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agosto 27th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă


We receive emails from various Christians, Jews and Muslims in which they accuse us of being Satan worshippers. The truth is the opposite. The “People of the Book”, as they like to describe themselves, are the ones who kneel to Satan. Below we present the case for the prosecution against the People of the Book. Isn’t it time to think again? The True God hasn’t abandoned you. You have abandoned yourselves.

The Prosecution of the People of the Book

So, shall we start at the beginning, with the Jews? What are their claims to the truth? Isn’t it a fact that present-day Palestine is the anvil upon which the whole world is being hammered? More than half of the world’s population – the Christians and the Muslims – are at each other’s throats because a few million Jews think that a Hebrew God no one else believes in promised them a barren, parched piece of land already populated by others. Surely, it wasn’t so difficult for the “all-powerful” Jehovah to find a beautiful piece of land with no one in it, a promised land that didn’t automatically result in conflict. Why didn’t he?
According to their own Bible, the Jews violently seized the land from the Canaanites, so why would they feel any guilt about stealing it a second time from the Palestinians? And don’t forget, the Palestinians are the direct descendants of the Philistines who lived in ancient Palestine, so no one can deny the legitimacy of their claim to their own land. The truth is the Israelis are a people born in violence, who have no compunction about using violence to get what they want. How can they complain about becoming the targets of others’ violence? They’re a nation of the damned, servants of the Demiurge – his Chosen People no less – condemned in perpetuity to a living hell.

The Jews are forever blaming others for their misfortunes, forever demanding that others change. Has it never occurred to them that they’re the ones at fault, they’re the ones who need to change? Who needs Judaism? Six billion people live happily without it. The Jews are a dinosaur people. Their adherence to their God has become merely perverse, a deliberate act of provocation. Their religion died so long ago no one can remember the date to put on the tombstone. Why do they refuse to bury it?They’re in thrall to Satan, that’s why. The damned can never move on. They’re stuck forever like spiders in amber.

The Jews resemble Latin – a fascinating language with a great and rich history, but utterly dead. Latin is a language for scholars, and is now nothing but a collection of dusty books in museums. That’s the best Judaism can hope for – a place in a museum. It’s a pointless religion, an historical footnote, and nothing else.

According to the Jews, Jehovah was forever intervening on their behalf. There he was sending ten plagues to Egypt to liberate them, parting the Red Sea for them, destroying Pharaoh’s army, sending Manna from heaven, releasing water from a rock, talking from a burning bush, promising a homeland to them, helping to destroy all of the people who lived there, talking directly to their leaders on a daily basis. On hundreds of life-or-death occasions, he was there for them. In fact, he actually allowed himself to be carried around in a box by the Jews. The Ark of the Covenant they called it, their portable container for God.

And then, suddenly, the Ark was gone and Jehovah simply wasn’t there for the Jews any more. The Babylonians destroyed Solomon’s Temple, the Romans razed the Second Temple to the ground, and the Jews were scattered across the world. There were pogroms against them in practically every country. They were forced to wear badges identifying themselves. No one liked them, everyone shunned and despised them. Why did Jehovah never help them through all of the many persecutions they suffered? Then came the attempt at a Final Solution of the “Jewish problem”. Where was Jehovah then? He intervened continuously in the days of Moses, so why not in the death camps? Why so silent all of a sudden? Why so still? Dead, perhaps? But gods can’t die, can they?

Surely the blindest, most stupid Jew can’t avoid the obvious conclusion – their own God has turned his back on them. They’re a forsaken race: the abandoned, the rejected, the Wandering Jews.

