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Negative Liberty vs Positive Liberty

Febbraio 8th, 2020 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

Eva Omega‎ în Hyperianism – The Outer Circle (Activism and Optimization)
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Negative Liberty vs Positive Liberty

Capitalism is a negative liberty system. It wants ultimate freedom to do as it pleases and fuck everyone else. This is a freedom from mentality. Freedom from regulations, freedom from rules, and, crucially, freedom from government interference. It is driven solely on private interests, namely, the interests of the super rich elite in maximizing profits, for their own selfish benefit.

Democracy is a disgrace. Politicians are bought and sold by lobbyists, lobbying for their own private interests, to keep maximum profits flowing. Unfortunately, negative liberty freedom also means the freedom to exploit others on a global scale, the freedom to let religion indoctrinate and brainwash children, the freedom to let our fellow humans die of poverty and lack of medical access, the freedom to steal the land and all of its resources from under the people and sell it back to them at a premium, enslaving them in the process, and the freedom to threaten the very existence of all life on the planet for ever higher profit margins. Capitalism is steering this ship right into a global catastrophe of epic scale. This is a thoroughly disgusting state of affairs.

A Hyperian meritocracy, on the other hand, is a positive liberty system. It is predicated on freedom for. The government in this type of system entails maximum involvement in the lives of its citizens, in order to help them become the best versions of themselves they can possibly be.

Before you get all antsy about the prospect of statism, understand that a government led by power-hungry, selfish, narrow-minded individuals interested in pursuing only their own private interests, could never be equivalent in any way to a government led by meritocratic, altruistic, talented, brilliant individuals whose mandate is to protect and advance the general will at all times. There’s an easy way to do this. Let’s say government officials make 60K a year. Assuming that this was a reasonable living wage, this would automatically exclude those looking for power through the acquisition of wealth and to serve their own ends. Civil servants must be motivated purely by their desire to change the world for the better, for everyone, and they must prove it through their actions. If they can’t – fire them! All politicians in the future must be driven to advance the general will, the will of the people, and what is good for a society and all of its citizens, not just a chosen few at the top. No more of these empty promises and lies where nothing ever changes.

A positive liberty society delivers freedom by way of universal basic income, universal health care, and ensuring the people have access to all the resources required to discover their skills and passions and reach for their goals. No one gets to rig the game in their favor. Everyone gets an equal opportunity to succeed – EVERYONE.
Imagine a government led by a council of philosopher geniuses, each one of them a genius and expert in their respective field, and every sector of society led by the most talented individuals, elected by their peers, ensuring only those with highest merit, talent, and compassion, take positions of power.
Imagine a government that assigned each person and family in society a coach or a therapist to help them overcome personal difficulties. Imagine if schools employed people to help kids discover what they were really good at and what they were passionate about, and coached them on how they could achieve their goals.
Imagine if science and technology were geared towards actually understanding the world in order to make peoples’ lives and society better, instead of geared towards maximum profit for industry, like most of the current fields of science.
Imagine if the people were employed in fulfilling work of their choosing, instead of being forced to work meaningless, soul-sucking jobs just to pay the rent. Imagine if people didn’t have to work their life away, and had their needs taken care of by the government, so everyone was free to pursue their talents and passions without worrying about how they’re going to eat or pay the bills.
Imagine if the whole purpose of the system was to maximally invest in its citizenry, to create activated, fulfilled, actualized and strong people. Imagine how much happier and fulfilled our whole society would be if we had infinitely more power over our lives, and could start directing our energy towards advancing society for everyone. Imagine if we all had a collective goal to make society the best possible world and the government employed the most talented individuals to provide us with the best resources in order to achieve that.

We can design an entirely different world.

This is a radically different vision than the system which we currently have, and it has to be. It’s not even reasonably comparable. This planet is a hellish nightmare for everyone but a few.

We’re not reformists, tweaking things here and there to make things a little bit better. The system is rotten to the core. We need a complete overhaul of the current operating system, and replacement with the only rational option, the only system that’s never been put into actual practice.

Laughably, the elites in power believe themselves to be a meritocracy. Nothing could be further from the truth. The current system is built purely on dynastic wealth and inheritance, nepotism, cronyism, and privilege – the total opposite of merit.

Make no mistake, we are here to change the fucking world. It’s time for Hyperian rationalism to take the drivers seat. There is no other option, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

It’s all or nothing.

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