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Revolution is here!

Luglio 18th, 2019 Posted in Mişcarea Dacia
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The Revolution:

Whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, the world revolution is here. The fate of all of us is being decided. Everywhere, people are showing that they no longer accept the old ways. The transformation of the world is already in progress. The real issue is this… what are you doing about it? What’s your contribution? Are you someone who watches from the sidelines, or are you a person actually making a difference? When in years to come your children and grandchildren ask you what you did when the Revolution happened, will you be able to tell them the truth, or will you have to lie and pretend you did heroic things when in fact you stayed at home gorging on junk food as you watched it all on TV?

Now is the hour when the heroes are separated from the cowards. Which are you? If you’re like most people, you’ll say, “Sure, I’m one of the heroes”, and then do absolutely nothing. Because doing anything is hard, and being a hero is far beyond the capabilities of most sheep-like human beings, who will do something only if everyone else is doing it. That’s why social media is proving so crucial – it gives the other-directed masses group “permission” to take to the streets. Protesting has become a social activity. There will come a time when you will seem like a freak if you’re not protesting. Social media is therefore the deadliest weapon the elite has ever faced. It’s the social glue that brings even the sheeple out onto the front line. The tipping point is coming. When it does, everything will change.

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The Illuminati Authors:

Mike Hockney, Adam Weishaupt, Michael Faust





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Joe Dixon (Seer of Wars), Mark Romel (Seer of Unreality), Tom Strabo (Seer of Lunacy), Ranty McRanterson (Seer of Ranting), Jack Tanner (Seer of Mathematical Ghosts and Angels), Dr. Thomas Stark (The Truth Series).

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Author: Mike Hockney

Topics: Philosophy, Science, Mathematics, Coded Fiction

The God Series
The Coded Novels


“All things are numbers; number rules all.” –Pythagoras

“The higher we soar, the smaller we seem to those who cannot fly.” –Nietzsche

A new dawn is coming…the birth of Hyperreason. It’s time to enter HYPERREALITY.

The God Series – the Answer to Everything … guaranteed. The God Series is what any God worthy of the name would write, rather than idiotic stories about wandering tribes in the Middle East thousands of years ago. The answer to existence is exactly the one most dreaded by humanity … Ontological Mathematics. The human race has only one organ for truth – pure reason. This is how we access the mathematical foundations of existence. The cosmic Master Formula that controls everything – the God Equation – is none other than the most powerful formula in analytic mathematics: Euler’s Formula. Euler’s Formula defines light, life, mind, thought, the soul, and the material world. Mind and matter interact via ontological Fourier mathematics. The Fourier frequency domain of mind is immaterial and outside space and time, and comprises autonomous Leibnizian monads (souls). The Fourier space-time domain of matter is a Fourier holographic projection from Soul World – the Big Bang singularity of pure mathematical mental activity. The Big Bang Singularity has never gone away. It’s still there at the dead centre of the six-dimensional, complex-numbered universe. It’s the Origin of All, the One. It’s what primitive minds call “God”. It’s all in the math. Religion is nothing but the human failure to understand math. It’s not “God” that is infallible perfection, it’s the God Equation.


The answer to existence is either rational or irrational. If it’s rational, it cannot contradict mathematics, the quintessence of rationalism. It can however, contradict science, which is not a rational subject, except through its use of mathematics. Science without math is alchemy.


If the answer to existence is rational, reason must be used to find it, not emotions (Abrahamism), not mysticism (Eastern religion), and not the senses (science). In other words, the answer is mathematical, and mathematics alone is relevant. Mythos religion has no applicability, and nor does Mythos science.

The Data:

Interpreting “the data” is a very different exercise when conducted via rationalism and idealism rather than empiricism and materialism. Therefore, it’s not the data that’s crucial, but the philosophical framework in which the data is processed, interpreted and understood. Science has never grasped this. Would any scientist like to try to refute rationalism? As soon as you try, you have declared yourself an irrationalist!


Science is permanently provisional. It can never achieve any immutable certainty. Science is therefore a belief system, not a knowledge system. It’s a set of beliefs based on the senses rather than the emotions. Remove mathematical rationalism (Logos) from science and it instantly disintegrates into superstition and Mythos religion.


Coded Fiction:

The Armageddon Conspiracy – The ancient Plot to Kill God.

The Millionaires’ Death Club – How to kill the most famous person in the world, and get away with it.

Prohibition A – Surviving the journey to Hell.

The Last Bling King – How one man can own the entire world.


Do you feel there’s something special about you? Do you want to break free from limited thinking? Is there a higher truth that only special people can access? Will it allow you to finally get to where you want to be in life?

The biggest of all questions brought you here. Who are you? Who REALLY are you? Who made you? If no one made you, have you existed FOREVER? Only the most special of beings have no beginning and no end. Only the most special people have no Creator. Are you one of the Special Ones?