In the here and now, can there be a more perverse religion than Judaism? Even if they believe their God still exists, what possible point could there be in worshipping him? He stopped loving them long ago. He never raises a finger to help. He lets them suffer hell on earth. Only a sick people could go on worshipping a God who hates them. What more does he need to do to show he has rejected them? If he wiped out the entire Jewish Race bar one, you can be certain that lone survivor would stand up, brush himself down, go to the Wailing Wall and start up the nonsense all over again. There is nothing the Jews won’t accept from their Jehovah. If a religion has no end-point; no point at which its believers finally give up because their beliefs have brought them nothing but disaster, how can it be distinguished from insanity? The Jews would rather live in hell than turn their back on Jehovah, and their wish has surely come true.

A Jewish intellectual – and they are an astonishingly intelligent people when they’re thinking straight – rightly argued that the only thing keeping the Jewish faith alive was anti-Semitism. If Jehovah had abandoned the Jews, would it stop them from worshipping him? They couldn’t give up. Not ever. They’d stand in front of the Wailing Wall and keep wailing, louder than ever, with more feeling, more longing, more love. They could never admit they were wrong, never permit the anti-Semites the victory they’ve pursued so relentlessly for so long. For any Jew to deny Judaism is to murder the Holocaust victims all over again, to repeat all the persecutions of the past, to bow in front of their tormentors and admit they were right all along.

Were you one of Goebbels’ speech writers in an earlier life? The Jews are just ordinary people trying to worship their God. They don’t want to harm anyone and they don’t want anyone to harm them. Why should they be forbidden from living where their ancestors lived? Why should they be reviled for believing in their God? They didn’t march anyone into death camps – it was done to them. They are the victims.

The eternal victims, perhaps? Haven’t they become tired of it yet, sickened? Why do they insist on struggling on? They must detest all the rest of us to have so much conviction that they’re right and we’re all wrong. Do they think we’re stupid, crazy? The Nazis called themselves the herrenrasse, the master race, but they had nothing on the Jews. Who can compare with the Chosen People? When you call yourselves that, you’re immediately declaring that all the others are the unchosen people, the untermenschen, the subhumans rejected by Jehovah.

That’s not what Chosen People means. God chose the Jews for a special task. It wasn’t about being elevated above others.

‘No? Keep telling yourself that. Maybe one day you’ll believe it. Nietzsche said about the Chosen People: “The Jews are the most remarkable nation of world history because faced with the question of being or not being, they preferred, with a perfectly uncanny conviction, being at any price.” That’s right, isn’t it? Long after it became absurd to be Jewish, the Jews refused to abandon their Jewishness. Why is that? Why do they insist on being Jewish no matter the price? Sheer perversity?

They’re no different from anyone else. They won’t abandon their identity. Not for you, not for the Nazis, not for anyone. No matter how much you persecute them, they’ll never go away.

So, they exist only to spite others? Their religion isn’t an act of affirmation, it’s not a celebration of truth or joy. It’s just grim defiance, the final two-fingered salute to everyone else. Here we are, and we’re never going away, huh? No one likes us and we don’t care.

They won’t disappear just because you want them to.

Time will tell.

Now what about Islam? That’s even harder to swallow than Judaism. An illiterate tribesman goes into a mountain cave. The Angel Gabriel appears to him and recites the verses of the Koran, instructing the tribesman to memorise them. The tribesman returns home and gets his literate companions to write down what Gabriel told him. The resulting words are called the Koran. Not for one moment are we to imagine that these are the tribesman’s words, or Gabriel’s. No, they’re the undiluted, unambiguous, unarguable words of Allah.

But things don’t go smoothly. There’s much conflict and many people won’t accept the Koran. So, the tribesman goes back to the cave and again the Angel Gabriel appears and gives him some additional verses. The tribesman takes these back to his community and they are mostly well received, until someone points out that they completely contradict the original verses. So, these are then called the Satanic Verses, and the Angel Gabriel who appeared on the second occasion is now recognised as Satan, trying to deceive the poor tribesman.

