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English Translation


I’ll be the devil’s advocate again.
I thought that The Light will come from the West.
That’s why I’am writing în english too.
I was wrong. It may come from the East.
The West is Fucked Up!
The western Illuminists are pleading for Private Property and Social CRAPitalism!?
The urgency of presenting my opinions made me overlooked the correctness of english language, but I think is enough for understanding the MESSAGE.

I return to CRITICAL THINKING about Hyperianism on the occasion of Morgue’s statements about the COVID-19 Crisis, that OWO does not have a HIDDEN AGENDA, that they would shit în their pants for fear, as well as the explicit recommendation of LOCKDOWN. This, after I once again came into conflict on issues related to FREE SOURCE and SOCIAL CAPITALISM.
In addition, on this occasion, I will fight his “unconditional trust in Vaccines and Scientists”. I will not go into too much detail
s, because many already exist in the 5th book of the Dacia Movement that I wrote and completed recently, including in English. The current lines can be considered an ADDENDUM to the Blue Book in the perspective of publishing together.

Here is Morgue’s video about the OWO AGENDA. The o
thers that promotes Lockdown and Vaccinations can be seen on his youtube channel, among many other really valuable ones:


You’re wrong Morgue !!!

You do a lot of good things and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do well, but “errare humanum est” and you are no exception in this case, like Corona Party (presumably Illuminati fb profile). You urge us to “stay locked up”, when in fact we should get out in the streets to force the Implosion of the System. LOCKDOWN is exactly what the System wants, as part of a CONTROL Strategy, giving “room for maneuver to the forces of the Extreme Right.”

It is the kind of mistake of the Liberal Regressive Left that has bitten the Bait of Multiculturalism, Globalism, Consumerism and so on.

OWO has always had a HIDDEN AGENDA, just as the Hyperians / I
lluminists have it, just as every individual has it.

Q: What do you think Bilderberg & co does ???

A: Elaborate the HIDDEN AGENDA and its implementation in everyday life!

The news is that OWO has recently changed its Agenda, because they realized that the old Agenda had become UNSUSTAINABLE.

They too live on this planet and they have understood that they have to make a SHIFT OF PARADIGM, for SURVIVAL.

Obviously, the Paradigm they have in mind is totally different from the one we Illuminists have in Mind.

Pollution of all kinds, Exhaustion of Resources, Tensions of all kinds, the Sovereign Debt Crisis, all fueled by the Old Paradigm, have pushed them to this Change, and now they are preparing to RESTART on other socio-economic coordinates.

It’s not true that they shit în their pants for fear, as you say Morgue!

They are not fools and they do not shit of fear. They still lead the GAME today and will continue to do so if we don’t wake up! … And it looks like we won’t wake up. If even we Illuminists do not understand, what can we expect from “democratic majority”?

If you say they don’t have a HIDDEN AGENDA, you won’t be able to contrast it. It’s like fighting an invisible enemy !!!

If you didn’t understand, I’ll explain what their Agenda is, not even so hidden:

In short, their new Agenda consists of the Synthesis between the script “1984” and “The Brave New World”.

They want to establish a STRICT CONTROL and at the same time give “BREAD and CIRCUS” to a population that will become less and less, eventually reducing itself to “their useful population”.

Technological and Scientific Advancement undoubtedly lead to the need for fewer and fewer SLAVES.

They will therefore give a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to the “democratic majority” without occupation, with the only obligation to be SUBJECT.

It will soon be a Social Blackmail.

At the same time, they will change the Economic-Financial Paradigm.

Many occupations and businesses will be phased out, or resized as futile and resource consuming. I am thinking of Transport, Tourism, Food, Professional Sports, Entertainment, Fashion, Traditional Shops, Politics and so on, which would not be bad if it were done in the General Interest and not in the individual and personal interest. of a group of an Elite increasingly “rarefied” in the future and stronger.

Many small business-men and workers will remain on the roads and depend on UBI.

The middle class, already on the verge of extinction, will disappear.

Then, OWO will move on to Phase 2: Population Control by any means to save resources allocated for UBI.

