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Ottobre 10th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă

One famous Eastern concept is absolutely wrong and must be abandoned: karma. This is as ridiculous and wicked as the evil beliefs of the Abrahamists.

The basic karmic proposition is that there is some sort of moral force (not God) that follows us around, individually monitoring all of our good deeds and bad and configuring our future lives on the basis of this moral accounting system. This is a ludicrous idea. We are free agents. We decide our futures, not karma. The most cursory glance at the world reveals that nearly of all of the most successful and richest people in our world are disgusting, selfish, vain, narcissistic, greedy, evil, wicked, monstrous, stupid, sociopathic and psychopathic. If they are being “rewarded” by karma, God save us from karma. Karma is just another Satanic concept, a weapon used by the Demiurge and his archons to control stupid and superstitious people.

Sooner or later, karma degenerates into the diabolical caste system which promotes the idea that some people are “untouchables” and must be given all the unclean jobs dealing with shit and rats. Only sick people are karmists.

Karma is a scientifically preposterous idea. How could “good and evil” – or, more to the point, opinions of good and evil – possibly affect DNA (as must happen if a body is to be some kind of reflection of the previous sins or virtues of a soul)? It’s LAUGHABLE. Karma is so dumb it’s worthy of Abrahamism. It’s pure superstition and idiocy.

Evil people are at the top of society in every country because, manifestly, EVIL PAYS; EVIL IS REWARDED. Successful evil leads to even more evil, not less. It incurs no karmic penalty or inhibition. Any strong, dominant person could easily make weak, submissive people his slaves and exercise absolute power over them. That’s the real law of our cosmos – Power, not karma. Karma is moralistic bullshit, the wishful thinking of slaves. There’s no cosmic force punishing the evil people of our world. If we wish them to be punished, it’s our responsibility, not karma’s. Karma is yet another stratagem of the weak to prevent them taking responsibility for their lives. Evil is combated only if WE ACT. To leave it to karma is cowardice, and it’s futile since there’s no such thing.

Imagine a different version of karma based on reason versus irrationality rather than good versus evil. Instead of being rewarded for being good and punished for being evil, a soul is rewarded for being rational but punished for being irrational. So, good but stupid people would be regressing to more primitive states, and clever but evil people would be gaining more and more power and success. Look around you. Which model reflects reality – is it stupid or evil people who are punished; is it stupid or evil people who are going backwards and downwards?

“Moral” karma is a lie and fraud. It panders to stupid people who imagine they are good. In truth, stupid people are much more likely to reincarnate as animals than clever but evil people. Evil doesn’t pull you down and punish you – stupidity does. Moral karma is a stupid idea for stupid people. “Rational” karma is a much more powerful concept – you are rewarded for being clever, knowledgeable and on the side of reason. Imagine how the world would be transformed if people were much keener on being smart than on being “good”?Look at the moronic Islamic hordes. They no doubt think of themselves as extremely good, but how many of them are extremely rational?None! Look at Islam – is it leading the world forwards or backwards?

There’s almost nothing more important than redirecting people’s minds away from “good versus evil” and towards “cleverness versus stupidity.” Stupidity should be regarded as almost criminal; as a source of shame and disgrace, practically as a disease, and a highly infectious one at that. The world has had thousands of years of being preoccupied with good and evil. Has it led us to a “good” world?Manifestly, if “moral” karma were a real phenomenon, the world would now be a place of goodness and moral tranquillity, wouldn’t it?Every year, the cosmos would get “better”. Yet the opposite is obviously true. The religious discourse of good and evil has failed and is fraudulent. Governments have been in bed with religion rather than with education. Smarter people have better outcomes than stupid people, so education should be the central axis of State policy, not pandering to ludicrous religious pressure groups that are continually undermining reason and knowledge in favour of unreason and faith.

Moral karma, like Abrahamism, is a pernicious concept that has done untold damage. The Enlightenment was about reason, not good and evil. The Enlightenment still hasn’t triumphed. Unreason still dominates our world. The discourse of “good and evil” is inherently linked to stupidity because it’s stupid religions that promote this agenda and they do so in order to control people by terrifying them with visions of hell and promises of heaven. It’s the most effective conditioning strategy ever devised: Pavlov’s dogs in the human sphere. We have to get beyond good and evil via reason.

Ask yourself a simple question – would people be more or less evil if they were highly educated and highly rational? Would our world be full of inequality if everyone were smart?Education, NOT RELIGION, is the answer to the issues of good and evil. Religion has been the primary source of evil since it has bred stupidity, irrationality, faith, superstition, extremism, fanaticism, intolerance, ghettoization, persecution and mania. If we want a morally better world we must destroy the greatest immoral force of all: MAINSTREAM RELIGION.

We in the Illuminati wish the weak and cowardly to have no bolt-holes and no excuses. Your life is your responsibility, no one else’s. Karma is a fiction. At all times you have free will and free choice. As Sartre said, “You are condemned to be free.” That’s exactly how it is. YOU choose your life, not karma. You are free to be whatever you like. You are free to be EVIL, and that’s exactly what many people choose. Some of those people meet with disaster. Many prosper. If evil were consistently punished by the cosmos, and had been for eons, it would have vanished by now. The reality is the opposite. Evil is frequently rewarded. Why? Because material existence is the domain of the Demiurge.

Excerpt from The God Factory

Mike Hockney

Artwork by lucamae

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Febbraio 24th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

“Doctrina Karma spune în mod efectiv că standardele absolute ale Binelui și Răului sunt înrădăcinate în țesătura Cosmosului, dar asta este ridicol. Cum poate o entitate care nu gândește să evalueze binele și răul? Binele și Răul sunt produse ale Conștienței și pot fi judecate numai prin Conştienţă. Nu există nici un Bine sau Rău în absență de Conştienţă. Din moment ce Karma nu este Conștienţă, nu poate avea nicio opinie asupra Binelui și Răului. Karma este un concept filosofic de tot râsul. Este ridicol de naiv și de nebunesc. Ca și Avraamismul, Karmismul trebuie să fie expediat la coșul de gunoi. Nu serveşte deloc nicio functie utila și sprijină Sistemul Castelor, care este în mod absolut rău. Nu este asta ironia supremă? – Karma în sine merită să fie pedepsită pentru Răutatea sa. Karma însăşi, după propria sa logică, ar trebui să se reîncarneze într-o formă inferioară pentru a învăța lecțiile morale ale erorilor sale. Și astfel karma se mănâncă pe sine. Se demonstrează ca fiind de o absurditate totală ”
– Armageddon Conspiracy