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Hyperianism – The Outer Circle (Activism and Optimization)

Agosto 11th, 2019 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

Eva Omega‎
Hyperianism – The Outer Circle (Activism and Optimization)

The God Series authors have identified 3 main structures that obstruct the path to Higher Humanity:

1. The Rich Elite
2. Scientific Materialism
3. Religion
Predatory, free-market capitalism is a fucking monstrosity; a greed-fueled, soul-crushing, earth destroying monstrosity.. Everything capitalism touches turns to ashes. It is through capitalism that the rich elite are able to steal and accumulate unimaginable wealth and power (created by the people – that’s you!). They maintain their family dynasties through inheritance; you’re not part of the club and you never will be. Extraordinarily, common people admire the rich and long to be one of them.
According to science, “nothing” existed before the big bang. Not nothing as in, say, “zero” but nothing as in, non-existence. How absurd. Also, you have no mind, no soul, and free will is just an illusion. Oh, and one more thing.. life is meaningless, your life has no purpose and when you die you’ll just blip out of existence like that – and you won’t remember a thing! Now don’t you worry your pretty little head about it.
…Ugh, just kill me now and get it over with. Science is nothing more than the dogmatic religion of materialism. I defy you to find a more bleak position on life.
Eastern religions are based in mysticism and advocate for “enlightenment”, a kind of detachment from the world through meditation. Abrahamic, monotheistic religions are propagated through systems of generational childhood brainwashing. Children are told that they will burn for eternity in hell if they do not believe in God. They become people who are slaves to their god and never become gods themselves.

This is an unacceptable state of affairs.

Rationalism obliterates each of these flawed systems in one fell swoop. That’s where Hyperianism comes in.
We advocate and work towards the replacement of science with logic, reason, and ontological mathematics; the science of the future; the science of mind itself. Without mathematics, science has no legs to stand on, yet it can’t explain what math actually is and why it works. Hyperians know that math is fundamental to existence itself.
We also advocate and work towards replacing capitalism and systems of privilege with a Grand rational government of merit; a Meritocracy. This goal is a long way off, but in the meantime, we support the movement towards democratic socialism – this is a big step in the right direction.
In addition, we seek to abolish systems of religious brainwashing, and replace them with knowledge – proof – of your own inner divine nature. For those who are unaware, we have a FB group called Logical Youth which offers support and community to young rational minds who are trapped in religious households.

Hyperianism and ontological mathematics proves that we are eternal minds; we do not live just one life. If the conditions are sufficient for one of something to exist, then there is no sufficient reason why an infinite number of those same things could not exist. We all live endless lives. Your true purpose in life is to actualize your inner potential, your Innerstar, to become a talented and powerful mind that reaches towards Godhood itself.
Only you can create yourself by exploring your skills, igniting your passions and mastering your will. Then take your amazing self out into the world to unify with others who stand with our Sacred Cause.
Let’s bring this atrocious edifice of slavery to its knees, and together we’ll create a new world and a glorious new humanity, with Reason at its core.
We seek nothing less than a global revolution of the mind.
We are the digital torch bearers, the vanguard of The Age of Reason. 🔻👁🔺

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