Here we cannot ignore the VACCINES that can be used for this purpose, as it has been shown that some can be TOXIC. More recently, they manufactured (according to the winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine Luc Montagnier) for this year COVID-19 and mentally prepared us to eventually accept other COVID for the next 5 years or more. In this perspective, states are preparing drastic measures to limit human rights in the name of the (they say) General Interest.

The position of the Illuminists towards Conspiracy Theories is well known and partly Rational, especially when it comes to the Untruths that are largely broadcast by OWO enslaved exponents, but not even ignoring them all is rational… “if something is possible, then it can happen . ”, especially when we are dealing with the PSYCHOPATHS who lead the World today.

The Media will introduce algorithms imposed by the System. They are already doing it and have put the CENSORSHIP on what they call FAKE NEWS.
In Italy, journalists claim that the MEDIA MAKES OPINION !?
Since when should they make OPINION, when they should make INFORMATION ???
It’s aberrant!
This is called PUBLIC OPINION MANIPULATION !!!Why shouldn’t the citizens make their OWN OPINIONS ??? What Training and COMPETENCES do journalists have to claim this RIGHT?


What about Facebook?
See this:


And with this video, we introduce the theme of MANDATORY VACCINES.
In order not to give wrong information, it is very important to speak knowingly.
I have seen that the Hyperians and even the Corona Party claim that those who are against the Lockdown would be Trolls because they would not have Medical Skills.
Well, if a Nobel Laureate in Medicine
(Luc Montagnier) is not competent, will Morgue be more competent in Epidemiology?


Why have we come to give so much credit to supranational institutions designed by the OWO, such as the WHO?

Does anyone think they move without the directions of Bilderberg & co?

Why do they have to be mandatory?

Why should those who refuse them be “isolated”?

Well, if a vaccine gives you immunity, then a citizen who got a vaccine is IMMUNE to a condition possibly carried by someone who has not been vaccinated !? If the vaccine is NOT SAFE and cannot guarantee immunity, it means that those who do not do it are right !!! If we also take into account the TOXICITY proven by certain vaccines, then the attitude of many NO WAX is even more justified.

Does anyone know how to get herd immunity?

In two ways:

1. NATURAL by infecting about 80% of the population.

2. ARTIFICIAL by vaccine.

Is it clear to you who is behind the Crisis ???

Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: text care spune „Trying to figure out how an unvaccinated person can give a disease to a vaccinated person if vaccines work...”

We Illuminists are often speaking about HOMEOSTASIS.

Here are some who put Homeostasis at the base of a NEW MEDICINE, which overturns the Pasteurian Vision and puts in the first place the CAUSES but not the EFFECTS, putting the Environment before Germology.

“Putting the cart in front of the oxen”, is the habit of fighting the EFFECTS instead of eliminating the CAUSES. This is a “disease” that the Dacia Movement has been fighting for 11 years and is not limited to the medicine field!!!

Does anyone know the C
auses favoring the evolution and transmission of viruses?

I tell you, taking from others much Smarter than me:

1. Air, Water and Soil Pollution caused by:

– Agricultural and Zootechnical Farms controlled by Food Multinationals.
We have to eat more and more meat for their benefit.

– Intensive use of Fossil Fuels.

– FUTILE’s industry.

– FUTILE’s services.

2. Overpopulation.

3. Ignorance.

4. Globalization.

5. Poor hygiene of large poor masses.

When will a “lockdown” be applied to them ???

Why are eliminated all the opinions of some scientists, doctors, psychiatrists, sociologists who claim that this CRISIS is a MANIPULATION, many of them even being expelled from their positions?

This is equivalent to banning Dialectics, Critical Thinking, even in the presence of Competencies, including the Nobel Prize level.


We’ll stay in Lockdown until a “philanthropist” like Bill Gates sells us a vaccine?