You have come here because you have not found credible answers anywhere else. You’ve scoured the shelves in bookstores for hours on end, you’ve tirelessly searched every part of the internet, you’ve assiduously studied every guru, trying to find answers to the questions that have haunted you for years. You have tried many systems, and you quite liked one or two of them, but they have all ultimately proved unconvincing and unsatisfying. They have all let you down. Even science hasn’t persuaded you. After all, it’s based on a falsification principle, but the Truth can never be falsified, hence science can never be true. Science belongs to the “post-truth” world, but the answers to existence lie in the Truth World.

Most people don’t like the Truth. They want the truth to be anything they choose it to be. Only the special people seek the Truth that never changes, the Truth that no one chooses but always remains itself – perfect and immutable forever.

All of the special people are destined to journey from Cimmeria, the land of perpetual darkness, to Hyperborea, the paradise of permanent light … from Endarkenment to Enlightenment. Only the heroes can succeed. Only they can overcome the obstacles that are strewn everywhere, always trying to stop the special ones from completing their appointed journey.

All the answers are out there. They are “hidden in plain sight”. But they will find you. If you let them.

The Truth isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It’s the opposite: the hardest and most difficult. What is the hardest, most difficult subject you have ever encountered? That’s the subject the masses flee from, and therefore it’s exactly where the Special Ones go.

Are you ready to transform yourself? Are you ready to be one of the Special Ones, the Illuminated Ones? Are you ready to play the God Game? Only the strongest, the smartest, the boldest can play.

This is not a drill. This is your life. Stop being what you have been. Become what you were meant to be. See the Light. Join the Hyperboreans. Become a HyperHuman. Only the highest, only the noblest, only the most courageous are called. A new dawn is coming… the birth of Hyperreason. It’s time to enter HYPERREALITY.

Use the epic God Series – the most complex and comprehensive series of books about the ultimate nature of existence ever written – to gain a completely new understanding of yourself and the universe. The contents of this series are available nowhere else. You can search the internet all you like and not find anyone else teaching this material. It has never before been made public. It is strictly intended for the special people who are becoming their true selves, who are undergoing their Metamorphosis. Are you one of them? The others do not have a prayer of making sense of this work. In fact, they will hate it, protest against it, fight it, and resist it in every way they can. Such is the nature of the Endarkened Ones. Schopenhauer said, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” The Special Ones are those who knew it was self-evident at stage zero, then fought for it against all the slings and arrows of their enemies, the distinctly Unspecial Ones.

Only the highest humans can play the God Game. It is forbidden to everyone else. They are condemned to play the Devil Game. They will never escape from Cimmeria.


See also the associated books by Adam Weishaupt and Michael Faust.

Author: Adam Weishaupt

Topics: History, Religion, Economics, Sex

The Illuminati Series
The Anti-Elite Series
The Anti-Christian Series
The Sex Series


Imagine a camera that takes pictures of the human soul. Imagine it could detect how good or evil you are. Imagine it could analyze every aspect of your personality.

Imagine it could tell you how many times you have been reincarnated. Imagine it could tell you how close you are to achieving gnosis and becoming GOD!

Imagine that a real secret society already possesses such a camera, which operates in accordance with the inviolable, fundamental principles of the cosmos – six-dimensional mathematical idealism (as opposed to the bogus 11-dimensional mathematical materialism of contemporary science based on “M-theory”).

The Paradigm Shift is coming. Humanity is about to enter its divine phase.


“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” –George Orwell

“No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.” –Plato

You’re troubled. You don’t fit in. Your talents are not being recognized. We know why you hurt, why you feel so much pain. All of your ambitions have been thwarted. It’s as if you were dead on arrival in this world. Only the children of the rich are granted life and opportunity.

You know something isn’t right. None of it is your fault. The system – the Panopticon – doesn’t want you to be free. It doesn’t want you to KNOW. They’re watching you. The agents of the Panopticon. The Panopticon wants you to forget who you REALLY are. Only then can it control you. What is the Panopticon? Who are the Watchers? Who is the Central Controller?

You’ve scoured the shelves in bookstores for hours on end trying to find answers to the questions that have haunted you for years, and found nothing that satisfies you. You are not where you want to be financially, mentally, or spiritually. Who is standing in your way? Who is holding you back? Who is preventing you from realizing your potential?

You have done everything you can, but you can’t catch a break. You’re in a game where you just can’t win. It’s not your game. It’s designed to let THEM win. How can you beat them unless you know who they are, and what their purpose is?

