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Both are wrong

Febbraio 4th, 2020 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă

One of the defining issues of our time is the attitude towards the Other. For the last few decades, the globalist agenda of predatory capitalism – seeking to have maximum markets and thus maximum profits for all capitalist products and services – has demanded maximum migration and acceptance of the Other. This has dialectically generated a nationalist response, with the complete demonization of the Other, summed up in the mantra “Build the Wall” (to keep them out).

Right wingers hate the Other, while liberals roll out the red carpet for the Other. Both are wrong.

We are meritocrats. We don’t care about anyone’s race, sex, sexuality, or background. We do care about their merit. We want the most talented people, regardless of where they come from. What we certainly don’t want – for any country in the world – is an influx of those who subscribe to vile and unacceptable religious beliefs and cultural practices, and have no discernible talents.

Voltaire said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” It’s therefore essential for any sane society to wage war on absurd beliefs, not to give them a free pass in the name of multiculturalism and political correctness.

The Liberals – because of their extreme hostility towards judgment – have refused to make any distinction between migrants. They are all accepted equally, regardless of their merits.

We are meritocrats and that means we are all about judgement. If we applied no judgment, how else would we establish who is meritorious? There are no free passes in our system. You have to work hard and achieve. That’s what meritorious people do. We don’t want freeloaders and deadheads. Such people are repulsive, a burden on society. We don’t want people that believe in toxic ancient superstitions.

The Other must be subjected to judgment, just like everyone else. The Other might be the best thing since sliced bread, or something sinister and grotesque. Let’s have the former, and not the latter.

In Europe, every nation has a problem with Islam, an historical enemy of Europe, against which Europe fought many savage wars. The most prominent Muslims – those wearing burqas, hijabs, niqabs, big beards, religious garb – are plainly showing their allegiance and promotion of a religion and culture incompatible with the West, which has sought to conquer the West.

Islam is not compossible with the values of the Western Enlightenment. There has been no Islamic Enlightenment. The two systems cannot coexist. The tragedy is that the politically correct, multicultural, postmodern Liberals believe that they can, and they have inflicted a nightmare on Europe that has resulted in a resurgence of extreme nationalism. They have refused to admit their error and have even doubled down on it. Now we are where we are.

Liberal globalism – based on uncritical acceptance of all religions and cultures in order to advance predatory capitalist interests by keeping costs down (by employing the cheapest workers in the cheapest nations) – must be definitively refuted. Only then can we undermine insane nationalism.

In the Star Trek vision of the future, all of the backward religions and cultures have gone. No one on a starship wears a burqa. Silly beliefs and superstitions WILL die out if humanity promotes reason and logic. In the long run, it’s inevitable. The only alternative is war and extinction.

Star Trek is a dazzling vision of a meritocracy. Let’s make it happen for real. It will never happen if we do not pass judgment on bad ideas, bad opinions, bad beliefs, bad cultures. The Liberals, with their “all truths” system of relativism and subjectivism, refuse to pass judgment. That’s why they must be decisively defeated.

No matter what part of the world you live in, you can apply a standard formula to the Other (i.e. to whoever seeks to come into your country). You should never unconditionally hate the Other as the right-wingers do, or unconditionally love them as the liberals do. You should apply fair and just criteria. Are these migrants good for your country and culture? Do they have merit? If so, why wouldn’t you want to welcome them in? Or are they importing religious beliefs and cultural practices that will create antagonism in your society? If so, why wouldn’t you block them?

Will migrants fit in and improve your society, or will they live in ghettos and undermine the social cohesion of your country? That’s what has to be determined.

We live in a world of compossibilities, not possibilities. You can’t get to do something just because it’s possible. It must be compossible. People must be cognizant of reality, and not keep pushing their own agenda down the throats of others who are never going to accept it. That’s why we are now in such a polarized world. Various groups pushed various agendas that were never going to succeed. People need to restrain themselves, to not expect to get their own way all the time. The general will must prevail, not the particular wills of individuals and groups.

We live in a world of “self-expression” where every identity group believes it has the absolute right for its particular will to prevail. No such right exists.

