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The Movement (2)

Ottobre 3rd, 2019 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

The Movement

2) A New Politics

The Meritocracy Party is the political wing of the Illuminati. For further information see the sister site of this one: www.meritocracy.org.uk. (The person responsible for most of the articles on the meritocracy site was recruited by the Illuminati on the strength of several items he posted on the internet which showed a remarkable intuitive grasp of many of the Illuminati’s core teachings.) This site contains a critique of many aspects of the Old World Order’s social order. Meritocracy is the system that will replace the Old World Order’s rancid democracy – government of the people by the Power Elite for the Power Elite.

Can you improve the meritocratic model? Can you devise a political constitution, a political vision that will astound the world?

The Old World Order’s democracy is accompanied by free market capitalism as its economic implementation – designed to ensure that a small number of people control the vast majority of the world’s wealth and power. Meritocracy will be based on an entirely new economic system where no one can become disproportionately wealthy. It will rely on the new field of behavioural economics i.e. economics based on human psychology rather than on abstract equations divorced from human behaviour. Many ideas are suggested on the meritocracy website. Can you provide new, fresh thinking?

The Venus Project described in Zeitgeist: Addendum is a utopian, transformational vision of society that seeks to leave behind profit-driven capitalist economics. Can you produce something to rival it?

Meritocracy, like Illuminism, is all about treating every person as infinitely precious. Everything should be done to ensure that each and every person is treated with respect and is afforded the best possible chance in life. Meritocracy should seek to identify what every individual is good at and passionate about, and actively steer them in the direction where their merits shine the brightest. At the moment, most of us are left to rot. We leave school, college and university with little sense of what we are best at and what makes us tick. Why?Because the Power Elites couldn’t care less about us and what we do or don’t like and what talents we do or don’t have. All they care about is that we should comply with their system and pose no threat to them.

The basic family unit should be extended to a greater “community” family – where local communities are responsible for ensuring that every child, no matter if it’s from a privileged or dysfunctional family, is given full community support and is fully nurtured and given the opportunity to maximise its potential.

Anyone who supports the current family model is in effect saying that the elite dynastic families, those that comprise the Power Elite, those taking maximum advantage of privilege, should be allowed to dictate the shape and leaders of the future. This can never be right.

Every generation should be as free as possible from the influence of previous generations. Every generation, as far as possible, should start afresh. It is always wrong for financial advantages to be passed on by the rich to their offspring, and simultaneously denied to the offspring of ordinary families.

Life should be a level playing field. Everyone should start from the same starting line. No one should be permitted to rig the game of life in their favour. The Old World Order’s entire game plan is to ensure that they manipulate the system to allow them and their descendants to rule in perpetuity.

Objective: for Meritocracy to replace Democracy.

Excerpted, page 341

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