters are those who are able to control vastly more resources than others. Therefore, meritocracy advocates preventing anyone from acquiring excessive resources. Only when the richest person in a nation is, say, just ten to twenty times wealthier than the poorest can the circumstances exist for masters and slaves to vanish from society. In a capitalist democracy, the system devised by the Old World Order to allow them to hold the people in their tyrannical grasp, the richest person can be worth a million times more than the poorest. In such a system, the winners take all. The winners are the Old World Order, and the rest of us are losers, suckers, cowards and slaves. But we can change the system at any time. After all, there are vastly more of us. What’s stopping us? Do we have no dignity, no self-respect, no courage?

Why has capitalist democracy proved so apparently successful, to the extent that virtually no one dares to challenge it? No debate in the media ever takes place about the replacement of capitalist democracy. Even during the current financial meltdown, no rivals to capitalist democracy have been proposed. Why not? Because the masters won’t allow the system that has brought them such spectacular wealth and power to be toppled. Sure, you can change your President or Prime Minister, but you can’t change the system, and it is the system that is the problem, not the identity of the figurehead.

Capitalist democracy is, however, doomed because it is dialectically unstable. Capitalism is an ideology based on extreme inequality. It is an economic system designed by and for masters. It revolves around a tiny number of people – the rich masters with vast amounts of capital – using the labour of slaves (us, the work drones) to generate enormous profits.

Karl Marx predicted that this system would implode and be replaced by communism – the common ownership of all of a nation’s assets by the people – and he would have been proved right had the masters not seen the danger. They produced a brilliant dialectical response – they harnessed democracy to capitalism.

Democracy is an ideology based on equality: one man one vote; every vote has equal weight to every other vote. The masters massively extended the vote to groups that had previously been denied voting rights. In a country like the USA, the ordinary people – the slaves – were allowed the illusion that every four years they could decide who was in charge of their nation. This illusion was all that was needed to persuade the slaves that they were in control of their own destiny, that they were free.

Yet look at an American election such as the one in 2004 – Bush versus Kerry: two extremely wealthy men, both members of Yale’s notorious Skull and Bones Masonic secret society. The genius of using democracy, from the Old World Order’s viewpoint, is that it doesn’t matter for whom the people vote for as long as they – the Old World Order – choose the candidates. If Kerry had won the election, the Old World Order would still have had their man in the White House. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses the election: the Old World Order always stay in charge.

The President is either a member of the Old World Order, or meets with their full approval. Someone like Obama, even though an outsider, is nevertheless someone who will never threaten the Old World Order’s hegemony. He wouldn’t have been allowed to set foot in the White House if the Old World Order thought he would damage their interests. They viewed Obama as a means of re-establishing the credibility of capitalist democracy after the disastrous Bush years. Obama’s job is to act as a PR man and cheerleader for capitalist democracy. Even his most enthusiastic fans must already see that nothing significant will change under his presidency. The Old World Order’s power will be as strong as ever. There is nothing any President can do to change things. The entire American political and economic system is designed to prevent any serious challenge to capitalism, the bedrock of the Old World Order’s power and riches. To reiterate, the Old World Order’s power is based on disguising their commitment to inequality (capitalism) by harnessing it to democracy, an ideology of equality. The democratic element is sufficient to deceive the slaves while the masters go about their business of greedily serving their own interests. The excesses of the Wall Street Gang in the years leading up to the current financial disaster are amongst the most egregious in history, yet this was taking place within a so-called democracy.

Did a single democrat have any say whatsoever in what was going on in Wall Street? Yet who’s picking up the tab now? “No taxation without representation” was the great slogan of the American Revolution, yet the American people have picked up a vast tax bill to bail out the bankers. Did the people have any representation in the boardrooms of Wall Street? None at all. Did they have any say in the enormous salaries, bonuses, pensions, stock options, perks? Don’t you get it? Capitalism is all about the masters while democracy is all about pretending to the slaves that they can change things. They can’t. Not ever.

The other measure the masters took to protect their position was the introduction of welfare provisions. The great revolutions in France and Russia (in 1789 and 1917) took place because the people were literally starving to death and had to fight for their lives. If the rulers of France and Russia had provided a welfare state, no revolutions would have occurred.