Muslims find this tale entirely credible, but no one else does. If you raise the possibility that maybe the first appearance of Gabriel was the Satanic part of the equation, or suggest that Gabriel didn’t appear at all, and all that really happened was that a few men went into a cave and wrote down a few rules about how they thought people should live their lives, you might become detached from your head. There’s no room for doubt in Islam, no possibility of debate. They’re the touchiest people on earth. Draw a cartoon of their Prophet and they’ll kill you; write a novel featuring their prophet and they’ll kill you; make a film about the role of women in Islam and they’ll kill you. Of course, they never consider that the true cause of their suffering is their religion. Like the Jews, they refuse to face the obvious.

Muslims saw off the heads of anyone who disagrees with them. Their “moral police” hang sixteen-year-old-girls for having sex. They mutilate thieves, behead adulterers, stone homosexuals to death. Is this religion or pathology? Shouting Allahu Akbar as loudly as they can doesn’t make their religion any more credible. Because they’re desperate for their religion to be true, it becomes true for them, despite the lack of a shred of evidence. That’s what belief is: accepting something as true without any evidence. Some people think their faith is actually evidence. What would you prefer? – to think there are seventy virgins waiting for you in Paradise or that there are no virgins waiting for you anywhere, there’s no Paradise and if you blow yourself up in the name of your God, all you’re doing is turning yourself into atoms in the name of nothing. Fantasy or truth – make your choice.

They cling to their errors like drowning men reaching for lifebelts as they strap their martyrdom bomb-belts round their waists, as they cut off the heads of their enemies in the name of their god of peace. Islam means “submission” they tell you. If you don’t submit to Allah, they’ll kill you. That’s the true meaning of Jihad. It’s the struggle to kill all the infidels who don’t bow to Allah. The martyrs of Jihad have been so successful that Crusader armies now control two Islamic countries. If the Jihadists continue to meet with the same success in their glorious struggle, there soon won’t be a single free Islamic country left on earth. The foreign policy of the madhouse?

This religion is the worship of homicide. In paradise, apart from all the virgins hanging around waiting for the next batch of suicide bombers, all the heads of the infidels, dripping with fresh blood, are placed on great spikes around the walls so that Allah and all his followers can delight in the destruction of the infidel. Paradise, or an abattoir? “We love death more than you love life,” they gleefully chant. “We will build a ladder to Allah made of our enemies’ skulls.”

To all those Muslims getting enraged as they read these words, and reaching for their guns, bombs and swords, do they think it is a benign god of peace, love and compassion putting those thoughts in their heads, or a violent, evil god of pain, war and slaughter? Isn’t the latter Satan? Before they don their martyrs’ red headbands, they should bear in mind that no good god would ever accept the bloodstained hand of a murderer. But Satan would.

Christians are in no position to criticise, of course. They’re so steeped in blood that they often seem like some kind of vampire race. Their holiest image is of a tortured, bleeding man dying on a cross. Their holiest ceremonies commemorate and sanctify blood.

You hear Christians bleating on about what a crime the Holocaust was and yet, according to their Christian faith, every Jew automatically goes to hell because they rejected Jesus Christ.

It shouldn’t have been the Nazis who were on trial at Nuremberg, it should have been Christianity in the dock, facing the death penalty. All that Goering had to say to defend himself was that every good Christian believes that all Jews are destined for hell because they’ve denied Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. What could it possibly matter if the Nazis sent them there a little earlier? How could a prosecutor who believed that the Jews were damned in the next world raise a single word of protest against those who damned them in this? The degree of nauseating, self-serving moralising of those prosecutors takes the breath away. The Christian judges who pronounced sentence on the Nazi leaders were the true monsters.

The Nazi gas chambers were nothing compared with hell – a place of infinite and never-ending suffering – yet those who abhorred the death camps didn’t abhor the idea that all the Jews who died in the camps were certain to go to hell. How can anyone shed a tear about men, women and children being turned to smoke in the Nazi crematoria while simultaneously believing in a religion which says that those same victims go straight to the eternal crematoria of hell? From an earthly hell to actual hell.

