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The Compossibility

Febbraio 1st, 2020 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

Hyperborean Meritocracy

Wikipedia says, “Compossibility is a philosophical concept from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. According to Leibniz, a complete individual thing (for example a person) is characterized by all its properties, and these determine its relations with other individuals. The existence of one individual may contradict the existence of another. A possible world is made up of individuals that are compossible – that is, individuals that can exist together. Leibniz indicates that a world is a set of compossible things … a collection of things that God could bring into existence. Not even God can bring into existence a world in which there is some contradiction among its members or their properties.”

God is living mathematics, made of living monadic minds. It’s impossible for mathematical minds to do anything non-mathematical. Mathematical monads, in terms of their collective behavior, always choose what is most compossible. It is impossible for the collection of all monadic minds to bring into existence a world in which there is any contradiction among its members or their properties.

Libertarianism is an ideology that is incompatible with social compossibility. Extreme individualism and unrestricted “personal expression” is an Id ideology that collides head on with the Superego rules of society.

In Freudian psychology, the task is for the Ego (obeying the reality principle), to mediate between the Id (obeying the pleasure principle) and the Superego (obeying the morality principle). The Ego decides what is compossible.

Libertarians – extremist individualists with contempt for other people – reject the Superego. They see it as an instrument of the Collective, which they detest. Libertarians are therefore outside the pale of compossibility. No sane society would ever accept a group of hawk predators roaming around doing whatever they want, regardless of others.

It’s not what’s possible that counts. It’s what’s compossible that is all important. Compossibility is associated with the general will and possibility with the particular will.

In our society, it’s essential for the Id, Ego and Superego to all be reflected. We can’t have an Id libertarian society based on extreme individualism, or a moralistic Superego society based on extreme collectivism. We can’t dispense with either the individual or the collective. Via the Ego and the reality principle, we need to focus on what is compossible.

Why has the Liberal left gone so badly wrong, as badly wrong as right-wing libertarianism? It’s because the Liberal Left is an echo of libertarianism and promotes extreme self-expression and identity politics, regardless of compossibility. You can never impose on any society anything that is incompatible with that society, anything that is not compossible.

Let’s say that the USA is 50% conservative and 50% liberal. It is simply impossible for the conservatives to get 100% of their agenda enacted, and it’s equally impossible for the liberals to get 100% of their agenda enacted. If the USA wants to get back into any kind of harmony and unity, the position of the opposition has to be accommodated to some extent. But compromise has ceased to exist in polarized America, and that spells America’s doom, unless it can pull itself out of its death spiral. The Republicans and Democrats are both focusing on what is possible, not what is compossible. The “conservative possible” will never happen because of the resistance by the liberals, and the “liberal possible” will never happen because of the resistance by the conservatives. The compossible is a dialectical synthesis, but if this cannot be negotiated then America will fall into the chaos that marked the end of the Roman Republic.

The ideal society is the one that reflects the healthy balance between the individual and the collective.
We don’t support limitless self-expression and individual liberty. We support the maximum self-expression and individual liberty compatible and compossible with a fair and just society, serving all of its members with equal respect, according to the General Will (not according to countless warring particular wills).

We support a Compossible Society, not an Impossible Society of individuals doing whatever they want, without any consideration for others. All right-wingers – since they despise the Other and the Collective – want to build walls, create friction and indulge themselves, their family and their tribe at everyone else’s expense. These anomics always support inheritance, privilege, nepotism and cronyism, all of which are incompatible with compossibility and equal opportunities.

The liberals likewise have no consideration at all for their fellow citizens, the conservatives, who have very different beliefs, values, customs, and attitudes from themselves.

Only revolutions deliver massive change in a short time, and the most serious revolutions always provoke a bloodbath. Revolutions change the compossibility equation by destroying the opposition. Then anything becomes possible.

If you don’t want a revolution and the violence it entails, you had better start trying to befriend the opposition and reaching some kind of accord. Humanity seems less and less capable of this. According to Oswald Spengler, it’s impossible. Cultures, he insisted, inevitably die and are replaced by brand new cultures with a completely different worldview.

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