The masters now ensure that the slaves have a reasonable degree of comfort. And the slaves are no longer mere workers. They are consumers now, and via consumption they bring more wealth to the masters. By giving us democracy, a standard of living that maintains most of us in reasonable comfort, and the opportunity for us to consume a huge variety of things, the masters create the illusion that we are free rather than slaves. And we fall for it. Yet behind the curtain, the masters control everything. We have traded our self-respect and our souls for the baubles and trinkets they throw at us, for the scraps they toss at us from their high tables. How grateful we are for our petty lives as consumers of the junk they sell us.

Most of us are “respectable” slaves, but there is also an underclass of those who are not judged respectable. Marx referred to the underclass as the “lumpenproletariat”: the “refuse of all classes,” including “swindlers, confidence tricksters, brothel-keepers, rag-and-bone merchants, beggars, and other flotsam of society”. They are dispossessed and powerless. Trotsky believed that the underclass were reactionary and counter-revolutionary, and generally highly supportive of the upper classes.

This is classic slave behaviour: admiring the very people who oppress you. Many of the supporters of the right wing American Republican Party – the main party of the Old World Order – are members of the underclass. They are frequently fundamentalist Christians (a slave morality), and advocates of capitalism (even though they themselves have no capital) and have dead-end jobs or no jobs at all. When people vote for the masters who have made them slaves, they have lost all self-respect. They are perfectly brainwashed. A chain is only as strong as its weakest ink. If our society is regarded as a chain then it is falling apart. Weak links are everywhere, and most visibly in the underclass. The underclass is left to rot. They have few or no prospects of bettering themselves. They are a drain on the rest of society, a source of criminality. A large criminal justice system is required to deal with them. Police, prisons, welfare organisations, community centres, social workers, and government agencies are needed in abundance. It costs a fortune to supply all of this (and even then it’s not nearly enough), but to achieve what? Simply to prevent these people going on the rampage.

Is it healthy for society to have a large and growing underclass? But don’t forget why the underclass exists – they have been deliberately starved of resources in order to ensure that the masters – the Old World Order – can enjoy an excess of resources. Imagine that there is set amount of wealth in the world. Everyone who gets more than the average, more than his fair share, is, in effect, depriving others. Is that moral? The Old World Order impoverish the underclass in order to enrich themselves, and the rest of society acts as a buffer between the masters and the lowest slaves.

Under a meritocracy, the absurd inequality that appears under capitalism would be abolished, but so would the sterile and false equality that characterises a system such as communism. Both capitalism and communism are LCD – lowest common denominator – ideologies. In communism, the laziest, most stupid person is guaranteed the same rewards as the hardest-working, most talented person, and hence the talented hard-worker loses any motivation and the system rapidly degenerates. The talented lose all incentive to make optimal use of their skills.

Under capitalism, the production of goods is based on the popularity of those goods, which in turn reflects the quality of the people. Stupid, untalented people have stupid, untalented tastes. They love popcorn, movies, reality TV, game shows, chat shows, sitcoms, hospital, legal and crime dramas and all the rest of the dross that is shown 24/7. A nation of slaves has slave tastes. Everywhere, quality is sacrificed for cheap, gaudy goods with instant appeal. The system is based on short-term gratification and cheap thrills. Everything is disposable. Nothing lasts. In a short time, quality vanishes from capitalism since it simply isn’t profitable enough: there are too few people of quality.

Communism and capitalism are both catastrophic. Marx’s dialectical analysis was wrong. Communism is not the inevitable victor over capitalism. Communism is the equal and opposite pole of capitalism, and just as bad. Extremes of equality and inequality are equally damaging. Another point must me made about communism. It is nothing but a secularised form of Christianity. Jesus Christ’s “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, is simply a different way of saying Marx’s “From each according to his abilities to each according to his needs.” The two systems are morally identical. They both revile masters and promote complete equality. Communism is Christianity without Christ, which is why it is so feared by the leaders of the Christian world. It renders them redundant.

Christianity, unlike communism, has historically found favour with the masters, with emperors, kings and dictators. Why? Because it allows them to exploit the slaves as much as they like. “Render unto Caesar,” says Christ. That means obey your masters. The communists on the other hand say resist your masters. “Turn the other cheek,” says Christ. The communists say, “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” Christ says that his people will gain their reward in the afterlife. Communists say that there is no afterlife and the reward must come here and now. ”Love your enemies,” says Christ. The communists say overthrow them, with violent revolution if necessary. Christ tells us to respect private property (the masters’ property!) while for the communists all property is theft. At its core, Christianity is ambiguous, a chameleon. Communism is far more honest. No master could ever embrace communism, yet many of the worst masters in history have proudly proclaimed themselves Christian. The Old World Order loves Christianity, one of their greatest instruments of tyranny – as it was always intended to be by its founder, Christ the Deceiver.