Don’t you think the Christian prosecutors at Nuremberg should themselves have been put on trial for their belief that every Jew automatically goes to hell? How could they possibly condemn the Nazis for merely accelerating the process? The extermination camps were the logical product of Christianity, Christianity with the mask removed, the hypocrisy abandoned, the beast fully exposed. If Nazism was guilty, so was Christianity. In fact, why wasn’t God himself on trial at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity? No one is more responsible for violence than he is. How many billions have been slaughtered in his name? No one in their right mind could call him a friend of peace, harmony and love.

Extra ecclesiam nulla salus means outside the church there’s no salvation. That’s the official position of the Catholic Church. There are only Catholics in heaven, in other words. Hell is where everywhere else goes, including unbaptised babies, including the aborted foetuses that Catholics spend so much time bleating about. What kind of morality pleads for the life of a foetus yet sends that foetus to hell if it isn’t baptised Catholic? Not that Protestants are any better. They say that anyone who hasn’t established a direct and personal relationship with their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is damned. Naturally, that includes babies. As for the more extreme Protestants, the Presbyterians, they believe in predestination – the bizarre concept that from the moment we’re conceived the vast majority of us are either elected to be saved by God’s divine will or damned to hell by that same will, and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. Hardly much point in getting up in the morning, huh?

And what about the Christian judgement on Islam? Read Dante’s Inferno. The Prophet Mohammed is in the eighth circle of hell, cleaved in two from chin to fundament, with his guts spilling out. According to Christianity, as soon as any Muslim dies that person immediately joins their Prophet in hell.
Naturally, the Muslims believe that Mohammed isn’t in hell. Hell, in fact, is full of Christians, Jews and all the other infidels.

And what of the Jews? They believe that Christians are believers in a False Messiah, an Antichrist. The Christians aren’t the new Chosen People. They’re the hell-bound people. Can the Jews be in any way surprised that some Christians want to give them a taste of what the Jews think is in store for the Christians?

That’s not what the Jews believe about hell. They hardly mention hell at all in their holy books. We have the Book of Moses in our possession. This describes exactly what Jehovah said to Moses when the prophet disappeared on the summit of Mount Sinai for forty days. It’s the most savage book you could ever imagine. Jehovah is revealed in his true colours. The Anti-God, God through a glass darkly. An inversion, a perversion, a black hole from which light, hope and truth can never emerge. A better name for the Book of Moses would be the Gospel of Satan.

So, we pronounce our judgment, the verdict of the eternal court of history. We find the People of the Book guilty on all counts, guilty of murder in the first degree, guilty of holding hateful, Satanic beliefs that bring division and war to the world. Their gods are false. The god they truly worship is none other than the Devil. Everything about how they have behaved for millennia proves it. There can be only one sentence for capital crimes against humanity and against the True God – hell everlasting in the Satanic kingdom. It is not for others to send them there. They will send themselves.


Ask yourself a few simple questions. Of the many religions in the world, which is the correct one? How can you tell? Why should the truth be more popular and successful than seductive lies? Isn’t the road to the truth a narrow path from which many stray? And do all those who stray join the legions of the damned?

Excerpted, page 223

© The Illuminati’s Secret Religion

Artwork by Peter Paul Rubens

Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: în aer liber şi natură


gennaio 18th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

Acesta este o „recomandare” a ILLUMINATI după cum o demonstrează şi textul original, tradus mai jos:

Mişcarea Dacia propune populaţiei arealului nostru o revenire la ZAMOLXIANISM. Nu avem detalii ale VECHIULUI ZAMOLXIANISM, dar ştim sigur că era o RELIGIE GNOSTICĂ, asemenea tuturor religiilor practicate în Eurasia şi nu numai. Fiind GNOSTICĂ – bazată pe GNOZĂ / CUNOAŞTERE -avem obligaţia de a o ACTUALIZA cu CUNOAŞTEREA omenirii de acum şi din viitor.
NOUL ZAMOLXIANISM va înlocui Religiile Străine De Spiritul Nostru Ancestral!
Vom reveni cu Argumente şi Detalii.


