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The Movement (6) – Getting in touch with your higher self

Ottobre 6th, 2019 Posted in Dacia Iluministă
Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: unul sau mai mulţi oameni, oameni stând jos, oameni mâncând şi text

Getting in touch with your higher self

The message of the Illuminati is that people should aim to make contact with their divine spark, to release their inner divinity, to transform themselves utterly and express their higher, hidden selves…to “become God”. Many people are perplexed by this concept. They can’t see how it could possibly happen.

In the next few articles on this site, we will provide guidance. We will draw your attention to Nietzsche’s philosophy of the Superman, to Jung’s concept of Individuation (the process of self-development which leads to well-balanced, “whole” individuals who have overcome all of the weakness and flaws that have held them back), to the Illuminati’s controversial concept of “Sin for Salvation” which frees people from the chains of the Old World Order’s slavery, to the practices of ancient Greek mystery religions, with which the Illuminati were closely connected before they became a formal organisation under Pythagoras, the first Grand Master. For those who want to read a quasi-scientific account of having God inside your head, Julian Jaynes’s book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind is one of the most remarkable books ever written. It is one short step from Jaynes’s theory to a realisation of the truth of the human condition. Ask yourself this question: does God reside in the right hemisphere of your brain?

Central to the concept of “becoming God” is that you yourself must start to don the mantle of God. This is the core of Gnosticism. No Christian would ever say that you could become Christ, no Jew that you could become Jehovah, no Muslim that you could become Allah. For these sad people, “God” is always an alien, terrifying, far distant being, regarding whom the only appropriate response is to fall on your face, cower and beg for mercy.

For the Illuminati, God is inside us all, and everyone can find his transcendent inner light and undergo the ultimate metamorphosis. Which message do you think is healthier, more optimistic, and most magnificent in its grandeur and the possibilities it opens for humanity? God outside us or God
inside? Which one is imbued with infinite hope, aspiration and the possibility of limitless personal transformation? People can choose to believe in the morbid and sickly slave religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, or to embrace freedom and light and aspire to be the very greatest they can be.

The choice you make is what defines you. Are you healthy or ill? Are you a god in the making, or someone living on your knees, worshipping a tyrant? The “God” of Christianity, Judaism and Islam is Satan, Rex Mundi, the Demiurge…a being of infinite egotism that craves worship from all of humanity. Ask yourself the most basic question – if you were God, would you want the human race to be prostrate before you, scared to raise their eyes to look at you, terrified of your power, terrified of the punishments you will inflict on them if they disobey you? If you did want those things then you would be no God, you would be a monster. The God of the Christians, Jews and Muslims is precisely that monster. You must reject this monster in every way if you are to attain your higher self.

It is time for humanity to escape.

To become God, you must start to think and act like God. God does not ask questions; he provides answers. God does not bow to others. God is creative. God is fair, just, and understanding. God is surpassingly intelligent and has attained full self-knowledge. God would rather reward than punish. God would never, under any circumstances, choose to send someone to a place of infinite and perpetual suffering; people choose hell for themselves. God is forgiving, merciful, always determined to see the best in people, not the worst. God is interested in all not in a few.

It is said that people who smile all of the time are much happier than those who don’t. The very act of smiling releases chemicals that make people feel better. People who say “yes” all the time become much more positive and adventurous than those who continually say “no” and thus remain mired in unhealthy skepticism, cynicism, negativity and caution. In the same way, those who start answering questions rather than asking them find themselves undergoing a subtle and then increasingly remarkable change. God is the being with all of the answers. The more you provide answers, the more you resemble God. It doesn’t matter that your answers might start out spectacularly wrong. The very fact that you have come up with an answer at all is often far more of an achievement than most people can manage. As you gain practice and develop your skills, you will start to see that you find yourself answering problems everywhere, and your answers will become better and better.

Paradoxically, you’ll also start to ask far better questions, which in turn will help to refine your answers. A miraculous alchemy takes place. Bit by bit, your answers turn from lead into gold. Things that baffled you in the past become clear. You start forming a myriad of connections between all of your answers. You become smarter and smarter. And all because you changed from being a questioner to an answerer. Give it a try. When you read or hear something and you are puzzled, instead of asking questions, why don’t you try to furnish your own answer, and then look for confirmation or refutation of your answer?
Attempt to emulate God.

The Movement should be all about people endeavouring to furnish answers rather than continually asking questions. The former reflects an active and dominant attitude, the latter a passive and submissive one. To continually ask questions is to be continually, bewildered, hesitant, unsure. God doesn’t question, he answers…and you should try to do the same. Walk the walk, talk the talk; move from asking questions to giving answers. Be active and proactive, not passive and reactive. Be creative. Live and breathe the divine experience. Walk in God’s shoes. Empathise with him. See the world through his eyes. Bring your imagination to bear. Try to transcend the barriers and restrictions of your ordinary human existence. If the Bible/Koran/Torah were about you, what would you want these holy books to say? What would you want to tell humanity? What lessons would you want men and women to learn? What would you do if the eternal souls of all of humanity were in your hands, and everyone’s fate was decided by your decisions?

You may feel alone in the world at the moment, but you aren’t. At the moment, many men and women of integrity are fighting isolated battles against the Old World Order. They don’t get the chance to come together with like-minded people. Their resistance is solitary. They need convincing that there are other people of equal integrity fighting the same battles elsewhere. The Movement is the organisation for all such people. The Movement is the Resistance to the Old World Order. The Movement is a link to the Illuminati’s historical struggle for freedom. The Movement is the chance to build a New World Order based on Illuminism and meritocracy.

The old religions are dead. Democracy is dead. Free market capitalism is dead. It’s time for a new future and a new world. And each and every one of you can help to build it.

Novus Ordo Seclorum – “New Order of the Ages.”

Novus Ordo Mundi – “New World Order.”

Annuit Cœptis – “He has favoured our undertakings.”


The Movement The Movement The Movement The Movement The Movement

It’s time to change the world. Are you ready?

Go out and be gods.

Excerpted, page 345

© The Illuminati’s Secret Religion

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