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The New World Order

Luglio 16th, 2019 Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

Ascended Order of Illuminated Knights

The New World Order:

The Illuminati wish to promote a new type of humanity where each individual is strong with a solid inner core, who know who they are, and who know how to contribute to a meritocratic society where the most creative, talented, intelligent individuals rule & the people are elected by experts in their fields.
Privilege & under-privilege, and traditions will be a thing of the past. Everyone
will get to express themselves freely.
The old values will be replaced with new ones. Old irrational religions, will be replaced with New rational religions (where sex & pleasure are accepted as a normal activity). Illumination is based on the belief that everyone can literally Become Gods & Goddesses by gaining Knowledge, Science & Mathematics. Knowledge Is true path to the divine.
People will have equal opportunities, quality education, quality healthcare, and basic income.

* * * * * *

Basic Income: Everyone will get a house based on their needs, along with quality food, and free utilities. If you want extras, like TVs, videogames, ect; you have to work for it.

Quality Education: Everyone will be taught things they’re interested in when they’re young.
As they get older they will do a psychological evaluation (to see what community environment is best for them), a work evaluation (to see what type of work they want to do), and a talent evaluation (to see if their talents match up with their career path).
If their talents don’t match up (and they still want the job) they will be trained to do that job and judged by peers in their field to see if they’re capable.
These tests will become harder as the person becomes older.

Quality Healthcare: Everyone will have the best healthcare, using the latest technology; diseases will be cured, at no expense.
If somebody has a terminal illness (living in unbearable pain) and nothing can be done to help them; then they will have the option to die peacefully.
After all living in sever pain everyday is a fate worse than death.

* * * * * *

These things will all be funded by the %100 Inheritance Death Tax & Maximum Wage, where everyone will be able to make a Maximum Wage of $1,000,000 a year. Any assets above, one million (especially those of the dead) will go to The State.

In the emergent meritocratic society everyone starts from the same point, working their way up, based on talent & ability, until their potential is maximized.
To maximize everyone’s potential and ensure they have a safe environment Families will be extended to Community since we are all one family (The Human Race).
Dysfunctional families will be psychologically profiled and each individual of said family will be placed in community environments according to their profiles (INTJs get placed with INTJs, and other types they work well with, ect).
This will ensure that people are safe. There will be No child abuse, No rapes, No family murders, ect. Everyone has a safe upbringing in The Meritocratic States.
It’s important for everyone to live happy, healthy lives.

This society will allow people to reach an exceptionally high level, unlike anything that has been seen on earth to date.
We will reach Godhood.

Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: nor, cer şi în aer liber

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