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Gennaio 10th, 2021 Posted in Dacia Iluministă


We live in exceptional times due to an increasingly clear AGENDA even for a Blind.
As I said before, the UNSUSTAINABILITY of the current SYSTEM is the CAUSE and no one can deny that.
Capitalism as we had it, we will not have it from now on.

OWO understood this and initially invented a Pandemic, which is nothing more than a FALSE FLAG to implement a New Social, Economic, Political and Financial Paradigm that would further secure their Privileges.
I repeat that PART of the measures that are taken and especially those that will be taken, are absolutely necessary if we want to exist as a species. Obviously, the OWO has not considered other Rational Measures, because they are Psychopathic and Irrational.
A vision for the Future based on LOGIC and REASON, we presented 5 years ago in the Black Book and in the other two wrote during the current Crisis (”Corona Tsunami” and ”The Chinese Drop”).
Now at the end of 2020, I will draw a parallel between WHAT IS BEING DONE and WHAT SHOULD BE DONE by referring to some measures put in place by the System:


Isolation is warmly recommended as a measure of individual and collective protection, but on the other hand nothing or too little is done on the issue of Globalization and the Free Movement of Capital and People that defines it !?
It is ridiculous to impose Lockdown and Isolation on one’s own citizens and to open ports for Economic Emigrants, as is the case in Masochistic Liberal Multiculturalist Europe. Most emigrants are Islamic, and their Qur’an has clear “guidelines” for “hosts.”
In the current context of making a large part of its population available, it is IRRATIONAL to update the KALERGI PLAN (which is the basis of the European Union).
MULTICULTURALISM is incompatible with the POWERFUL STATE as firmly stated by the PYTHAGOREIC ILLUMINISM !!!

The human and material resources that are used for emigrants must be used at THEIR home. One cannot be Tolerant of the Intolerant, because otherwise the Right makes Political Capital at the expense of the IGNORANCE of the Liberal Regressive Left and can establish totalitarian regimes with roots in the past.
The diversion to the countries of emigration of part of the Resources involved in the Military Complex and the abolition of the large neo-colonial transnational corporations, can in a short time cancel the current socio-economic gap.
“No one should be left behind!” it is our motto.
Of course, this Help must be conditioned by the Acceptance of our Values ​​(I mean Illuminist Values) and by the awareness of the General Interest of Mankind. In this sense, the renunciation of the Major Religions and the excessive population growth must condition this Aid.
In this context, the condemnation of NATIONALISM by many fb illuminists is aberrant: decide if you want the STRONG STATE characterized by MONOCULTURALISM, or the WEAK MULTICULTURALIST STATE !? Do you see USA and others ?? Just wait and you’ll see !!
When the whole globe adheres to the Illuminist Values, we will be able to put Nationalism to the test, but until then, HEALTHY SOVEREIGNTY and NATIONALISM that is not related to Fascist Ideas, must not be condemned!
“Humanitarian” NGOs are designed by people who use only the Reptilian and Limbic Brain, not the NEOCORTEX! They are “Contemporary Slaves Traders” for the OWO !!!


This is a fair measure, but it must be applied Rationally, that is, by making fair SYNTHESES, in order to have the most important Positive Effects, without having Traumatic Side Effects.
It is said that SHOPING should be avoided, but for the time the measures are being taken have Negative Effects: after many days of Lockdown, it is normal that at the end of Isolation people rush into shopping malls and shops. The best solution is E-Commerce and it is already noticing a significant increase in it. What is wrong is that it is run by private individuals like Bezos, who fill themselves with money at the expense of small traders.
THE SOLUTION already presented by us?
NATIONALIZATION of all Distributors of Goods.
Of course, this will lead to the dismissal of a large number of people in a relatively short term.
Here are concentrated almost all the FUTILE ACTIVITIES of mankind, so they must be drastically ELIMINATED or RESIZED.

Man must move to Resources maximum possible , not vice versa.
Obviously, it cannot be done by clapping the hands and that only a STRONG STATE can implement such a thing, especially since we will continue to see other occupations on the verge of extinction or drastic resizing in the financial, banking, insurance, administrative, political fields. , professional sports, tourism, restorative and so on.
Access to the ski slopes has been banned these days, but this is a measure that creates great economic and psycho-physical discomfort.