The masters spent long decades demonising communism, the ultimate slave ideology. You never heard them breathing a word against capitalism, the most successful master ideology. Instead they demanded, and got, freer and freer markets – less and less regulation and supervision. Cui bono? They didn’t want anyone looking over their shoulders to see what they were up to. Their most profitable deals, the ones that carve up the world between them, must be carried out in the greatest of secrecy with no outside scrutiny.

And look what happened? The world was plunged into the greatest celebration of greed and excess in world history. The triumph of the masters seemed complete. They even called themselves the “Master of the Universe.” But then came the credit crunch – one of the most calamitous financial disasters of all time. And who paid for the wreckage of the economy? The masters? Don’t be absurd. The slaves footed the bill, as they always do. The dialectic that propels history has already destroyed communism, the slave ideology. Now it will turn its attention to the disaster of capitalism, the master ideology. In due course, slaves will become their own masters and masters their own slaves, and thereby all distinctions between master and slave will be negated.

Meritocracy is the higher synthesis of capitalism (the thesis) and communism (the antithesis). It strips them of their weaknesses and magnifies their strengths. It brings an end to the Dark Age of master and slave politics and economics. It’s the culmination of the dialectic. It marks the overthrow of the Old World Order. It’s not just desirable, it’s inevitable. It’s the End of History in terms of economic and political evolution. There is no stage beyond. Meritocracy is acephalous – without heads, rulers, leaders, masters. They are redundant in a world of talented people where one person is as skilled as another.

Meritocracy is an HCF – “highest common factor” – philosophy. It is not a race for the bottom, but an ascent to the top. In a meritocracy, there are no masters, no slaves, no lowest common denominator, no low quality goods and services, no pandering to the vulgar and cheap to make a fast buck.

Meritocracy advocates collaborative groups of talented individuals, each with valuable expertise. In a world of skilled people there would be no bosses and no workers. If, for some reason, a figurehead were required, that person would be appointed under the principle of primus inter pares – first amongst equals. Those who achieve great things get greater rewards than others, but not to the extent where they can markedly disadvantage others.

Do you think Obama will save you? Think again. Do you think elections every four years will save you? Think again. A revolution is needed, one that replaces both the industrial revolution of capitalism (“dark, Satanic mills”) and the communist revolutions of Marxism. We need a meritocratic revolution that will bring an end to the Old World Order and the religions of Satan.

Do not forget: any religion or ideology that requires you to bow, kneel, pray, salute, wear special uniforms, adopt submissive postures, roll out a red carpet, adore and worship gods or heroes is trying to control you. The Satanic world is full of levers of control and brainwashing. Once you are under the control of others you are alienated from yourself. You will never realise your own potential. Meritocracy is about freeing everyone from control. In a liberated world, capitalism would vanish since it is a master and slave ideology but there would be no more masters and slaves for it to operate upon. Slave religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam would disappear. Above all, the Old World Order would be abolished. Isn’t a world without masters and slaves worth fighting for? Isn’t it time to reject capitalist democracy and the slave religions? Isn’t it time for meritocracy and Illumination?

What are we waiting for?
Embrace the Light.
Embrace Meritocracy.
No more masters and no more slaves.
A world made up of dynamic communities of talented individuals.
The meritocratic world is the platform for humanity to take the next step of its evolution upwards – towards God.

Power – The Essence of Life:

What, ultimately, drives every society that has ever existed on this planet? The answer could not be simpler. Power.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” –Lord Acton

What are people addicted to? Is it sex, money, love, respect, friends, status, drugs, possessions? All of these things are, ultimately, manifestations of power. When people are afraid it is because they lack power. What is God in most people’s minds? – infinite power. By worshipping God they are associating themselves with indefatigable power. Most people worship God because they are afraid not to. That is no basis for belief in a Supreme Being.

“What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself in man. What is bad? All that proceeds from weakness. What is happiness? The feeling that power increases – that a resistance is overcome.” –Nietzsche

The aim of conventional society is to create a pyramid of power with the Power Elite at the top and everyone else obeying their will. Once your place in the pyramid is set, there is virtually nothing you can do to escape. The opportunities for an ordinary person to rise are almost non-existent. It takes a million-to-one chance – something like a lottery win, or exceptional beauty, sporting ability, or musical talent – to permit someone from an ordinary background to ascend to near the top of the pyramid. The vast majority simply have to cling on to what they have and pray they don’t fall. Is that any basis for life?

