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Giugno 12th, 2020 Posted in Dacia Iluministă
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In the current context of the Covid-19 Crisis, the Black Book of the Dacia Movement “Comunitarian Republic of Dacia – Guide to Practical Illuminist Meritocracy”, becomes the most important of all written so far, through its timeliness and imminent implementation of such a COUNTRY PROJECT .

The White Book contains the Ideology of the Dacia Movement inspired by the Pythagorean Enlightenment.
The Red Book and the Addendum to it contain significant quotations from the works of some Pythagorean Illuminists, as proof that we have a new and strong Spiritual Basis for our Project.
The Blue Book seeks to explain the Covid-19 Crisis and its probable consequences.

These lines are written in addition to the Blue Book to demonstrate the Imminence of implementation of a Project / Paradigm similar to the one in the Black Book … and not only in Romania! That, if we don’t want to face EXTINCTION, even PARTIAL !?
What must be understood from the beginning is that this Passage will be made with a great bloodshed, globally !!!
I remind you here that the OWO has decided to change its AGENDA which has become unsustainable. What OWO does not consider is that COVID-19 is the CHINESE DROP for a Change that will not be in line with their NEW AGENDA !!!
Apparently, CHINA is actively collaborating with OWO, but it is an ILLUSION în my opinion.
CHINA is ready to take over the global leadership on its own, possibly with the support of Russia and its allies of today and tomorrow.
Sounds incredible?
Well, it is enough to see what is happening in the world these days, especially in the “countries that matter” and to apply REASON and LOGIC.
POLITICAL, SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC INSTABILITY will inexorably lead to ANARCHY, which cannot be stopped by the Weak Liberal States as OWO still hopes, and then a Powerful State will intervene restoring ORDER. Of course, ANARCHY will produce many victims until the ORDER is restored: blacks will kill whites and vice versa, homophobes will kill homosexuals and vice versa, Christians will kill Islamists and vice versa, leftists will kill right wingers and vice versa, poor people will kill rich people and vice versa, the police will kill citizens and vice versa and so on. All these Camps are today incited above the level of the past years precisely for this purpose: ANARCHY.
Weak Liberal States will not be able to become Strong in order to control through repressive measures … the peoples will not accept the LACK OF FREEDOM in the long run.
The COVID-19 crisis was produced with the intention of “changing here and there, without the Western Elite losing CONTROL” … but it will lose it !!!
The “home arrest” (Lockdown and Social Distancing) and Censorship in recent months will soon have serious consequences, because people sleep, but not as OWO mistakenly believes … and then we will have ANARCHY. ANTIFA is already on the field, and so is the counterpart. More recently, the conflict between the Left and Right, Black and White and Indigenous-Historical Emigrants is accentuated in the USA, with ridiculous manifestations on both sides. What is happening in America today will happen to us tomorrow!
When will Romania do what is being done, for example, in Canada about the VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION ???


The United States and the West are “fallen in their blood,” as Nostradamus put it (of course, a smart man will be found laughing at this quote).
The Western States are Clay-Footed Giants who now have to pay the POLICIES for Colonialism, Multiculturalism, Militarism, Imperialism, Capitalism.
The USA is the most edifying example of the FAILURE OF MULTICULTURALISM, and the rest of the “civilized” countries follow it
blindly … CHINA, on the other hand, is an intransigent MONOCULTURE against any attempt to undermine it.
“Civilized” countries, unlike China, have a population with IQ in free fall due to a weaker education system and practice the so-called “political correctness” that allows among other Negative Liberties cultivated in the name of LIBERALISM, the most harmful: RELIGIOUS FREEDOM DUMBING DOWN their own population.

The new OWO Strategy would take place in three “controlled” stages, and the fourth will be exclusively Chinese:

In the first stage, the CONTROL is established (“1984”), especially through the implementation of 5G technology and later 6G.
I am not in any way against TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS, but against its use to the detriment of the GENERAL INTEREST, as OWO intends.
In the second stage, “bread and circus” (“Brave New World”) is given, ie the Basic Universal Income (UBI) is implemented provided that the Control is accepted.
In the third stage, we will move to the gradual elimination of the “inert” beneficiaries of the UBI, ie those without economic contribution (see Georgia Guidestones) and here a key role for Western countries will have the ANARCHY.

