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Aprile 12th, 2020 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă


Today I read a post by CORONA PARTY about GEORGIA GUIDESTONES, in which there was approval for all the points written except the first, which indicates a maximum world population of 500,000,000 people. However, they do not protest about the POPULATION CONTROL necessary for the future.

”Corona Guy – I am Spartacus.
Ah, right, I’ve been studying the Georgia Guidestones today. Here’s what they say …
1) Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2) Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
3) Unite humanity with a living new language.
4) Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
5) Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6) Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7) Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8) Balance personal rights with social duties.
9) Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
10) Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.
Do you approve this message? I kinda dig these guidelines, except the shitty first one. The more of you fuckers there are, the more of you we can infect, and the more life we can have!
The Corona Party: Taking Over the World Person by Person.”

There were comments against the first two points, with which I disagree.
The figure of 500 million is only a number, but it is not far from the TRUTH from my point of view and I have argued on other occasions on this issue, including in the “Black Book”.
Specifically, the idea of an ACCELERATED ELIMINATION of 6 billion people cannot come to the mind of any healthy human being, but only to sick minds like OWO. There is talk in the environment of conspirators, especially about VACCINES and VIRUSES, but a sick imagination can come with other ideas.
We have in our minds a conscious and gradual reduction of birth rate, idea also accepted by CORONA PARTY. Already in the West “is practiced”, even if for reasons other than those we indicate.
At present, only IGNAVI multiply as rabbits.
Isn’t it time for them to stop reproducing so MUCH and IRESPONSIBLE?
Are we not followers of QUALITY, but not of QUANTITY?
Isn’t it the time to facilitate the REINCARNATION OF UPPER SOULS?
We all like SEX, but we can also use condoms because the act of REPRODUCTION must become RESPONSIBLE and respond first of all to the GENERAL INTEREST. Remember the volcanian of Star Trek?
The argument “terra can feed 10 billions” is RIDICULOUS: we already eat, drink and breathe SHIT, and many billions of people don’t even have it !? There are many states in which NATALITY is favored, without ensuring a standard of living corresponding to the 3rd millennium. Can’t they be denied ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGIES and AID in order to change their policy?
MAJOR RELIGIONS are other supporters of the increase in birth rate of their people. Can’t they be denounced and passed outside the law? And they, like predatory CAPITALISTS, need a LOT of SLAVES … a lot of DRONES.
I could argue hours in a row on this topic and I wonder why so many enlightened do not understand such a RATIONAL thing !? This is because they are victims of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, LIBERALISM, MULTICULTURALISM, EMOTIONS and FEELINGS with which their brain was washed and they cannot wake up. At this time I can not express my opinions for the above post, as I am increasingly censored by FAKEBOOK.
An issue worthy of attention in this context, is what we have pointed out in our books as well:
OWO has finally understood that the current PARADIGM is UNSUSTAINABLE and is looking for an EXIT ROAD, without losing CONTROL..they forces us to stay in the house although it is unproductive in the fight against the virus because we lack the SUN, MOVEMENT, SCHOOL, SOCIALIZATION, SALARIES etc. It is a more virulent flu, but it is not the first in the history of mankind. Nobody is talking today about OVERPOPULATION, PM10, POLLUTION, EATING STRESSED ANIMALS, INSIPID GMO VEGETABLES, IRADIATED FRUITS, FERTILIZERS, ANTIBIOTICS and EXFOLIANS etc.
THEY are responsible that the EARTH’S ANTICORPS are SO VIOLENT. Not for nothing is repeated the last point on the GEORGIA GUIDESTONE: Leave room for nature !!! Leave room for nature !!!
It seems that OWO has decided to move to DEGROWTH to be part of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, but in a way contrary to what we romanian illuminists have in MIND (the “originals” from other countries do not really treat the issue) !? If we, the RATIONAL ones, do not enter the GAME, then OWO will introduce a “1984” scenario. Lately, I have become pessimistic about the illuminists ability to counteract OWO TACTICS and STRATEGY. Their attitude is totally passive and conservative at this juncture. I come back saying that “we are talking about the sex of the angels and the ottmans are under the walls” !!!

Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: posibil text care spune „THE BEST FLU”


Aprile 11th, 2020 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă


Where were we? Ah, in CHINA and the crisis triggered by CORONAVIRUS that will end the GLOBALIZATION with epic consequences. I will allow myself to lay the foundations of a THEORY OF THE CONSPIRATION, because the CONSPIRATIONS are part of the History of Humanity … even the Illuminists “conspire”, right? I will start from Hegel’s DIALECTICS, which says that SLAVES are gradually becoming MASTERS, due to the “negligence” of delegating to them THE PRODUCTION OF THE social NEEDS. In short, my THEORY is that CHINA produced the current CRISIS with a precise purpose: GLOBAL CONTROL.
I said that in the happiest case, they will take the first step towards the Illuminist Meritocracy, but there is one more unhappy case: GLOBAL CONTROL.
Of course, these two extreme hypotheses can have several intermediate “variants”.
We will live and we will see!?
At present time, we can say that: either the West fell into the trap of China and stopped the engines of the economy WITHOUT REASON, or that the West cooperates with China for a joint project of type “1984”. Everyone is free to THINK and form their own OPINION; I will emphasize a few less contemplated aspects:
– The mortality caused by CORONAVIRUS is not greater than that produced by the previous Influenza, Suicides, Work-related accidents, Tobacco, HIV, Ebola etc.
I will not present the NUMBERS (TRUTH) that prove this, but they exist in the Official Statistics of recognized institutions and the work of TRUE JOURNALISTS such as the Italian guy whose video post I recently took over.
– CHINA overcame the crisis and began to PRODUCE and “help” (CHARITY) the “civilized world”.
– THE WESTERN COUNTRIES “STOPPED”, and GOVERNMENTS AND INSTITUTIONS OF THE STATE, supported by the PRIVATE MEDIA and the ”STATE MEDIA”(which only by state are not!), obliges us to stay in the house, to keep the Social Distance, to close the Schools, not to form GROUPS , they put the Army and the Repression Police on the streets, and the social networks (which are PRIVATE) allow themselves to CENSORE uncomfortable news like the one mentioned above. Don’t you think that it is a State and Media Terrorism ???
No doubt there are also beneficial consequences of the current crisis that make me optimistic: churches are closed, no more planes fly, no more cars and ships (air, water and soil are cleaner), and the Celebrity Industry, High Fashion, Sports on Money, Corporations, Crime, Shopping, Drug Use, Junk Industry, Party and Politicians Popularity etc. are in FREE FALL
Parenthesis: I am cynical and i claim that churches should be allowed to do their job, because we are already too many and too stupid !? It is important that we remain safe, we the RATIONAL ones and not get infected in the real and figurative ways. In this sense, I point out that in Romania more old women die than men, because they go and stay for hours in the churches, they lie down, they kiss greasy colored icons, they drink the ”blood of Jesus” with the same teaspoon, they take the ”Flesh of Jesus” from the hands of dirty popes. The misfortune is that Young people do not avoid being contagiated, because they are IGNAVI for the most too!?…
Children are also kept HOSTAGES in these TOXIC FAMILIES.…
I point out that a New York Cathedral has been transformed into a Hospital … In our Black Book this destination is indicated, along with Luxury Hotels, Celebrity Villas, Party Buildings, Corporations and Banks etc. In the matter of children in this context , in the next episode I will explain why this CRISIS would not be possible, or would have minor effects, if our COUNTRY PROJECT exposed by us in the “BLACK BOOK” would be applied.
Also beneficial is that the interest for the above activities, will be replaced by the interest for Science, Organic Agriculture, Industry of necessary products, Public Health, Environmentalism, Sustainability, Happy Degrowth, Trade without intermediaries etc. and especially, for the personnel related to these activities.
Another beneficial consequence is that more and more people will ask for large scale NATIONALIZATION, because if the STATE prints and gives money to the CAPITALISTS incapable of supporting the Economy from their own pockets, has also the RIGHT to become the OWNER!!! One thing is for sure: nothing will ever be as it is today!
Once again I reaffirm that preserving the term CAPITALISM, even SOCIAL, would mean that FUKUYAMA was right when he said that through CAPITALISM we have reached THE END OF HISTORY, which we Iluminists do not share at all.
We have another scenario: Illuminist Meritocracy.
Even for this we cann’t talk about the End of History, because everything is BECOMING… otherwise it DIES.
“The Snake that does not change its skin dies; as well as the Mind that is not open to other opinions! ” – Nietzsche
You hear me…?

