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Abraham: The World’s First Psychopath

Febbraio 26th, 2020 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

Abraham: The World's First Psychopath (The Anti-Christian Series Book 5) by [Weishaupt, Adam]

Abraham: The World’s First Psychopath

If you consider it impossible that the True God of moral perfection would ever order a father to make a human sacrifice of his innocent son for no reason other than to demonstrate absolute, mindless obedience, then the God of Abraham is not God.

So who is he? The ancient Gnostics had the obvious answer – he’s Satan. Does that not immediately explain the horrific history of the Abrahamic religions and their grotesque propensity for violence and terrorism?

Abrahamism is a terrorist religion, led by a terrorist God who demands unwavering obedience even when it contradicts morality.

The Jews, Christians and Muslims who trace their common ancestry to Abraham are thus revealed as evil Devil worshippers.

This book provides a theological and philosophical dissection of the tale of Abraham from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim perspectives.

It reveals Abraham as one of the most evil men in history and unquestionably the world’s first psychopath. Like the Nazis, he placed obedience to a tyrannical monster above human life, even that of his own son.

In the Islamic telling of the tale, “Satan” three times pleads for Ishmael’s life, and Abraham violently drives him away by pelting him with stones.

When “God” orders the murder of the innocent and “Satan” begs for the innocent to be saved, which is truly “God”? Abrahamism is the logical inversion of good and evil. It has elevated Satan to the throne of God.

Do not read this book if you are a closed-minded Abrahamist or a conspiracy theorist. The material provided by the Pythagorean Illuminati is not for petty, cheap, narrow-minded religious fanatics and those who believe in Reptilians.


The Exodus – the liberation from bondage in Egypt – was the biggest event in the ancient history of the Jews. Yet there’s no mention of it in Egyptian history. However, one period in Egyptian history was deliberately erased from Egyptian history – the reign of the heretical pharaoh Akhenaten.

What was the Exodus all about? – the struggle between the monotheistic Jews and the polytheistic Egyptians. What was Akhenaten’s reign all about? – the struggle between the monotheistic pharaoh and the polytheistic priests. See the connection?

When Akhenaten died, his monotheism seemed to die with him. Egypt reverted to its old pantheon of gods.

But the reality is that monotheism didn’t perish. Akhenaten wasn’t the only monotheist. Several thousand Egyptians had gone along with his new religion and become true believers. When their leader died and the old regime came back into power, they knew they had no home in Egypt. They would have to leave. Their leader – an Egyptian prince called Moses – led them out of Egypt in search of a new home. They wandered for many years and eventually settled in Israel, where they converted the Hebrews to monotheism. They rewrote their story as one of “bondage” in Egypt, from which they gloriously escaped with the help of their great leader Moses and their great God. They tried to disown their Egyptian heritage and reinvent themselves. In the end, they completely succeeded. They became the monotheistic Jews, the Chosen People of the One God.

Judaism is an Egyptian heresy, the heresy of Akhenaten’s monotheism.

This line of thinking was first proposed by none other than Sigmund Freud in his seminal book Moses and Monotheism.

Wikipedia says, “It shocked many of its readers because of Freud’s suggestion that Moses was actually born into an Egyptian household, rather than being born as a Hebrew slave and merely raised in the Egyptian royal household as a ward (as recounted in the Book of Exodus). … Freud hypothesizes that Moses was not Hebrew, but actually born into Ancient Egyptian nobility and was probably a follower of Akhenaten, ‘the world’s earliest recorded monotheist.’

“The biblical story of Moses is reinterpreted by Freud in light of new findings at Tel-El-Amarna. Archaeological evidence of the Amarna Heresy, Akhenaten’s monotheistic Aten cult, had only been discovered in 1887 and the interpretation of that evidence was still in an early phase. Freud’s monograph on the subject, for all the controversy that it ultimately provoked, was one the first popular accounts of these findings.

“In Freud’s retelling of the events, Moses led only his close followers into freedom (during an unstable period in Egyptian history after Akhenaten’s death ca. 1350 BCE), that they subsequently killed the Egyptian Moses in rebellion, and still later joined with another monotheistic tribe in Midian who worshipped a volcano god called Yahweh.

“Freud supposed that the monotheistic solar god of the Egyptian Moses was fused with Yahweh (the Midianite volcano god), and that the deeds of Moses were ascribed to a Midianite priest who also came to be called Moses. Moses, in other words, is a composite figure, from whose biography the uprising and murder of the original Egyptian Amarna-cult priest has been excised.

“Freud explains that centuries after the murder of the Egyptian Moses, the rebels regretted their action, thus forming the concept of the Messiah as a hope for the return of Moses as the Saviour of the Israelites. Freud claimed that repressed (or censored) collective guilt stemming from the murder of Moses was passed down through the generations; leading the Jews to neurotic expressions of legalistically religious sentiment to disperse or cope with their inheritance of trauma and guilt.”

Isn’t this such a brilliant theory? It’s one of Freud’s greatest ideas. Isn’t it time this was taught as what really happened, or as close as we are ever likely to get? All roads lead back to Akhenaten. He was an utterly incendiary figure who introduced one of the most seductive ideas of all time – that of One God. Pagan Egypt rejected the idea, but others were far more receptive to it. That’s why we now have billions of Abrahamists on the planet, ruining everything. We can “thank” Akhenaten for the Jews, Christians and Muslims. Was Akhenaten even more of a psychopath than Abraham himself?

Who was the son of Akhenaten? It was the famous boy-pharaoh Tutankhamun, who was originally called Tutankhaten. Author Ahmed Osman argued that Tutankhamun was none other than Jesus Christ, Son of God! Can you imagine?!



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