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Giugno 24th, 2017 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

„In chess, every pawn is a potential queen, yet there is a queen already on the board. Most pawns go
through life worshipping the queen that’s already there – the prevailing power – rather than seeking to
become queens themselves.
Humanity can be divided into two species: 1) the servile, slavelike pawn species that worships the most
powerful thing they can find (the queen, the monarch, the super rich person, the celebrity, the fuehrer, the
god) and plods through life in complete mediocrity, or is on its knees worshipping power, and 2) the
meritocratic pawn species that is aware of its own remarkable inner potential and sees no reason why, if it’s
talented enough, it should not itself become God. The first species is always alienated from God and sees
God as inherently external, something they could never be. The second species sees God within themselves
and is not in any way alienated from God. God, for them, is internal, not external. They can truly become
God, although they recognise that it will be a cosmic journey of adventure and heroism, fraught with terrible
danger, upon which they must embark. Just as the humble pawn in chess must traverse a deadly battlefield
featuring immensely powerful religious figures (bishops), savage knights, great Lords in their castles (rooks)
and monarchy (the king and queen), so must we negotiate our way past all the great powers that oppress us
and try to intimidate and destroy us. The pawn’s journey in chess is always the most remarkable. The pawn
that crosses the board is the true meritocrat, overcoming the forces of privilege, and showing that he will
bow to no one.
Here is something for you to ponder. All of us, the whole of humanity, are remarkable. Unlike almost all
souls – which remain locked in unconsciousness – our souls have achieved consciousness. In a contest
amongst infinite souls, we are the ones who have MADE IT. We are well on our way to becoming Gods. We
have beaten astounding odds to be where we are today.
You may not rea lise this, but you are already the most stupendous of miracles. You are so miraculous that
it is astounding that you are here at all. You may be one in 600 million! Male ejaculate can contain as many
as 600 million sperm. Only one of those was you (or, actually, half of you; your father provided the sperm
half of you and your mother the egg half of you). All 600 million might have failed to impregnate your
mother’s egg. Or any of the others – hypothetical brothers or sisters – might have made it instead of you. But,
no, you were the one who ventured through the ultimate assault course – because a woman’s body regards
male sperm as an alien entity that must be destroyed, just like some virulent infection – and you succeeded
where all the others failed.
YOU ARE ONE IN SIX HUNDRED MILLION! You have beaten lottery odds. So why are you so humble,so beaten down by life, so cowardly, so willing to accept the shit treatment you get? You are already a
remarkable warrior, you are already a god who has achieved greater than the feats of any of the most
legendary heroes. Achilles was nothing compared with you. Artemis could never have done what you did.
Live up to what you have already achieved. Make your life the reflection of the supreme struggle you
endured and over which you have triumphed. REMEMBER, ONE IN SIX HUNDRED MILLION!!! Now you
must do the same thing in this world of seven billions souls. Can you be one of the top ten human beings who
shape human destiny? WHY NOT? Who’s holding you back except yourself?
We all belong to the lucky sperm club. We have all beaten staggering odds.”

Mike Hockney – „The God Game” (God Series)