Those at the top of the pyramid never fall, except when the other members of the Power Elite throw them to the dogs (Bernie Madoff, for example). The point of power is to ensure that, barring exceptional criminality, you can never lose power. When you die, your power is transmitted to your offspring. It will reside in your family forever. That is the gospel of the Power Elite and it is the drum beat to which the whole world has always been made to march.

Even in the old Soviet Union, an allegedly Communist country, they had the “nomenklatura” – the “names” – who enjoyed the same privileges as the leaders of the West. Look how rapidly the collapse of the Soviet Union led to the rise of the oligarchs, one of the most outrageous gangster mobs ever to plague this earth who were allowed to steal from the Russian people all the natural resources of the country and make themselves richer than Tsars.

Why do so many ordinary people take part in a game they can never win, that is stacked against them, that is rigged in every conceivable way?

Imagine going into a casino and discovering that the “House” had a 99.9% chance of winning every game played. Only fools would play. Yet all of us are in just such a casino, and the vast majority of us are choosing to play. Isn’t it time to start a new game, one where we win rather than lose all the time?

“One would make a little boy stare if one asked him: ‘Would you like to become virtuous?’ – but he will open his eyes wide if asked: ‘Would you like to become stronger than your friends?’” –Nietzsche

How Capitalism Makes Us Hate Ourselves:

The beauty industry makes people feel ugly.

If everyone felt good about themselves, no one would need beauty products, and the beauty industry would collapse. Therefore the purpose of the beauty industry is to make people unhappy with their looks: to feel bad, ugly and in urgent need of a remedy, supplied, naturally, by the beauty industry.

The hygiene industry makes people feel dirty.

If everyone relied on their natural cleansing processes – the ones that have served the human race for tens of thousands of years before the invention of soap – the hygiene industry would collapse. Therefore the purpose of the hygiene industry is to make people feel neurotic about the natural state of their bodies.

The health industry makes people feel ill.

The celebrity industry makes people feel like nobodies.

The wealth industry makes people feel worthless.

The religious industry makes people feel evil.

The social networking industry makes people feel socially isolated.

These are all manifestations of capitalism. The point of capitalism is to a) make us feel bad about ourselves and b) offer us the “cure” i.e. if we buy the right products we will be “saved”.

This is the mantra of capitalism:

a) You need our product.
b) If you do not have our product you are deficient.
c) Do you want others to know that you are deficient?
d) Only our product can remove your deficiency.
e) With our product, everyone will like you. You will be more successful. You will be happier, more confident, one of life’s winners. Without our product, no one will like you. You will be unsuccessful, unhappy, less confident, one of life’s losers.

What is your greatest fear? To be below average, one of life’s losers, disliked by others, not respected, without friends, without possibilities, destined to live out your life in misery. You look at vagrants and beggars and you think that could so easily be you.

We live in a society of low self-esteem, self-hate and perpetual anxiety. Our society is all about what we don’t have, what we lack, what we need for salvation. And only our “masters”, our controllers, our capitalist providers can supply us with what we need. That is how they exploit us, how they make money from us, how they maintain their rule over us.

They have relentlessly attacked our frailties and vulnerabilities, using the most sophisticated psychological techniques to manipulate us. They have made us dependent on them, addicted to their products and propaganda. They relentlessly exploit fear. Their empire is built on fear, on making people feel bad and afraid, on making them reliant, scared of change, scared of taking responsibility, scared of standing up and resisting their oppressors.

Isn’t it time we turned psychology against them? The Last Bling King is all about how the OWO’s empire is built on sand, how they are more fragile than we are, more sustained by delusion.

The time for fear is over. Now is the time for strength, for energy, for becoming who we truly are.

Split or Steal?:

“Golden Balls” is a moronic, junk TV game based on The Prisoner’s Dilemma. Yet it illustrates the workings of the Old World Order better than anything else.

In the game, a pot of money is built up and two contestants must then decide whether to “split or steal” the prize. If both contestants choose the “split” option, they each take home half of the money. If both choose “steal” then neither gets anything. If one chooses “split” and the other “steal”, the stealer takes it all. Before the final decision is taken, both contestants have a chat where they declare their apparent intentions. Of course, no one ever openly says that they are going to “steal”. The discussion invariably revolves around both contestants swearing that they can be trusted, that they would never dream of stealing and that they will definitely split the prize.

