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Dicembre 25th, 2019 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

by Jack Gerhardt (with illuminist conclusions)

Mohammed was the supreme master of complete war and has had no equal to this day. His understanding of the use of force was sophisticated and subtle. Physical violence was only a small part of his understanding of war. That is why comparisons make him superior to military men such as Julius Caesar. Other military geniuses established empires, but none of them had a process for war and empire that lasted for fourteen-hundred years and is still going strong. Mohammed’s profound insight was not simply the waging of physical war but of waging war of the mind, emotions, culture, politics, and religion. There is no aspect of being human that Mohammed did not use for war. Money, salvation, sex, culture, religion, destiny, family, immigration, legal codes, government, power, deceit, racial pride, tribalism, community, fear, propaganda, diplomacy, spy-craft, philosophy, ethics, and psychology were all used for jihad. Jihad was not holy war but complete and total civilizational war.

Sharia is based on the principles found in the Koran and other Islamic religious/political texts. There are no common principles between American law and Sharia.
Under Sharia law:
• There is no freedom of religion
• There is no freedom of speech
• There is no freedom of thought
• There is no freedom of artistic expression
• There is no freedom of the press
• There is no equality of peoples—a non-Muslim, a Kafir, is never equal to a Muslim
• There is no equal protection under Sharia for different classes of people. Justice is dualistic, with one set of laws for Muslim males and different laws for women and non-Muslims.
• There are no equal rights for women
• Virgin testing
• Women can be beaten
• A non-Muslim cannot bear arms
• There is no democracy, since democracy means that a non-Muslim is equal to a Muslim
• Our Constitution is a man-made document of ignorance, jahiliyah, that must submit to Sharia
• Non-Muslims are dhimmis, second-class subjects
• All governments must be ruled by Sharia law
• Unlike common law, Sharia is not interpretive, nor can it be changed
• There is no Golden Rule


• Islam is based upon two principles—submission and duality. All of the world’s civilizations, cultures and political systems must submit to Islam.
• Duality means that Islam always divides everything in two. It also holds two contradictory positions on nearly every topic. Even though the ideas contradict, they are both true.
• Submission means that Islam must dominate all aspects of humanity. Art, literature, education, customs, food, law and every other aspect of being a human must be done in the way of Islam.

Selections from the Koran

• Islamic Paradise is a garden of fleshly pleasures.
• There are creatures, similar to spirits, called jinns that populate the earth.
• Allah determines all things, including whether a person becomes a Muslim. Allah creates some men for Hell.
• Violence is common in the Koran. • The Koran contradicts itself but has rules for dealing with the contradictions.
• Allah is to be feared, not loved.


• Islamic ethics are dualistic. Islam has one code for believers and a second ethical code for Kafirs. The term Kafir is dualistic, since the Kafir is the “other”. Jihad and slavery all have an Islamic ethical code.
• A Muslim is a brother only to other Muslims. A Muslim is honest with other Muslims and may deceive Kafirs. There is an Islamic word for sacred deception, taqiyya.
• Killing a Kafir is not a serious charge in Islamic law. Theft and murder are acceptable in Islam.

Slaves and slavery

Slave is a positive term in Islam. All Muslims are the slaves of Allah.
• Slavery is based upon a detailed ethical code. It is a sin for a slave to escape a Muslim master. Slaves may be used for sex.
• Mohammed was involved in every aspect of the slave culture. Islam has taken slaves from every culture. Islam was the basis of the African slave trade and have enslaved Europeans for centuries.
• Christians act as dhimmis on the subject of slavery.
Having sex with your female slaves is a moral good.
• A married slave can be used for sex.
• The captives of jihad can be used for sex.
• Mohammed always got the pick of the captives to be used for sex.
•The marriage of the captive woman is annulled, as per the above Koran verse.
• Don’t rape a pregnant slave. Wait until she has delivered.
•Mohammed was surrounded by slaves all of his life.
• Mohammed, the white man, owned many slaves, including black slaves.
• Slaves played a part in every aspect of Mohammed’s life, including building his pulpit. • Mohammed bought and sold slaves in both retail and wholesale lots.
• Sex slaves were part of Mohammed’s harem. • Mohammed gave slaves as gifts and received them as gifts.


• Islam’s dualism manifests in how women must submit to men. Women can be beaten, but in an Islamic way. Women are spiritually and mentally inferior to men. It takes the testimony of two women to equal that of a man.
• The Islamic law, the Sharia, lays out the proper way to beat the wife.
•Don’t have sex with a woman who is having her period.
• Sharia laws concerning women are the rule of law in Islamic families.
• Islam was the first civilization to provide and guarantee women’s rights.
• Mohammed gave the world the perfect example of how women are protected in Islam. • Muslim women are treasured and as treasures must be protected from the evils of the kafir world.
• The rights of Muslim women come from Allah.
•These rights are for muslim women, not Kafir women

The Dhimmi

• Mohammed attacked the Jews of Khaybar. After crushing them, he created the status of dhimmi for the Jews. They lost all of their wealth, but remained to work on the land. They paid half of all they made each year as a tax. Islam became the complete political ruler of the dhimmi.
• Later, when Islam conquered the Christians, the dhimmi status became codified. All of the public space and legal system was Islamic. The Christians had only their homes and church buildings as their space. Dhimmis had almost no legal rights and could not testify in court against a Muslim.
• Over a 1400 year old period, Islamic jihad has killed over 270,000,000 Kafirs.


