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Twenty-one of the central principles taught by Pythagoras to the inner circle of the Illuminati (who were known as the mathematikoi)
(1) Reality is mathematical at its deepest level.
(2) The cosmos exhibits order because it obeys mathematical laws.
(3) If the cosmos were not mathematical it would be permanently chaotic and random. No form of organization would ever have emerged. No life could have arisen.
(4) Mathematics is the first language of the cosmos. Mathematics underlies reason, order, organization, pattern, logic, and form.
(5) God is mathematics come to life.
(6) God is mathematical perfection.
(7) The thinking mind, both human and divine, is born of mathematics.
(8) The mathematics of humanity can evolve to the mathematics of
divinity: the latter is simply an inferior version of the latter.
(9) Through the understanding of mathematics, humans can
comprehend the Mind of God.
(10) The human soul reflects the mathematics of eternity.
(11) Mathematics and philosophy can purify the soul spiritually.
(12) The human soul can rise to union with the divine.
(13) Certain symbols have a mystical significance via which the
secrets of God are revealed.
(14) God has filled the cosmos with mathematical messages (codes) to
the human race to provide the answers to all of our questions. Weneed only read the codes, but to do so we must learn to see through God’s eyes.
(15) Good and evil have their origins in mathematics. Good is associated with those who wish to live in harmony with others; evil is the result of the desire to destroy harmony by treating others in a
lesser way than one would expect to be treated oneself. Good people seek harmony; evil people seek discord. Good people seekcooperation, evil people seek to put others down in order to raise
themselves up.
(16) God wants all good people to join him. He rejects all evil people.
(17) Emotion is based on music, and music on mathematics. All of our
emotions are reflected in music. Music can make us happy, sad, tearful, and ecstatic. It can rouse us to dance. It can plunge us into despair. It can deliver serenity. It can make us restless. It can inspire us, or crush us. It can allow us to enter into communion with others. It
can raise our minds to the level of the divine. Through perfect music, we can glimpse the perfect mind of God.
(18) All things have a profound inner grasp of mathematics. Even when they do not know it, all things are carried along in the eternal flow of mathematics, the river of enlightenment.
(19) Those who do not understand mathematics are those who have
not had what is buried within them brought into the light of reason.
(20) Light and sound are mathematical. In the afterlife, we hear the Music of the Spheres and see the infinitely dazzling light patterns of eternity.
(21) All Brothers and Sisters of the Order should observe strict loyalty and secrecy.

Twenty-one was a revered number because it was the product of two
of the most sacred numbers: three and seven.

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