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Out-of-body Experiences.

agosto 11th, 2019 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

The New Atlantis.
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Out-of-body Experiences.

Out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences and astral projection are all supported by anecdotal evidence but have no scientific support. How could a consciousness separate itself from the body in order to have such experiences? If there are no physical eyes, how is it possible to see? Yet a blind man can “see” in his dreams. But ultimately his vision comes from memory. There is no recorded case of a people blind from birth having an out-of-body experience or near-death experience in which they experienced vision. In fact, even if they could see, they wouldn’t know what they were seeing. Seeing is something that is learned. People who recover sight after losing it for decades have to relearn how to see.

Yet if a single case of out-of-body experience or near-death-experience could be cited that demonstrated that someone had seen without the use of physical eyes it would instantly be the strongest possible evidence for the existence of souls. There are now operating theatres in the world where coded messages have been placed on top of theatre equipment so that they are visible to anyone “hovering” above an operating table as part of a near-death-experience. No coded message has ever been reported by anyone claiming to have a near-death-experience. Yet what if that proof existed, but hadn’t been placed in the public arena? What if a secret society had already performed out-of-body experiments where coded information was successfully retrieved?

Excerpted, page 172

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