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Luglio 1st, 2018 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia
„Dante îi considera posesori ai celor mai rele suflete dintre toate. Aceștia erau „Ignavi” – cei neutri, leneși, apatici, oportuniști, cei ale căror singure Cauze erau cele proprii, cei care nu făceau vreodată un angajament față de nimic altceva în afara propriului interes.
Acești oameni au provocat un şoc în mintea medievală a lui Dante. Ce ar face el în lumea de astăzi, mai ales din SUA și Europa, unde Ignavi sunt acum mai mult sau mai puțin singurele persoane pe care le puteţi întâlni – oameni care s-au ataşat nemilos la lăcomia, egoismul și narcisismul lor … libertarieni, anarhiști, relativiști, subiectiviști, empiriciști, nihiliști, agnostici, capitaliști prădători și alţii asemenea. Oameni care disprețuiesc statul, societatea și guvernul și sunt interesați doar de propriile nevoi și dorințe. Oameni care resping adevărul absolut și obiectiv. Oamenii care cred că fiecare are calea proprie și propriul adevăr și că singurul lucru pe care trebuie să-l faci este să-ți asculți propria propagandă, propriile opinii și convingeri, interpretările tale proprii, propriile tale experiențe.
Aceasta a devenit acum poziția rasei umane care a asigurat ascensiunea irezistibilă a Omului Mediocru, cel mai patetic și individualist tip de persoană care se închină sieşi, care nu are absolut nimic de a da lumii în afară de mediocritate zdrobitoare, minciună și trivialitate. El este exemplul perfect al Efectului Dunning-Kruger. Nietzsche i-a numit pe acești conservatori de sine „Last Men” și i-a considerat produsul final al rasei umane, opusul total al Supermen-ului său.
Am intrat acum în Epoca Last Men. Social-Media este mijlocul lor de a-și răspândi peste tot gunoiul plictisitor, distrugând totul despre calitate, merit și excelență. Nu-i mai puteți auzi pe cei cu ceva semnificativ de spus din cauza zgomotului lipsit de sens al mediocrilor.
Omenirea este acum la o răscruce de drumuri. Suntem la Endgame. E timpul să alegeți o parte. Dacă doriți să evitați Vestibulul Iadului, trebuie să vă raliați în spatele unui banner și să-i dați totul, să-i dați inima și sufletul.
După cum a spus Nietzsche: “Oricine s-a angajat vreodată să construiască un nou Rai, a găsit puterea pentru asta în Iadul său”.

America’s Lost its Mind

Luglio 1st, 2018 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

We live in a media-saturated age with countless media outlets vying for our attention and support, peddling delusional ideologies all of which claim to give us that one objective perspective on the world. Everything is increasingly becoming viewed through subjective, biased lenses and, as a result, the truth has become obfuscated, buried, or all together lost. With the rise of social media and the internet, we have access to more and more opposing narratives, which calls the narrative of the status quo into question. The People are tired of being duped into buying propaganda that serves to disenfranchise them. No one seems to know who to trust anymore, and with good reason.

As a result, we’ve entered an age of severe paranoia and subjectivity. Which way is up and which way is down is no longer clear. The disenfranchised People, abandoning the whispers of the media’s grand narratives, have begun to search out and side with fringe groups, hoping to finally see the unadulterated truth, only to end up moving further and further away from it. People are taking it upon themselves to come to their own conclusions as to what is true, the issue is, they’re unequipped, lacking the critical thinking skills needed to come to proper conclusions and view the world from the objective perspective they so crave.

This is the world of fake news, flat earthers, conspiracy theorists, renewed right-wing religiosity, atheism, skepticism, nihilism, and New Agers. In 2018, anything goes. There is no longer any glue to bind us together. One person’s fact is another person’s opinion. Tension is rising, and everyone is increasingly at each other’s throats. Welcome to the Collapse of the Grand Narrative.

The term “Grand Narrative” was coined by French philosopher, sociologist, and literary theorist Jean François Lyotard. A Grand Narrative is an ideological super-structure that frames and serves as a point of reference for our ideas and experiences. In other words, they give meaning to our lives. An example of a Grand Narrative is Christianity. Christianity was the prevailing super-structure for over two thousand years. Everyone used it to put their entire lives in perspective. Any new idea, opinion or experience was conceived of in relation to this narrative.

So, how does a Grand Narrative function? Well, Grand Narratives act as limiters of variety. Simply put, they are ideological constants; they ground a people into a cohesive whole around one narrative, consciously or unconsciously blocking out anything opposed to it. Christianity, for all of its nausea-inducing tripe, “grounded” the Western world for over two thousand years. It trimmed back (more like massacred) any other ideological narrative that did not fit with it. This kept everything uniform and cohesive.

A good psychological analogy for a Grand Narrative are our personalities. Our personality, our phenomenal ego is a limiter of variety. Individuals who have gone through major psychological trauma can develop multiple personality disorder, or MPD. Sufferers of MPD can be said to have a damaged ego narrative and are therefore prone to their personality fracturing off into wildly different varieties. Treatment for MPD involves working with the patient to integrate their personalities, or at best getting them to cooperate.

By that same token, without a societal Grand Narrative in place, the collective psyche fractures into many different competing ideological factions all vying for power and control. If only Lyotard lived to see the rise of social media! Social media and the internet have acted as a megaphone for any and all ideologies to proclaim their narratives to the ends of the earth, encouraging all the crazies to come out of the woodwork.

Lyotard characterized modernity by a distrust of all Grand Narratives. Without a Grand Narrative, there will inevitably be a rise of smaller micro-narratives fighting to get adopted as we can see with flat earthers, or ancient alien conspiracy theorists, for example. The same principle is in effect during the collapse of a political regime. When a regime falls, there will always be other groups vying for power. The same is true with Grand Narratives and ideas in general. Right now, we have an excess of narrative varieties and no coherent reference point in which to frame them all.