We’ll stay in Lockdown until the SYSTEM puts us on the bridle ???
Here’s what Arundhati Roy, an Indian human rights activist and environmentalist, says about “Engine”:

”Our Task is to Disable the Engine

Pandemics are not new. But this is the first in the Digital Age. We are witnessing the convergence of the interests of national level authoritarians with international disaster capitalists and data miners. Here in India, it’s all happening at speed. Facebook has signed up with India’s biggest mobile phone network, Jio, thereby sharing its 400 million WhatsApp user base. Bill Gates is showering praise on Prime Minister Modi, hoping no doubt to amass profits from whatever protocol is rolled out. On Modi’s recommendation, the surveillance/health app Arogya Setu has already been downloaded by more than 60 million people. It has been made compulsory for government employees. It has also been made compulsory for government servants to donate one day’s salary to the mysterious PM CARES Fund, which will not be publicly audited.

Pre-corona, if we were sleepwalking into the Surveillance State, now we are panic-running into the arms of a super-surveillance state in which we are being asked to give up everything—our privacy and our dignity, our independence—and allow ourselves to be controlled and micromanaged. Even after the lockdowns are lifted, unless we move fast, we will be incarcerated forever.

How do we disable this engine? That is our task.”

Why is there so much Private Interest for VIRUSES in thousands of locations around the globe?

Is it known how many “accidents” have occurred at these Laboratories?

Are their turnovers known?

Does anyone think of the Possible Sources of Possible Biological Terrorism?

Is it known that viruses can be produced artificially? Well, if we keep saying that we live on a Ship of Fools and that we are in the hands of some PSYCHOPATHS, we really can’t admit that they can use these viruses “selectively” ???

Does anyone know that Bill Gates is the one who în fact decides WHO policies ???

Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: 1 persoană, text care spune „i_am_a_soldiers_voice Bill Gates (a software developer) is allowed to speak on Covid19 but doctors, both medical and chiropractic, are censored by YouTube? If you don't see the problem here you're part of the problem.”

Does anyone know who the WHO leader is?

He is a “man of China.”

I am not against useful vaccines, but against many of the futile ones that are administered in the name of Profit… in the name of Intellectual Property.

I myself was eliminated from the group of hyperians because I protested against Intellectual Property and Privat Property in general.

If BIG FARMA Interests is preferred, then I have no regrets.

Have we enlightened people fallen into the trap of the System’s Media ?Don’t we often quote Nietzsche who calls for “Change of All Values”?Shouldn’t we be circumspect?

Haven’t we found out yet that WE LIVE IN A LIE and that Media is the main vector of OWO?

In the end, the “order” and “defense” forces will do what they have always done: PHYSICAL REPRESSION … this time for the establishment of a “1984” Scenario.

Repression — CANVAS

In conclusion, how can someone not identify a HIDDEN AGENDA at this time ???

How did I come to such conclusions?


I would do this if I were in their place and it is known that if you are not able to put yourself deep in the mind of the opponent, he will always surprise you.

We are in a GAME and we have been losing it regularly for millennia, because we are not able to counteract their AGENDA.

We will lose this time too, as in 2008.

The REVOLUTION will not occur with Lockdown, with Social Distancing, or discussing the sex of angels, but going out into the streets and occupying the Centers of Power. Unfortunately, again the Left of all kinds leaves this form of manifestation of the Radical Right, which is fighting Lockdown to go to churches, stadiums and bars, but it does and wins consensus, especially when it will be proven that all this Crisis was a FALSE FLAG, set up perhaps by OWO. We’ll see Trump winning the elections!!!

Huntington Beach protesters shun California stay-at-home rules ...

What should be our AGENDA in this context?

First of all, we should also want a Population Control, as we saw in an Illuminati video with Georgia Guidestones, but not through Elimination, but through Illumination and Gradually.

MAO ZEDONG proved that it is possible!… Again CHINA !?

Best 30+ Georgia Guidestones fun on 9GAG

Overpopulation is a matter of Negative Freedom, which must be replaced by Positive Freedom to consider the GENERAL INTEREST.

Overpopulation is the result of the activity of the Reptilian Brain.

The overpopulation is due to the Other-Directed and Tradition-Directed Spirit.

Overpopulation has so far been stimulated by the OWO in order to multiply the number of slaves.

Measures must be taken to gradually reduce the global population in order to have a SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: HAPPY DEGROWTH !!!

We need to get the Neocortex working.

