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Luglio 31st, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă


Risultati immagini per welcome refugees
Whatever else can be said of them, Muslims are not Last Men. They don’t care about comforts and petty trivialities. They are collectively united by a singular culture, and want to see that culture spread.

In the Western world, no such unity exists. Though the West is the best (because it is the least ignorant), reason has begun to eat itself. No one knows what is true anymore, and no one really cares. The only concerns Westerners have is that they have enough bread and circuses to last them. Give this to a population, and they will never rebel – even when they are under siege. They will literally sit around in denial, hoping that things will just “blow over,” all because they do not want to give up their comforts. They don’t seem to realise that their comforts will be forcibly taken away from them in due course anyway. By refusing to fight, they are ensuring such an outcome. Westerners are giant infants. They are the Id crew. They have become soft, decadent Last Men who will surely be conquered by savage primitives (Hunters) if they don’t turn themselves around. Muslims (Hunters) are committed to a cause higher than themselves. Can the same be said of the West? You must be having a fucking laugh. The average Westerner couldn’t care less about anything outside their daily bubble. They have had it too good for too long. They have no idea what it’s like to fight for freedom and hold onto precious values worth dying for. No one respects anything. People think of themselves as supreme individualist “freethinkers,” but what they actually are are a bunch of apathetic, pathetic Last Men who just want to live comfortably. To get the average Westerner off his fat ass and onto the streets to campaign for something worthwhile is practically impossible. They don’t want to risk their Last Man lifestyle. They are happy to ignore any and all issues (as long as those issues don’t affect them directly). Just look at liberals. These sick fucks don’t want to wipe out even sicker fucks (Muslims and the alt-right) from their midst. Instead, they want to live among them, while giving them no real say in what happens. What the fuck do they think is going to be the outcome of such an endeavour? They have no idea about Will to Power, the Hegelian dialectic, or Vico’s cycles. Liberals are dumb fucks who have been allowed to control the social narrative (which the right-wing elite wholly support, since liberals are ineffectual clowns who will never make a mark on the world). Liberals are unwitting puppets of the elite. If they truly want to make a difference, they will join radical Illuminist Meritocrats and take up arms in righteous battle. Anyone who thinks that the upcoming conflict will be peaceful is either ignorant or completely retarded. This story may have a happy ending (as long as our forces of light prevail), but the journey to that ending will be anything but happy. Struggle and violence are certain. Just look around you – it has already begun.”