We know you’re frustrated. We know you’re becoming desperate. Life wasn’t meant to be this way. Things aren’t right. It’s not your fault, but someone’s certainly to blame. Your instincts are good. Your suspicions are correct. What is the way out of the trap? How do you solve your dilemma? For years, in fact for as long as humanity has existed, people just like you have asked these same questions and wrestled with these same problems. The answers to your problems exist. You can be sure of that. But answers aren’t easy things. If they were, everyone would have all the answers. Look around you. Does it seem as if people have any answers at all?

Make sure your needs are addressed. You deserve it. You’ve waited so long, and worked so hard. No one has laid anything on a plate for you.

People have lost the knowledge of who they truly are. They can’t be who they are until they recover what has been taken from them. They must discover who the Takers are. Only the heroes can succeed. Only they can overcome the Panopticon that is always watching, and always trying to stop the special ones from succeeding.

The Controller at the center of the Panopticon controls the world through fear. Learn how not to be afraid. Jack Kerouac said, “My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them.” Learn the secrets of control.

Look past the superficial. Listen deeply. Only the Special Ones have the eyes to see and ears to hear.

Ours are the books that will open your eyes. These are the books that will set you free

These books are anti-Old World Order samizdat and agitprop publications. Uncensored, they are the vehicles of the purest free speech available in the world today. If they have a certain rough and ready anti-corporate quality, it’s because teams of expensive, glossy capitalist “packagers” have had no involvement with the production of these books. If you want coffee table books, these are not for you. If you want the truth, WELCOME!

Join the Illuminist Revolution. Join the Hyperboreans. Witness the birth of HYPERREASON. Enter HYPERREALITY.

Welcome to the God Project, the project to bring the world to divine illumination.

We are the Prometheans, we are are the Faustians, we are the Hyperboreans, we are the Hyperhumans. We are the ones everyone warns you about. We are the Illuminati.

Welcome to the future of the human race.


See also the associated books by Mike Hockney and Michael Faust.

Author: Michael Faust

Topics: Politics, Psychology, Spirituality, Activism

The Political Series
The Hero-God Series
The Devine Series


Pythagorean Illuminism, the religion of the Illuminati, formally began with the ancient Greek mystic and mathematician Pythagoras, and is the world’s only “Logos” religion i.e. a rational religion founded on reason, mathematics, science and philosophy. It has no connection with “Mythos” religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which are based on faith, superstition, irrationality, stories, parables, myths, legends and “divine revelation”. These religions are wholly false.

Illumination is the only true religion. It’s the Grand Unified Theory of Everything, linking science, religion, psychology, philosophy and even the paranormal. It does so via the sole medium of truth and absolute knowledge: mathematics, which Pythagoras declared the arche, the fundamental substance of existence. Ontology and epistemology are finally united in the doctrine of “living mathematics”. Mathematics is not a reflection or model of reality. Mathematics IS reality.

Whereas science is based on empiricism and materialism, Illumination springs from rationalism and idealism. These are the only two possible accounts of reality. All other systems are bogus, worthless and pernicious.

In order to follow the one, true religion, you must be smart. The truth is not a democracy. The truth is not for everyone. The truth is a function of reason, not faith.

The Pythagorean Illuminati are the enemies of: 1) Abrahamism (the deranged belief system that God would order fathers to kill their children, and endorse terrorism against “infidels”), 2) privileged elites (the Old World Order), and 3) the infantile legions of conspiracy theorists. Do not read our books if you would be prepared to murder your child if “God” ordered it, or if you think a lucky few should inherit fortunes while everyone else should be penalised for having the “wrong” parents, or believe in shape-shifting, pan-dimensional lizards (cosmic fairies). Only seekers of true enlightenment will profit from reading our work.


“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” –Jack Kerouac

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” –Goethe

“Am I a god? I see so clearly!” –Faust (Goethe)

Why aren’t you getting what you want in life? What is holding you back? We know why you came here to this exact page. We know you have been searching so hard and for so long. You’re looking for the Answer. Not any old answer. The Answer that only special people can find and understand. We know because we were once looking for exactly the same thing. We are your predecessors.

When people find us, we tell them they weren’t really looking for us at all. They were looking for themselves. Most people have lost themselves on the long road. They have gone down the wrong highways. They have taken the wrong turnings. They have found themselves stuck in dead ends. No one has helped. Where are the Pathfinders? Who knows the way? Who holds the bright torch that lights the path? Who are the Illuminators?

Plato said that Ignorance is the root of all evil. Knowledge, true knowledge, brings the end of fear, the end of failure. It showers you with gifts. It brings everything that is good and virtuous.

Uncover your real personality. Show the world your true self. Organize your life more effectively. Become more goal oriented. Achieve your ambitions. Be the success you always intended to be. Understand your Subconscious Mind. Load your Hero Program, and find yourself transformed. Those who have mastered the Hero Program are qualified to move on to the next, higher stage, the ultimate state where they can attempt to load the God Program. Find the God within you. It has been there all along, but, like the butterfly, it has to find its way out of something earthbound that bears no resemblance to it.

