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Ottobre 23rd, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă

The Universe Wants Us to Optimize Ourselves…

As it turns out, the mind simply is the electromagnetic spectrum, arranged as a frequency-structured singularity.

As it turns out, mathematics comes equipped with a complete explanation of how immaterial dimensionless singularities (minds) can interact with dimensional spacetime (matter). Ontological Fourier mathematics is all about how unextended frequency singularities generate, control and interact with a spacetime domain.

The universe has a mind and wants to do the best for itself. It wants to optimize itself, just as you want to optimize yourself. But you are part of the Cosmic Mind. You are one of its nodes. So, if the universe is trying to make the most of itself, that means it wants you to make the most of you, and it will do all it can to help you make the most of yourself – if, and this is the crucial point, you let it. Sadly, the average person does not.

What does Jung’s remarkable anecdote tell us? (about the scarab beetle). Basically, the universe knew what Jung and the woman were talking about, detected a nearby scarab beetle, and sent it to them, to increase the meaning of their interaction, and thus the overall meaning of the universe.

The whole mind of a human is present in every part of the human body, while the whole mind of the Cosmos (“God”) is present in every part of the physical Cosmos, hence knows exactly what is going on everywhere. In quantum mechanical terms, this is known as entanglement or non-locality. The ancient wisdom is also the basis of holography: the whole is in every part. There is nothing “woo” about this.

Just imagine that the universe is always scanning for opportunities such as this, and always striving to make them happen. However, imagine that there is also a force operating against the universe’s plan to increase meaning. This force is none other than human consciousness, which cuts us off from the universe, the macrocosm, and makes us dwell on our own little portion of the universe, the microcosm, where we are blind to the grand operations of the universe.

The optimized universe is the one where every part of the universe – all of us – are individually optimized. We all become optimized by working together to achieve exactly that, not by trying to put others down so that we can raise ourselves up.

Humanity is cut off from the truth: that we are all mind cells in one Cosmic Mind. We are Many in One, destined to cooperate with each other in the greater interest of the One (of which we are all part.}

We are all in a kind of game, a game to maximize our knowledge and experience of the game. We do so through the reduction of chaos, disorder, entropy. We manage this through cooperation, collaboration, communion, union, synthesis, integration, harmony and interconnectedness.

In fact, for everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, synchronicity reflects the routine operations of the universe. The universe is always seeking to maximize meaning, and synchronicity is the default mechanism it uses.

Steve Madison
The Universe Has Your Back: Trust the Cosmos . Kindle Edition.

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