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SHIP OF FOOLS ( english )

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Motto: “The masters have been liquidated: the morality of the common man has triumphed” – Nietzsche


From the very beginning, I warn that these lines are not to the liking of the “democratic majority”, because for various reasons, its representatives will find themselves in total or partial disagreement with what I wrote.

I also mention that I do not write for my own popularity, or suffering from the opinions of the Herd, and I do not write for money either, being a follower of the FREE SOURCE SPIRIT.

Already some will revolt for my language, considering it an expression of CONTEMPT FOR THE MASSES, when in fact it is only an expression of a last desperate attempt to WAKE UP, not only of the Romanians, but of the entire Humanity in great danger of TOTAL EXTINCTION, or only PARTIAL.

Of course, the Defenders of Political Correctness and the Ignorants – Defenders of the Current System, will jump up their asses, not contemplating such an eventuality, while I consider it a CERTAINTY… and I will further argue WHY. They are exactly in the position of those who IGNORE MATERIAL DEATH, even though it is a CERTAINTY, and who only when they realize that they are on its threshold, WAKE UP TO THE REALITY.

Well, I believe that Humanity is in this situation and I hope that more and more people will understand this and take an Attitude, before it is too late… this is the Purpose of this book which is not the fruit of CONTEMPT, but of LOVE !!

I don’t consider myself to be the holder of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH by any means, but I think I’m much closer to it than the “democratic vast majority”. Almost everything I have written so far has come true, and that is because I have not stopped INFORMING myself from “alternative sources” to those of the Slave System designed by the Evil Elite to control and rule the World. They have imposed their own Narrative through all the immense means at its disposal, possible today thanks to the Technological Revolution in act. Whoever drinks exclusively from this Narrative, is nothing but a DRONE, an IGNAVO.


PARADISE INC. – ”Function or Perish”

We are forced by rules and worth

Transformed to spinless whores
Blinded from consume and media
Outwardnesses and greed
A nightmare nicely wrapped in gold
Stuffed in our heads
And we just accept
In our human density
Bread and games modern
I call it enslavement
A mental enslavement
And you call it life!
We crawl lick asses all day
We steal adn we betray
We work and creep for more success
Painting for wastly richness
Envious of the one
Who’s got the biggest car
Who’s got the biggest gun
And of course biggest one!
We rush behind all trends
There is no time to spend
We would buy a heap of shit
If some trends demands it
At the expense of all others
We suck up all through this life
That is how we learned to be
That is all, all we can see
Run! Run for your life!
In the world cold and insane.
Totally insane!
Carve out your life!
In a world, where only the bastards survive.
Choke on your lies!
In a world so insensate.
Damn insensate!
Accept the truth!
Cause it is just like it is.
Function or perish!
We have to function or perish

We’re slaves of their world
And to stay alive…
We sold our souls!


Only in this way you will Disarm the Slave System !!!

I’ve been doing this for a long time, so it’s possible. Whoever does not fit into this Course, will pay the Policy sooner or later. I hope they will be as few as possible. A New World is possible provided a New Paradigm is implemented. Even the Occult Elite understood that Mankind is on the brink of a Great Revolution and that is why they are Desperate that they may lose CONTROL and act accordingly, but in a Chaotic and Irrational way.

For the “great democratic majority”, this Chaos successfully prevents the perception of the true Problems of Mankind, thus Disarming it for the eventuality of AWAKENING.

We live in times inundated by the Old World Order with countless Contradictions and Divisions in an attempt to divert humanity’s attention from the Revolution.

The system desperately opens more and more Overton Windows, which will soon be closed.

For the few who are Informed according to the requirements of Evolution, Chaos is nothing more than a Sign of Systemic Weakness, which can only lead to Revolution.