Crowded trains in India - YouTube

And in this case we have noticed confusion among the Illuminists and Hyperians who deny the existence of a danger in the Overpopulation, although Point 2 on the Georgia Guidestones is accepted by the Illuminati through the statements of the Corona Party and the visualization of the monument in their own films. This Problem can no longer be solved as usual with Wars and Poverty, but possibly requiring a… Pandemic !?

We at the Dacia Movement have been drawing attention to this eventuality for 11 years and we have already mentioned it in our books.

Secondly, it is by no means wrong to eliminate FUTILE activities if it is done in the General Interest and not in the individual and group Interest of an Elite increasingly “rarefied” in the future and stronger. I highly recommend this video for a clearer picture:


The Illuminists and Hyperians should adhere to HAPPY DEGROWTH increasingly demanded by a large number of socio-economic activists and RESPONSIBLE scientists. In this way a great step forward would be taken for the creation of a REVOLUTIONARY CRITICAL MASS.

We must prevent at all costs the RESTART of a Chronically Sick World, of Capitalism turned into a real ZOMBIE.

Solutions: Degrowth | Rethinking Prosperity

Speaking of Lockdown, we are talking today about INCREASING THE NUMBER OF DEATHS which is true. We are dealing with a more powerful virus, but is not the first one.

COVID-19 is shown to be fatal for those with severe comorbidities, especially the elderly.

It is right to WARN of danger, to RECOMMEND protective measures, especially for those with comorbidities, but not to IMPOSE TO ALL in the face of Fundamental Human Rights. If somebody wants to take communion with a single teaspoon, if one wants to kiss the icons, if they want to crawl through the dust of churches, they must be allowed to do so, because as I said before, “we are too many and too stupid.”

Why so much FEAR OF DEATH in some Illuminists, who otherwise claim that the Soul is a prisoner in the Body ??? It is true that “intelligent people live longer,” so they will know what needs to be done for this purpose, but without giving up Freedom and accepting the Submission.

On this occasion, serious shortcomings in Health Systems have emerged, but what can you expect when Public Health budgets have been systematically cut everywhere, and the PRIVATE HEALTHCARE replaced the Public one? Private health has proved on this occasion non-existent in control and action. Another proof that the Healthcare System must be exclusively the responsability of the STATE.

What more can we talk about Romania, when it comes to !?

30,000 doctors were practicaly expelled all over the world and the consequences are obvious (economical migration).

In addition, Romania ranks last in the EU in soap consumption.

We have the highest school dropout rate.

We are the most fundamentalist christians in the EU.

Daca VIU este Domnul, de ce pupati MORTI?! | Danut Tanase

But let’s look at the situation in the most powerful state in the world:

As of May 11, about 80,000 people with COVID-19 symptoms had died in the United States, up from 40,000 last year, but compared to about 1.5 million confirmed cases, we have a 5.8% death rate. But authorized voices assume that the Infection Rate is about 10 times higher, so the comma should be moved and we would fall below the percentage of 2% (0.58%) that is considered PANDEMIC according to WHO indications. Only 8 million tampons were made in a population of 330 million. Who made tampons among the millions of poor, homeless, without health care ??? However, there are also deaths in these categories, which even today were buried in heaps in common pits… but that the MEDIA has not shown you until today !?


The situation is similar in all the others developed countries.

Let’s talk about Romania. We have approx. 1,000 deaths per 15,000 infections, 9,500 cures and 5 times fewer tests (0.3%) than developed countries, which tested about 1-2% of the population.

Starting from the Mortality Rate of about 1.3% of Romania, we can say that 260,000 people die annually in Romania, so approx. 20,000 per month.

Only because of respiratory diseases, 40,000 people die annually in Romania, so 3,333 per month. How many have died of COVID-19 in Romania in the last 2 months? Less than 1000.

How Many People Die From Cancer, Heart Disease And So On?

Below is a document of the National Institute of Statistics from 2019:

“The fact that in Romania, mortality rates are currently at a substantially higher level compared to the rates recorded by most EU Member States explains, in part, the large gaps in the average life expectancy of males and , respectively, female from Romania and from other European countries.

Statistical data on mortality rates by the five main causes of death and areas of residence in the period 2005-2018 show the following developments:

– Mortality rates were substantially higher in rural areas compared to urban areas.