The fourth stage will be CHINA’S CONTROL (as the protagonist) following the restoration of ORDER. They will present themselves to us as SAVIORS and it will not be incorect from my point of view, especially if they establish an Illuminist Meritocratic regime, which in our opinion is the only possible STEP FORWARD for all mankind.

Let’s analyze what happened in the World during this period of Crisis, what are the following events and let’s see how each of these Events is contemplated in
our Black Book using Logic and Reason:

In a short time, the Social, Economic, Financial and Political Systems dictated by the Old Paradigm have collapsed, or are in an advanced stage of collapse:

millions of people have lost their jobs, so without Social Utility, and robotics and other new technologies will accentuate the process. There are already talks about the Universal Basic Income (UBI), about reducing working days, about working at home, about the Electronic Commerce, as solutions to avoid Anarchy. Obviously, in these conditions, a Population Control is also required. If we illuminists do not Consciously and Gradually think about and make it, Mother Nature, or OWO, will deal with the elimination of the “excess”, because it is obvious that they do not need so many SLAVES!
In this situation, our BLACK BOOK provides as an alternative LESS WORK and FOR EVERYONE. In this way the “social and economic blackmail” of the OWO disappears.
We will no longer have the wage “War of the Poors against other Poors”.
“Divide et Impera” in this context will disappear.

The Economy has stopped almost completely except for the production of Strictly Necessary Goods. There have been paradoxical situations such as the negative price of oil as a result of the collapse of consumption, and this is just the beginning, because other collapses will follow, with formidable consequences. Globalization is dead and everything related to it will have the same fate. Among other things, we will move to Sovereignty, as a mandatory step.
Sovereignty has already begun to make its presence felt through total or partial Nationalizations, even though they are still called State Aid. From one day to the next they will be simply called NATIONALIZATIONS and will inexorably cover all fields of activity. These will undermine the foundations of Private Property as defined today and lay the foundations of the Powerful State. That will be the time when the Super Rich Elite will disappear.
For now, people like BILL GATES decide the fate of mankind and control EVERYTHING.
Speaking of GATES, it’s time to ask:
Who is WHO (World Health Organization) ???
The answer is GATES & co!?!?
This is a Fact, not a Conspiracy Theory…

The fact that the current rulers have not learned anything from
the Covid-19 Lesson, is demonstrated by the idiocy of still counting on “Re-Start”, on “Return to Normalcy” !?
They have already started throwing money out the window for Banks, Car Manufacturers, Aviation, Bankrupt Enterprises and other FUTILE activities, without realizing that NOTHING CAN REMAIN AS IT WAS !? Social Tensions will soon begin (see USA these days) and the end will be with “red guillotines again” !!!
The BLACK BOOK provides for the elimination of Private Property in favor of the Communitarian Property and Temporary Individual Use (during lifetime), but the world is not prepared to take this step Peacefully, Rationally and Globally, so it will do so with great bloodshed.

– in the absence of important economic activities for the circulation of money, Finance is today in an Existential Crisis that will not be solved by ordinary methods (Bailout). The “virtual printing” of money will not solve the Crisis without fatally undermining the Basic Principles of Capitalism. The financial collapse will force the Nationalization of Private Banks … even Trump has already taken the first timid step with the Fed, not because he would be anti-system, but because he was forced by the conjuncture, the same way as there will be forced in the near future all the other rulers:

Jim Bianco wrote on Bloomberg:
”In other words, the federal government is nationalizing large swaths of the financial markets. The Fed is providing the money to do it. BlackRock will be doing the trades. This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. …In effect, the Fed is giving the Treasury access to its printing press. ”
Soon a Critical Mass will challenge the Private Money Printing.
We will have a single NATIONAL BANK as provided in the BLACK BOOK and the only “shareholder” will be the POWERFUL MERITOCRATIC iLLUMINIST STATE!