Lazarus A.D. – Album: The Onslaught (2007)


Mourn the dead of the revolution
They know not of what they’ve done
Unify for retaliation
None for all, and all for one
Three to live
One to kill
We’ve got body bags to fill
Lacerate this entire nation
It cannot be ignored
Send them down to die
Without a care


Betray the people’s trust with prayer
Honor the dead for determination
Spirits of unborn war
Dare to rise to the revolution
They know not what’s yet to come
Remains of men
Pave the roads to end
This disgrace we call our nation
In the end of the revolution
A new age has just begun
JustifiedNone for all
And all for one

Soon Occam’s Razor will naturally do its duty and all current Futility and Irrationality will disappear with the Old World Order’s loss of Control. THE PYTHAGOREIC ILLUMINISTS aim to demolish this Control and implement an Illuminist Meritocratic System that truly cultivates the General Interest. Personally, I applied the Illuminism Principles to a Communitarian System with deep roots in the Carpatho-Danube-Pontic Space (OBȘTI).

Unfortunately, most of the illuminists are absent from the Anti-System Battlefield today, thus lending a helping hand to the current Psychopathic Elite who oppose the Paradigm Shift by all means at their disposal!?
The Dialectic Process can be delayed, but not stopped !!!

A New Synthesis is about to be made on the ruins of Capitalism and Communism: ILLUMINIST MERITOCRATIC COMMUNITARIANISM.

REASON will finally defeat the PSYCHOPATHIC NARRATIVE of the Old World Order and we will have a New World Order, totally opposed to the conception circulated today by the PSYCHOPATHIC ELITE.

OWO is confused by the “democratic majority” with the ILLUMINATI which is totally FALSE and previous books detail this TRUTH.

As the main argument in support of this, I mention that the ILLUMINATI have produced over 200 books that represent the greatest DISCOVERY OF KNOWLEDGE in Human History, treating coherently and completely, at 360 degrees, all the fields of Math,

Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, History , Quantum Physics,
Religions and others.

– What did the FALSE ILLUMINATI produce?


This is why we Pythagorean llluminists call them by their true name:



They activate in humans the REPTILIAN BRAIN and the LIMBIC BRAIN, responsible for SENSES and EMOTIONS, while we activate the NEOCORTEX, responsible for REASON (see Triune Brain).

They fuel the illusions of the Lower Personality types concerned with Senses and Emotions and less with Reason (see Myers-Briggs Personality Tests).

THE ELITE OF THE OLD WORLD ORDER is at the helm of the
SHIP OF FOOLS (Plato) and they will sink it if it is not thrown overboard!

THE SHIP OF FOOLS is a HOLOMOVEMENT as all that is perceived as the Dimensional Universe and is in these times in the hands of FOOLS. QUANTUM PHYSICS clarifies this Holographic concept:

“MATTER as such does not exist”, it is only an Illusion of our Senses, being in fact a Creation of the MENTAL UNIVERSE, of the DIMENSIONLESS UNIVERSE, of the FREQUENCY DOMAIN.

Pythagorean Illuminism claims that the MATTER of the Dimensional Universe is by definition Evil, being Broken Light, as opposed to the Pure Light of the Dimensionless Universe. Religiously, the idea is that Matter is the creation of Satan (YHWH), and Pure Light, the Domain of Frequencies, the Dimensionless Universe, is the domain of Lucifer.

The synthesis of these domains is the domain of ABRAXAS. Thus, the Broken Light tends by BECOMING to recompose itself into Pure Light, after which the Cycle will resume due to the necessity of Eternal Evolution, producing a New Big Bang.

FOURIER TRANSFORMS are the mathematical expression of the relationship between the two components of the Universe, and the EULER FORMULA, not coincidentally called the GOD FORMULA, is the mathematical expression of all Frequencies that manifest in the Universe.

For details, read my previous books, or even better, at least the 32 books in the “GOD SERIES” by Mike Hockney.

Once the Pythagorean Illuminism is even partially understood, one can deduce WHY we are on a SHIP OF FOOLS and what its End will be.


Let’s begin to analyze WHY we are today on a veritable SHIP OF FOOLS, contemplating some of the IRRATIONALITIES promoted by the OLD WORLD ORDER (OWO), through its membership:


Everyone knows the existence of this Global Elitist Organization.