What do you want – a permanently polarized world where we are all at each other’s throats (as we are now), or a world where we try to achieve a synthesis? That means that we all have to make sacrifices. Unfortunately, in our consumer society where people can buy whatever they want, have whatever they want and say whatever they want, they are no longer capable of denying themselves anything. They will have to learn. As Kafka said, “In man’s struggle against the world, bet on the world.”

We live in a culture devoted to the particular will, but only the general will allows us to live in harmony with each other. The general will demands compromise. How many people are willing to compromise these days?

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Novembre 15th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă


“The only nations and peoples that will succeed in the future are those capable of supporting a mono­
culture. Any multicultural society, such as the UK, is doomed to be a mess of conflicting aims. It has no
hope of driving forward in a single direction to achieve great things. Multiculturalism represents the
death of a nation, the death of national identity, the death of a people, the death of culture, the death of
ambition, the death of progress, the death of the future itself.”
The Soul of Culture
A culture has a “soul”. Of course, that soul can be healthy or unhealthy. A new culture arises whenever
a people in a particular region develops a “soul”, which we might define as a new, fresh, distinctive way
of looking at the world that usually encapsulates their notions of God and the afterlife. This new culture
can be horrific – as in the case of Islam – or wondrous, as in the case of the European Enlightenment.
Each culture strives as far as possible to express itself fully, to unravel the complete “logic” of its
position. Islam succeeded in doing so – well over a billion people in our world are under its
brainwashing spell. Muslim fanatics want even more Islam. They dream of a 100% Muslim world under
100% Sharia Law. That’s the inevitable logic of all cultures. They all seek world domination – for
everyone to be like them.
The European Enlightenment actually failed because, in order to qualify as a new culture, it needed to
eradicate Abrahamism and it never did. It thus became a pseudo form.The West comprises an absurd mixture of Mythos and Logos. We have people such as the Pope and
Richard Dawkins existing within the same cultural sphere, which is self­evidently untenable. While
scientists pursue the Higgs Boson and beyond, millions of Americans believe in Adam and Eve, Noah’s
Ark, the Flood and the Rapture.
One way or another, Logos thinkers must detach themselves from the Abrahamists. Logos must
establish itself in a way that’s completely free of Mythos roots. Only then can it achieve its potential.
Multiculturalism represents the death of a nation, the death of national identity, the death of a people,
the death of culture, the death of ambition, the death of progress, the death of the future itself.
Multiculturalism is zoological. It can never generate anything great.
~ Mike Hockney, HyperHumanity

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Febbraio 10th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia


„Pentru ca o națiune să aibă o Identitate – a fi un Popor mai degrabă decât o simplă Populație – trebuie să aibă o Monocultură. În societățile multiculturale, fiecare cultură separată conferă o identitate, deci nu există identitate națională, ci multe identități disparate, dezbinate; avem o Populație mai degrabă decât un Popor Unificat care lucrează împreună pentru BINELE COMUN Toate societățile multiculturale sunt sortite să eșueze. Numai un popor unic (aparținând unei monoculturi) poate Progresa. Societățile multiculturale se opun Voinței Generale în favoarea Voinței Particulare, și merg împreună cu Libertatea Negativă, Extremismul Religios și Ghetoismul. Toți adepţii Libertăţii Pozitive trebuie să se opună Multiculturalismului “.
Mike Hockney – autor sub pseudonim al ”GOD SERIES”

“For a nation to have an identity – to be a people rather than a mere population – it must have a monoculture. In multicultural societies, each separate culture confers an identity, so there is no national identity but many disparate, disunited identities, and you have a population rather than a united people all working together for the common good. All multicultural societies are doomed to fail. Only a united people (belonging to a monoculture) can progress. Multicultural societies oppose the General Will in favour of particular wills, and go hand-in-hand with negative liberty and religious extremism and ghettoism. All positive libertarians must oppose multiculturalism.” MH

