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Agosto 23rd, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă
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The New Atlantis


Satan is Rex Mundi – king of the world – controller of our planet. He wields his power through the archons – the ultimate puppetmasters – a group of 144 of the most extraordinary individuals on earth. They are the ones who stand behind the Old World Order, the group of approximately 6,000 people who visibly run the world. Behind every decision taken by our leaders, the archons are pulling the strings. Theirs is not a perverse and childishly wicked agenda. Far from it. If they were to make themselves known and speak directly to the world, many would start worshipping them. They say precisely what most people want to hear. It is for that reason that they are so successful. Theirs is not a crude tyranny, built on jackboots, guns, chains and microchip implants in the brain. They have no need of force when the cows go willingly into the abattoir. They need no “New World Order” to keep doing what they have been accomplishing for millennia.

Understanding the nature of evil is one of the first steps on the road to illumination, and that means understanding Satan, the author of evil. Satan is not a comic-book monster, but the most brilliant psychologist. He is the author of the Torah, the Bible and the Koran: three texts that have dominated world history and attracted billions of followers between them. (As for Satan’s relationship with eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, that is something we will return to in a later article. The eastern religions present a radically different view from their western counterparts and must be examined separately.)

Satan can speak of beauty, love, goodness, peace and harmony without the slightest blush of shame. Those who think that Satan does nothing but carry out acts of blatant evil are deluded. Evil is often subtle, even superficially charming. Evil can wear every mask. If you hear a person being described as “holy”, there’s a good chance you are seeing evil at work in its most insidious form.

Satan’s task is simple. He must prevent humanity from seeing the light. Any tactic is open to him. He can seduce humanity with riches, success, fame and sex. He can create religions that claim to say, “Love thy neighbour.” He can promote the family as the greatest good. You will frequently hear people saying that they will do anything for their family. And they will. They will lie, cheat, trample over others, stab others in the back, all to ensure that their family prospers. They don’t care that for their family to succeed it’s frequently the case that other families must fail.

Virtually no one would condemn parents for doing the best for their children, yet that is the basis of the power of the Old World Order. Rich parents buy advantages for their children, secure them the finest educations, the best jobs in the most powerful firms. They become the leaders of society, and members of self-serving secret societies such as the Freemasons. They become part of self-perpetuating dynasties that wield incredible power, generation after generation. And all in the name of a principle that most ordinary people actively applaud – putting the family first. The two most successful and Satanic political parties in the world are the Republicans in the USA and the Conservatives in the UK. Both promote family values and are staunch defenders of every aspect of the family, especially regarding the property rights of families.

Historian A.J.P. Taylor said, “If men are to respect each other for what they are, they must cease to respect each other for what they own.” That is the voice of Illumination. The voice of Satan whispers otherwise: property is the greatest good. Possess as many things as you can, the bigger and more expensive the better. Such is Satan’s seductive message. Humans, in the name of “good, noble and high” values will behave like monsters. In the name of good, evil triumphs.

No one should think of Satan as a fiery archon, standing at the edge of a blazing pit into which the damned, in an endless line, are being hurled. Satan himself created this image long ago to terrify superstitious people and make them submit to his dark will. If you go into Islamic schools, you will find teachers in hijabs, niqabs and burqas spending an inordinate amount of time telling impressionable children that if they obey the Koran they will go to paradise but if they disobey they will burn in hell for eternity. Imagine the impact that message has on young minds. Those images are branded forever on the imagination.

The same sort of teaching used to take place in Catholic schools. James Joyce wrote about it in all of its vivid horror in A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man. (An extract is provided at the bottom of this page to provide a flavour of the terrifying and disturbing nonsense to which children are often subjected in Satanic schools in every nation of the world.) But Catholicism is a faltering religion. It no longer has the strength to preach hellfire sermons. The western mind, increasingly, can’t take the concept of hell seriously. Many Christians, especially evangelical Protestants, still pay lip service to it, but the number shrinks every day. Hell is too far removed from Disneyland, political correctness, sitcoms, soap operas, Santa Claus and Coca Cola.