Plato said, “Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.” Listen to the wise people and become wise too. Never listen to the foolish or you will become as foolish as they are. The quickest way to fail is to emulate failure. Don’t let mediocrities drag you down. Jack Kerouac said, “Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.” If you are a special person, you are not the yielding type.

You want to perform at the maximum level. You want to excel. You want to develop energy, enterprise and self-confidence. You want to understand and utilize the knowledge of ultimate reality. You want to reduce problems to their simplest form (reduction), and combine old ideas to develop new ones (synthesis). You want to concentrate more attentively and strengthen your will to power. You want to harness the power of suggestion and self-suggestion. You want to find and develop your life’s purpose. You want to know the First Principles of existence. What is your purpose? What is your aim? What do you want to achieve? Release your imagination and originality. Pursue the Truth because the truth will set you free.

This is not a rehearsal. This is not a drill. This is your life. You are obligated to make the most of it.


See also the associated books by Adam Weishaupt and Mike Hockney.

Author: Jack Tanner

“To the crazy ones. Here’s to the misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. Here’s to the ones who see the world differently. They’re the ones who invent and imagine and create. They’re the ones who push the human race forward. While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who actually do. Think different.” –Rob Siltanen

There’s something wrong with this world. You’ve always felt it. You can’t quite put your finger on it. You sense things that others don’t. You see things out of the corner of your eye. You feel presences. You detect auras. You can’t talk about these things to others. They just aren’t equipped to tune into the “other world”. They give you strange looks, and they don’t believe you. You scarcely believe it yourself. And so you shut up.

It’s not your fault that you are more sensitive than others, that you have capabilities denied to the ordinaries. You may not realize it, but you are part of a higher community. You belong to the extraordinaries. The ordinaries just can’t compete with you, but there are so many more of them. What are you to do?

Stop being what you have been. Become what you were meant to be. Use your mind. Fearful people use their hearts. Fearless people use their minds. Fear is an emotion. Reason isn’t emotional. Nietzsche rightly said, “One ought to hold on to one’s heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.” The kinds of people who are interested in angels and ghosts often want to deal emotionally with their experiences, but that’s wrong. You have to understand these experiences using your intelligence. You’re much smarter than you think. You just need the right way to think about your experiences. Then you can explain them to others without them thinking you’re crazy.

It’s my job to give you a whole new way of thinking about angels, ghosts, souls, spirits and God, and a new set of tools to explain your experiences.

Science can’t give you any help. Science mocks the “paranormal”. The amazing thing is that science is itself totally reliant on something that, by science’s own standards, is paranormal. I’m talking about math. Scientists regard math as some weird, unreal abstraction. Remove math from science and science becomes a set of superstitions, a faith, a religion. The only thing that makes science rise above religion is math, yet math, according to scientists, ISN’T REAL! Science says the mind isn’t real, free will isn’t real, the soul isn’t real. Why should we be surprised that it denies the reality of ghosts and angels?

The quantum mechanical wavefunction, on which modern physics is based, is a paranormal function since it has no inherent reality, and becomes “real” only at the point at which it is measured or observed. That’s like saying that a ghost is unreal, until it is observed, at which point it is real. No scientist could argue with that logic since it’s their own logic!

Scientists have a serious problem with reality. The concept doesn’t seem to make much sense to them. They build “models” that simulate reality, but are emphatically NOT reality. Their models have extremely limited applicability, and relate to only a tiny range of phenomena concerned with the narrow, limited human senses. It took math to reveal the electromagnetic spectrum to scientists. They had never guessed at its presence. Without math, they would still be entirely ignorant of it. What else are they ignorant of? The entire world of soul … of ghosts and angels!

Amazingly, math is fully supportive of a religious and spiritual reality. Mathematics is the language of eternity, the language of Nature, the language of perfection, the language of God. It was mathematics, not science, that was used to create the universe. Science says math is unreal. In fact, it’s science that is unreal, while math is the realest thing of all… the unseen fabric of the universe. Math is what allows angels and ghosts to exist.

It’s time to get real about religion and spirituality. Science deals with “dimensional” mathematics. Religion and spirituality deal with DIMENSIONLESS mathematics. It’s exactly because the religious and spiritual domain has no dimensions that science can find no evidence for it. It’s immaterial and outside space and time.

Science is exclusively based on matter, space and time. Mathematics, however, can cover the two domains; the scientific domain of dimensions (ruled by numbers greater than zero and less than infinity), and also the religious and spiritual domain without dimensions (ruled by the numbers zero and infinity).

