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The Prophets of Truth

Settembre 6th, 2019 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

The Prophets of Truth

Imagine that humanity’s only true religion has been protected by a small, secret group of people for many thousands of years. All the while, other religions have proliferated, proclaiming themselves “the truth” even though they are utterly false, and capturing millions and even billions in their webs of deceit.

Throughout history, all over the world, the adherents of the false religions have relentlessly hunted down the members of the true religion and tried to exterminate them. But the followers of the true religion have grown skilled at concealment. They have survived every persecution, and have managed to keep recruiting brilliant people – including some of the most famous thinkers and artists in history – who have kept the flame alive.

But why has the true religion failed so spectacularly in the face of the false prophets? Why has the truth struggled to be heard? Can there be anything more horrific than that billions of souls have perished believing in a message that is, in most cases, the opposite of the truth?

Excerpted, page 228

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