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The Truth about Christmas

Novembre 9th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă

Phosters and Archons

Ottobre 6th, 2019 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă

Phosters and Archons

All conscious creatures have the ability to achieve gnosis and become God. However, gnosis is usually accomplished by higher beings than humans.

Where Abrahamists refer to angels and demons, we refer to phosters (higher beings of lights and reason – enlightened emissaries of Abraxas) and archons (higher beings of power and dominance – endarkened overlords and rulers, princes of the Devil). Every intelligent planet has phosters and archons, but they do not go around as comic-book superheroes or dastardly villains. They are shadowy beings operating behind the scenes. To use the language of Star Wars, they are keeping the “force” in balance, so to speak. Their task is not to save or enslave humanity but merely to maintain the conditions in which those of Intellect pursue their rightful path of light, and those of Will gravitate towards the Prince of Darkness.

Compared with ordinary human beings, they enjoy much greater longevity (and thus have to continually fake their own deaths and create new identities) and have what humans would call special powers. They are like “superheroes”. However, there are very few of them, and they draw no attention to themselves. They are not here for our benefit, but for their own. They are progressing towards their own personal objectives. They may help certain groups – the phosters on earth are known to the leadership of the Illuminati and the archons are known to the most senior level of the Old World Order – and they may offer esoteric knowledge and powers, but this is always done in a subtle, responsible way on both sides.

Phosters and archons often appear in spiritual stories. In Faust, for example, Mephistopheles is an archon. In the Arthurian tales, Galahad is a phoster, and Merlin may also be regarded as a phoster.

Neither the phosters nor archons are permitted to “take over” or unduly influence the world. Typically, they target a few individuals (usually “prophets”, celebrities, leaders and geniuses) and spread their message via them. They themselves would never play a lead role in the limelight. Abrahamism is an archon-inspired religion and Illuminism is a phoster-inspired religion.

Rational people seek to achieve rational “gnosis” (ultimate self-knowledge). Wilful people seek to achieve wilful “gnosis” (knowledge of power over others – the true message of Abrahamism).

However, you should not dwell on the subject of phosters and archons. Concentrate on yourself. Don’t look to others to “save” you. Save yourself. Archons and phosters are extremely unlikely to have any direct impact on your life unless you move in certain rarefied circles. They are not allowed to obstruct any natural alterations in the balance of power on earth. Earth, at the present time, is an archon planet, under the sway of primitive Will, greed, hate, selfishness and self-interest. However, there is no law against it becoming a phoster planet of light and reason. It’s up to all of us to make that happen.

There are 144 archons on archon planets and only 36 phosters. On phoster planets, these numbers are reversed. Every intelligent planet is playing the archon-phoster game. You yourself may one day become a higher being and reincarnate as a phoster (or archon if you are a creature of will) on a planet like Earth. If you want to become God, you will have to use your life as a phoster as the final springboard to gnosis. You must already be acting like god if you wish to become God (or like Satan if that is of more appeal to you! – the Wall Street gang are doing a good job as trainee Devils).

How seriously you take the concept of archons and phosters is up to you (it may strike you as pure Mythos), but bear in mind that if there is a ladder of higher existence then there must be beings above us and below God. Think of all the tales about “gods” visiting the earth and interacting with primitive humans. Think of the tales of Erich von Daniken. Think of the Watchers and the Nephilim. Thinks of ancient stories of angels and demons. Are they all pure fantasy or is there a kernel of truth in them?Have higher beings steered our civilisation and accelerated our evolution? Was Satan – the “God” of Abraham – actually an archon who physically lived on Earth, appeared to certain individuals, and manipulated them to do his Will?

Every healthy religion must be a mixture of Mythos and Logos. Abrahamism is pure Mythos and zero Logos. Illuminism is overwhelmingly a Logos religion, but it retains some Mythos elements dating back to ancient Gnosticism. Sometimes it’s said that the Mythos elements conceal the greatest truths, the highest secrets, the supreme wisdom. It’s for you to decide for yourself if Mythos has any deep meaning or is just some entertaining tall tale.

The highest degrees of Illuminism are concerned with the secret meanings of Mythos tales going back to King Solomon and even further back to the dawn of civilisation when phosters and archons were said to have played a much more prominent role in human affairs than they do now. Did they bury secret knowledge to help chosen seekers? Did they leave guides regarding how to achieve gnosis and become God? Did they deliver the secret of the Holy Grail to Simon Magus? Did they present him with the mathematical secret of how to control matter with the mind, to transmute base metal into gold?

Infinite versus Finite beings

We are all immortal, yet our actual experience of life is as an endless sequence of finite, mortal lives (via reincarnation). The sequence can terminate only when gnosis – enlightenment – is attained.

Excerpt from The God Game

Mike Hockney