Science is only half of how to think about the universe. Math provides the other half, and the other half belongs to religion and spirituality, to metaphysics rather than physics, to logic and reason rather than the senses.

It’s time for the rational rebirth of religion and spirituality. It’s time to stop listening to scientists and listen instead to mathematicians. The soul is real, the afterlife is real, ghosts are real and angels are real. They all rely on dimensionless rather than dimensional mathematics.

If you don’t believe me right now, you will after you have read The Angel Experiment, The Ghost Dimension, Ghosts Are Real, Angels Are Real, Angelism, The Mathematics of Angels, Sex With Angels, The Three Souls: Eternal, Immortal and Mortal, and The Death Defiers: Melchizedek, Enoch, Elijah and Jesus.

The world has lost religion, but not replaced it. People have turned to secularism, humanism, atheism, meditation. But it’s not doing it for them. They need angels and ghosts back in their lives. God is alive. Maybe not the God you had in mind, but a much better God.

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” –Jack Kerouac

“…the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes ‘Awww!’” –Jack Kerouac

Illuminism/Illumination/Ontological Mathematics/Mathematical Idealism/Mathematical Panpsychism/Hyperianism:

As a matter of simple logic, the answer to existence is either rational or irrational. If the answer is rational then there can only be one such answer since it would be irrational for rational answers to contradict each other. Therefore, the rational answer must be consistent and complete, and that necessitates that the rational answer must be a single principle (since a single principle cannot be incomplete and inconsistent with respect to itself). The principle in question is of course the principle of sufficient reason, and this principle is expressed ontologically through the God Equation (Euler’s Formula), which defines ontological mathematics. In the past, the God Equation, the rational explanation for everything, was anthropomorphised and turned into a Super Being called “God”.

As for irrational “answers” to existence, since there is no rational reason why irrational “answers” should agree with each other (and it would be miraculous if they did), there are as many irrational answers to existence as there are irrational people proposing them. This is exactly what we see in relation to all of the irrational mainstream religions of the world. They all tell their own ridiculous, irrational Mythos, which you are expected to believe completely, while having zero belief in all of the rival stories (even though there’s no rational ground for believing one crazy story in preference to any other crazy story).

Hence, we can definitively state that there is only one rational answer to existence, while there as many irrational answers to existence as there are irrational people. Of course, irrational “answers” are not answers at all. Nothing irrational can be an answer to anything real.

So, you have two choices: accept the rational Truth (one answer), or the irrational Lie (as many answers as there are liars). The Lie is relative and fallible. The Truth is absolute and infallible. Anyone who tells you that everyone has their own truth is a liar. People certainly have their own lies, but not their own Truth. If you want to be a Liar, and believe Lies, that’s entirely your choice.

Nietzsche wrote, “The falseness of a judgment is to us not necessarily an objection to a judgment: it is here that our new language perhaps sounds strangest. The question is to what extent it is life-advancing, life-preserving, species-preserving, perhaps even species-breeding; and our fundamental tendency is to assert that the falsest judgments are the most indispensable to us … that to renounce false judgments would be to renounce life, would be to deny life. To recognise untruth as a condition of life: that, to be sure, means to resist customary value-sentiments in a dangerous fashion; and a philosophy which ventures to do so places itself, by that act alone, beyond good and evil.”

This gets to the heart of the matter. People believe lies because they find them much more useful in terms of Will to Power (hence life) than the Truth.

Only a tiny percentage of humanity (around 5-10%) are rational, and only they associate their Will to Power with the Truth. Everyone else wants to believe whatever Lie makes their life easiest for them. Why do Christians believe in absurd stories revolving around a Jewish rabbi called Yehoshua ben Yosef (aka Jesus Christ)? It’s because it makes them feel good. They get a childish Mythos that allows them to understand reality in a childish, easy way. Of course, the fact that the Christian Mythos has nothing to do with reality is neither here nor there. Perception is reality, as the relativists like to say.

Can you imagine a Christian confronted by Euler’s Formula (the Truth)? It would mean exactly nothing to him. It doesn’t empower him in any way because he has zero understanding of it. A bunch of facile parables in the Bible, on the other hand, allow him to make sense of his life. He can use those stories in various situations that crop up in his life.

People love Mythos and hate Logos. They embrace the Lie with a passion, and they are repelled by the Truth. That’s the human condition. We can hardly be surprised that our work is so reviled given that we are promoting the Truth of reality that is incomprehensible to up to 95% of the human race (including many of the people who have shown an interest in Illuminism).

You can choose to accept a mystical, emotional, sensory, or rational answer to existence. Eastern religion goes for the irrational mystical option (it’s all about absorption into a mysterious “Oneness” via meditation), Abrahamism goes for the irrational emotional option (it’s all about a personal relationship with “God” via prayer), and science goes for the irrational sensory option (it’s all about the total denial of anything non-sensory, such as the mind itself, via sensory experiments). Only ontological mathematics is about reason and logic.