În ceea ce priveşte Religia, căutăm să eliminăm sistemele de credință Avraamică și Karmică. Acestea sunt superstiții iraționale, bazate pe fantezie și înșelăciune. Ele nu au niciun loc în lumea modernă. Dacă o Religie nu conține un element de actualizare, atunci este o pierdere de timp și din ce în ce mai irelevantă cu fiecare secundă care trece. Ce Cunoştinţe din lumea modernă există în religiile antice ale evreilor, creștinilor și musulmanilor sau sikhilor, budiștilor, hindușilor sau taoștilor? Hiperianismul este singura religie viabilă a Logosului. Este Religia Matematicii. Actualizată continuu de Dialectică. Cu toate acestea, Hiperhismul recunoaște că Religia are nevoie de elemente Mythos pentru a se angaja în Emoții. Suntem bucuroși să vedem că toate Religiile Păgâne antice au înviat. Nu ar fi fantastic să vedem renașterea religiilor păgâne grecești, canaanite, egiptene, norvegiene, romane, africane, persane, babiloniene, sud-americane, americane, nord-americane, asiatice și australiene (GETO-DACE spunem şi noi)? Vrem o explozie de culoare, imaginație și ritual. Vrem la nesfârşit fertilizarea şi încrucișarea lor, iar pentru oameni SĂ CONSTRUIM NOI RELIGII. Vrem o Renaștere Spirituală.”

Ded Kowboi


Religiously, we seek to abolish the Abrahamic and karmic belief systems. These are decrepit, irrational superstitions grounded in fantasy and delusion. They have no place in the modern world. If a religion does not contain an element that keeps it up-to-date then it’s a waste of time and increasingly irrelevant with every passing second. What knowledge of any use in the modern world is present in the ancient religions of the Jews, Christians and Muslims, or Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, or Taoists? Hyperianism is the only viable Logos religion. It’s the religion of mathematics. It’s continually updated by the dialectic. However, Hyperianism recognizes that religion needs Mythos elements to engage the emotions. We are happy to see all ancient pagan religions resurrected. Would it not be fantastic to see the rebirth of Greek, Canaanite, Egyptian, Norse, Roman, African, Persian, Babylonian, South American, Central American, North American, Asian and Australian pagan religions? We want an explosion of colour, imagination and ritual. We want endless cross fertilisation, and for people to construct brand new religions. We want a spiritual renaissance.


gennaio 18th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia


Vrem ca fenomenele paranormale să fie studiate pe o bază serioasă și imaginativă. Vrem ca o mare activitate de cercetare să fie efectuată pe emisfera dreaptă a creierului și pe teoria bicameralismului lui Julian Jaynes. Vrem să punem psihologia în centrul societății și să construim totul în jurul bunăstării psihologice. Profilarea psihologică și rezoluțiile psihologice ale conflictului ar trebui să fie încorporate în societate. Din punct de vedere moral, dorim să înlocuim noțiunile subiective de bine și rău cu imperative categorice raționale și cu perspective psihologice asupra comportamentului uman, inclusiv folosirea condiționării operative asupra celor cu susceptibilități criminale. Mai presus de toate, dorim ca Logos (Rațiunea) să devină modul dominant al Conștienței umane, mai degrabă decât Mythos (fantezie, emoție), care stă la baza avraahamismului, karmismului și capitalismului pieței libere. Există cu siguranță loc şi pentru Mythos – într-adevăr este crucial pentru o umanitate sănătoasă – dar trebuie să fie subordonată lui Logos. Apollo trebuie să-l stăpânească pe Dionysus. Este o mare misiune alchimică de a transmuta metalul de bază (omenirea) în aur (umanitatea divină). Vrem să ne propunem în mod activ să creăm Raiul pe Pământ. Vrem să transformăm bărbații și femeile obișnuite în supermeni și super-femei. În cele din urmă, vrem să-i transformăm în nimic mai puțin decât zei autentici și zeițe. Suntem preocupați de perfecțiunea rasei umane. Trebuie să eliminăm toate tendințele ființelor umane să îngenuncheze la divinități străine, cum ar fi Iehova / Hristos / Allah. Alăturați-vă. Alăturați-vă în cea mai mare întreprindere posibilă: construirea unei lumi divine. Doar noi, Hyperienii – cei iluminați – putem oferi o astfel de lume. Sclavii Avraahamismului, karmismului și Capitalismul Pieței Libere nu vor putea în veci. Noi suntem Partidul Luminii. Acesta este al doilea război al Iluminismului, unul pe care trebuie să-l câștigăm o dată pentru totdeauna. Primul Val Iluminist – condus de noi – a fost doar un succes parțial. Raţiunea trebuie să triumfe. A Doua Iluminare trebuie să termine lucrarea. Sunteți cu noi sau împotriva noastră? Militezi pentru Raţiune sau preferi să rămâi într-o lume plină de Superstiții și Credință?”