Thousands of Jews to pray at Western Wall, in effort to stop the COVID-19 epidemic. ‘We are committed to every person,’ Rabbi Eliyahu says.
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Thousands of Jews to pray at Western Wall, in effort to stop the COVID-19 epidemic. ‘We are committed to every person,’ Rabbi Eliyahu says.


Aprile 11th, 2020 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă


For my ideas, I was banned from the Hyperian group, even if from the outer circle, and I was characterized by some of them as being anarcho-communist, confused, anti-meritocratic, troll, etc. In fact I did nothing but to manifest Critical Thinking to stimulate the Dialectical Process. Of course, some consider Illuminist Meritocracy as something nailed, when nothing in the Universe is this way.

I come with the following details:
I am an Illuminist in the background from the time that many of them played with dolls and cars, and others with swords. It is true that the Illuminati have given me a lot of Knowledge and have offered me Mathematical, Philosophical, Psychological, Religious, Historical Proofs for the Ideas I’ve already had, which is why I am deeply grateful to them. BUT, I always had a motto:
“Take what’s good from anywhere and ignore the rest” (Deconstruct to Reconstruct). That’s how I did it, and I’ll do it from now on. I frequented various groups (The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, 5 Star Movement in Italy, groups that fought for Degrowth, Sustainability, Environmentalism, Hyperianism, Illuminism) and everywhere I took what was good and ignored the rest. I was as active as I could and I had always brought ARGUMENTS that someone liked , and others, not. I didn’t join anywhere, I was neither a member of the communist party or another party or secret society and even in the future I will not join, precisely for keeping my FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND ACTION.
So I’m definitely one who has a lot to give, especially to young people, to prevent, in my smallness, the dizzy fall of the Global IQ that we are witnessing … and I GIVE FOR FREE.
To those who accuse me of being a communist, I inform them that I am an anti-communist political refugee and I have an important anti-communist background. However, with Intellectual Honesty I say again that communism is closer to the Illuminist Meritocracy.
Imagine a Puzzle to complete. Communism was much closer to completion, but someone overturned the table in despair and envy and scattered the pieces. What we have now is a pile of pieces scattered on the floor. If one disregards the EDUCATION, HEALTH, FYNANCES, ECONOMICS of the CENTRALIZED and POWERFUL STATE as being something alien to the Illuminist Meritocracy, or that someone would found something nearer in the Capitalism of all kinds that we have today, he did NOT understood ANYTHING. Of course, a Transition can be considered, but a Project is more viable, if less updates needs . The word Communism comes from Common, and Capitalism from Capital … which is closer to the Illuminist Meritocracy?
Someone from the Meritocracy Party of UK says that we will have private schools, so other private “things” everywhere too, that they want to win the “popularity contest” = VOTE, that they will taxate at 100% the wealth over £ 10,000,000, that they will nationalize only the banks etc. Obviously it’s just a change of hat on the same head.
I say:
1. 10.000.000 £… are we kidding???
2. Why NATIONALIZE only the Banks, and not EVERYTHING?
Doesn’t the current Corona Crisis show how all capitalists are asking for state aid???
This shows their inability to substitute the state.
What is LOGIC in the existence of two educational, healthcare and economic systems? Occam’s Razor, no?
What is LOGIC in the existence at the same time of a POWERFUL STATE and the Private Business. A POWERFUL STATE means CENTRAL PLANIFICATION and COORDINATION. Only the Powerful State have to establish TACTICS and STRATEGIES in every domain of activity. The Powerful State is the only one who can be an “impartial referee” for the General Interest! Over time in the history of mankind only the Powerful States had an accelerated development. It’s The Time for a new type of State with ALL VALUES RECONSIDERATION. After the Implosion of our “home”, we don’t have to use the same “bricks”!? A powerful state is not powerful at all if cann’t administrate everything.
3. Not by VOTE will the PARADIGM SHIFT be made, but by REVOLUTION, because the Ignavi are “democratic majority” and the OWO holds them by the balls.
4. We need to update the Licurgus State with the necessary adaptations!
5. What about your Queen, Lords, Colonial Empire, City, Stock Exchange and many, many other today’s realities???

I allow myself at the end of this episode to write what my Intuition dictates:
In the inevitable case of the End of Globalization, CHINA, left without the Advantages they have, will “turn the page.” After killing YHWH & co, they will kill MAMMON. If the West is not able to urgently make a truly Superior Synthesis, we can only foresee that it will be China the first to pass to the Illuminist Meritocracy and impose it to all mankind, along with other allied centers of power that we can see already in forming. That’s the optimistic version. It is up to us to choose whether we want to still be protagonists in writing Human History, or not!