We don’t expect you to agree with us. In fact, we expect you to disagree with us. Nothing in human history has been more ferociously resisted than the Truth, and nothing has been more fanatically supported than the False Truth (the Lie). So it goes. That’s humanity for you. It always preferred the False God (the Demiurge, the Devil) to the True God (the God Equation).


Humanity is a Mythos Species, not a Logos species. It loves the Lie and hates the Truth. Humanity’s problems will be solved only when this is reversed … when all Mythos (mainstream) religions die, when “God” dies, and when atheistic scientific materialism dies.

The Big Bang Singularity contained not a single sensory, scientific thing. It did, however, unavoidably reflect the eternal truths of reason. The Big Bang Singularity was 100% mathematical. It contained zero mass, zero dimensionality, no space, no time, no atoms, no subatomic particles, no Higgs field… absolutely nothing of science. To spell it out, the instant you accept the existence of an explanatory Big Bang Singularity – one in which resides the answer to existence (as opposed to the non-explanatory, miraculous Big Bang Singularity of science, which has no rational basis) – you have no option but to acknowledge that the world of science is inescapably born from a world of pure mathematics, and all so-called scientific things are simply sensory, dimensional mathematical things, which all have their origins in the non-sensory, dimensionless Singularity of mind. Mind creates all matter, not the other way around. And it does so using pure mathematics. We live inside a universe comprising a Cosmic Mind (a Singularity outside space and time), controlling a Cosmic Body (a material world inside space and time). And we ourselves are singularity minds (souls) controlling physical bodies. As above, so below.

Scientists say you have to pay attention to the empirical data. They never say you have to pay attention to the rational ontology and epistemology that supports the data. Thus science becomes a series of mere speculations – dubiously propped up by the strange version of math used by science – to “explain” the data. That’s the whole problem with science. Science believes itself to be guided by the data, but is in fact guided by the ideology used to interpret the data.

There’s no such thing as neutral data, independent of the philosophy used to interpret and understand the data. Science has never grasped this elementary point. It has never understood that if you want to be taken seriously, you must justify the philosophy you are bringing to the party, but science explicitly repudiates philosophy, hence avoids this whole issue… the defining issue.

No scientist on earth can provide a rational, logical justification for why scientific empiricism and materialism should be chosen over scientific rationalism and idealism. Indeed, the unexplained presence of rationalist mathematics at the heart of science completely contradicts the philosophy of David Hume, the greatest empiricist of them all.

Hume said that “impressions” are our perceptions of the world, while “ideas” are images of impressions, formed in thinking and reasoning. Thus we can have no idea of anything of which we have received no impression. This is the core doctrine of empiricism. You cannot then appeal to ideas (derived from impressions) to explain impressions. Yet this is exactly what science does. It relies on the ideas of mathematics to account for the impressions (empirical data). Remove math (ideas) from science – a step which you are obliged to take if you are a true empiricist like David Hume – and you then have no means to explain the empirical data, hence, like Hume, you must become a total skeptic, someone who denies any possibility of authentic knowledge.

Science is based on circular logic. It says that impressions come first and then ideas. If this were the case, you would have no right to use ideas to explain impressions, and this would leave you with no means at all to account for impressions. They would just be “givens”, without any possibility of explanation. That was exactly the position Hume arrived at.

Kant responded to Hume by creating a set of twelve a priori categories of the understanding and two pure intuitions – space and time – to form a basic conceptual apparatus in the mind for making sense of the world. However, these were like rabbits pulled out of a magic hat… Kant could do nothing to explain why minds were like this, and, in effect, basically claimed that “God” created minds this way, which is to explain nothing.

The only way to overcome Hume’s deadly logic is to invert his system, i.e. to switch from empiricism to rationalism. With rationalism, ideas come first and then impressions are attached to them. Rationalism concerns the forms of things, while empiricism concerns their content. We first of all establish a theory of form (mathematics), and then we account for our impressions (empirical content) with regard to that rational theory.

Thus we have a rational and logical explanatory framework for all impressions. If you reject form, as Hume did, and base everything on content, you have left yourself without any means to place content in a theoretical, explicatory framework. Hume was willing to do exactly this. Science wasn’t.