It is about scheduling a stay of several days or even weeks (we will see later how such a thing is possible), within a COMMUNITY (village, town, neighborhood), in one or more hotels in the same tourist locality, the transport being exclusively by public transport, individual transport being excluded, just as weekend tourism will be excluded. The Negative effects of the current closure are particularly serious both from the economic point of view and from the physical and mental health of the population, the Practiced Sport being particularly beneficial to it.
Only from the above, and it follows the need for a STRONG STATE, the only one able to manage the new circumstances. In the case of Tourist Resorts it becomes obvious that COMMUNITY PROPERTY of all facilities (hotels, restaurants, infrastructure, medical and other services) offers greater prospects of EFFICIENCY from all points of view. So, it is necessary to NATIONALIZE and establish COMMUNITY PROPERTY, as in all the other fields.
In COMMUNITIES, there can be in our vision true Cultural, Entertainment and Restoration Centers with positive social, economic and psychological repercussions. The model of the State Cities, of the Phalansters, of the Communities, of the Venus Project, must be updated for our days, and we at the Dacia Movement foresaw it many years ago.
COMMUNITIES would be mono or multi-occupational: we can have Artistic, Scientific, Educational, Sanitary, Tourist, Agricultural, Industrial, Service and so on Communities.


These have been practically closed by moving to Online Education, which is nonsense. The school is done (or should be done, because it is not yet understood) not only in the classrooms, but also in Laboratories, Creativity Workshops, Community, Field, Interaction with the Production of goods and services and so on.
The INTERNET must be used for KNOWLEDGE.

Obviously, the SYSTEM does not need SMART PEOPLE and this explains the current aberrant restrictive measures. Only a Fool can believe that OWO is considering the protection of the Elderly by closing schools … the less pensions are paid, the better for them !!!
BOARDING SCHOOLS in which students of any grade are grouped according to Myers-Briggs personality types in specific training, without excluding the interaction with various personality types in the rest of the time.
In short, we are campaigning for an updated “Spartan” School for the third millennium. This implies a weaker interference with the FAMILY, a concept that must be reformed. THE SCHOOL of any degree must be given to the most competent teachers, educators, psychologists, because the Future of Humanity depends on children. Obviously, even in this case, the best organizer can only be the STRONG STATE, any private initiative being excluded.


It seems that in Italy, the Great Infection started from the stands of a stadium at an international professional football match. The fact is that stadiums are the exact opposite of Social Distancing, not to mention related activities, just as toxic to the human psyche: Betting, Consumerism, Cult of Ignorant Multimillionaire Celebrities, Gallery Violence (hooliganism), all without any Social Contribution, but only an Economic one, for the privileged few.

SPORT can be the object of Performance, but released by the MARKET ECONOMY. The television can be used for Sports Events, without public participation.
An professional athlete can NOT earn more than other categories much more useful to society !!!


As few know, we live in a “pathogen soup.” This “soup” is more and more virulent, as the Environmental Conditions are more and more bitter to Life, responsible for this state being the HUMANS. Pathogens are a major part of the planet’s immune system. To reduce their virulence it is enough and necessary to reduce our Impact on Nature. It is no coincidence that the last words on Georgia Guidestones are repeated: LEAVE ROOM FOR NATURE!
If someone believes that VACCINES or THERAPEUTIC STUBBORN can protect us from Extinction, as long as we do not fight the CAUSES, we are lost as a species! MEDICINES generally combat EFFECTS and not CAUSES, and it is obvious to any Rational Man that “it is better to prevent disease than to combat it.”
There is a lot of case for sanitation, but as usual it is considered only Combating the Effects, but not the CAUSES. We at ”Dacia Movement” do it all the time and I will give some situations that are not enaugh contemplated, but ESSENTIAL in this matter:


We still use these fuels, although for decades we have Eco-Compatible Technologies: we go with cars based on technologies over 100 years old, we still heat with wood even in cities, we do not yet have efficient and ecological public transport systems , we fill mailboxes with Advertising, Bureaucracy is still largely based on paper, public transport and freight is still based on outdated means, and so on.

It is necessary to RADICALIZE the measures to reduce the POLLUTION as much as possible.