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Aprile 11th, 2020 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă



5, …An optimized State is comprised of optimized individuals, all cooperating with each other to get collectively better, not selfishly competing with each other .
8. Base spirituality should be based on the collective, not the individual (the anti-social meditator).
14. Base society should be based on community and the general will, not on the individual, the family and the particular will.
18. Base culture should be about constant learning and achievement, not constant leisure and pleasure. The base idea of society should be unity, not division; positive liberty (freedom for), not negative liberty (freedom from); cooperation, not competition; social cohesion, not extreme individualism; the people, not the elite; collaborating minds, not selfish genes; reason, not faith; autonomy, not anomie.

There are countries where is not permited to acces Amazon and others too poor for doing it, but some guys don’t know that. They don’t need that populations in the New Terra???
The young ones all over the world, are not financially independent, and their parents are mostly NOT interested to finance the lecture of such books. How can be imaged a REVOLUTION without them???
Let all your books to be FREE SOURCE!!! We are on the way to EXTINCTION! We are next to the Revolution, and we haven’t reached the Critical Mass.

Hyperianism in a nutshell:

1. Base reality should be based on ontological mathematics, not science.

2. Base politics should be based on meritocracy, not democracy.

3. Base economics should be based on social capitalism for the people, not predatory capitalism for the elites.

4. Base science should be based on non-spacetime (singularities) plus spacetime, not spacetime alone. It should be based on whole in parts (holenmerism), not parts in whole (merism).

5. Base education should be based on Sages, Gadflies and Ascetics, not Mandarins and Courtiers. It should be based on optimizing the individual, not on optimizing the individual’s capacity to fit in with the plans of the elite. An optimized State is comprised of optimized individuals, all cooperating with each other to get collectively better, not selfishly competing with each other to get collectively worse.

6. Base psychology should be based on the Jungian collective unconscious, not Freud’s personal unconscious.

7. Base religion should be based on clear, critical, analytic thinking, not faith and mysticism.

8. Base spirituality should be based on the collective, not the individual (the anti-social meditator).

9. Base philosophy should be based on rationalism, not empiricism; on reason and logic, not the defective human senses.

10. Base humanity should be based on Apollo (the Shadow Maker) and Dionysus (the Shadow) together, not on Apollo alone (with the Shadow rejected); it must be based on Logos and Mythos; not Logos alone, and especially not Mythos alone.

11. Base perceiving should be based on intuition (holistically driven) rather than the physical senses (parts driven).

12. Base judging should be based on thinking (rationality) rather than feeling (irrationality).

13. Base people should reflect autonomy rather than anomie, tradition-directedness, other-directedness, and parent-directedness.

14. Base society should be based on community and the general will, not on the individual, the family and the particular will.

15. Base culture should be about constant learning and achievement, not constant leisure and pleasure. The base idea of society should be unity, not division; positive liberty (freedom for), not negative liberty (freedom from); cooperation, not competition; social cohesion, not extreme individualism; the people, not the elite; collaborating minds, not selfish genes; reason, not faith; autonomy, not anomie.

All rights reserved to The Ontological Mathematics Foundation. Quote taken from Base Reality: Ultimate Existence (The Truth Series Book 16) by Dr. Thomas Stark


