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6 Dichotomies Personality Types

Dicembre 16th, 2019 Posted in Dacia Iluministă


Most of us here are conscious of the psychological foundations of Ontological Mathematics. If you read the God Series by Mike Hockney or the Path of Shadow by Morgue, you are very well aware that we are focusing highly on Jung’s psychology and the Myers-Briggs system that evolved from it.

The system proposed by Jung was the following :

Introversion vs Extraversion

Sensing vs Intuiting

Thinking vs Feeling

In a nutshell, introversion is being turned inwards while extraversion is being turned outwards.

Sensing and intuiting are the perceiving faculties.

Sensing is attuned to local phenomenon and intuiting is attuned to non-local phenomenon (extra-sensory perception).

Thinking and feeling are the judging faculties. It has to do with how someone takes a decision. Is it based on logic or emotions ?

Myers-Briggs extended this system by adding the Judging vs Perceiving faculties. Jung clearly used those but did not include it directly in his system. It was implied.

So for example, in Jung’s original system, we had 2^3 possibilities, thus 8 different combinations of personalities. From spectrum ranged from ESF to INT.

For Myers-Briggs, we now have 2^4 possibilities, thus 16 different combinations of personalities. The spectrum ranged from ESFP to INTJ. Most Hyperians tend to be on the following spectrum : intuitive, introvert, judging and thinking individuals. This can vary from a person to another but fundamentally, to understand OM is to be INTJ at the core. This means, for example, that you can have an ESFP personality in your everyday life, being energized while hanging with people and being very social, but when you get into your mind and think about Life, the universe and everything, you channel INTJ thinking if you are attuned to OM.

In a nutshell, to understand OM is to think, to judge, to use intuition and to focus inwards.

You will never perceive directly Euler’s Formula. You can conceive it with your mind. This is the power of the mind-space : to conceive.


In the last books from the OM authors, they proposed two new dichotomies : altruism vs selfish, and dominant vs submissive. So we end up with 2^6 possibilities. That is, 64 different combinations of personalities.

Altruist vs selfish

Dominant vs submissive

Those two new categories are very important and it would be in your hyperian interest to get to know them. They have a big impact on the world.

It is pretty simple :

An altruist person is someone that is attuned to the collective, the common good.

A selfish person is someone that is attuned to the individual, to the personal good (I, Me, Mine).

As always, we Hyperians aim for a balance in the psyche. Someone too altruistic may loose the sense of self and become lost in the collective, losing the sigh of personal achievement and goals. In opposite, someone too selfish may evolve rapidly on his own but may lack the collective vision to implement a coherent system that may contribute to the whole of society. Thus, look for balance and proper self integration.

In Hegelian terms, a dominant person would be a master and a submissive would be a slave. This seems like a strong connotation and it is. But it doesn’t mean that the submissive trait should be generally avoided. Think of a music band, when the saxophone player is doing a solo, he is the dominant force of the band and the other band mates will follow his lead and cues, they are submissive to the solo. In a well balanced music band, the roles will change as the music evolves and different sections of a tune are explored.

It is pretty simple :

A dominant person will take the lead in a situation and give commands.

A submissive person will follow the lead in a situation and obey commands.

The BDSM community is well aware of this dichotomy.

It is very healthy to explore those two newly proposed dichotomies in order to understand deeply your Innerself.

After all, a Hyperian will seek to understand its monadic inner psyche in order to integrate properly the Shadow Self, the Mirror Self and the Power Self.

Knowing those 64 combinations of personality types may give you a great overall understanding of the different kinds of people you may encounter in your Cosmic Voyage in the Holos.


So this is it. The 64 personality types of OM/Hyperianism psychology. Here is a proposed shorthand for the two new dichotomies. It might evolve differently.








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