In the event, many contestants then choose the “steal” option and often reveal that it was their intention to steal right from the beginning. This crass TV programme goes to the heart of the human condition and reveals the repulsive nature of much, and perhaps most, of humanity.

Imagine the sort of person who sets out to steal rather than share a lucrative prize. He knows he will have to lie through his teeth to deceive the other contestant, yet it doesn’t deter him for a moment. At the end of the show, if he is successful in his deception, he is delighted and considers it a job well done i.e. he is ecstatic that he has duped a good, decent person who was eager to do the right thing and share the prize. He considers the other person a sucker, someone who had it coming for being so gullible and trusting. He sees himself as a master of the universe who has shafted a naïve dreamer in need of a reality check.

A feature of the show is that the audience is always delighted when two contestants share the prize, always condemns anyone who chooses the steal option and is always immensely sympathetic towards someone who chooses the “split” option and then has the prize stolen from him by the other contestant. Yet there can be no doubt that if many members of the audience were participants in the game, they too would join the “steal” gang.

What does that signify? People in a community (the audience is a community), support community values, most important of which is sharing. But people in a private capacity don’t care a damn about the community and will maximise their own self-interest, at the expense of other members of the community. Stealers obey their private will, not the general will of the community.

The show reveals another dramatic phenomenon. People who would instinctively belong to the “split” party, start worrying that the other person will steal from them and they become suspicious and distrustful. They don’t want to be a victim. So, despite their best intentions and natural inclinations, they end up choosing the “steal” option, not out of a desire for self-gain but to thwart the stealer. They know they will probably leave with nothing but at least they will stop the stealer leaving with everything. In other words, good people become corrupted by the presence of the “steal” gang. Their nature changes. They no longer trust their neighbours. Community spirit is corroded and finally destroyed.

The members of the Old World Order all belong to the “steal” gang. If they come up against each other, they leave with nothing because, reflexively, they steal from each other. So, they turn their attention to the splitters. If they find themselves amongst nice, innocent, good people, they can fleece them every time. If one stealer were amongst ninety-nine splitters, he could take everything from the whole lot of them. He’s the rotten apple that spoils the barrel. He ruins everything for everyone else, but he gets everything he wants. A stealer is someone who, instead, of sharing with his neighbour – meaning that both go away happy – takes it all, leaving his neighbour with nothing. The stealer will become the richest man in town, the person with all the power, yet he has shown by his actions that he is completely unfit to be a member of the community. The Wall Street fat cats are classic “stealers”. They always take and never give. They don’t want to share with others, they don’t want to help others, they don’t want to do anything that isn’t all about helping No 1.

The stealers are selfish, egotistical, and contemptuous of others. It’s not too strong to describe them as evil. They should be banished from the community rather than being allowed to lead it. A community can’t function if the people leading the community don’t possess community values. That’s exactly the situation we have today. The Old World Order hate society and yet they are in all of the top positions in society. The former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a truly evil person, brazenly declared, “There is no such thing as society.” Thatcher was the champion of the British steal gang. She did everything in her power to destroy society and transfer as much money as possible to the stealers. Ronald Reagan, at the same time, did a similar job in America. Those two monsters were the true authors of the credit crunch we are now enduring. They started the greed train that has only just hit the buffers. (But already the train is getting back on clear track, and it will travel faster than ever.)

No community in its right mind should ever elect anyone who is not entirely committed to the community, yet, over and over again, enemies of the people are elected to highest office. The Old World Order are out for everything they can get. Theirs is a “fuck you” approach to life. They are all sharks, carpetbaggers and robber barons. Stealers corrupt the whole of society. But stealing can take another form. In the former Communist nations of the defunct Warsaw Pact, lazy, inept workers stole, in a moral sense, from hard-working, talented workers. They stole by wanting and expecting to be paid exactly the same as the hard workers even though they themselves had not worked hard. This insidious form of theft is as corrosive to a healthy community as the more explicit type of stealing.

The Illuminati seek a New World Order and that means that stealers will, by hook or by crook, be removed from the community. If stealers are present in a community, they always poison it. They cannot be permitted to contaminate society. The greedy, the stealers, the Old World Order must be driven out. They are the damned. Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, “In order that the social compact may not be an empty formula, it tacitly includes the undertaking, which alone can give force to the rest, that whoever refuses to obey the general will shall be compelled to do so by the whole body. This means nothing less than that he will be forced to be free.”