– All the governing parties but also the opposition have completely lost their credibility, having no RATIONAL and LOGICAL answers to the new problems. Without exception, they all consider the RESTART, the “RETURN TO NORMALITY”!?!?
For any Rational Man they are totally Crazy !!! … it is true that at this moment there are few in this category of rational people, but in the future we will have a strong acceleration of AWAKENING.
We’ll focus again on Democracy, Unsustainable Growth, Consumerism, Irrational Use of Fossil Fuels, Professional Sports, High Fashion, Advertising, Media Misinformation, Ignorance of Politicians, Cult of Ignorant Celebrities, Generalized Mafia System in all areas and everything we denounce in our books???
Well, gentlemen, didn’t you really understand that all this “lived their lives and ate their corn” ???
Look, it’s been about 3 months that the waters, the air and the soil are being purified because Non-Essential Transports have stopped, millions of people don’t go to the Stadiums, we don’t go to Shopping anymore, we consume the Strictly Necessary and much more Rational, Electronic Commerce “flies “, the Ignavi no longer go to churches to be fooled by priests, we no longer roam the world like tourists, we consume less alcohol and drugs, there are no more traffic accidents, we don’t care and even hate the Celebrities because we have other problems on our heads and can’t we not become a bit envious of those who did Lockdown and Social Distancing in luxury villas, just for the fact that someone gave it to the right person or they know how to kick better a ball !? Advertising has become comical, proposing us to shave ourselves like an old bomber of soccer, buy SUVs and other consumeristic nonsense, for the sake of BACK TO NORMALITY and CONSUMERISM !?
Only such idiots can conceive of such a thing!
ALL current Parties will soon disappear, as provided in the BLACK BOOK!

When we wrote “Communitarian Republic of Dacia – A Guide to Practical Illuministt Meritocracy” (2016-2017), we also mentioned among the possible Triggering Elements of the Paradigm Change … a PANDEMIC EVENT !!!
Here came this “CHINESE drop that filled the glass”!

Here’s how we projected the New World into the Black Book, how we have it today, and how we’ll have it tomorrow:

a. WORK has become LESS and tomorrow it will have to be FOR EVERYONE as we predicted … otherwise we would have ANARCHY (see America of the 40 million new unemployed).
The solution of Universal Basic Income (UBI) circulated by certain circles frightened by the social repercussions of the COVID-19 Crisis, is incorrect in our opinion, because we are followers of DIGNITY and we are categorically against Social Aids, except for those who have not practically the possibility to perform any work.
The available workforce will have to be involved in improving the environment and other social activities that have been neglected so far. Many will have to be retrained.
No one should be left behind!
We will probably work 4,3,2,1 days a week, or periods of 6,5,4 months a year, strictly to cover VITAL NEEDS, and especially, to satisfy the GENERAL INTEREST, not the PRIVATE one.
In Romania, this organization will be the responsibility of the COMMUNITIES, the maximum composable Autonomous and Self-Sufficient ones, to which the Strong Enlightenment Meritocratic State led by a ROUND TABLE will establish their Fundamental Rights and Obligations. The intermediate structure of the REGIONS will sincronize and coordinate them according to the GENERAL INTEREST.
Less Work and Autonomous and Self-Sufficient Communities also means an increased degree of “Social Distancing” and “Lockdown”, which would be beneficial in a case of Pandemic like the one we are going through today.

b. MOBILITY has already been reduced with beneficial consequences and will be reduced even more drastically by stopping Globalization, establishing Sovereignty, e-Commerce composable at “Zero Km”, by eliminating Futile Activities.
A great impact for the reduction of Mobility will have the organization in maximum composable Autonomous and Self-Sufficient Communities (Municipalities, Falansters). Details of the various types of Communities and Phalanster can be found in the Black Book.
Today we spend a lot of time in Cars, Banks, Insurance, Medical Centers, Stadium, Shopping and so on. All this will disappear or be drastically resized.
Reduced mobility will also contribute substantially to limiting the spread of viruses and other pathogens, and the Autonomus Communities will allow a rapid circumscription in the event of an epidemic, as well as a faster resolution of other Crisis Situations (see Black Book for details).

