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agosto 11th, 2019 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

AMAZONOMACHY reexamined…
“Is the anti-abortion movement just applied misogyny — a derivative position from a general attitude of patriarchal contempt toward or fear of women’s sexuality and autonomy?” (question is from article in nymag 2018.)

If the creative and destructive powers inherent in a female are viewed objectively, it is easy to understand why conservative, irrational and less intelligent men are terrified of women. Women can create or end life via conception, birth and abortion. Women can refuse to have sexual relations entirely. Women can choose or refuse to have children. Back in more primitive societies, medicine women were highly esteemed and feared by the tribe. They were extremely knowledgeable about the birthing process as well as herbal contraception. They also knew precisely which herbs would abort an unwanted fetus. Female autonomy was protected.

At some point in human evolution, when men decided women had too much power and autonomy, medicine women were declared witches and male doctors took their place. At that point they lost control of their bodies. They became the property of men. Men also took over religion and removed the Divine Feminine from religion. Women were seen as the origin of evil. They were turned into inferior, subservient slaves. The knowledge and experience of their spiritual and bodily autonomy was brainwashed and conditioned out of them. Rape became the preferred and very effective method of domination in both peace and war. This of course is a very brief and imprecise historical description. Many women remain unaware of their collective past. Most of it has been left out or eliminated from history books. Fortunately, some of them research AND remember.

Risultati immagini per amazoane

Many women have a deep intuitive knowing. Some of them have managed to retain the knowledge of their innate autonomy. They refuse to be brainwashed and obedient, regardless of the abuse they experience at the hands of men and institutions dominated by them. They find a way to armor and protect themselves psychologically and physically. Some of them survive. Many don’t. Some of them retain their desire for a world where mutual respect between the sexes is embedded in education, law and family. Some of them lose their sanity. Some of them end up in prison for expressing themselves too directly. They communicate with each other. Because of modern technology they are now collectively recognizing the severity of the dangers they still face.

Conservative misogynist men in powerful government positions are attempting to disempower and gain control over women once and for all. It is happening worldwide. Unbeknownst to them, they are stirring a gigantic and ancient hornets nest. Women are half the population. Women have not forgotten. Women know what is at stake. Misogynist men are facing a war with fierce Warrior Women. In ancient times, this war was called Amazonomachy. Women will fight to the death.

Unity in Reason
Karen Shaw

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