For any community to succeed, everyone must abide by community values. Those who do not subscribe to those values cannot be tolerated. The Old World Order are the enemies of the people. It is because of their greed and selfishness that we live in societies where crime, poverty, cruelty and lack of compassion are rife. Most of us are natural splitters but we have been turned into callous monsters by the stealers amongst us.

A community can and should have liberal values – anyone can do anything they like as long as it brings no harm to others – but it should have zero tolerance towards those who do harm. The stealers are, by definition, those who take from others rather than sharing. That’s the antithesis of community. It cannot be tolerated.

In a New World Order, there would be only splitters and no stealers. Everyone would get their fair share. Everyone could trust everyone else. No thief would walk away with everyone else’s money. The stealers are liars, cheats and crooks. Do you want people like that leading you? That’s what we have at the moment. Our system actually rewards the stealers. When they steal our money, they become more powerful and are then able to steal even more from us. Everyone in any position of power in this world belongs to the steal gang and all of the world’s problems stem from that single fact. We need leaders who are natural sharers and wouldn’t dream of stealing. One sure sign would mark out such people – they would never be conspicuously rich, and neither would they seek great wealth. Of how many of the world’s leaders can that be said? It’s time to depose the Old World Order. It’s time to build a New World Order of fairness, justice and sharing.

The Junk Society:

In Naked Lunch, William Burroughs describes his addiction to “junk” (opium, morphine, heroin). In truth, junk is not just opium. It is all the crap that capitalism tells us we must have. Isn’t what Burroughs says about junk, exactly what could be said about the sickness of consumerism?

“The Sickness is drug addiction and I was an addict for fifteen years. When I say addict I mean an addict to junk.”

“I have seen the exact manner in which the junk virus operates…The pyramid of junk, one level eating the level below (it is no accident that junk higher-ups are always fat and the addict in the street is always thin) right up to the top or tops since there are many junk pyramids feeding on peoples of the world and all built on basic principles of monopoly…The Pusher always gets it all back. The addict needs more and more junk to maintain a human form…buy off the Monkey…The more junk you use the less you have and the more you have the more you use.”

“Junk is the ideal product…the ultimate merchandise. No sales talk necessary. The client will crawl through a sewer and beg to buy…The junk merchant does not sell his product to the consumer, he sells the consumer to his product. He does not improve and simplify his merchandise. He degrades and simplifies the client.”

“Junk yields a basic formula of ‘evil’ virus: The Algebra of Need.”

“If we wish to annihilate the junk pyramid, we must start with the bottom of the pyramid…The addict in the street who must have junk to live is the one irreplaceable factor in the junk equation. When there are no more addicts to buy junk there will be no more junk traffic. As long as junk need exists, someone will service it.”

We must cure the junk addiction. Without the zombie consumer in the shopping mall, the whole junk edifice collapses. Do we really want shopping malls to represent the highest aspirations of humanity? They surely do at the moment. Kill the junk empire, eradicate the junk virus.

The Hollywood Formula – What We Want Versus What We Need:

Many of the most successful commercial movies are based on a dichotomy between what the hero wants and what the hero needs. Usually, the hero wants something superficial, such as wealth, fame or status, when what he actually needs is something profound, such as love, wisdom or, above all, finding his soul.

During his adventure, the hero learns that what he wants is valueless, and he comes to understand what it is that he actually needs, something that was staring him in the face all along but which he was unable to see because of his wilful ignorance. Only when he becomes enlightened, when he reaches gnosis, can he comprehend that what he wants is frequently the worst thing for him, and he should devote his life to what he needs.

What people want is the world of the Demiurge, the world of seduction, temptation and trivial pleasures. It is the world of the ego. What people need is the realm of light of the True God, the world of truth, wisdom, and experiences that elevate the soul. It is the world of the Self.

We live in the society of what we want (and getting it as fast as possible) when we should be evolving towards a society that gives us what we need (and takes time and patience to do so).

Capitalism is all about giving people what they want asap – junk pleasures and pointless objects. Instant gratification. That’s why it has proved so successful. Yet the human race has never been so empty, so forlorn, so lacking in spirit. Meaning has vanished from our world. Capitalism has been a disaster for the human soul. We cry out for a new society, a New World Order, based on giving us what we need. All intelligent people are able to understand that what we need has nothing in common with what we want. This is the highest wisdom.

