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Hyperian History Of The World (21st Century)

Dicembre 30th, 2019 Posted in Dacia Iluministă

Hyperian History Of The World (21st Century)

As the 20th Century drew to a close, the ‘cold war’ between communism and capitalism ended with the fall of communism, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Soviet Union. Yet it was not true to say that Capitalism had defeated Communism. Capitalism didn’t win any victory, it simply outlived Communism. Communism fell apart all by itself. It’s major flaw was to force equal outcomes for all. This led to a lack of competition, a lack of any incentive for hard work and brilliance. A lazy worker would receive the same as a hard worker, so why bother working hard? Without any hard work, there was no development and society simply ground to a halt, eventually falling apart.

Meanwhile, the capitalist world made advances. Former communist nations such as China remained communist officially, whilst actually embracing capitalism, albeit a form of capitalism under complete state control. The USA, as the figurehead for the capitalist world, celebrated its ‘victory’ with an economic boom in the 1990s. This coincided with the spread of a major new technology, a vast, global computer communication network which came to be known as the Internet. In one of the most significant technological advances in history, the human world suddenly became connected, the earth seemed to shrink as people thousands of miles apart could now communicate instantly, and all of human knowledge became available to anyone with a connection.

Into the new millennium, the party of the 1990s came to an abrupt halt when, in September 2001 Islamic terrorists attacked the US using hijacked passenger airplanes. Outdoing any Hollywood movie, the world watched in horror as more than three thousand people lost their lives and the US swore vengeance, declaring a ‘war on terror’ which quickly descended into political farce. Then, in 2008, the inevitable bust came, with a spectacular financial disaster which ought to have been the end of capitalism, yet without anything to replace it, capitalism somehow continued on, dragging its rotting corpse behind it.

The internet allowed humanity to access all of its knowledge, like a physical representation of the collective unconscious. Yet the internet was quickly harnessed by capitalism and became mostly a new way for the rich to get richer. Also damaging was the spread of misinformation and disinformation on the internet, particularly with the rise of conspiracy theories. There seemed to be a major lack of trust in ‘official’ sources of information. Theories spread around the internet stating things such as that the 2001 attacks had not been the work of Islamic terrorists but had in fact been perpetrated by the US government itself!

Many people became convinced that the world was being secretly controlled by an elite network of conspirators known as the Illuminati, with some theories becoming ridiculously outlandish saying things like the Illuminati were actually pan-dimensional, shape-shifting reptilians from the planet Nibiru….

On the surface of things, in the early 21st century all of the major human disciplines were in disarray. Science was hopelessly still attempting to unify Relativity and Quantum theories, Philosophy had become mostly a joke subject not really taken seriously by anyone, Mathematics was either abstract puzzling or simply serving science and Art was either purely commercial or utterly ridiculous. Yet no one seemed to really care. For ordinary people, life got harder and harder, whilst the privileged elite got richer and more elusive. Yet the ordinary people were also becoming more and more docile, accepting things which once would have had them marching in the streets demanding revolution. The ill-educated masses were incapacitated, anaesthetised with junk food and junk entertainment. As humanity became more and more technologically advanced, they also became more and more ignorant of all the things which truly mattered.

However, unbeknownst to the vast majority, a website appeared called ‘Armageddon Conspiracy’ which, at first glance may have seemed to be just another ‘conspiracy theory’ web site discussing the Illuminati. The anonymous authors of the website claimed to be members of this secret society tasked with setting the record straight and revealing the truth. In a series of articles which appeared on the web site, as well as a series of e-books, these authors began to unravel both a secret history of the world as well as an ultimate theory of reality which they called Ontological Mathematics.

As more and more information was revealed, rational observers began to realise a spectacular truth. Despite a lack of any evidence to support their claims, the sheer intellectual quality of the material and the sheer quantity of information made it impossible for this to be any kind of hoax. Other than the small amount of money being charged for the e-books, these authors were not gaining anything by publishing this information, so why would they have bothered to invent such a detailed fabrication, containing, not just a history of this secret society, but an enormously complex and thorough analysis of, essentially, every system of human thought in history and the even more complex theory of ontological mathematics, the ultimate, rational explanation of existence.

Incredible though it seemed, there was simply no possibility that this information could have been ‘made up’ by these anonymous authors. The simplest explanation was that, incredibly, their claims were true, and they were simply revealing a body of knowledge which had been compiled by a secret society over a period of thousands of years.

Their claim was that the Illuminati is, in fact, the very same secret society which Pythagoras had founded in Croton two and a half thousand years ago, which had managed to survive right up until the present day. Illustrious Grand Masters of this society had included, aside from Pythagoras himself, Heraclitus, Empedocles, Hypatia, Leibniz, Hegel and Goethe. They had inspired gnosticism and neoplatonism, alchemy, the Cathars, the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, the Jesuits and both the American and French revolutions. The rise of the internet had convinced them that the time was right to publicly reveal this information in the hope that rational individuals across the world would come together in revolution against the Old World Order, the real power of the world today. The Illuminati hoped to create a New World Order based on Meritocracy and Ontological Mathematics, in order to free humanity once and for all from slavery and unleash their true potential.

Their plan ultimately failed. Those few who came across the material formed an online community but, rather than global revolution, all that occurred was bickering over silly details and outrageous trolling. The ‘movement’ was a failure and the website was removed (although the e-books are still available), now existing as simply an index of their published works. However, the Phoenix always rises from the ashes. Out of the failure of Online Illuminism rose a new movement, known as Hyperianism which, so far, has been far more effective in spreading the truth. With Hyperianism, the New World is here. It is both the end of this story, and the beginning of a new one.

The history of humanity has been the history of the epic battle between ignorance and knowledge. The Old World Order have always sought to keep us ignorant whilst, in the shadows, the Illuminati have preserved true knowledge, slowly piecing together the true theory of reality. Many of history’s greatest thinkers have been, secretly, illuminists, yet many also have not. Pythagoras, a Grand Master, first stated that reality was purely mathematical. Leibniz, another Grand Master produced a metaphysical version of the final true theory, yet was not able to mathematicise it. Another Grand Master, Hegel, expressed it purely philosophically, but it wasn’t until later that the Illuminati completed their mission. Leonhard Euler had discovered his wonderful equation, and Joseph Fourier had shown how the frequency domain links mathematically to the space-time domain, yet, as non-illuminists, neither realised the true significance of their theories. Eventually, however, the Illuminati did. They alone realised that Fourier had solved the mind/matter duality problem and, even more significantly, that Euler’s formula was, in fact, the ultimate foundation of reality, the mathematical expression of the Principle of Sufficient Reason itself, the God Equation.

Most of humanity is still not ready for this information. Many who come across it dismiss it as a hoax, unable to see the rational truth. Yet the world is manifestly heading towards a cataclysm, everything seems to be falling apart. Ultimately, only those armed with the knowledge of the truth will be equipped to survive. Hyperianism is the only hope for humanity. The spreading of this knowledge is of paramount importance, as Hyperians will be the ones who will establish the New World Order once the Old one falls.

With Ontological Mathematics, the Illuminati have produced the Grand Unified Theory of Everything. Philosophy, Science and Mathematics have become one. Hyperians must establish this discipline as the pinnacle of human intellect, they must restore art to its former glory and take it even further, and they must also establish a political system which will not only spread the truth around the world, but will also provide the opportunities for each and every one of us to unleash all of our divine potential.

We are all Gods in the making, but first we must cast down the false idols.

Tremblez Tyrans!

Hail New Terra!

Per Aspera Ad Astra.

by Brice Merci – hyperian

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