Satan can no longer use the crude weapon of hellfire in sophisticated societies. It still works with Islam because that is a particularly backward religion that still operates as though all Muslims are living in the year 600 CE with their prophet Mohammed. With Islam, time stops. Muslims complain that it’s a Jewish conspiracy that so many Jews have won Nobel prizes while so few Muslims have achieved any recognition. In fact, the real reason is that the Koran locks people into an ancient mindset entirely out of tune with the modern world.

Islamic nations are anti-science, anti-modernity, anti-progress. They believe that everything worth knowing was revealed in the Koran by God 1,400 years ago. As a result, they haven’t taken a step forward since that time and the only innovative Muslims are those who are highly westernised. Muslims want to be treated with intellectual respect even though they stopped thinking many centuries ago. They refuse to acknowledge the clear message of their religion: if every truth has already been announced in the Koran, a Muslim’s duty is simply to obey. There is no room for free thinking, no room for new ideas. Hence no Nobel prizes.

Why don’t Muslims face up to the truth rather than inventing anti-Jewish conspiracy theories? Whatever charges can be laid against Judaism, and there are many, one that definitely cannot be made is that it has made all Jews intellectually backward. It’s true that Orthodox Jews are as badly off intellectually as Muslims, but it’s undeniable that liberal Jews have furnished many of the finest minds and greatest ideas in human history.

Satan deliberately prevents the truth from being heard. At every turn, he obstructs the messengers of the True God, but the True God intends that it should be thus. It serves his divine plan. To see the truth through the camouflage of Satan’s seductive lies is humanity’s greatest challenge. The Holy Grail lies at the end of the path. Those who succeed in reaching knowledge of the True God’s great purpose will, necessarily, have overcome the greatest of obstacles to get there, and thereby demonstrated that they are worthy of the final revelations. Only the meritorious will be illuminated.

The Illuminati are advocates of meritocracy because, apart from its own intrinsic value, it attacks the bedrock of the Old World Order – nepotism. The Old World Order have arranged the world so that their nearest and dearest, their friends and allies, can secure all of the most powerful and best paid positions available. Blood ties and loyalty are the keys to the Old World Order. For “loyalty” read “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” Meritocracy, on the other hand, puts talent above family ties and above personal friendship and loyalty. Meritocracy is about giving everyone a chance regardless of their race, background, who they know, what school they went to, what secret society they belong to, which social circles they move in, which private clubs they frequent. In a meritocratic world, dynastic rule would end, and hence the rule of the Old World Order. To defeat the Old World Order means to deliver a shattering blow to the ultimate puppetmasters and their leader, Satan. It means to weaken the grip of evil over humanity.

A nation’s greatest resource is its people. Every one of them needs to be nurtured and the best in each brought out. The most talented should rise to the top of society, and their aim should be to try to raise up everyone else to higher and higher levels. The family, the powerbase of the Old World Order, is what holds back meritocracy. In a nation of families rather than individuals, the most powerful and wealthiest families serve their own interests rather than those of every citizen. Vast numbers of people fall by the wayside, dragging down the quality of the nation. The rich families don’t care because they simply build high walls and cut themselves off from the others. Their wealth insulates them against everything.

And if the leaders of a nation don’t care about the quality of the nation’s citizens, what hope is there for that nation? To build an equitable, meritocratic society, no one can be permitted to become too rich and powerful, to command a disproportionate level of resources, thereby depriving others. For the greedy, too much is never enough. Ours is the greediest era in history. Practically everyone is greedy. Who will stand up against the greedy? Who will call for the super-rich to be taxed out of existence? Will you? Or do you too dream of being super-rich? Satan’s most favoured children are the super-rich. Satan loves greed, the origin of so many of the world’s evils.

Where did evil come from? Who created it? Evil is not a religious concept, but rather a philosophical and psychological matter. Like everything else, it evolved.

So, how did Satan, the creator of evil, the Evil One himself, come into existence?

Excerpted, page 212

© The Illuminati’s Secret Religion