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How to Become a Hero

Marzo 27th, 2020 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă

How to Become a Hero (The Hero-God Series Book 1) by [Faust, Michael]



How to Become a Hero

“The test of any man lies in action.” – Pindar
Everyone can become a hero. We have an inbuilt program for it, but few choose to activate it, or know where to begin.
Learn about your inner hero in terms of Jungian and Freudian psychology, creative writing theory, the theory of sympathetic magic, NLP, Nietzsche and existentialism.
En route, you will discover the horrors of the ultimate jail – the Panopticon – that shapes our world. You will stumble through Derrida’s method of deconstruction and learn if you are living in bad faith (according to Sartre).
What is the difference between the ego and the self? Is the self our soul, and does it have a direct connection to God? Is The Matrix the ultimate hero tale, and Neo the supreme hero?How does Bicameralism – Julian Jaynes’s theory that gods once “lived” in the right hemisphere of the human brain – fit in with the hero archetype?
Have you heard of “God’s Calculator”? How does the ancient pagan festival of Saturnalia make a mockery of Christmas? Where does WikiLeaks fit in? What is the tragic tale of the Lady of Shalott?
This is a book in a controversial series by the Pythagorean Illuminati. Do not read this book if you are a “cheap” person, an Abrahamist, a conspiracy theorist; if you are close-minded, petty, and a “moaner”. The world is sick of people like you. Heroes are never whiners and whingers.


Nothing will be the same. The super rich are finished. It was taking too long for humanity to wake up, so it summoned from its Collective Unconscious a virus that would shake the world to its foundations. It’s not business as usual after this. This is the Big One. Too much damage has been done for things to go back to the way they were. The 2008 crash should have led to a Revolution. It didn’t. Now Nature has intervened. This time, things will never be the same again. The super rich have lost all credibility. What did they do to save the world? The people that did all the heroic work were regular people: health workers, supermarket staff, truck drivers, everyone who kept the show on the road while braving THE VIRUS. We need these people. We don’t need the super rich. The pitchforks are coming out at last. The elites no longer have authority. Their “legitimacy” is gone. We now see them exposed for the absurdly overpaid clowns they are. There’s no way back for these chumps. The people have proved themselves. The people are the heroes. We don’t need the rich elites. We don’t need Trump in his golden tower, or any of these other super rich idiots. It’s all coming down. The center cannot hold. The Old World Order is done.


Giugno 21st, 2018 No Comments   Posted in Mişcarea Dacia


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