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Delenda est Carthago.

Febbraio 21st, 2020 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă

The New Left

The New Left has to explicitly oppose two defining tropes of the liberal left, namely multiculturalism and political correctness, which derive from the New Age ideology of Love and Light, relativism and subjectivism … everyone has their own experiences, own path and own truth.

Plainly, if there is no Truth, then any truth claim is as valid as any other since there is no objective standard with which to pass judgment on them.

The whole basis of liberal leftism is that no one is allowed to judge the beliefs and cultural practices of others. By contrast, the whole basis of evolution, progress, advancement, enlightenment is that people can and must judge and overcome irrationalism, illogic, superstition, mysticism, faith, and endarkenment.

We would never have had the Enlightenment had people not judged and found wanting monarchs, nobles, religions, laws, entrenched customs and practices, beliefs, traditions, accepted ways of doing things.

The liberal left has anathematized judgment. How often do you hear liberals promoting “non-judgmental living in the moment”, associated with meditation and mindfulness? Hence they have anathematized human progress.

Judgment is the prerequisite for advancement. We must judge what is wrong, false, backward, negative, counterproductive, blocking progress … and get rid of it. That means we must judge people’s religious beliefs and their cultural practices. As soon as you do that, you have ceased to be multicultural and politically correct.

The New Left, not the regressive Liberal Left, is defined by its commitment to progress, advancement, the dialectic, evolution – to immanentizing the eschaton – and that means it is necessarily in the business of analyzing everything in the world and passing judgment on whether it is progressive or regressive.

All regressive traditions, religions, practices, customs, cultures must not be tolerated. They must be eradicated! Only then shall humanity progress. A culture based on reason and logic will eliminate all regressive things in just one generation.

Studies have shown that a tipping point is achieved when 10% of the population have a radically new view. Others see where the wind is blowing and quickly fall in line. Look at the rise of Islam. For many years, it was going nowhere. Then it developed momentum, got its 10% and very shortly afterwards the whole region was Islamic. Just like that!

The trouble with Islam is that it was and is a disastrous ideology, totally hostile to human progress because its message is one of total submission to an imaginary Extraterrestrial called “Allah.”

The world does not advance thanks to ancient faiths and superstitions. It advances despite them, and it would advance much faster if these backward systems did not exist at all.

The New Left must campaign against the Liberal Left – with its absurd acceptance of failure and retardation, all in the name of its ideological refusal to pass judgment – and end the nightmare of New Age postmodernism, subjectivism and relativism, non-judgment, multiculturalism, political correctness and liberalism.

The Radical Left – which is all about the advancement of the human race – has been betrayed by the Liberal Left, which is all about tolerating everything, judging nothing, accepting everything, and doing nothing but promoting insane identity politics, where all that matters is what anyone declares their identity to be, which is never to be judged, criticized or condemned in any way, no matter how pernicious it is and how much it obstructs human progress.

The Radical Left cannot take on the right until it has first destroyed the Liberal Left with its demented New Age drivel about elves (!), Starseeds, otherkins and all the other mind-rot that makes it impossible for humanity to achieve its destiny.

The Liberal Left inhabits a fantasy world of “self expression” that is 100% opposed to reason, logic, mathematics, science and philosophy. The Liberal Left is entirely about Mythos and is repulsed by Logos. The Liberal Left endorses negative liberty and opposes the awesome power of the State.

The Radical Left endorses positive liberty and seeks to harness the power of the State to transform the State into a vehicle for optimizing every citizen in the State. You cannot have an optimized human race where people uncritically believe in fairies, elves, Starseeds, otherkins, invisible sky gods, astrology, prophets, gurus, sacred scriptures, the “Secret”, the law of attraction, and all the rest of the lunatic nonsense and magical thinking that infects 100% of the Liberal Left.

Robespierre said, “The secret of liberty is to enlighten men, as that of tyranny is to keep them in ignorance.”

Multiculturalism is about keeping ignorant people ignorant, hence is pure tyranny.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau said that some people must be forced to be free. He was absolutely right. Billions of people have been forced to be unfree by the tyrannical beliefs with which they have been brainwashed since birth. How are they to be freed if not by an effort every bit as serious as that which made them unfree to begin with?

Raise the Dragon. No quarter to the liberal morons.

If you are liberal, you are every bit as guilty as the conservatives.

Delenda est Carthago.

Both are wrong

Febbraio 4th, 2020 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă

One of the defining issues of our time is the attitude towards the Other. For the last few decades, the globalist agenda of predatory capitalism – seeking to have maximum markets and thus maximum profits for all capitalist products and services – has demanded maximum migration and acceptance of the Other. This has dialectically generated a nationalist response, with the complete demonization of the Other, summed up in the mantra “Build the Wall” (to keep them out).

