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About MULTICULTURALISM and Tolerating the Intolerance

Febbraio 3rd, 2020 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

About MULTICULTURALISM and Tolerating the Intolerance:

Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: unul sau mai mulţi oameni, posibil text care spune „DIVERSE MONOCULTURE”
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What do we understand by the term “multiculturalism”? We see it in terms of relativism, subjectivism, and “all truths”. The basic idea is that all cultures are equally good, equally worthwhile, equally truthful, equally valuable, equally deserving of respect, and that absolutely no one should ever condemn a culture. If they do, so the prevailing thinking goes, they are automatically racist and fascist. “Political correctness” is the tool used to defend multiculturalism. It is politically incorrect, hence unacceptable, to point out the manifest defects of many of the world’s cultures.

Since we are not relativists and subjectivists, and we are not politically correct, we do not hesitate to assert that it is insane not to judge cultures and call out those that are catastrophic for the advance of humanity. Every culture based on mainstream religion has proved disastrous for the world. Just look at the state of today’s world.

We are supporters of a diverse monoculture. The culture we endorse does not even exist in the world at the present time. We want a Logos, Apollonian culture of reason and logic to unite everyone. But beneath that overarching structure, we want everyone to be able to pursue their diverse Dionysian, Mythos pleasures in their own colorful and vivid ways.

Our assertion is that this is the only way to allow humanity to evolve to its next level.

The culture of Islam, for example, offers absolutely no prospect of human advancement. It is an ancient superstition, plagiarized from Judaism, whose sole objective is to get everyone on earth to submit to the god of Mohammed, to accept the Koran as the only worthwhile book in the world, and make everyone obey Sharia Law at the point of the sword. Imagine the whole world under the control of the Islamic State – that was more or less what Mohammed’s regime was like when he invented Islam and managed to bring the Arabs under his dominion.

If you do not stand in absolute condemnation of that culture – a culture that seeks the extermination of all other cultures in order to promote the most degraded vision of an abject humanity kneeling and groveling to an extraterrestrial tyrant – than you are a fellow-traveler, enabler, facilitator, sympathizer and codependent of that culture. And you are our enemy.

The essence of progress is to find and support good ideas and expose and discard bad ideas. Multiculturalism is the politically correct doctrine of extremist liberalism and New Ageism that no idea is ever bad, hence no belief system or cultural practice can ever be condemned.

This is a formula for the total retardation of the human race. Humanity has a huge propensity to succumb to bad ideas, and if no one stands up for good ideas and fights for them, the world will slip back into the Dark Ages and then the primordial swamps.

Already, vast swathes of our world exist in a pre-Enlightenment state. It’s as if advanced ideas simply never took hold in these places. Even a supposedly advanced nation such as the USA is significantly influenced by evangelical Christians, people who have nothing in common with the modern world, and no interest in the modern world. They dream of the Rapture and the Second Coming, not of humans building star fleets and exploring the universe. These people are Creationists who reject evolution, science, philosophy and mathematics, and believe that the Bible is all you need.

They are the essence of backward, failed humanity. We must achieve escape velocity from these cretins. We cannot allow them to retard the evolution of the human race. They have already done enough damage.

Fuck your Messiah. He’s the Dunning-Kruger Messiah.

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