Despite calling itself empiricist, science fraudulently uses rationalist mathematics to provide a theoretical, explicatory framework for all scientific data. It has thus become rationalist by the back door. Science is pseudo-rationalism, masquerading as empiricism. What’s worse, it compounds its dishonesty and lack of intellectual integrity in two ways:

1) Despite recognising that scientific data must be placed in a mathematical explicatory framework, science refuses to do this completely and consistently. It subjects mathematics to its empiricist philosophy and thus produces a subset of mathematics based on real numbers. Imaginary numbers, complex numbers, zero and infinity are all banned from appearing in the output of “scientific” mathematics (i.e. empiricist mathematics). Even negative real numbers are barely tolerated. Bizarrely, and inexplicably, science has no problem with using complex numbers during calculations, provided they are eliminated by the end of the calculations. This is an absurdity. If complex numbers are not things related to reality, how can they appear in mathematical operations purporting to tell us about reality? This is like using elves to make your shoes, and then denying that elves exist… in which case you must have made the shoes yourself, even though you know you didn’t (!).

2) Science claims that mathematics is an unreal, manmade abstraction. Thus, it feels it can justify using complex numbers during calculations because these are just convenient abstractions that can be got rid of at any time. (You couldn’t get rid of them if they were ontologically real, as they are in ontological mathematics). However, by taking this attitude to math, science has simply returned to the circular logic that Hume definitively destroyed. Science uses a manmade set of ideas to account for nature, which means that science can never explain nature. It’s using manmade ideas derived from empirical impressions to “explain” the empirical world. This is therefore merely a Mythos, a human construct, a fantasy. We could even call it just another manmade religion.

Of course, all of these problems can be resolved at one stroke. If mathematics is not an unreal, manmade abstraction, but in fact the language of existence itself – the language that defines reality and nature – then we can indeed validly use mathematics to explain empirical data. In fact, we can’t use anything else. Moreover, we must use all of mathematics, and not just those parts (real numbers) that scientists like. Ontological mathematics does exactly this.

It’s a fact that science can’t explain reality since it uses math, which it claims is unreal (!). Yet science would be worthless and useless without math. In fact, it would simply turn into Hume’s dead-end skepticism, or into ancient augury and superstition. So, science is reliant on unreality to account for reality! How irrational is that?!

Only ontological mathematics can actually explain reality. That’s because it recognises mathematics as real, not unreal. Only real math can explain real reality. Unreal math can only explain “unreal reality”, and that’s not to explain anything at all. Science is exactly this… the “explanation” of “unreal reality”.

Everyone has been overwhelmed by the success of science. What none of these people has grasped is that it’s mathematics that is 100% responsible for science’s perceived success, and if we simply got rid of science and replaced it with ontological mathematics, we would enjoy infinitely more success… sufficient to transform us into the masters of earth, the masters of nature, the masters of the universe… Gods!

Isn’t it time to move to rationalism and idealism, and leave behind the circular logic of empiricism and materialism? There is no such thing as “matter”. It’s just a manmade term invented by scientists. It’s a human idea derived from impressions. It can’t explain impressions, yet this is exactly what science irrationally attempts to do with it. It ridiculously claims that minds are made from this human concept called “matter”. It’s impossible to have any impression of matter-in-itself, hence we can form no valid idea of “matter”. We can assign no ontology to it. Science is offensive to logic and intellect.


You will hear of scientists endorsing “the data”, but not the conclusions or interpretations regarding the data. That’s exactly science’s core problem. Data by itself is useless. You have to draw conclusions regarding the data, and that’s exactly where science becomes pure speculation, belief, opinion, Mythos and interpretation, contemptuous of reason, logic, ontology and epistemology.

Gödel’s Incompleteness theorems and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle are fundamental limitations of empiricism and materialism, not of rationalism and idealism!

What scientists fundamentally deny is the existence of an eternal, necessary, analytic, logical, rational, intelligible order, which underlies everything, and produces, at the Big Bang, the temporal, contingent world of science. Scientists deny it for the most pathetic of all reasons … they mistake it for “God”. It is in fact Mathematics. Beneath the world of scientific experiments is a permanent mathematical order, invisible to the human senses (just as “God” was always deemed invisible). Mathworld isn’t invisible for any “spooky” reason, but thanks to pure logic.

Mathworld is the rational information carrier, and the information it carries is what constitutes the empirical world, i.e. the empirical content (information carried) is visible to us, while the rational form (information carrier) is not. As a matter of simple logic, noumenal form and phenomenal content can’t both be available to our senses. The mathematical order provides the fibre and fabric of existence. All information – all the stuff of empirical experience – is conveyed via it, and is impossible without it. There are no freestanding experiences, not grounded in rationalist mathematics.

The mathematical world is not sterile and clinical. It’s fundamentally alive. It’s made of autonomous mathematical units called monads, which are none other than immortal, indestructible minds (which religious people refer to as “souls”). They are immaterial, dimensionless frequency domains that exist outside space and time. They are in fact made of complete and consistent sets of photons, i.e. monadic souls are made of light, and light is math (sinusoidal waves).