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Dicembre 23rd, 2018 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia
“- Singurele națiuni și popoare care vor reuși în viitor sunt cele capabile să susțină o mono-cultură. Orice societate multiculturală, cum ar fi Marea Britanie, este sortită a fi obiectul dezordinei şi conflictelor. Nicio speranţă pentru a realiza lucruri minunate în vreo direcţie. Multiculturalismul reprezintă moartea unei națiuni, moartea identității naționale, moartea unui popor, moartea culturii, moartea ambiției, moartea progresului, moartea viitorului în sine
– Sufletul Culturii
O cultură are un „Suflet”. Desigur, acel suflet poate fi sănătos sau nesănătos. O nouă cultură apare ori de câte ori un popor dintr-o anumită regiune dezvoltă un „Suflet”, pe care l-am putea defini ca un mod nou, proaspăt și distinctiv de a privi lumea care de obicei încapsulează noțiunile lor despre Dumnezeu și viața de apoi. Această nouă cultură poate fi oribilă – ca în cazul Islamului – sau minunată, ca în cazul Iluminismului European. Fiecare cultură se străduiește pe cât posibil să se exprime pe deplin, să descopere „logica” completă a poziției sale. Islamul a reușit să facă acest lucru – peste un miliard de oameni din lumea noastră se află sub vraja ei de spălare a creierului. Fanaticii musulmani doresc și mai mult Islam. Ei visează la o lume musulmană 100% sub Legea Sharia. Aceasta este logica inevitabilă a tuturor Culturilor. Toate caută dominația mondială – pentru ca toți să fie ca ei. Iluminarea Europeană a eșuat, pentru că, pentru a se califica drept o nouă Cultură, a fi trebuit să înlăture Abrahamismul și nu a făcut-o niciodată. A devenit astfel o pseudo-formă. Vestul cuprinde un amestec absurd de Mythos și Logos. Avem oameni, cum ar fi Papa și Richard Dawkins (paladin al ateismului), care există în aceeași sferă culturală, ceea ce este în mod evident imposibil să existe. În timp ce oamenii de știință caută Bosonii Higgs și altele de aceeaşi factură, milioane de americani cred în Adam și Eva, Arca lui Noe şi Potop. Într-un fel sau altul, Raţionalii Logos trebuie să se detașeze de abrahamici. Logosul trebuie să se afirme într-un mod care să fie complet lipsit de rădăcini Mythos. Numai atunci își poate atinge potențialul
– Multiculturalismul reprezintă moartea unei națiuni, moartea identității naționale, moartea unui popor, moartea culturii, moartea ambiției, moartea progresului, moartea viitorului în sine. Multiculturalismul este zoologic. Nu poate genera niciodată nimic minunat.”
Mike Hockney – ”HyperHumanity” – (book 11 – ”God Series”)

HyperHumanity (The God Series Book 11) by [Hockney, Mike]

Analiză Freudiană

Giugno 12th, 2018 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

„Astăzi, Dumnezeu și Diavolul sunt interschimbabili, ca şi Binele și Răul. Ceea ce conservatorii numesc Dumnezeu și Bine sunt interpretate ca Diavol și Rău de către liberali și invers. Aceasta duce la o confuzie totală pe de o parte, iar pe de altă parte, la un nivel mai mare de fanatism decât în întreaga istorie a umanității. Este o situație incontestabilă … o fractură totală a Psihicului Uman.

Conservatorii au devenit expresii ale ID-ului freudian, asociat cu Individualismul extrem și detestarea Colectivului – în timp ce Liberalii sunt expresii ale SUPEREGO-ului freudian, preocupaţi de Corectitudine Politică, Multiculturalism, Toleranță…

Rasa umană și-a pierdut mințile.

În modelul lui Freud al psihicului, EGO-ul mediază între ID şi SUPEREGO.
EGO, „mediatorul”, este exact ceea ce a pierdut omenirea. Acum există o confruntare permanentă între Id și Superego și nicio posibilitate de a stabili o punte între ele. Polarizarea este totală. Este o situație fără precedent în istoria omenirii, iar ferocitatea sa este amplificată enorm de către Social-Media.
Ceva va „exploda”. Situația este nesustenabilă.”