• Koranic doctrine: Jesus was a Muslim prophet who could do miracles through Allah. Jesus was born of Mary by virgin birth. He was not crucified but taken up to Paradise. The Christian Trinity is God, Jesus and Mary. The Gospels are corrupt and in error.
• The Koran says: The only true Christians are those who accept Mohammed as the prophet of Christianity. Christians must accept the political domination of Islam.


At first Mohammed used the Old Testament to “prove” that he was a real prophet, just like Moses, Noah and the others. When Mohammed moved to Medina, which had many Jews, trouble with the Jews started. The Jews said that Mohammed was not a prophet in the line of the Jews.
• After arguing with the Jews, Mohammed turned his jihad on them. He systematically annihilated all three tribes of Jews. He took all of the wealth of the first two tribes and then he exiled them. He killed all of the men of the third tribe and sold the women and children into slavery.


• Jihad was developed by Mohammed in Medina, where he turned to politics and war.
• Jihad started as raids on the Meccans. It then progressed into open war. The nature of the Koran changed from religious to political. It became a basis for war against all Kafirs.
• Mohammed won his first battle at Badr and then lost his next battle. After that, he never lost. He entered Mecca by conquest ten years after he left.
• The Koran says all Muslims are to take part in jihad, to the extent of their abilities. The Hadith is filled with the rules of jihad.

The basics of Islam

• The Koran is what Mohammed says are the words of Allah. Many of the stories from the Old Testament are retold to support the Islamic belief that Mohammed is the last in the line of Jewish prophets and other prophets of Allah.
• The Koran defines who Allah is. Allah is to be feared, not loved. Allah determines all that happens and hates the unbelievers.
• The Hadith contains the details of how Mohammed is the model Muslim in all that he did and said. The Sira contains his entire life story.
• There is both a religious Islam and a political Islam.


Islam is based entirely upon Mohammed. The easiest and surest way to know Islam is to study Mohammed’s life and words.
• Mohammed was born in Mecca 1400 years ago. He was an orphan who became a business man. At about 40 years of age he started to have visions and hear voices. The voice told him that he was a prophet of Allah. He began to tell others of his message from Allah. After 13 years the Meccans ran him out of town and he moved to Medina.
• In Medina he became a politician and war leader. He developed jihad, sacred violence for Allah. Over the next 10 years Mohammed crushed his enemies and became the first ruler of all Arabia.
• We know the smallest details of the way he ate, his anger, his appearance and even his family life.

Tears of Jihad

• Jihad has killed over 60,000,000 Christians. • Islam attacked the Christians of Smyrna in 1922. It was an annihilation that took place as the Americans and Europeans stood aside.

Sharia in America today

• On September 11, 2001 jihadists attacked and destroyed the World Trade Center in New York. This atrocity was in compliance with the doctrine of jihad found in the Sharia law. The attack was a political action motivated by a religious mandate for endless jihad.
• Textbooks in America must be approved by Islamic groups. This is in accordance with Sharia law.
• American employers and schools are met with demands for time and space to do Islamic prayer. These demands are based on Sharia law.
• The American banking system is becoming Islamicized with Sharia financing. The banking system is becoming Sharia compliant in financial law, but is ignorant about the totality of Sharia law.
• Universities are asked to provide sexually segregated swimming pools and other athletic facilities for Muslim women.
• Hospitals are being sued for not providing Sharia compliant treatment.
• College courses at the college level do not use critical thinking regarding the history and doctrine of Islam. Under Sharia nothing about Islam may be criticized.
• American prisons are a stronghold of Islamic proselytizing and jihadi recruitment.
• Workplaces are being made Islamic worship sites through special rooms and time off to pray. This is in accordance to Sharia law.
• Islamic refugees bring all of their wives for welfare and medical treatment to America. American authorities will not act—even when presented with evidence. Polygamy is included in the Sharia.
• Wars were fought in Iraq and Afghanistan to implement constitutions whose first article is the supremacy of Sharia law.

Music, song and dance
• Flutes, stringed instruments and the like are condemned
•no drums
• Those who listen to singers will have their ears filled with lead on Judgment day
• Songs create hypocrisy

Tears of Jihad
THE TEARS OF JIHAD Here are the approximate deaths due to jihad over the last 1400 years
Christians 60 million
Hindus 80 million
Buddhists 10 million
African slave jihad 120 million
Total 270 million

My compilation of text is written by Bill Warner, the founder of the Center of Study of Political Islam and author of several books teaching the West what we weren’t taught.

The drawing of the prophet Mohammed is drawn by right wing Netherlands politician Geert Wilders who wanted to do a drawing contest in honor of slain cartoonist Charlie Hebdo. A radical immam in Pakistan threatened the Netherlands with nuclear bombs (if he had access to them) if Mr. Wilders did not cancel the cartoon contest. The contest was canceled, but Mr. Wilders said, “it doesn’t matter, I still exposed your barbarism”.

The Regressive Left destroy Christianity while embracing Islam (Multiculturalism) and The Right use Islam to enforce Christianity i.e. their Power. Both are WRONG!!!

Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: unul sau mai mulţi oameni

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