I will not be in the camp of those who criticize their attitudes regarding Religions, Democracy, Politicism, Sustainability, Environmentalism, except to the extent that they have a MANIPULATIVE and IRRATIONAL basis. Unlike them, we have other Solutions for a New World, even if we often identify the same Problems of the day. Our Principles are Clear and Rational, while they breed Confusion and Inconsistency leading to Irrationality.

Many “Gatekeepers”, people who are in Satan’s service knowingly or unknowingly, claim that WEF attendees are Neo-Marxists, which is totally FALSE. If one believes that Schwab, Soros, or King Charles and their entire Privileged Gang have gone mad on the Marxist Way, they can only be ridiculed and ignored. Their real ideological roots can be found in the FABIAN SOCIETY, supposed to be of Leftist orientation, but in reality Liberal-Globalist. In my previous books I have exposed these “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, so I will not repeat it.

The WEF AGENDA is insane and calls for DEPOPULATION OF THE PLANET THROUGH VIOLENT MEANS, while we propose NON-TRAUMATIC DEPOPULATION, in the long term, through AWARENESS OF THE PROBLEM by all of humanity. MATHEMATICS clearly tells us that we have to change our Way of Life and Number due to the UNSUSTAINABILITY in the RESOURCES – CONSUMPTION ratio.

DEPOPULATION was started many decades ago and today we already know some concrete measures of OWO in this direction:

Classic and Hybrid Wars are no longer enough today, the number of Slaves needed by the Occult Elite is getting smaller and smaller. Many GATEKEEPERS do not realize that even their elimination is foreseen, the Pyramid of Power to have only two components: THEM and US.

Today we are witnessing the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Biological Weapons, Caused Pandemics, Tectonic Weapons, Chemical Weapons, Climate Weapons, we are witnessing the

vertiginous drop in the Intelligence Quotient of the masses, the Forced Reduction of Fertility (in men we have a 50% drop in the last 50 years), of Average Age, of Health, of School and University Education, of Food Quality.

THE GRAND RESET envisioned by the Psychopathic Occult Elite aims for a Right-Wing Meritocracy, where MERIT is given by WEALTH, not COMPETENCE.

They say “YOU’ll own nothing and YOU’ll be happy”, not “WE’ll own nothing and WE’ll be happy”.

This explains why their CRAZY SOLUTIONS are applicable to the MASSES, but not to them.

– They want the Carbon Footprint Reduction, but not for them, who are the biggest consumers. There are Scientific Studies that clearly demonstrate that Mankind’s Influence on the Climate exists, but it is minuscule, so Draconian Measures regarding the Food Chain are not required. Gradual and Conscious Reduction of the Planetary Population would offset even this problem. IRRATIONALLY, the OWO Elite are propagating this Problem and at the same time, flying to DAVOS with hundreds of private jets. They also fill the sky with dozens of planes producing CHEMTRAILS, which are not surely Vitamins!?

Reducing the Carbon Footprint makes sense if we refer to the Unsustainability of the current System, but the measures required are different from many of those envisaged by OWO.

For example, Electric Transport as practiced today based on current technologies, is justified for Goods and Passengers, but not for Individual Transport. It is true that it must be drastically reduced and directed towards Shared Transport, but its ongoing electrification is Irrational precisely because of the paradoxical increase of the Carbon Footprint and the Consumption of Mineral Resources resulting.

– They want to eliminate PRIVATE PROPERTY, but only for the masses, not for themselves. And we want to eliminate private property, but for EVERYONE!!! That is why we promoted with the Dacia Movement the COMMUNITARIAN MERITOCRATIC ILLUMINISM.

COMMUNITARIAN PROPERTY combined with LARGE COMMUNITY AUTONOMY under the exclusive leadership of the Illuminist Meritocratic Powerfull State, is the Solution for the Future.


– They want to introduce Digitization, which can be useful to humanity, but they conceive it exclusively for the purpose of CONTROL of the global population through the contribution of BIG TECH, not for the cultivation of the General Interest.

Digitalization as designed by OWO leads to nothing but the expansion of IDIOCRACY and CONTROL.