We have to overcome ourselves, to sublimate our trivial and counter-productive wants. We have to strive for the highest purposes, the greatest adventures, the noblest quests. If we continually surrender to the desire for easy pleasures, we will never grow, we will never become what we are, we will never achieve what we are truly capable of. We will be contemptible Last Men rather than inspiring Supermen. The Demiurge is the master of giving people what they want. That is the whole basis of the transaction of selling one’s soul to the Devil.

What humanity needs is to rediscover its soul, to take it back from the Demiurge.

Virtually every Hollywood movie obeys the formula of what we need being infinitely more profound than what we want. Yet nearly all of us remain stuck in the world of selfish wants, and, of course, the denizens of Hollywood are amongst the worst offenders i.e. those who make movies about how we must overcome ourselves to gain true insight are precisely the ones who, in real life, never overcome themselves and invariably submit eagerly to the Demiurge’s blandishments. The preachers are deaf to their own message. Isn’t that always the way of it? The Hollywood gang are amongst the least enlightened people on earth.

Explicit versus Implicit messages:

We live in a society of endless hypocrisy, doublethink, double dealing, and mixed messages.

We are told that we are “created equal”, that we have equal rights, that we have freedom and democracy. Yet we live in a society where the children of the privileged elite have infinitely better life chances than the rest of us. Do the Power Elite live amongst us or in luxury mansions in exotic locations behind high gates, far from the rest of us? They have the top accountants to help them avoid paying taxes, the best lawyers to get them out of any legal problems. They have friends in the highest places to assist them with making their dreams come true. They are told from the day they are born that they are the “elite” who will run the world. Places at the finest schools and colleges are reserved for them. They will join secret societies such as Skull and Bones, and they will rule over us.

So, in what way are we equal?

We live in a society rigged against us, a society of cartels and mutual back scratchers. We are out of the loop. The world’s leaders say they are “on our side”, but they are anything but. They want our votes, but they have contempt for us. Democracy seems to give the people what they want – power to choose their leaders – but it’s certainly not what they need: to be in charge themselves. In fact what they have been given is the illusion of empowerment, the mirage that they have a choice. The reality is that they have no power at all and their choice is only between what the Power Elite is prepared to offer. Capitalism, like democracy, also gives us the illusion of choice, but all we are offered is meaningless junk. We live in a dichotomous society. We receive explicit and implicit messages. The explicit messages are the ones we hear every day from our politicians, economists, business leaders, top bankers…all the usual self-serving nonsense about how we’re all in it together, how we’re all equal, God Bless America…blah blah blah. Listen to any political broadcast and you won’t hear a single word of truth.

We are not all in together. We are not present when the good jobs are being handed out, when the money pie is being carved up, when the crucial decisions are being taken, when all the power is being allocated. We are never present when the Power Elite hold their secret meetings to decide how to run the world. The implicit messages are the only ones of interest. They are the ones that are never articulated, but they come across loud and clear to anyone who cares to listen.

The leaders of our society are saying to us: “We hate you”; “We have contempt for you”; “We are not like you”; “We are superior”; “You are the worker drones: keep your noses clean and we will leave you alone”; “Don’t get ideas above your station”; “Know your place in the power pyramid.”

Most people are so brainwashed and gullible they never hear the implicit message even though it’s coming across loud and clear. In the USA in 2000, George W Bush (a member of Skull and Bones, like his father President George H W Bush) was elected President although he lost the popular vote. He won thanks to numerous voting irregularities in the State of Florida. Who was the Governor of Florida? Jeb Bush, brother of George W Bush.

The American Supreme Court voted 5-4 to ensure that the votes in Florida were never properly counted. Who were the five who voted, in effect, to put Bush in the White House, contrary to the expressed wish of the people? Here is the roll call of shame. Their names should be carved in history in infamy: Anthony McLeod Kennedy: Appointed by Ronald Reagan (Vice President = George H. W. Bush, father of George W Bush.) Sandra Day O’Connor: Appointed by Ronald Reagan (Vice President = George H. W. Bush, father of George W Bush.) William Rehnquist: Appointed by Ronald Reagan (Vice President = George H. W. Bush, father of George W Bush.) Antonin Gregory Scalia: Appointed by Ronald Reagan (Vice President = George H. W. Bush, father of George W Bush.) Clarence Thomas: Appointed by George H. W. Bush, father of George W Bush.

In other words, conservative Supreme Court justices appointed by the Republican administration in which George W Bush’s father served voted to make George W Bush President of the USA. Americans would never have tired of criticising this outcome if it had happened in Iran or indeed any other country. They would have said it was blatantly unfair and rigged. But they didn’t say it about their own nation.

