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The Movement (3)

Ottobre 4th, 2019 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

The Movement

3) A New Psychology

The great unspoken truth of the world is that it is entirely based on psychology. The current dominant psychological paradigm of the world is the one devised by the Old World Order to legitimise and facilitate their rule. It is a master-slave psychology where everyone is fitted into a power and status hierarchy, and those at the top dominate everyone below. It is a pyramid structure. An entirely new psychology is needed: a Round Table where no one dominates anyone else.

The world should be managed according to a psychological paradigm where self-esteem, happiness, aspiration, and personal fulfilment are given primacy, rather than the current economic one where money, capitalism, materialism and consumerism constitute the dominant ideology of our age. Capitalist economics is a master-slave ideology – those with most capital dominate everyone else.

The masters are subjects and the slaves are objects. The Round Table psychology paradigm is about treating everyone as an individual worthy of the highest respect, and where there are no masters and no slaves. The most meritorious rise to the top in society, but they are not driven by the need to dominate others and they do not seek massive, disproportionate rewards.

Can you flesh out the Round Table psychological paradigm that, instead of favouring the Old World Order, is designed to ensure that each and every person is given the maximum opportunity to find personal fulfilment? The new paradigm should be informed by the well-known psychological models for categorising different types of people: Myers-Briggs personality types, Enneagrams (deriving from the Ancient Egyptians and Pythagoras), the Four Humours of Hippocrates, Sheldon’s Somatypes, and the Belbin team roles.

More information can be found here: http://intj.mbti.human-types.com/

(If you have read most of the pages on this website you will almost certainly fall into the Myers-Briggs categories of “INTJ” or “INTP”. In a subsequent article, we will show how everything can be interpreted according to Myers-Briggs personality types: history, nations, philosophy, advertising, political parties, art, religion…)

This wing of the Movement will be referred to as the “Psy” Faction and its purpose is to bring about the psychological transformation of the world.

The Psy Faction should be all about carrying out the programme of Illuminism and Meritocracy: treating us all as priceless individuals and finding exactly what motivates us and what we’re best at.

The Demiurge is the master of psychology of the lowest common denominator but we can attain that of a higher truth: the highest common factor.

Objective: to replace the Old World Order’s master-slave pyramid psychology with Meritocracy’s Round Table psychology.

Excerpted, page 342

© The Illuminati’s Secret Religion

Artwork by Jake Beech

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