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The Birth Of Evil

Agosto 23rd, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă

Iată de ce nu poate exista DUMNEZEUL AVRAAMIC: nu putea să-și dezvolte CONȘTIENȚA DE SINE în lipsa ALTCUIVA!!!

Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: plantă, copac, în aer liber şi natură
The New Atlantis

The Birth Of Evil

In a previous section, we mentioned Hegel’s crucial concept of the development of self- consciousness and his argument that self- consciousness requires encounters with “otherness”. A self-consciousness has to recognise what it is not. It must interact with entities external to itself. Above all, it requires other self-consciousnesses. In other words, self-consciousness cannot appear by itself. It manifests itself gradually in a community of others like itself. These self-consciousnesses start off in a primitive state of animal-like consciousness and, over time, become increasingly sophisticated and able to reflect on their own existence. The first humans, shaking off their ape ancestry, were not fully realised self-consciousnesses; rather they were potential self-consciousnesses.

The development of human self- consciousness ran parallel to the development of language skills. Language is the key driver of self-consciousness. Humans are the only creatures on earth with highly developed language skills, and we are also the only self-consciousnesses on the planet. Language is the tool we use for advanced communication. That communication allows us to gain incredible insights into the modus operandi of other self-consciousnesses. When someone else is talking to us and telling us of his plans and dreams, we know for certain that we are in the presence of another self- consciousness.

Only humans have a sophisticated “theory of mind” – awareness that others are in possessions of minds distinct from our own, having their own thoughts and beliefs. It is because of the theory of mind that humans are able to deceive others. We are the only creatures that deliberately lie. We take advantage of the differences between minds, the different levels of knowledge. Severe autistics can’t lie because they have no theory of mind and they think that everything they know is equally well known by everyone else. You could never lie to another person if you thought they were already party to everything you know.

If you sat down at a table with a curtain across the middle so that you couldn’t see who was on the other side and then you and the person opposite started exchanging emails or text messages, you might quickly gain a lot of information about the other person. Imagine that the curtain was removed and you discovered that you were actually sitting opposite a sophisticated robot. Would you conclude that you were in the presence of a programmed machine or another self- consciousness? This is a variation of the “Turing Test”, devised by computing genius Alan Turing. The Turing Test is used by experts in artificial intelligence, their aim being to reach a stage where a human cannot tell if he is communicating with another human or with a machine. Apparently, they have succeeded, albeit by keeping the communication to a restricted level. In some cases, a human on one side of the screen has believed that he was sitting opposite a machine only to discover that it was another person. Many humans, especially those with autistic spectrum disorder, fail the test.

If a machine could talk to you for hours about its hopes and dreams, its existential worries, its thoughts about an afterlife, would it not be impossible to fail to conclude that it was another self-consciousness?

The supporters of the God of Being claim that he always existed and was always self-aware, that he always possessed language and intelligence. All of this is false and impossible. God did not always exist. If a creature had existed on its own, it would have had no need of language since there was nothing else with which to communicate. It would have had no self-consciousness because that requires the presence of at least one other self- consciousness. Without self-consciousness, language and others with whom to interact, God would not have developed intelligence and hence would not have become powerful.
It is laughable when anyone talks about “God” creating the universe. It is impossible. It is laughable when anyone says that God existed on his own before creation as an omniscient, omnipotent, perfect being without a single deficiency. It is impossible.

God does not stand outside existence. He is the maximum expression of existence. He evolves, like everything else. His personal qualities evolve: his intelligence, his power, his self-awareness. He is the supreme outcome of evolution. We can understand God by understanding our own evolution, not by consulting a “holy text” by some false prophet. Where in the Torah, the Bible or the Koran does it talk about God’s intelligence evolving? What is the likelihood that a creature with infinite intelligence has existed eternally? Zero. What is the likelihood that the universe, after many eons and a vast amount of natural selection, gave rise to a being that, slowly and surely, painfully and arduously, acquired astonishing intelligence, sufficient to alter the course of evolution away from apparently blind natural selection and towards his own personal will?One hundred percent.

It cannot be emphasised enough: to understand God we need only understand ourselves. As below, so above, to quote the alchemists. We will never do that if we look away from firm knowledge and instead embrace faith based on ludicrous holy books that contain nothing but lies, fabrications and fantasies. Knowledge not faith is the key. Gnosis and science.

It has been catastrophic for humanity that its most successful religions have been based on faith. It was faith that drove a wedge between religion and science, that allowed any number of preposterous ideas to take root and flourish, providing fertile soil for Satan’s endless lies. In the world of faith, any fantasy can be taken seriously. Humanity needs knowledge, not delusion. Religion should be rational and scientific.

Excerpted, page 214

© The Illuminati’s Secret Religion

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