It is also responsible for the weakening of the Immune System, as we live more and more immersed in true Electromagnetic Storms, often avoidable. It is enough to see the thousands of TV, Radio and Telephone networks largely futile and even harmful to mental and physical health of people.
Nobody says that they should be completely eliminated, but only Optimized and Rationalized.
This Electromagnetic Environment interferes with our Energy Field, with our MIND and therefore with our BODY, but no one today is institutionally concerned with ascertaining the Effects.

Televisions and Radios must be Limited and Specialized to meet the demand for Information, Culture, Knowledge and Entertainment and must be exclusively the responsibility of the Powerful Illuminist Meritocratic State.
We cannot talk about TELEVISIONS and other Media without talking about ADVERTISING.
Tons of Paper, Hours of Transmission, Occupied Public Spaces, thousands of people involved in this FUTIL field are sufficient REASONS to justify the ELIMINATION of this activity.
ADVERTISING must be done “on the product”, the INTERNET providing everything that needs to be known.
Mobile telephony must also meet Rational Social Requirements. We must stop being Zombies staring for hours at some JUNK MEDIA distribution screens: Communication must be fundamentally Interpersonal and Virtual only in special cases of Necessity.
And in this case it is time to establish a BALANCE and RATIONALITY, General principles of the Future Society.


As long as the blanket of the poor is widening, including in the West, as long as entire nations struggle in severe poverty, any action to curb the TRAFFIC OF PATHOGENS will be useless.
GLOBALIZATION, the mobility between countries and continents, the movement of Goods and People, with the particular case of the UNCONTROLLED MIGRATION due to it, favor the process, so they must be stopped immediately.
Many believe that the planet can feed more than the current 7.5 billion, without taking into account that we already breathe, drink and eat SHIT … and this in the conditions in which billions of people cannot afford that either.
We are also against Permaculture. No one can compete with Mother Nature. No Artificial Soil can replace the NATURAL SOIL.
It is a particular case of UNSUSTAINABLE GROWTH, specific to the CRAPitalist System.
What could be more favorable to PATHOGENES, if not a MALNUTRIED MAN, who drinks DIRTY WATER, who breathes NOXES ???

THE IMMUNITY of this category of people is particularly weak and favors not only the Transmission of Pathogens, but also their increasing Virulence.
In the current crisis, it has been shown that the virulence of pathogens is higher in polluted areas.
Instead of spending money on weapons, wars, “humanitarian aid” that are actually dust in the eyes, junk production, aberration of Planned Obsoscence, consumerism and so on. it would be better to make a “Marshall Plan” to eradicate Poverty globally!


When we talk about Sanitation, Pathogens, Junk Food, Overpopulation, we can not ignore the Main Cause: EXACERBATE CONSUMPTION OF ANIMAL MEAT.

It is already proven that Industrial Animal Husbandry is the main source of air, water and soil pollution on a global scale.
In addition, Antibiotics and Hormones administered to animals in Industrial Animal Husbandry endanger our IMMUNITY to pathogens, much more than any seasonal flu virus. Not to mention the fact that especially in Asia, where ALL viruses come from lately, “everything that moves” is eaten, starting with dogs and cats and ending with manis and bats !?
Even Pets have an exaggerated presence, without a Rational Justification. Dog poop, to give just one example, is increasingly present in the environment of big cities, to the detriment of human health. Increasingly ridiculous dog breeds fill the apartments of people unable to socialize with those of their own animal species !?
In particular, dogs should be neutered and thus reduced their presence in human society, except for those who have a certain social utility.
Pets must be drastically adapted to the Principles of Sustainability. In the current crisis, the presence of dogs in the public space increased, with many people buying them in order to justify their “escape” from their homes in Lockdowns !? Isn’t this a matter closely related to HYGIENE ??? Some NGOs fill their mouths with Animal Rights, ignoring the Right of Humans Survival !? The Pet Industry is a totally UNSUSTAINABLE industry.