It should be noted that these differences were and remained extremely large in the case of the mortality rate due to diseases of the circulatory system.

– Mortality rates due to circulatory system diseases in the period 2005-2018 registered an increasing trend in urban areas (from 517.7 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants to 523.5 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants) and a decrease in rural areas (from 985.0 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants per 867.2 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants).

– After circulatory system diseases, tumors are the second leading cause of death in Romania. In the period 2005-2018, the intensity of mortality with this cause increased in urban areas from 193.7 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants (in 2005) to 233.1 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants (in 2018) and in rural areas from 204.8 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants (in 2005) to 232.6 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants (in 2018).

– There is a tendency to increase mortality rates due to respiratory diseases in urban areas in 2018 (64.9 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants) compared to 2005 (41.3 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants). ”

It is obvious that we do NOT have a PANDEMIC !!!

Yesterday I had the pleasant surprise to see a Demonstration in Bucharest against the ABUSES of these days of the government, the president, the health officials, the journalists, the police. Protesters ignored the ban on protesting and promised actions, including legal ones, against those who grossly violated the CONSTITUTION. The demonstrators have already organized and claim that they have PROOF that we did not have any PANDEMIC.

As MATHEMATICS is not an OPINION, statistics will soon prove this… and Trump will win the elections!!!

This is how the Illuminists should have manifested themself, because this Crisis could be an OPPORTUNITY for a major change. When we’ll have the INS data for the current year, we will note that there were no substantial changes compared to previous years.

Then we will ask ourselves WHY SO MUCH TERROR?

– The economy has stopped.

– Schools were closed (which still provided the poorest training in the EU).

– The lockdown led to an explosion of depression, domestic violence and mental illness in general.

– The treatment of other serious diseases was stopped in hospitals occupied exclusively by the COVID-19 Emergency becoming on this occasion the most important Sources of Infection for both patients and medical staff. Many doctors had already warned of the explosion in the coming period of this diseases. We will have more deaths from Chronic Diseases than from Covid-19.

– Sovereign Debt will make a huge leap forw.

– Families have been depleted of resources and many will ask for loans to the banks in the near future.

– Tens of thousands of workers are unemployed.

– A lot of business is gone.

– A real STATE TERRORISM was established by introducing MILITARIZATION and POLICE ABUSE, in spite of the elementary Civil Rights enshrined in the Constitution. All with the complicity of so-called health professionals. Is it not excluded that in the future we will have a real “Nuremberg” on this topic !?

– We had the confirmation, if necessary, that “All Parties Are The Same Mess”… the time has come for A DIFFERENT POLICY with other protagonists !!!
More recently,
Gheorghe Piperea, a former presidential candidate and a famous lawyer from Romania, initiated a legal action against all those guilty of this situation. Of course he also has evidences to do so.

Can anyone say that such a situation is not on someone’s HIDDEN AGENDA ???

We Illuminists should enjoy this SYSTEMIC CRISIS and many do.

I would be happy if it would be controlled by us, but I’m sure that the OWO is doing that!!!

This Crisis may be an Opportunity for us Illuminists as well as for the Planet but we must not accept OWO Solutions.

We must not accept the RESTART on the same coordinates.

Yes, it is a more violent and mobile virus, and we cannot help but suspect that it was made so intentionally, if we look at the aberrant measures that the rulers are taking.

The real Causes of COVID-19 virulence and those that will appear in the near future have obvious CAUSES and action must be taken there, in no way putting us Masks and imposing Social Distancing.

We are on the verge of Extinction and we from the Dacia Movement have been warning about this Danger for 11 years, without being taken into account and without succeeding in creating a REVOLUTIONARY CRITICAL MASS in Dacia.

Let’s hope it’s not too late and that we haven’t already passed the POINT OF NO RETURN!?!?

Nu este disponibilă nicio descriere pentru fotografie.

Final word

I hope that in the near future, those who forced us to Lockdown and Social Distancing on the basis of a FALSE FLAG and who intend today to RESTART on the same coordinates, will also be put in ISOLATION and SOCIAL DISTANCING for a period resulting from the sum of those of citizens.

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