How and why has this happened? The answer is simple. In a lecture, cyberneticist Stafford Beer, likened the stability of social systems to Le Chatilier’s Principle. Le Chatilier’s Principle states that if you induce a stress on a system in equilibrium (whether chemical, economic, or otherwise), the equilibrium will shift so as to relieve that stress. Now, typically these stresses are not very many and will upset the equilibrium only briefly, causing it to come to rest at a new state. However, if there are perturbations that come in at a rate faster than which the equilibrium is able to settle, the equilibrium is thrown off balance and unable to find a stable resting point.

What, you may ask, does this have to do with Grand Narratives? Well, after the rise of the internet and social media, we have had an explosive variety of ideas which have barraged our prevailing narratives causing them to oscillate this way and that way without coming to a state of equilibrium. So, like the sufferer of MPD, the Western psyche has fractured causing collective neurosis. What’s particularly pressing about this is that, since our collective narrative has been in a constant state of disequilibrium, we risk forgetting what equilibrium and stability are like. Our grounding reference point, our reality principle is fading from our collective mind. This is particularly clear in America.  A recent study by Pew Research center shows that only one quarter of U.S adults can fully tell the difference between fact and opinion in news stories.

What’s interesting is that oftentimes a Grand Narrative is so cunning, so ingrained into the minds of the People that we fail to recognize it. Amid all the chaos that surrounds us in 2018, could there be the true Grand Narrative operating in the background right under our noses? Something so common, so programmed into us to not even notice it? Like the air we breathe or the ground we walk on? Although religion is slowly losing its influence in the west, there is a narrative that ties us all together and that’s global predatory capitalism. You might be saying “capitalism is an economic system; how can it be a Grand Narrative?” Behind this economic system is a narrative based on a few ideas.

The narrative of capitalism goes like this: humans are inherently greedy and self-interested; therefore, greed and unbridled self-interest are virtues. This means idolize, worship, and strive to be like the rich and famous because the rich and famous are the pinnacle of human excellence, they are the gods walking among mere mortals. This means let the rich take and take until their pockets can’t get any fuller because, after all, they deserve it! Oh, and be satisfied with this because you’re a nothing, a nobody, and if you weren’t so lazy, or unmotivated, or whatever else, you’d be doing what they’re doing. But alas, you’re not, so get used to and even love your position in the pecking order. Piss or get off the pot, as they say.

When the Catholic church was at the pinnacle of its power, it told a similar narrative except the members of the church hierarchy were there because they had divine right to be there. Not so much anymore, yet the bare bones of this idea still stand. Likewise, capitalists in the 21stcentury say they deserve what they have and to top it off will spread the lie that you can have it all too if you try hard enough. But, how can you have a piece of the pie when the pie has already been divvied up and eaten? This narrative is all a giant trick, one big sleight of hand illusion grounded in nothing but blatant lies.

The real menacing thing about capitalism is it naturally cares about nothing but capital, so the more narratives that are out there for people tell themselves the better. Why? Well, there are more avenues to market and profit off of. The elite couldn’t give a fuck what ideas are popular, that’s how base these fuckers are. If a significant part of the population started believing in flat earth theory, you bet your ass they would start pandering to it. You’d see cheap little flat earth snow “globes” with an ice wall around it. For profit universities would start offering $2,000 classes on it teaching all their drivel. When all you care about is profit, nothing else matters.

The elite love that the People no longer know what’s up or down anymore. Our confusion is profitable to them; it creates niche markets. So, while many narratives have collapsed under the weight of the influx of new (and often crazy ideas) thanks to the internet and social media, it’s all fed right back into the true Grand Narrative of global capitalism. This toxic narrative must be dismantled. The lie must be subverted by the truth. We must come out of our hypnotic slumber and face objective reality.

Luckily, more and more people distrust the 1% rich elite. Their illusion is slowly slipping, and they know deep down their time is running out. Their latest and final tactic is to divide and conquer. Here we are squabbling over NASA flat earth cover ups, or secret Illuminati puppet masters while the true elites are never mentioned, rather they’re worshiped and admired! But, they’ve sowed the seeds of their own demise. Their last desperate attempt at controlled chaos will not end well.

What’s certain is that this can only end one of two ways: either a new narrative will eventually succeed establishing equilibrium, or we will remain in a state of instability, collapse and be superseded by a culture with a strong narrative. Either way, a new narrative will come to prominence, for better or for worse. The question is what narrative will succeed in swaying the hearts of the masses?

We’re not going to lie to you, Hyperianism seeks to implement a new Grand Narrative as part of our program for a New World Order. The NWO will be grounded in a healthy economic and sociopolitical narrative based on the highest reason: mathematics. This might scare many of you, and you have every right to be skeptical seeing how many times we’ve been fucked over or offered false promises. Keep in mind, though, that a new narrative will eventually take over, the question is what principles will this new narrative be based upon? Isn’t it time we based our society around objective reality rather than fabricated stories not based on reality? Objective reality is out there. Truth exists. The question is, do you know how to look for it and, most importantly, could you recognize it if you actually found it?

Hyperians are grounded in reality. We’ve found our way out of the sick and twisted labyrinth of the human mind with all of its delusions and backwards stories. The Hyperian mind has aligned with objective reality and seeks to use this knowledge to benefit society and the world at large. No more destructive lies and no more masters. Now, we don’t expect you to believe us. What we do want are open minds eager for the truth and we can guarantee that if you put in the time and effort to actually understand us, you will without a doubt come to the same conclusion. Per aspera, ad astra!