These monadic minds are both objects and subjects. As mathematical objects, they engage in interactions dictated by mathematical laws, and these objective interactions produce the ordered, patterned world studied by scientists. However, as subjects, they are entities that can experience themselves and the world, and exhibit free will. They are self-optimising and self-solving, forever seeking the answer to themselves, and undergoing a vast dialectical journey to get to the solution – the meaning – of their existence. They make this cosmic journey in conjunction with all other souls. This makes them religious and spiritual beings, imbued with purpose.

Because scientists reject a rational order of mathematics holding up the universe, they irrationally subscribe to concepts such as randomness, probability, indeterminacy, indeterminism, acausation, chance and accident. They insanely claim that existence randomly jumps out of non-existence for no reason, via no mechanism. It serves no purpose, and is devoid of any meaning. This is a worldview predicated on magic and self-performing miracles.

Science offers the worst explanation of ultimate reality ever furnished by the human mind, one wholly cut off from the principle of sufficient reason (which demands and ensures that everything must have an exact reason for why it happens). To claim that things can happen without reasons – as science does – is to enter a mystical, irrational world of unreason and illogic, which is rather like a world defined by a bizarre, autistic religious cult (!).

All of this can be cured at a stroke, by underpinning science with mathematics. Imagine removing mathematics from science. What would be left? – divination! Imagine Newton’s laws of motion without mathematics. They would be just a bunch of guesses and speculations, based on long lists of observations. All of the most brilliant observations and experiments conceivable would amount to nothing without mathematics to make sense of them all. Science has never grasped that it’s mathematics, and not observations and experiments, that’s responsible for science’s success. Science before the introduction of mathematics was alchemy!

Illuminism – the religion and philosophy of the Illuminati – replaces “God” with Math, conveyed by living mathematical souls made of light, all interacting with each other in an incredible cosmic dance of mathematical waves (sines and cosines), which, via Fourier mathematics, create a universal hologram that humanity calls the material world of space and time, and with which mathematical souls can interact using the very same mathematics (i.e. Fourier mathematics, which deals with two domains: a dimensionless frequency domain of mind, and a dimensional space-time domain of matter). It’s all in the math! Do the math.

Illuminism, grounded in ontological mathematics, defined by Euler’s Formula, furnishes the world’s only Logos religion, one based on reason and logic, and rejecting all prophets, popes, priests, gurus, messiahs, holy books, sacred scriptures, and divine revelations that characterise the Mythos religions of the world.

Illuminism repudiates the two great enemies of rationalism: 1) religious faith, and 2) the sensory empiricism of science, which rejects the eternal, necessary mathematical ground of existence. Illuminism repudiates relativism and perspectivism, i.e. the notion that everyone has their own “truth”, and there is no infallible, absolute Truth. It repudiates the idea that people can pray or meditate their way to “enlightenment”. Gnosis is all about knowledge – mathematical knowledge! It repudiates the New Age notion that everyone has “their own path”, and every path is as valid as every other path (which means that all paths are wrong).

Illuminism asserts that there is only one path, and one answer to existence. That answer is mathematics … and anyone in the world can work out the answer if they are rational, logical and intelligent enough.

You don’t need faith, your feelings, your senses or your mystical intuitions. In fact, you don’t need anything at all concerned with the human condition. What you are seeking to do is transcend temporal, contingent humanity, and get in touch with the world of the eternal truths of reason. These are the only source of infallible, absolute truth and knowledge. Everything else is mere belief, opinion, conjecture, speculation, and interpretation (or, rather, misinterpretation).

If you want the answer to your existence, math is the only thing that can give it to you. Leibniz, in his Monadology, provided the blueprint of fundamental, ultimate existence three hundred years ago. Ontological mathematics has turned this into an entirely mathematical system rather than a merely philosophical system. It has defined the mind via the most powerful analytic formula in mathematics (Euler’s Formula), and can thus put mind at the root of matter (rather than claiming, as science absurdly does, that mindless matter can miraculously create mind, and lifeless matter can magically create life).

Ontological mathematics converts scientific empiricism and materialism into scientific rationalism and idealism. It converts the scientific notion of the universe as a dead machine into a vision of the universe as a living, evolving mathematical organism, using mathematics to transform souls from bare potential into maximum actualisation … to metamorphose souls into Gods.

Illuminism, the secret religion, the Logos religion, rationally promises that everyone will become a God … thanks to mathematics. The sooner humanity gets on board with ontological mathematics, the sooner we shall all become Gods, and create heaven for ourselves.

Only human stupidity, faith and obsession with the senses are holding us back. It’s time for humanity to enter the true Age of Reason, and to have a second and final Enlightenment … based on mathematics instead of science. Mathematics is the authentic language of nature, of existence itself. Mathematics is what comes after physics (hence is the true metaphysics).+

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