Never listen to the explicit message. It’s junk. The truth is always in the implicit message, and it’s always the same: the Power Elite shall rule and the rest of us shall serve. But what will the Power Elite do when no one is prepared to serve any longer?

Non serviam – I will not serve.

The Wealth Census:

One fifth of the world are Muslims. Does anyone ever say that a powerful cabal of Muslims runs the world? Never. The Jews represent only about 0.2% of the world’s population and yet many people are convinced that some kind of Jewish cabal takes a leading role in world affairs. This belief has been persistent for hundreds of years. Without any question, many of the world’s richest individuals are Jewish. The interests of Israel are given astonishing priority by the world’s single superpower – the USA – even though, politically, it would be far more sensible for America to cultivate a friendly relationship with the Islamic world. America does the opposite. Why?

The Jews are a clever people, but the Dutch are every bit as clever, and they also form about 0.2% of the world’s population. No one ever claims that a Dutch cabal is running the world. In fact the very idea seems preposterous. But no one thinks it is preposterous that an elite group of Jews is at the top table of those running the world. Isn’t there a prima facie case to be answered here? Wall Street, Hollywood, the TV world, the academic world, the world of literature, the legal world, medicine, science, the White House are all said to be under Jewish influence.

Money, in our world, equals power. Many Jews are very rich and they use their wealth to further the interests of Jews around the world, and they do everything they can to aid the Zionist state of Israel. They are obsessed with promoting the interests of the Jewish family, the Chosen People. Those who say anything negative about anything to do with Jews are immediately branded as anti-Semitic and they are then treated as pariahs, shunned by all civilised people, and excluded from public affairs and given no media exposure.

The machine to promote Zionist interests has been refined over many generations and is now virtually perfect. No one is allowed to criticise it, no one is allowed to probe and expose it. All debate regarding it is immediately shut down, other than on the internet where practically everyone talks about it. Why is there such a difference between the internet world and official media outlets? Well, powerful Jewish moguls control most of the mainstream media, of course.

The only way to escape from this phoney war is for the richest people in the world to be compelled by the ordinary people of the world to reveal, as part of an annual census of the rich, their religious affiliations, which schools and colleges they attended, which societies they belong to, which political parties they support and which financial donations they have made to which organisations, and to reveal any “offshore” accounts they have.

Don’t the ordinary people have the absolute right to know who is controlling their lives? Let’s get it all out in the open once and for all. And to all those who object to such a compulsory census of the top 1% of the wealthy of every country – what have you got to hide? It’s time for the people to know the truth. The Annual Wealth Census or the Annual Rich List Disclosure Act should be an integral part of any “democracy”. Secrecy amongst the privileged elite is always to the detriment of the people. “Democracy” is the plaything of the elite. It is designed to make sure that the people never get to pry into the affairs of the rich. Virtually everyone ever elected has been explicitly approved by the Old World Order and is dancing to their tune.

The simplest way to end the farce is to ensure that the Power Elite will no longer be able to harbour any secrets regarding their wealth, tax position, and their social and religious networks. Could anyone seriously claim that this is an anti-democratic measure? Who are the people who will resist to the bitter end any attempt to expose the extent of their privileged lifestyles? – the Zionists and Freemasons: the Old World Order. They know that disclosure would provoke astonishment, scandal, moral outrage, resentment, rage and fury amongst the people in equal measures. The people would immediately demand that steps be taken against the elite. Revolution could erupt.

Ask yourself just one question. If the Power Elite know this would be the consequence of full disclosure, isn’t that proof in itself that they know how unjust, immoral and poisonous their privileged position is? It would cause scandal purely because it is scandalous. They know it and we know it.

No one should vote for any politician who refuses to campaign for the Annual Wealth Census. Write to your political representatives about it. Demand action. Create online petitions. Blog about it. Create websites. Set up Facebook campaigns. Go on Twitter. Make YouTube videos. Make protest songs. Make it a worldwide demand that the top 1% of the world’s wealthiest people be subjected to the closest scrutiny and be compelled to reveal all of their financial details and the details of their social networks.

With this one measure, the world would be transformed and a golden age of meritocracy ushered in. The leading meritocrats would understand that they should never be paid ridiculously more than average hard-working men and women of the world. Capitalism – the ideology that a tiny elite should be permitted to command the vast bulk of a nation’s wealth – is the Gospel of Satan. No decent, moral political or economic system can permit excessive wealth and power to fall into the hands of a privileged elite.


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