Aprile 11th, 2020 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă


I have stated and I confirm that I do not like the term SOCIAL CAPITALISM, even if it is on the agenda of my enlightened mentors. I prefer ILLUMINIST MERITOCRACY which would be basically the same thing. But in the content, some differences would still be. Illuminati themselves, they say that we should not BELIEVE what they say, but we have to RESEARCH and CONTRIBUTE if we are brave enough, as the Dialectic says. One comes with a Thesis, to which an Antithesis appears, followed by a Synthesis. Illuminati decided for SOCIAL CAPITALISM.
Why don’t I like it?
First of all, CAPITALISM involves CAPITAL, which implies PRIVATE PROPERTY. Illuminati accepts PRIVATE PROPERTY, and I do NOT.CORONA VIRUS fully demonstrates how PRIVATE PROPERTY fails to manage the CRISIS and appeals to the State on all fronts: Education, Health, Industry and even FUTILE activities without a real, sane SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION. Why give money to the PRIVATE and not Nationalize once the State give them money ???
I tell you if you did not understand: because the state is in the hands of those who receive these aids, but not the taxpayers, or the voters. The state, I mean the PLUTOCRACY, prints money with one click, and the “democratic majority” will pay the DEBT thus created: PRIVATIZATION OF PROFITS AND SOCIALIZATION OF LOSSES. It could be said that the rich elite is already living in Communism.
We have made a COUNTRY PROJECT based on this Principle. It’s serious? I say NO. Since it is said that “if the first man who said ‘this is mine’ would have been ignored or considered crazy, the world would be far more advanced today”… we have started with this statement.
Well, if a 100% inheritance tax is applied as we intend, what is the LOGIC of the accumulation of capital? In our project it is foreseen that EVERYTHING is the property of the COMMUNITIES, CENTRALIZED coordinated by a POWERFUL STATE (Hegel), each one using from the COMMON RESOURCES according to the MERIT demonstrated in satisfying the GENERAL INTEREST. Illuminati propose a maximum ratio of 1:20 for the redistribution of resources. We think that around 1:10 is enough. Example: If the „last man” has $ 50,000 a year (let’s say) from community resources, the most meritorious can reach 500,000. If we are talking about today, is that not enough? As we also want a New World Order in which the entire population of the world must have EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES, it is clear that we are far from this target anyway.
It should also be borne in mind that in this NWO, the “civilized” countries would no longer benefit, as are doing today, from the resources of the poor ones, they will even have to help them, because we don’t have to “leave no one behind”! ? We must also take into account the fact that over 75% of the current human activities will disappear as futile or will simply disappear due to the Technological and Scientific Advancement (banks, insurance, intermediaries, traders, workers, advertisers, journalists, etc.). What we’ll do with those without employment? No one contemplated this aspect, not even among the Illuminati, not to mention the Hyperians. In vain we asked to consider a COUNTRY PROJECT … the people cares about something else, when this is a fundamental requirement, because it seems that we are close, or even after the POINT OF NO RETURN!
EVERYTHING will have to change, nothing will be like today, many activities will disappear, millions of people will be redistributed in the territory, millions of people will be retrained, major cities will be resized, others will be built to be SUSTAINABLE and especially , a population control will have to be introduced, because at the current level of welfare (which is not even uniform), we need 5 planets. YES, this CONTROL must be imposed on all the countries because we are too MANY, IGNOTANTS and SICK. Remember the Georgia Stones! The underdeveloped countries will simply be “blackmailed” with AID in exchange for decreased birth rate. I know it’s a delicate topic, but we are at the Crossroads and our EXTINCTION is grazing. There are some who claim we can be 10 billion, or even more. But they don’t have knowledge of ARITHMETICS, what about Ontological Mathematics. Of course we can live as in an “Intensive Farm” as today’s animals, but the “optimists” have not yet realized that we are already in an INTENSIVE FARM.
So, it will be very important to implement a SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, ie RESOURCE-BASED, because we do not have 5 planets. Everything will have to be done starting from the “basic cell” of the society, that is the COMMUNITY, and not the FAMILY as it is wrongly considered today. It will be required a new Constitution, New Laws, a new State Apparatus, a new approach in Education, Health, Science and so on. See how complex it is to realize an ILLUMINIST COUNTRY PROJECT ???
They are all revolutionaries, but no one knows HOW the New Terra will be !? We Romanians have a word: the same Maria with another hat. This is also the case with Social Capitalism promoted today. We keep Private Property, including Intellectual Property, we make millionaires on a treadmill and so on.
I explained in a previous post that Antithesis of Communism has more in common with Meritocracy than Capitalism. After all, the antithesis is more recent, right? Why not use the term Meritocratic Communism?
I would not like this too for the same reason: “let us not mention the Deads, because they will then follow us as Ghosts.”
Bernie Sanders also uses the term Social Capitalism, but for me it’s just a “Minor Evil” because I’m a Jacobin. Of course I do not deny the gradual TRANSITION, because “in Nature there are no jumps”, but must be specified and indicated from the beginning our OMEGA SOCIO-ECONOMIC-POLITICAL POINT. Someone say the two terms are basically the same thing. Where is New Terra described in detail in the Illuminati, or Hyperian, books? Well, if we don’t know WHERE we go, how will we get there?

(to be continued)

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