c. POPULATION CONTROL is already actuated based on technological progress (5G, 6G) and will be generalized in the near future, whether we like it or not. What remain to see, is WHO will do this Control: OWO, or NWO !?
Many RESOURCES are already largely depleted, and the ENVIRONMENT is already severely affected, even with billions of people living today in miserable conditions.
It’s a matter of ARITHMETIC !!!
China has already set up this control by implementing 5G and, in the opinion of some experts, even producing a deadly virus. The only unknown is whether they did it on their own, or in agreement with other developed states under the influence of Kabbalah !?
Will we see if they acted under the influence of the Archons, or the Phosters !?
We Illuminists, for example, act under the influence of the Phosters and have in mind Population Control, but in the GENERAL INTEREST. We also have in mind a gradual and conscious reduction of the population, as well as a SINGLE ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT containing all personal data, of course in the conditions of the existence of a Strong Illuminist Meritocratic State, but not of a Capitalist-Predator one.

I recently saw a video on RAI about how something like “Personal Electronic Document” works “on points” in China:
if you throw a piece of paper on the floor, you lose 50 points, if you go red, you lose 100 points, if you donate blood, you win 200 points, etc. Of course, the journalists invoked the violated RIGHTS, but they didn’t say a word about CITIZENS ‘OBLIGATIONS !?
Obviously, all actions against the General Interest would disappear in this case.
Is this to be condemned?
YES, if technology is put at the service of those under the influence of the 144 Archons, the Endarkened of the OWO.
In the Black Book we have in mind such an Electronic Personal Document including a Certificate of Competence that will accompany us throughout our existence on this planet, but that will help the Individual and the Community BECOMING. I no longer need to specify its importance in determining the SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION and the quantification of MERIT on the basis of which each individual will be rewarded, within the limits of a ratio of 1:10 between the last citizen and the most meritorious one.
The technology will be used under the auspices of the 36 Phosters.

“Change All Values!” – Nietzsche
If Humanity has gotten where it is, all the current “values” established by Major Religions, the concepts of Family, Property, Politics, Economy, Freedom, Democracy, Peace, Science and Technology, Education, Health, Environment, must be changed …NOTHING from the current PARADIGM needs to be saved!
The new CONSTITUTIONS will have to enshrine this CHANGE, and the BLACK BOOK broadly projects such a Fundamental Law consisting of simple Principles according to Occam’s Razor. We do not claim a Definitive Project, but only a starting point … a Seed.

Of course, blood will flow in this Revolution and there will be collateral victims. We Illuminists members of the Dacia Movement and everywhere else, want a PEACEFUL CHANGE.
We want the OWO responsible for the DECLINE OF HUMANITY of the last 2000 years to “surrender”, but they will not do it, and their VIOLENCE will generate more and more violence, so be prepared for the Transitional Period that will not be Peaceful !!!
“CHINESE DROP” filled the glass !!!


Now more than ever, given the eminence of an EXTINCTION if the PSYCHOPATHS who have ruled the world for thousands of years are not removed, it is urgent to organize a Multinational League to propose to humanity a NEW SOCIO-ECONOMIC PARADIGM.
The similar attempt of THE MOVEMENT after the 2008 Crisis failed precisely because of the lack of a MINIMUM UNITARY PROGRAMM.
Even today we have Varied Interpretations of the Illuminist Principles, but this should not shatter the League, but the idea of Unity in Diversity must be applied … then, in time, SUPERIOR SYNTHESES will be achieved that will be generalized. The clearest example of Varied Interpretation is Ignoring the Antithesis of Communism in the western countries, although it was the strongest answer to the Thesis of Capitalism. If the Higher Synthesis in the West attempts to “sweeten” Capitalism and ignores the important steps taken in Communism, a Historical Opportunity will be lost and the path of “Light Coming from the East” will be opened. because the Second Wave of the Illuminism has started and will soon become TSUNAMI … it remains to be seen with what PROTAGONISTS !?
One cannot imagine that such a movement could emerge in one state, because “OWO would eat it with flakes.” If such movements operate in several states, especially in the West, and all joined a Multinational League, the OWO could not handle the Repression and its fate would be written down.
THE POLITICAL, ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL PROGRAMM of this LEAGUE should be Simple and based on Illuminist Principles.
The point of convergence of this League will be to fight the two great enemies of Mankind which are MAMMON and YHWH & co.
I dare to propose a name for this Multinational League to which Illuminist Movements from all over the world could join, even with different names. It will be sufficient to declare the association to this League:
League of the Illuminists for Global Hyperian Transcendence” – (LIGHT)