Right wingers hate the Other, while liberals roll out the red carpet for the Other. Both are wrong.

We are meritocrats. We don’t care about anyone’s race, sex, sexuality, or background. We do care about their merit. We want the most talented people, regardless of where they come from. What we certainly don’t want – for any country in the world – is an influx of those who subscribe to vile and unacceptable religious beliefs and cultural practices, and have no discernible talents.

Voltaire said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” It’s therefore essential for any sane society to wage war on absurd beliefs, not to give them a free pass in the name of multiculturalism and political correctness.

The Liberals – because of their extreme hostility towards judgment – have refused to make any distinction between migrants. They are all accepted equally, regardless of their merits.

We are meritocrats and that means we are all about judgement. If we applied no judgment, how else would we establish who is meritorious? There are no free passes in our system. You have to work hard and achieve. That’s what meritorious people do. We don’t want freeloaders and deadheads. Such people are repulsive, a burden on society. We don’t want people that believe in toxic ancient superstitions.

The Other must be subjected to judgment, just like everyone else. The Other might be the best thing since sliced bread, or something sinister and grotesque. Let’s have the former, and not the latter.

In Europe, every nation has a problem with Islam, an historical enemy of Europe, against which Europe fought many savage wars. The most prominent Muslims – those wearing burqas, hijabs, niqabs, big beards, religious garb – are plainly showing their allegiance and promotion of a religion and culture incompatible with the West, which has sought to conquer the West.

Islam is not compossible with the values of the Western Enlightenment. There has been no Islamic Enlightenment. The two systems cannot coexist. The tragedy is that the politically correct, multicultural, postmodern Liberals believe that they can, and they have inflicted a nightmare on Europe that has resulted in a resurgence of extreme nationalism. They have refused to admit their error and have even doubled down on it. Now we are where we are.

Liberal globalism – based on uncritical acceptance of all religions and cultures in order to advance predatory capitalist interests by keeping costs down (by employing the cheapest workers in the cheapest nations) – must be definitively refuted. Only then can we undermine insane nationalism.

In the Star Trek vision of the future, all of the backward religions and cultures have gone. No one on a starship wears a burqa. Silly beliefs and superstitions WILL die out if humanity promotes reason and logic. In the long run, it’s inevitable. The only alternative is war and extinction.

Star Trek is a dazzling vision of a meritocracy. Let’s make it happen for real. It will never happen if we do not pass judgment on bad ideas, bad opinions, bad beliefs, bad cultures. The Liberals, with their “all truths” system of relativism and subjectivism, refuse to pass judgment. That’s why they must be decisively defeated.

No matter what part of the world you live in, you can apply a standard formula to the Other (i.e. to whoever seeks to come into your country). You should never unconditionally hate the Other as the right-wingers do, or unconditionally love them as the liberals do. You should apply fair and just criteria. Are these migrants good for your country and culture? Do they have merit? If so, why wouldn’t you want to welcome them in? Or are they importing religious beliefs and cultural practices that will create antagonism in your society? If so, why wouldn’t you block them?

Will migrants fit in and improve your society, or will they live in ghettos and undermine the social cohesion of your country? That’s what has to be determined.

We live in a world of compossibilities, not possibilities. You can’t get to do something just because it’s possible. It must be compossible. People must be cognizant of reality, and not keep pushing their own agenda down the throats of others who are never going to accept it. That’s why we are now in such a polarized world. Various groups pushed various agendas that were never going to succeed. People need to restrain themselves, to not expect to get their own way all the time. The general will must prevail, not the particular wills of individuals and groups.

We live in a world of “self-expression” where every identity group believes it has the absolute right for its particular will to prevail. No such right exists.

What do you want – a permanently polarized world where we are all at each other’s throats (as we are now), or a world where we try to achieve a synthesis? That means that we all have to make sacrifices. Unfortunately, in our consumer society where people can buy whatever they want, have whatever they want and say whatever they want, they are no longer capable of denying themselves anything. They will have to learn. As Kafka said, “In man’s struggle against the world, bet on the world.”

We live in a culture devoted to the particular will, but only the general will allows us to live in harmony with each other. The general will demands compromise. How many people are willing to compromise these days?

Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: 2 persoane, posibil text care spune „BOTH ARE WRONG”


Febbraio 1st, 2020 No Comments   Posted in Dacia Iluministă

The “Left” is now badly splintered. The Left used to be all about standing up for the workers – the working class – against the oppressive class of exploitative owners that employed and more or less owned the workers. The Left was above all for blue-collar workers.