The Illuminated Pleb

Ded Kowboi
4 hrs ·

We want paranormal phenomena to be studied on a serious and imaginative basis. We want a vast amount of research to be conducted on the right hemisphere of the brain, and on Julian Jaynes’s bicameralism theory. We want to place psychology at the heart of society and build everything around psychological well-being. Psychological profiling and psychological resolutions of conflict should become embedded in society. Morally, we want to replace subjective notions of good and evil with rational categorical imperatives, and with psychological insights into human behaviour, including the use of operant conditioning on those with criminal susceptibilities. Above all, we want Logos (reason) to become the dominant mode of human consciousness rather than Mythos (fantasy; emotion), which underlies Abrahamism, karmism and free-market capitalism. There’s certainly a place for Mythos – indeed it’s critical for a healthy humanity – but it must be made subordinate to Logos. Apollo must master Dionysus. Ours is a grand alchemical undertaking to transmute base metal (humanity) into gold (divine humanity). We want to actively set out to create heaven on earth. We want to transform ordinary men and women into supermen and superwomen. Ultimately, we want to make them into nothing less than authentic gods and goddesses. We are concerned with the perfection of the human race. We must eliminate all tendencies of human beings to kneel to strange, alien deities such as Jehovah/Christ/Allah. Join us. Join us in the greatest enterprise of all: the construction of a divine world. Only we, the Hyperians – the enlightened – can deliver such a world. The slaves of Abrahamism, karmism and free-market capitalism never could. We are the Party of Light. This is the second war of Enlightenment, one we must win once and for all. The first Enlightenment – led by us – was only a partial success. Reason must triumph. The Second Enlightenment must finish the job. So are you for us or against us? Are you for reason or do you prefer to remain in a benighted world of superstition and faith?



gennaio 10th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

Jake Martin

“Mohamed a fost un geniu Pavlovian cu 1.300 de ani înaintea lui Pavlov, el știa exact ce să facă pentru a controla oamenii.”
Dacă ai înființat un Sistem care implică Rugăciuni la fiecare patru sau cinci ore, în fiecare zi – pentru totdeauna – te asiguri că Urmăritorii nu vor scăpa niciodată. Rugăciunea le este mereu în Minte deoarece nu lipsesc decât câteva ore până la următoarea Rugăciune, ceea ce le fortifică Obişnuinţa. Cu cât te Rogi mai mult, cu atât eşti mai prins în Sistem. Dacă te-ai rugat de cinci ori pe zi pentru treizeci de ani, nimic nu te mai poate opri. Este acum parte din Identitatea ta, îţi modelează Existenţa, este cheia Comportamentului care te defineşte.
Ai fost Conditionat in intregime si controlat la Minte şi niciun moment nu ţi-ai dat seama că ai fost victima unui Sistem ingenios de Spălare A Creierului, cel mai eficient proiectat vreodată.
“Mulți creștini abandonează creștinismul, aproape niciun musulman nu abandonează islamul, un motiv pentru care este că spălarea creierului islamic este mult uperior.“ – Mike Hockney