Here are our initial proposals for such a Perspective Programm, an Omega Programmatic Point, which can be implemented even gradually:
1. Abolition of PRIVATE PROPERTY, including Intellectual Property, replaced by the COMMUNITY PROPERTY and INDIVIDUAL TEMPORARY USE.
2. Rewarding citizens according to MERIT with a Resource Redistribution Ratio of 1:10 (Reward Grid).
3. Religions will be considered individual matters and will no longer have any interference with political, social and economic life in the Illuminist Meritocratic State.
4. Protecting the ENVIRONMENT will be everyone’s primary goal, in the hope that we have not already exceeded the Point of No Return. The dynamic balance of Man and Nature must be restored. The Illuminist Meritocratic State has as its permanent objective Sustainable Development, and in the current context created by OWO, that of Happy DeGrowth.
5. EDUCATION and HEALTH shall be the sole responsibility of the Illuminist Meritocratic State and shall be FREE and EQUAL for all.
6. SCIENTIFIC and TECHNOLOGICAL RESEARCH will be the sole responsibility of the Illuminist Meritocratic State.
7. Material Inheritance will be abolished – 100% Inheritance Tax
The becoming of each individual will no longer be the fruit of the efforts of others, but exclusively of his own efforts and talents.
8. The leadership of all state’s structures will be achieved on the principle of the ROUND TABLE around which will stand the Most Meritorious ones, designated by various scientific methods of quantification of MERIT and following psychological tests.
9. MONEY will no longer be a means of accumulation, but only a standard for rewarding socio-economic contributions. Their management will be the sole responsibility of the Illuminist Meritocratic State through a single National Bank.
10. International Trade will be done exclusively “Merchandise for Merchandise”, not through the Standard Money and will be the sole responsibility of the Illuminist Meritocratic State.
11. The concept of FAMILY is changed in the sense that it becomes a matter between two individuals and is not the subject of any contract.The state does not arbitrate anything, except in cases where its Illuminist Principles are violated.
12. CHILDREN are protected by the Illuminist Meritocratic State even in front of their own parents and will be provided by them EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES and OPTIMAL SCHOOLING CONDITIONS.
13. All citizens are guaranteed the Minimum Necessary for Decent Survival. This will be done by the Communities they live in.

14. The basic organization of the Illuminist Meritocratic State is the COMMUNITY maximum composable AUTONOMOUS and SELF-SUFFICIENT, with the concomitant affirmation of the POWERFUL STATE and of a new concept of HABITAT.
15. Justice and Order are the responsibility of the Communities which have only the obligation to respect the Principles contained in the Fundamental Law (Constitution). A centralized state structure will ensure compliance with these Principles in the Communities and resolve cases of national interest.
16. Quality is considered above Quantity.
17. Simplicity is applied in all spheres of socio-economic life – Occam’s Razor –
18. The Illuministt Meritocratic State is Pacifist and Non-Aligned Economically or Military, but open to International Solidarity, especially in favor of underdeveloped countries, and to International Cooperation in order to serve the General Interest of Mankind.
19. The Media is exclusively the responsabilty of the State and have the exclusive role of Informing, Culturalizing, Educating, Distracting, not of Forming Opinion.
20 This Fundamental Law is valid for 20 years, after which it will be fully discussed by the new generations. During this time, minor interventions of the ROUND TABLE are not excluded in this Fundamental Law on the occasion of exceptional circumstances.

United we’ll win!

Don’t you like something?
Do something better!

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