China is very advanced in this field, but we do not yet know to what extent it is intended to serve the General Interest, since CAPITALISM and NEO-LIBERAL GLOBALISM have not been definitively eradicated. Only in a society like the one we the Pythagorean Illuminists are projecting, this General Interest can be guaranteed. And the Dacia Movement is considering such Digitization and we have been supporting it for over 12 years. The first condition that must be ensured is the Demolition of Capitalism and the implementation of the ILLUMINIST MERITOCRACY Synthesis.

– They want to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) in essential areas, but only to ensure their Control of the Masses. They do not have the Intellectual capacity to understand that its excessive use actually leads to the dramatic decline of Human Intelligence, paving the way for IDIOCRACY.

Many GATEKEEPERs don’t even realize the future that is in store for them
too!? Doctors, Police, Military, State Officials, Politicians, Educators, Scientists, Entrepreneurs from all fields and so on. they will disappear and be replaced by AI. This aspect can be viewed by the Ignorant with satisfaction, without understanding the Mental and Social Consequences on the level of all mankind.

HUMANITY’S PROGRESS can be ensured exclusively by HUMAN INTELLIGENCE !!! Artificial Intelligence can help us in the process of Becoming, but only if it is put at the service of the General Interest, not the Interest of the PSYCHOPATHIC ELITE as at present!

– They exclusively want ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE, but not NATURAL MEDICINE, because that is how BIG PHARMA‘s interests are cultivated. It has been known since the World, that “Mother Nature produces Cures for all Diseases”. Many of these Cures are now Patented by Big Pharma and only the FREE SOURCE SPIRIT can put an end to this ABUSE, as we have designed at the Dacia Movement.

We are flooded with BIG PHARMA’s most of the time Lying Advertising at every step: The Elite wants us SICK, not HEALTHY… anyone who didn’t understand this is an IGNORANT, a GATEKEEPER.

– They want a World Government, an Unipolar World, which is why they support, for example, Wars against those who want a Multipolar World. See Libya, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine etc.

Speaking of these Wars, we wonder how to reconcile Global Warming and Pollution, with tens of thousands of Bombings, Tanks, Planes, Missiles, while we are advised to “warm” and “pollute” less!?

For the sake of Unipolarism, the Coal Mines are reopened and the Liquefied Shale Gas transported în Europe with high energy consumption is intensively used, although it is known with certainty that its extraction seriously damages the Environment!?

Isn’t this proof of INSANITY???

– They want us to eat Insects because domestic animal farts affect the Carbon Footprint. It is true that Excess Meat, like all Excesses, harms us and the Environment, but why is there no proper EDUCATION and we still see Advertising from McDonald’s and other Multinationals that poison us with their filth?

Why is it ignored that Carbon (6-6-6) is the basis of the existence of Flora and therefore also of Fauna???

– They want us to eat
Artificial Meat, but on our risks as in the case of otherwise mandatory Vaccines. The madness starts from the idea that they consider themselves true Gods and that they can do what Nature has done in thousands of years!? In reality, they are only under the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

– They want to create a single half-breed race (see Kalergi Plan), while on the other hand they talk about Biological Diversity, which is a guarantee of Evolution.
Isn’t this proof of INSANITY?

– They want to force Materialistic Empiricist Science on us and behave like true Gods, when in fact they are only the Dark Side of it. Nanotechnologies applied to DNA, Geoengineering, Chemtrails, Genetically Modified Organisms, Tectonic Weapons, Intensive Chemization, Allopathic Medicine and more, are nothing more than the

work of FOOLS who ignore the NATURAL LAWS. It is certainly known, for example, about the existence of
CHEMTRAILS, and yet there are few who understand their HARMFULNESS. If there was anything for the benefit of mankind, the opportunity would not be missed to reveal it. The fact that it is Ignored, Ridiculed and considered only a Conspiracy Theory, clearly denotes their obscure character. I have personally seen three planes that for two hours simultaneously produced dozens of circles of CHEMTRAILS in the sky… of course no airliner does that for any reason.

Who is behind this massive consumption of Resources and WHY?

Why is atmospheric POLLUTION stimulated (and not only), when Greta&co is promoted by the System on a contrary directive?