Jake Martin
5 hrs · 
“Mohammed was a Pavlovian genius 1,300 years before Pavlov. He knew exactly what to do to control people. If you set up a system that involves prayers every four or five hours, every day – forever – you ensure that your followers never escape from your system. It’s literally always on their minds because they are never more than a few hours away from the next reinforcing behavior (the next prayer). The more you pray, the more you are locked into the system. If you have prayed five times a day for thirty years, there’s nothing that’s going to make you stop. It’s now part of your core identity, the fabric of your being, the key behavior that defines who you are. You have been wholly conditioned and mind controlled, and not for one moment did you realize that you were the victim of an ingenious brainwashing system, the most effective ever devised. Many Christians abandon Christianity. Almost no Muslims abandon Islam. One reason for that is that Islamic brainwashing is vastly superior.” MH


dicembre 23rd, 2018 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia
“- Singurele națiuni și popoare care vor reuși în viitor sunt cele capabile să susțină o mono-cultură. Orice societate multiculturală, cum ar fi Marea Britanie, este sortită a fi obiectul dezordinei şi conflictelor. Nicio speranţă pentru a realiza lucruri minunate în vreo direcţie. Multiculturalismul reprezintă moartea unei națiuni, moartea identității naționale, moartea unui popor, moartea culturii, moartea ambiției, moartea progresului, moartea viitorului în sine
– Sufletul Culturii
O cultură are un „Suflet”. Desigur, acel suflet poate fi sănătos sau nesănătos. O nouă cultură apare ori de câte ori un popor dintr-o anumită regiune dezvoltă un „Suflet”, pe care l-am putea defini ca un mod nou, proaspăt și distinctiv de a privi lumea care de obicei încapsulează noțiunile lor despre Dumnezeu și viața de apoi. Această nouă cultură poate fi oribilă – ca în cazul Islamului – sau minunată, ca în cazul Iluminismului European. Fiecare cultură se străduiește pe cât posibil să se exprime pe deplin, să descopere „logica” completă a poziției sale. Islamul a reușit să facă acest lucru – peste un miliard de oameni din lumea noastră se află sub vraja ei de spălare a creierului. Fanaticii musulmani doresc și mai mult Islam. Ei visează la o lume musulmană 100% sub Legea Sharia. Aceasta este logica inevitabilă a tuturor Culturilor. Toate caută dominația mondială – pentru ca toți să fie ca ei. Iluminarea Europeană a eșuat, pentru că, pentru a se califica drept o nouă Cultură, a fi trebuit să înlăture Abrahamismul și nu a făcut-o niciodată. A devenit astfel o pseudo-formă. Vestul cuprinde un amestec absurd de Mythos și Logos. Avem oameni, cum ar fi Papa și Richard Dawkins (paladin al ateismului), care există în aceeași sferă culturală, ceea ce este în mod evident imposibil să existe. În timp ce oamenii de știință caută Bosonii Higgs și altele de aceeaşi factură, milioane de americani cred în Adam și Eva, Arca lui Noe şi Potop. Într-un fel sau altul, Raţionalii Logos trebuie să se detașeze de abrahamici. Logosul trebuie să se afirme într-un mod care să fie complet lipsit de rădăcini Mythos. Numai atunci își poate atinge potențialul
– Multiculturalismul reprezintă moartea unei națiuni, moartea identității naționale, moartea unui popor, moartea culturii, moartea ambiției, moartea progresului, moartea viitorului în sine. Multiculturalismul este zoologic. Nu poate genera niciodată nimic minunat.”
Mike Hockney – ”HyperHumanity” – (book 11 – ”God Series”)

HyperHumanity (The God Series Book 11) by [Hockney, Mike]

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