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Maggio 25th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia

Helena De Brabander a distribuit un link în grupul Hyperianism – The Outer Circle (Activism and Optimization).
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“It’s time to understand the code, the code of life. Life is not what you think it is. Life is identical to light. That explains why the ancients worshiped the sun … the source of light and life. You cannot have life without light.
A “soul” – a massless, unextended, dimensionless, immaterial entity outside space and time – is a light being … a being made of photons. But the great secret of light is that it is the most rational thing you can get. Light, when properly understood, is nothing other than ontological mathematics, i.e. mathematics exists in the universe as light, and everything comes from light (from mathematics).
Light is the fiber and fabric of existence, which is to say that mathematics is what existence is. Mathematics is light itself, life itself, mind itself, and thought itself. And matter is simply “broken” light. There is nothing other than light = mathematics.”

“The most intelligent people – the geniuses – are able to take conceptual leaps that defy the understanding of ordinary people. You are extraordinarily intelligent if you can conceive that thoughts are photons, that suns pour out the thoughts of the Cosmic Mind into spacetime and matter, and that black holes restore spacetime thoughts to their Singularity origin.
Given that minds think, then, to say that photons are thoughts, is equivalent to saying that minds are made of light, that minds comprise autonomous, complete and consistent collections of photons. Given that all minds are alive (there are dead, or “undead”, bodies, but no such things as dead minds) then photons are not only thoughts, they are also the basic ingredients of life. Suns are the central, controlling lives of solar systems, and they produce the conditions for plant and animal life to appear on planets such as Earth. They are the solar Gods that project life into their solar domain.
The Singularity is the immaterial source of life and mind, outside space and time. It emanates material suns (solar holograms) that convey life and mind into the spacetime universe of matter. Moons and planets are the detritus of previous generations of suns. On planets, the light (life, thoughts) of suns produces bodies that can be controlled by individual souls.
The carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms in our bodies were created in old, long dead stars. The lighter elements come from small exploding stars (novae), while the heavier elements come from large exploding stars (supernovae). Stellar explosions throw out vast clouds of dust and gas, and this material from the exploded stars disperses throughout interstellar space where it can combine into moons, planets or new stars.
What do stars do? They fuse simple hydrogen nuclei to create more complex nuclei, and thus the material world, full of all the elements, comes into being.”

I came across this video, is the truth about stars being deliberately held back?

THE STARS SING: (don’t mind the religious take, the sound frequencies and images are very interesting)