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The Illuminati Order

Settembre 28th, 2019 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

The Illuminati Order

There are only 6,000 members of the Illuminati: fewer than one in a million in a world population of some six and a half billion people. In a city like London, there are only eight members. Many people, when they imagine a secret society, picture something along the lines of Freemasonry, with Masonic lodges in every major town and regular meetings involving a large number of people. The Illuminati offer nothing of that kind. Meetings are infrequent. Special locations are selected for small gatherings and these change every year (they are always connected with locations across the world that have played critical and fateful parts in the history of the Illuminati). Many members have to expend a great effort in terms of travel, expense and their time to get to the chosen meeting place. The occasions are highly dramatic and spine tingling, as they must be when great religious mysteries are revealed.

The Illuminati Order is not something you “join” for the sake of joining, not something that exists to give you status or a secret identity to make you feel good about yourself, or to allow you to solve the “puzzle of life” in the manner of an amateur mathematician or a detective. Joining the Illuminati is a transformative experience. Neither money, status, celebrity, fame, prestige, nor any other of the “golden” attributes of our shallow, materialistic and consumerist society can secure a person admission to the Illuminati. Equally, many good and honourable people who have many of the right qualities we look for are also unable to join since they are simply not ready in terms of the criteria we apply.

This means that the Illuminati miss out on many talented people. The Illuminati have always got round this problem in the past by creating new secret societies and orders that are based on many, but not all, of the principles of the Illuminati. These other organisations have less restrictive admission criteria, recruit many more members and evolve in their own way.

Freemasonry was the creation of the Illuminati, but it must be emphasised that the Illuminati did not run Freemasonry. A few of the original Grand Masters were members of the Illuminati but because the number of Freemasons rapidly outstripped the total membership of the Illuminati, Freemasonry soon changed in character. “Undesirables” infiltrated it and the Illuminati lost control, with the disastrous consequences that are now apparent. Contemporary Freemasonry is an obscenity, a grotesque insult to the ideals on which it was founded. Whereas the original Freemasons were anti-establishment, determined to work against false religions, arrogant nobles and tyrannical kings, modern Masons are the central pillars of the oppressive regimes they once opposed. Freemasonry has been turned on its head.

The Illuminati have thought long and hard about why Freemasonry failed so spectacularly and became the primary weapon of the Old World Order to maintain its power, wealth and privileges indefinitely. Can something along the lines of the original vision of Freemasonry be reborn, without falling victim to the same dismal fate?

The Illuminati have decided that the time has come for a new attempt, an addition to the historical “Illuminati Network” that has been described elsewhere on this site, one that has learned from all the problems and flaws of the past, one that, most importantly of all, relies on you. This is your chance to be part of the great chain of history, part of the age-old resistance to the Old World Order, part of the great endeavour to build the utopia humanity has always craved. (The Old World Order is not vast. Like the Illuminati, it has only about 6,000 members – that’s all that stands between the world and freedom.)

The new secret society will be given the simplest and broadest possible name: the Movement. This will be a secret society like no other because you will be responsible for its creation and even its secrets. It will be an internet-based, grassroots movement designed to demonstrate the incredible creativity and brilliance of ordinary people. It will be based on the concept of “crowdsourcing”: using an army of volunteers, interacting and cooperating with one another, to provide the answer to a problem. (Wikipedia is a classic example.) Crowdsourcing can unleash the power of the people. Men and women from all walks of life and all disciplines can collaborate to solve seemingly intractable problems. More often than not, they pour their hearts, souls and time into solving the problems. They show remarkable creativity and innovation. Wondrous, unexpected results can emerge…the most powerful alchemy imaginable.

Many people on YouTube spend days and weeks perfecting humorous little projects to entertain their friends. Instead of “having a laugh”, why don’t they put the same energy and passion into changing the world and overthrowing the Power Elite?

Above all else, the Illuminati wish to release the limitless potential of the people in a huge outpouring of breathtaking creativity. And from that process, humanity’s collective divine spark will be liberated.

The Movement consists of four interrelated elements covering religion, politics, activism and psychology.

Excerpted, page 337

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