Today, the “Left” is mostly about liberal social values, virtue signaling, negative liberty (fear of strong government), identity politics, love and light, unconditional love, unqualified tolerance, subjectivism, relativism, “all truths” (everyone has their own path and own truth … anti-compossibility) and unrestrained self-expression.

A brilliant documentary highlighting the current crisis in the Left is “The Century of the Self” by Adam Curtis.

Wikipedia says, “To many in politics and business, the triumph of the self is the ultimate expression of democracy, where power has finally moved to the people. Certainly, the people may feel they are in charge, but are they really? The Century of the Self tells the untold and sometimes controversial story of the growth of the mass-consumer society. How was the all-consuming self created, by whom, and in whose interests?
“The Century of the Self asks deeper questions about the roots and methods of consumerism and commodification and their implications. It also questions the modern way people see themselves, the attitudes to fashion, and superficiality.
“The business and political worlds use psychological techniques to read, create and fulfill the desires of the public, and to make their products and speeches as pleasing as possible to consumers and voters. Curtis questions the intentions and origins of this relatively new approach to engaging the public.
“Where once the political process was about engaging people’s rational, conscious minds, as well as facilitating their needs as a group, Stuart Ewen, a historian of public relations, argues that politicians now appeal to primitive impulses that have little bearing on issues outside the narrow self-interests of a consumer society.
“The words of Paul Mazur, a leading Wall Street banker working for Lehman Brothers in 1927, are cited: ‘We must shift America from a needs to a desires culture. People must be trained to desire, to want new things, even before the old have been entirely consumed. […] Man’s desires must overshadow his needs.’”

We now live in a decadent and frequently degenerate society where all that matters is the satisfaction of primitive desires … a lowest common denominator, animalistic society.

Oscar Wilde said, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Hardly anyone looks at the stars now. They are entranced by life in the gutter.

The causes championed by the middle-class Left, all of whom are comfortably off, do not resonate with the working class, who struggle to put food on the table.

The working class are completely alienated from the agenda of the Liberal Left and many find it actively horrifying. Therefore, they are turning more and more to the right and to “traditional values”. They feel safe and secure with the traditional. They are unnerved by the increasingly exotic beliefs of the Liberal Left, beliefs which seem divorced from reality and more related to a world of unicorns, elves, otherkins and starseeds. Nothing like this planet of brutal, talking apes.

The Left ceases to be the Left if it is not standing up for the 99% against the 1% and seeking to end the power of the elites. These days, the Left spend all of their time munching avocado toast, sipping skinny lattes, and engaging in a champagne-socialist lifestyle in the swankiest parts of town while they celebrate how tolerant and open minded they are. These people have nothing in common with the working class, so the working class don’t feel in any way represented by them.

The right – with their hatred of the Other – have managed to get the working class onboard by selling them the message that things will be better for them if the Other is kept out. The Liberal Left, meanwhile, is all about welcoming the Other in, no questions asked, even if the Other subscribes to extremely dangerous religions such as Islam.

The Liberal Left is for the well-off middle class and has nothing to do with the working class. The Labor Party in the UK went down to a disastrous defeat because the party was viewed by many of the working class as an out-of-touch, London-centric, metropolitan elite, much more interested in rarefied, preachy SJW issues than anything connected with helping the poor. Hillary Clinton lost to Trump for exactly the same reasons, and the next Democrat presidential candidate will lose too if they keep playing the same old game. You have to help the workers, not sermonize to them.

Meritocracy must always be for the working class and for the overthrow of the super-rich elites. There can be no new society until the workers are freed from the lowest rungs of Abraham’s hierarchy of needs and no longer have to struggle with basic survival. That’s the root of all of their problems.

The class war has never gone away. It has yet to be won. The Liberal Left is not fighting the good fight. It has gone off in an entirely different direction based on absurd postmodern tropes and the ludicrous ideas of gurus such as Ken Wilber, and pointless religions such as Buddhism, which are about withdrawing from life rather than optimizing life. The Liberal Left spend their time meditating, doing yoga and being mindful, and no time at all engaging with the working class to bring about the Revolution.

The last people who would ever man the barricades are the Ignavi of the Liberal Left. Kumbaya!

There is now an enormous opportunity for a political party that truly stands up for the working class and is truly on the left. The liberal middle classes do not belong to the left. They are bland, banal centrists – Last Men, every last one of them. Fuck their avocado toast and their posh coffees! Fuck their Ken Wilber mind-rot. Fuck the Beatniks and the Hippies. Fuck the Love and Lighters. It’s exactly this drivel about unconditionally loving your enemies that is preventing the righteous Revolution from occurring.

Don’t kid yourselves. The 1% are the enemy. They always have been. We cannot have a New World until they are defeated once and all for all.

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