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The Movement (5)

Ottobre 6th, 2019 Posted in Dacia Iluministă
The Movement seeks to introduce a new global religion, a new global political system, a new global economic model, a new global psychology, a new global radicalism…in short, a New World Order.

The future comes in the shape of a society that resembles that of Star Trek: a meritocracy where technology has brought an end to the traditional economics of the Old World Order. There is no money in Star Trek; no one needs it. There are no super-rich people. There is no mindless celebrity culture and no consumerist mentality. Each person strives to be personally fulfilled, and society is set up to help everyone achieve their personal goals. There is no religious fanaticism, no people bowing, kneeling, praying and demanding that all the infidels who disagree with them should be consigned to hell.

Isn’t that a future worth striving for?

You can help to make it happen. You have the power, the intelligence, the creativity, the energy. You have probably always wanted to do something great, to make a difference. This is your chance. The Movement is not a fixed entity set in stone. It is something that you yourself can shape. You can create it in your image if you have the will, the merit, the ability to charm and persuade others. Your time has come. There are no excuses left.

First step:

Make contact with people in your vicinity. Create the seeds of a secret society in your local town.

We recommend that people place a message on Craigslist, Gumtree, Facebook etc.

It could be worded as:

Transforming ourselves and the world – a secret project for seekers. Are you fascinated by the Holy Grail, interested in conspiracy theories and secret societies, disillusioned with conventional religions and governments? Are you seeking a higher truth? I’m looking to meet up with people who are on a quest to improve themselves and the world. If we don’t do anything, nothing will ever change. Get in touch if you’re interested.

Or come up with your own message.

In an ideal world, the Movement would crop up in towns and cities all over the world, each “cell” doing its own thing. Eventually different cells could link up and compare their different ways of doing things. Would cells in Texas be different from ones in New England, ones in America be different from ones in Britain, ones in the West be different from ones in the East?The Movement should evolve and grow ever more refined – like base metal being gradually turned into gold.

It is a grassroots movement. No money is involved. You can be part of changing the world. One day the Old World Order will wake up and realise that they are too late to save themselves. They will discover that the Movement has arisen everywhere, and they are surrounded with no escape channels. Their tyranny and reign of terror will at last be over and humanity can become what it always had it in it to be: the True God’s dazzling reflection.

The Last Bling King, freely downloadable from this site, describes a popular uprising to overthrow the super rich and celebrities. It’s a direct response to Ayn Rand’s notorious and poisonous novel Atlas Shrugged in which the super-rich go on strike to force the ordinary people to worship them and give them everything they want without any interference or regulation (precisely the mentality that gave rise to the current financial disaster). In The Last Bling King, the ordinary people refuse to do anything on behalf of the super rich and celebrities in order to show these arrogant monsters once and for all that they have nothing and they are nothing without the cooperation of ordinary men and women. A secret group called The League for the Liberation of Nobodies leads the people’s resistance.

The Millionaires’ Death Club, also downloadable from this site, provides an insight into the workings of an elite, English, OWO secret society similar to the Skull and Bones in America.

Prohibition A describes a secret society run by the American intelligence services, and designed to extend their power to every corner of the world.

Ideas can be taken from all of these regarding how to shape your own secret society – a benign and altruistic one – to change the world for the better.

The Movement can transform the world. The Movement is the voice of the people, expressed via crowdsourcing. The Power Elite will play no part in it. The Movement will replace the Old World Order with a New World Order based on values that the people have chosen.

The Movement will be a meritocracy. The most effective cells of the Movement will spread virally, while the least effective will wither and die. The Movement is evolution in action. Can the Movement reach an earthly Omega Point where humanity has reached perfect understanding of itself?

Humanity is being held back by the greed and selfishness of the Old World Order. The current “purpose” of the world is to serve the needs of the Old World Order. The human race is crying out for something higher, nobler, more meaningful.

The Movement can deliver the very best of which humanity is capable, and of which you are personally capable. Change yourself and change the future via the Movement.

And those who prove the most creative and meritorious members of the Movement are the ones who are likely to be invited to join the Illuminati, as was always done in the past with all of the other groups founded by the Illuminati.

This is your chance. So, will you take it?

Excerpted, page 343

© The Illuminati’s Secret Religion

Artwork by Nick Marci

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