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Principles of the OWO

Dicembre 30th, 2019 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

Thomas Foster – hyperian

Embrace your Shadow. Become stronger. Every day, every moment is another chance to improve, to radically change everything about yourself and your life.
The Old World Order (the 1%, the hereditary financial elite class) will not be overthrown by being “friendly” or half-hearted.
There are no rules in this game. The Old World Order has manufactured all the rules to their own advantage. As Nietzsche demonstrated, morality is an invention of the weak to control and repress the strong, a psychological tool used by the Old World Order to get away with denying resources to everyone but their cronies and privileged families, to divide up the planet, for their benefit – with imaginary lines (property borders and so on) and then to cynically claim it’s “immoral” to oppose them.
In fact, predatory capitalism is institutionalized crime – against the people, against the General Will. We have the technology to live in a Venus Project society at this very moment, but the Old World Order are in the way. They insist on a vastly inequal distribution of resources so they can wallow in luxury, wealth and fame, living like “Gods” (ersatz gods, Mammonist Archons – at the expense of everyone else).
The nostrums and “mantras” of the Old World Order?
1. “Divide and conquer”
Throughout history, the Old World Order has sought to subvert and kill off all genuine revolutionary movements and threats to their hegemony. They are terrified of meritocracy and 100% inheritance tax. They would be terrified of a united, knowledgeable people taking after Faust and Spartacus, refusing to accept the low estimation that the Old World Order financial elites have placed on them. “Occupy” and the 99% protests largely failed and were subverted because there were no leaders – there was no grand plan for action. People agreed on what they opposed, more or less… but everyone was divided on how to replace the old system and how to recreate society. The aim there was not to actually change anything in the long term, but only to join in because it’s “cool”, as another mode of capitalist “self expression”.
Chatterati get bogged down by the “narcissism of small differences” and try to nitpick rather than learn, to improve and work towards a grand plan, a new vision. The solution is to ‘unite and win’. There is only one game in town: the 99% versus the 1%, abolishing inheritance (“who you know” over what you know) with 100% inheritance tax.
2. “Bread and circuses”
The Old World Order seek to distract and sedate all would-be revolutionaries, with shallow video games and mindless “entertainment”. If you work for 10-12 hours a day doing something you don’t like just to survive, and are recuperating the rest of the time, are you anything but a slave? Most “democratic citizens” in the West are nothing more than glorified slaves, with no genuine control over their life. At least in ancient Rome there was more honesty! A “busy” life is usually a barren life. Laser-like focus is needed.
3. “Turn the other cheek” (Christian “morality”)
“Turning the other cheek” is the mantra of weak submissives (“love and lighters” and Christian types) who refuse to fight back and retaliate. Cui bono? The Old World Order psychopaths of course. “Niceness” doesn’t work against evil (selfishness). Indifference allows evil to win by default. If you try to pet a crocodile, it will eat you! The Old World Order are all crocodiles in human skin, so to speak. They’re psychological manipulators, ruled by the Id, the Pleasure Principle (“Me, me, me”) and a crude, unsublimated Will to Power (trying to dominate others for selfish gain).
4. Newspeak, Idiocracy
The media of the Old World Order control the debate. You’re allowed to have “any opinion you want” – as long it’s off an “acceptable” capitalist shelf. 1984 wasn’t completely accurate – there’s no need for torture chambers if new, superior ideas can never gain any traction in the first place. The Old World Order at all times advocate atomisation, relativism, dumbing down: predatory capitalism is a race to the bottom as far as the 99% are concerned. The education system is not set up to generate and inspire Supermen, new polymaths and Sages – only ultra-specialised “academics” and mediocre capitalist employees, programmed to accept a dull, repetitive job without question.
Newspeak is the principle where a new, dumbed down language is invented, with less words and therefore complex thoughts cannot even be expressed. Isn’t this the case already? To criticise Zionism and point to its obvious influence is to be “anti-semitic”, to advocate public investment is to be an “evil Marxist”, and so on. Intellectuals are mocked and have no power within predatory capitalism. The PI are more or less ignored, whereas psuedo-intellectuals such as Jordan Peterson (a right-wing conservative and an evasive Biblical “Christian” railing against a totally fictional “Cultural Marxism”) become rich and famous simply because hordes of Trump supporters feel “validated”.
The movie Idiocracy was more or less a documentary. Intellectuals aren’t listened to, they’re simply jeered at with relativist incredulity and trolled. Even the word “intellectual” sounds pretentious to some people (Newspeak). Intellectuals are “fags”. Cui bono? If intelligence is ignored, that means the Old World Order can continue rigging predatory capitalism in their favour (with inheritance, nepotism, cronyism and “social connections”) and there will be nobody to oppose them. False consciousness is total. Mass Man dreams that he will become part of the financial elite and “make it to the top of the pyramid”, rather than fighting back against a system that despises him and oppresses him at every turn.

Earth is a battleground between the light of the Phosters and the New World Order (altruism, intelligence, meritocracy) and the darkness of the Archons and the Old World Order (greed, irrationality, inheritance). Earth is the chessboard. The stage is set and the pieces are in position. There is no guarantee that the Light will win. It must be fought for. At the very end of the universe, the dialectic will make sure that the Light wins – but each individual planet hangs in the balance. The Light is not “good” in a moral sense, and if it succumbs to a liberal, restrained, weak “greyness” it will surely lose. Strength is not “evil”, the “domain of the dark”. Strength is power. Life is the Will to Power, a cosmic battleground. The weak and the liberal (who give up power in exchange for ersatz “niceness”) are not “good”, they are simply out of the game. They are bystanders. So who are you in this chess game? Are you a light pawn, seeking to self-actualise and for everyone to become “queens” (Gods)? Are you a dark pawn, assisting the psychopathic, predatory Old World Order? Or are you in the ‘Ignavi box’ for discarded non-players, a bystander at the edge of the chessboard, refusing to actively take part or pick a side?

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