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Football – a New Religion

Giugno 1st, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

Football – a New Religion:

Football is the most popular sport in the world.(For some bizarre reason, the American version of football doesn’t use a round ball and rarely involves any contact of a foot with a ball!)

Football now acts a substitute for religion for many people.Every day, the “fans” (fanatics) wear the colours of their team.They go shopping in their team’s strip.Such is their love, they even get their girlfriend to put on the strip before they fuck them.They hate the opposing teams (the infidels).They have a religious devotion to the players (the gods) even though the players are highly paid mercenaries from all over the world who couldn’t care less what team they’re playing for as long as the price is right, and have zero interest in the fans (whom they usually regard with contempt…apart from the sexy groupies).High priests – managers and boards of directors – constantly sing the praises of the team and emphasize how important every game is and why the fans should pay through the nose and be at every game (or be cast into perdition by losing out on the chance to attend the BIG games – where Armageddon itself – the Trophy – is at stake.Bibles – match programmes – are produced to convey the thoughts of the team and its manager.The media talk in solemn, hushed, reverential whispers about the greatest players, as though they were in Church.

Fans spend the days before the next match anticipating the great event, and the days after dissecting the action.They know all the statistics concerning their teams going back decades.They even know an immense amount about other teams.If they put the same astounding effort and time into any other activity they would be towering geniuses in their chosen field.Instead they are retards who know an infinite amount about nothing.Is this what we mean by a life well lived? – someone who spends his life watching others kicking a ball and being obsessed with that meaningless activity.

Football fans would no doubt regard Sisyphus’s eternal task of pushing a boulder up a hill as futile…yet Sisyphus would certainly assume that the gods had inflicted a comparable punishment on football fans.Every year, they go through the same essentially pointless routines…until they die.In what way is that not the equivalent of pushing a boulder up a hill, watching it roll back down and then starting again? Haven’t football fans got anything better to do with their time? Why does football give them all they want in life? Obviously, they don’t want much.How can you invest your life’s meaning in a ball, a field, a net and gilded, pampered millionaires running around for 90 minutes? Yet millions do.They are lost when the season ends and they have to wait several months before the new season begins.They wander around like the undead, their reason for living temporarily gone.

Ordinary people pour their identity into a bunch of super-rich foreigners running around a field kicking a plastic ball.They are devastated (in hell) when their team loses, and elated (in heaven) when it wins.You really couldn’t make it up.

In the past, football teams comprised men from the local community, who travelled on public transport with the fans and received a similar wage.The team was a genuine reflection of the fans.

Now the players can come from any country in the world, have no connection at all with the community and they are typically strutting multi-millionaires.

Logically, the religion should have died out when the gods no longer resembled the fans.But the opposite happened.The gods became more passionately loved than ever before.The more “other” they were, the more godlike they were deemed to be.

Believers love it if their gods are very different from them.Gnostics, on the other hand, hate it.Believers want the gap between their gods and them to be as wide as possible so that they can feel infinitely small and pathetic: Gnostics cannot accept any system that does not allow them to be gods too.They will never worship false gods.

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