Of course it’s about the PSYCHOPATHIC ELITE.

– They laid the foundations of IDIOCRACY hoping to “anesthetize” the Mind of Mankind and Control it easily, but they did not understand the Collateral Effects: the countries that refuse this approach, will have an Evolution, while the IDIOCRACY will produce INVOLUTION and therefore LOSS OF POWER . China and Russia are the outpost of such an approach.

While the new western generations are constantly being driven towards WOKE IDEOLOGY, Russia and China are manifesting for KNOWLEDGE. To confirm this course in the case of Romania and not only, it is enough to note the Descending Course of SCHOOL EDUCATION, even related to the Communist Regime.

The conclusion is that the Old World Order wants us STUPID, so that they can Control us more easily!

– In accordance with the requirements of
WOKE IDEOLOGY, OWO wants to implement a Paradigm according to which Minorities of all kinds must be assured not only Equality in Rights, but even Advantages. In this way, the Exceptions to the Rules Become the Norm, which is against the Natural Laws.

Wild Emigration, Egalitarian Feminism, Transgenderism, Homosexuality, are not only tolerated but encouraged.

I recently read about a scientific study on Rats, which demonstrates, including for Human Society, the certainty that EXTINCTION is lurking in the current social conditions. This explains the increasing magnitude of these DEVIATIONS FROM NORMALITY, which were observed in Rats.


Who else can have such an Agenda, but an Assembly of Fools?

– WEF unconditionally supports UNIPOLARISM as we see in the current Civil War in Ukraine.

This attitude is IRRATIONAL, because the Dialectical Process is interrupted by the enforced lack of an Antithesis. However, this Antithesis is created Naturally, thus the BRICS has emerged and is expanding.

More and more nations are “exiting the dominance of the dollar” for several reasons:

1. Switch to RESOURCE-based Currencies, not KEYBOARDS located in western capitals. The “rebellious” countries began to use their own national currencies among themselves, and the practical BARTER exchange, i.e. resources for resources, which the DACIA MOVEMENT envisioned many years ago as a fair way of commercial exchange, is becoming more and more favored .

2. The era of GLOBAL RESOURCE THEFT is over for the Old Colonialists and with it, the Standard of Living of the Western population is in free fall, creating the conditions for an INTERNAL and later GLOBAL REVOLUTION.

Russia, and especially China, are becoming the “new colonizers”, who are not only dealing with RESOURCE STEALING, but instead offer Investments in Infrastructures, Education, Health, etc. what the West is not able to do.

3. When it came to isolated countries such as Romania and the rest of the ex-communist countries, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. it was simple for the West to smother the “centrifugal tendencies” one by one. Now we have two great Economic, Financial and Military powers around which more and more nations are gathering, which can no longer be tamed.

THE DECLINE OF THE WEST predicted since the beginning of the last century by Oswald Spengler is materializing today!!!

Of course, in their Desperation, the Western elites can stop this course by GENERAL or PARTIAL EXTINCTION, which is why it is absolutely necessary to WAKE UP ALL HUMANITY and THROW OVERBOARD THE



THE SHIP OF FOOLS is about to SINK!!!


PARADISE INC. -”This World – Lyrics

”Drown… again it’s all drowning in blood
The  creation’s crown is back at its work
Our  gods, our lies justify all our deeds
Yet we still call ourselves “homo sapiens”

Eye for an eye to the utmost
No  remorse and no repent
Lie  for a lie – never disclose
It goes on towards the bitter end

Hey!  We are the creation’s crown!
We kill and bring ourselves down!
At that time like today: eye for an eye!

Hey, let’s celebrate that success
By  our human progress!
At that time like today, we destroy… this world!
And we spread and we rise and devour this world
Like a cancerous cell – we destroy‚ ’til we fall
Our business is death and we’re doing it well
We are one, we are mankind and
We’re heading for Hell

Hey! We are the creation’s crown!
We kill and bring ourselves down!
At that time like today: eye for an eye!

Hey, let’s celebrate that success
By our human progress!
At that time like today, we destroy… this world!


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