The proliferation of pets is linked to a Negative Freedom: “I do what I want in my own interest even if it harms others”


We live more and more based on what is called Junk Food, Discount Foods, largely Genetically Modified Without Discernment, produced by large food corporations driven only by the Chase for Profit. This Phenomenon is also characteristic at 360 degrees in the Production of Consumer Goods, the PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE being today studied in the faculties and put into practice also in the service of PROFIT, in the service of MAMMON.
It is time to return to Healthy Eating based on Agriculture and Natural Animal Husbandry.
We must also return to Long-Term Products.
In a word, we must apply the Illuminist Principle of putting QUALITY first, not QUANTITY.
Mankind today consumes RESOURCES far beyond what Mother Nature can REGENERATE!
A HAPPY DEGROWTH is required without appeal if we still want to survive as a species !!!
This obviously implies ANOTHER LIFESTYLE, balanced, scientifically supported according to Vital Resources and Needs. Obviously, the EXCESSES OF THE ELITE must be abolished and CONSUMERISM abolished.
Who Consumes Resources More Than the Current Elite?
The 100% Inheritance Tax and a just Reward Grid will end it:
It is obvious that only a Powerful Illuminist Meritocratic State can govern such a Peaceful Transition.


The time has come to quantify the immense resources consumed in these activities. Again we discuss BALANCE and REASON:
ROUND TABLE, OPTIMIZATION and COMPETENCE need to be implemented urgently, and we have foreshadowed everything that needs to be done in these areas, so I will not return. THE PARTIES, which are only Divisive Factors, will disappear, the DIALECTICAL PROCESS taking place within the Round Table System of the Most Meritorious.
The OCCAM’s RAZOR must be actualized urgently.
The administration must be “relieved” by Embassies and Economic Representations. Also, the INTERNET can eliminate almost completely the Local and National Administrations.
No one should worry about how this redundant workforce will be used, because it will open up opportunities in areas not yet considered: Water, Soil and Air Protection, Implementation of New Technologies, redefining Agricultural, Animal Husbandry and Industrial Strategies, revolutionizing Education System and so on.
Of course, this involves the REQUALIFICATION of a large number of people.
However, humanity would benefit from much more FREE TIME in the conditions of applying the measures of HAPPY DEGROWTH.


It is useless to fight the Effects of Unsustainable Development and the Health of Humanity increasingly affected, if we do not eliminate the MAIN CAUSE: GLOBALISM.
As we projected at the Dacia Movement, LOCALISM, COMMUNITY and SELF-SUFFICIENCY are absolutely necessary in the conditions of HAPPY DEGROWTH.
GLOBALISM is largely responsible for the Consumption of Fossil Fuels, Pollution of all kinds, Global spread of Pathogens and Pests of all kinds, Uncontrolled Migration, the proliferation of Economic Wars and so on.
Everyone must “stay at home,” in the environment in which he was born.

International trade will be made in our vision based on BARTER principle, without the intermediation of Standard Currencies, and domestically the only valid Currency will be the National Currency.
Air, Land and Water Transport must be drastically reduced to the Necessary Strict, without affecting the Standard of Living too much … again EQUILIBRIUM and REASON are required.


At the moment, the CHURCHES are fully compromised either by ignoring the measures to preserve the health of the population, as well as by the support they paradoxically give to the OWO Governors. The implosion of the System actively supported by CHURCHES, will facilitate the gradual liberation of mankind from YHWH @ co.

The starting point will be the transfer of Church Properties, including Places of Worship, to Community Property. There is no Rational Justification for the intervention of the Churches of any kind in the productive, educational or health processes. They have no COMPETENCES in these areas.
Also, including for the cessation of Mobility due to religious manifestations outside the Community, the activity of the Churches is restricted to the afferent territory. In order to prevent the infection of the population with various pathogens, any deviation from the rules of hygiene, including crowds of people, is prohibited. Priests will be employees of the State with an income comparable to that of a kindergarten educator. The services will be broadcast exclusively on the Internet, without public participation in churches. The ceremonies will be free and exclusively with the family members involved. The monasteries will be transformed into objectives that meet the General Interest, in the same way as the big villas and luxury hotels.


Everything that today requires the presence of an audience will be largely channeled to the Internet, Radio, Television, or Local Representations of Traveling Artist Communities organized for this purpose. These Communities (Communities or Phalanster) will benefit from the State of resources corresponding to the important role they have in people’s lives.


Of course, at this moment everything I wrote here but also in previous books seems to be UTOPIA. I can assure you that it is preferable to update such a UTOPIA, instead of plunging into the DISTOPIA that OWO prepare for us.
I’m convinced that the New World will be like this, or won’t it be at all !?
I have been meditating (not in the spirit of eastern religions) on the Future of Mankind for many years, and so far nothing we have foreseen in our books has been (yet?) Unconfirmed.
Your choice …

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